Saturday, January 2, 2010


In retrospect to last year, I feel strange cause i don't quite remember anything clearly. It seems to me like a year where I was very absent minded,vague memories, voices pretty distant. It reminds me of a movie going on while I just try to remember what happened last..
I know there were moments which have marked milestones in my life..Moments when I could swear I'd never forget-- moments of ultimate euphoria. There have been new friendships which have strengthened themselves with silly jokes,funny lines,sarcasm,love,fights. I know these friendships will be remembered through out.. A lifetime.
There have been sadness engulfed with incompetency screaming and tearing my mind.
But also,there have been times and again, when I've realized I stand as someone distinct with eyes that meet yours. Who is confident,standing upright,positive about herself and what she holds.

I have seen the real people under their masks this last year,today- I can count my closest friends on my fingers- I couldn't be more proud about the fact. I know who stand by me, I know who will.
2009 has made me witness affection from people I least expected to. I have confided in people,who don't even know my address. I have encountered times where my loyalty and honesty were to be proven by myself,and I have the remembrance of my worst days and hours.
I have memories of smiles-that cheered me up, of silly dances during classes which would crack me up laughing,of taking cases of the loser-group along with a close friend [;)]... I have so many memories--now that I think of it..

I didn't dream much this year, when I slept-I slept dreamless hours of sleep. At times,reality was so appalling that my escape became ignorance. But...also that truth; the reality that surfaced gradually,was bravely accepted by me and can be proud that within time I welcomed them as they are; without efforts of forging them or anything.
I'm proud of myself for that.

I have written so many parts of my life in fictious short stories and poems this year that people have appreciated and applauded for the courage of boldness and transparency in them. Thank you all of you for that. I wouldn't have published/shared them ever if I wasn't encouraged by people like you.

In the end,no matter how blurr my memories of '09 might have seemed,I know I've lost and won many battles..And all of then have kissed me Goodbye to push me towards a brighter daylight to realize myself a bit more,and more, and to truly exist in my full capacity for the many more years to come.


Here are short msgs for all of you Blogger Buddies!

Remya: Babe,thanks for being there when it was really needed :) There were things I couldn't have done without you... Thanks for standing right there,always. All my love.

Rohaan & Mrill: I effing love you guys. Seriously, you guys make my day complete after the crazy conversations!

Charu: Dear,thank you for appreciating and acknowledging my work so much. It's been lovely to be friends with you :)

Sequira: I miss you (: Happy new year!

Ramit: Oh my god,you make me want to blog =D Hugs!

Dipti: I love your blog:) Keep blogging!!

Ric: Dude,it's been awesome knowing you. It has!
oRange*: I love you, oh and your bloggggggg! =) keep writing sweets!

Sulagana: Babe,you're too awesome. Keep runnin'! Huggss!

QM: Update! Your blog is awesome(:

UjSen: Thank youuuuu for Reading my blog and mailing me feedbacks about my stuff when i really need it!

Fai: You've inspired a new way of writing. Good going :)

Pranav: Happy new year you! Kaha hai?!

Twisted elegance: Miss you on blogger! C'mon,say cheese to being regular this year! ;)

Rahul: I sure do pray for your new life [;)] to be magical and beautiful.

Mallika: Yo! Love you! :*

Yemiledu: keep writing dear :)

Diu: Where are youuu? :O

Neha: Come on Blogger!

Vegabond: Hey! Thanks for following my blog :)

Vijay: Kaha ho sir? :)

Manjari,Sid,Liza Rego,Celestial devil,Ashley Brown: Thanks for followin' my blog, you guys:)

Yes, I think that covers it all :P

A happy new year to all of you,
and may god bless :)

Love you all.

Nil (:


  1. :))))
    *looks around all pleased with that mischievous look on her face*

    Yo girl ;)
    You rock too!

    P.S.: Damn it! You freaked the s**t outta me! I was thinking of writing a post just like that on people who've made my life worth living :<
    I'll wait for next year then ;)
    Ciao brain-twin,
    Take care
    oh, and love the post :}

  2. i loveee you too!
    and u write REALLY REALLY well! loved this one yaa :)

  3. "It's been lovely to be friends with you" Hey, its not over yet! (I hope!) Loved the post, as usual.
    You've got far to go, am glad to help in any way I can. Hope we'll see a lot more of each other in the new year.

  4. Thanks(: Happy New Year to you too

  5. Hey,

    good 2 c dat ur coming out of 2009 stronger... wish 2 read more on ur blog :)

    Happy new year!!

  6. @ Remya: Haha,lol. *looks around more pleased..Tries to hide a wide grin.*
    Fails :|

    Lol, no need to wait for 12months babe! Go write if you wantt!!

    Haha,glad you liked the post :))

    Cye Brain Twin ;)

  7. @ Charu: Awww.Thank you! Yes! will surely see more of each other this year!! Cheers!

    @ QM: Thankyou :)

  8. @ Sid: Thanks :) See you around! Ciao!

  9. first....happy new year !

    second... ure definitely a captivating writer from the little ive read in here

    will try n keep up with the blog


  10. hey just stumbled on your blog....nice post....impressive writing style...would love to read visit my space sometime..and yeah happy new year...

    I love you okay! That was theee cutest friggin' enw years post ever!!
    And I'm gonna agree with each one of the comments above..Youre like too much of an avid writer! holly tha was friggin' brilliant how you spill all your mind out just like that like,in snaps!
    Baby you're going to be blessed...You're gonna be hell blessed alright! Youre gonna be one of the most successful people I'll know,and I can friggin bet on that.
    Gimme a dollar?=P

    I pray for you too,babe. This year's gonna be fucking awesome for you!
    I love you=)
    God bless you!!!

  12. Awwww shucks! You're alright...


  13. Can I be your new blogger buddy?

  14. Life is a mixture of sweet and sour...will always be that way

    May 2010 be sweeter for you

  15. @ Mohit: Hello,and welcome to my bloggg! Yes,First of all,Happy New year to you too (:
    and thank you very much,Im glad you liked what I wrote :)
    Sure,I'd love to chat with you here more :) Cheers.

    @Oxymoron: Hey there. Dude,I love your screen name,it's really funky :)Thanks. Yes,I shall visit your space too :)

  16. @ Mrill: Babeeeeeeee! Omg,SO SORRY I missed you online! I was sleeping when you missed called :|
    Awww.I love you too! Im sooo happy you liked my post,though it's nothing so OMFG Okay. Don't bet on it :P
    Call me sooooon!
    Ohmygawd.I miss you and Ro!
    Where is he?
    Love to you guys!

  17. @Ramit: haha yeah I'm alright :)

    @Queenmatrai: I'll be honored :)

    @Pesto:Yeap,Yeappp agree. A very happy new year to you too there buddy :)

  18. Thank You for stopping by at mine. Thank You for I wouldn't have found your blog otherwise...

    You write well mate...

    You had a year that flew past... where many things happened... and yet you could retrospect and then put your thoughts into words so effectively...

    Time cannot be sliced
    Memories cannot be bottled
    But you seem to have reaped enough
    To make your experiences count
    Subconsciously for all time to come
    For better memories to be had

    I wish you a brilliant year ahead in 2010

  19. @Mrinalini: Where's Rohan ?

    @The Idiot blogs: Beautiful comment. The whole "time cannot be sliced" thing was just beautiful. Thanks for puttig it up.

  20. yu kn watt..this si my first comment fo the year 2010...thank you so much babe for making this whole blogging thing sucha nice and colorful part of my life :)
    (oohhh too much emotion happenin)

    thank you biiiggg time and yezzz lets have more of Nil ..more and more <3 your blog

  21. Awww thanks!
    What kind words (:
    Hope you had a great holiday!

  22. @ The idiot Blogs: Hi! Loved,absolutely LOVED your comment.
    I'm honored you consider my writing well. I am:)
    I wish you a brilliant 2010 toyou too!
    Cheers and cheers to you!

    @Sulagana: Aww,babe,you deserve it! I'd freakiinn DIE w/o your blog :O
    Wish you an awessomme year ahead,
    and hon, you'll have lots of Nil. Don't worry!!
    ;) HUGS!

  23. @Fai: Don't mention it :) I really meant it.
    Yes,I had an okayish holiday. I hope you did too!

  24. Thank god you're online,I would have killed you otherwise.

    I love the post,Cherr. :)

  25. I'm sorry man..I didn't mean to wake you up. I just,wanted to talk. And catch up.
    I need to go in a bit,anyway.

    And hey,My pleasure!

  26. Heyyy,C'mon yo! That's okay!
    So,tell me? What's up?!

    Cherr,is everything okay?

  27. :)
    Ofcourse,everything's cool.
    I had a nice evening,studied pretty much all morning. Plan to do that now,too.

    YOU need to tell me?
    How have YOU been?

    Spoke to Mrill,she told me about Caspa :)

  28. Hahahahah,she told you?!
    Laughs.. Yeah! She's one cutie.

    Soo, it was just a post Christmas thing,yo =P

    What didja get for Christmas?!

  29. Nothing :P
    We don't do Xmas like you guys do!
    New Years was awesome,though!
    We partied like CRAZY-- 31st and 1st :P
    This theme party thing we had..I was Helen! HAHA :P
    Awesome fun,it was!!

  30. HELEN!!!!! SWEET! I just google-ed her. Wohoa! What happened to the hair?
    Quite a bitta Homework to get that yo?!

  31. Lol,I puffed up the hair :P Couldn't do blond or orange :P
    Not that I wanted to,y'know.

  32. Laughs!
    That woulda been pretty cool yo! Dudes woulda been zonked all over =P

    I'm sure you looked lovely :)

    Hey Bratt! Come down man, we need to just buzz together yo!

  33. Yo,why doesn't my picture come on your comment sec when i comment?

  34. Lol,No "dudes were zonked over" :P
    Naah,i looked okay. Nothing Omg :P

    and yeah,I know right? why doesn't your picture come? It comes on my blog followers,though. :S

  35. Your blogger is awkward =P
    It's just insecure. x)


  37. Funny,Cherr.
    You crack me up :|




    okay,sorry :P

    Hey,anyway you,I gotta go now okay?

  39. Mary, women don't do without revenge do they now?

    never mind yo.. Sure,I'll catch you later Bratt.
    and good to hear your Buzz on my phone at times! So do that more often,yo!

    Take care Bratt!
    Will catch up on phone yo.

  40. Haha,lol :P
    You got that one right,alright! :P

    sure,catch you! later!

  41. Oh and hey Cherr,I know something was up. It's okay if you don't wanna talk, but hey take care Bratt.
    Just chill yo. Call you soon.

  42. Ey! Ro! I'm good :) Like,hell yeah!
    Chillout, and thanks bro :)

  43. itl take more than to convince me to join again :p

  44. @ Neha : Haha :P

    @Queenmatrai : Aww:)

  45. Nil yeah m married and choose to look like a teenages to avoid being called "aunty jee" not yet at least..till my chunnu munnus are on the way so can the "aunty" title wait

    and oh i love being called babe...who wouldnt??

    and yes 15 year olds can have fun at reading other marital musings.. thats what frens are for right :)


  46. Sulagna, why is it that Nil can call you babe and I cannot? :O

  47. @ Sulagana: JEez,thank god!
    haha,loved how you wrote "Chunnu Munu" :P Funny! But Hell yeaa ,I'd get a shock if I had to call you aunty! I mean for god's sake you LOOK MY AGE! :D
    Anyway, YAY I can call you babe :D
    See ye babe B-)

    @Ramit: Hahahahah, hard luck ;) :P

  48. Not what you think Nil, She's too plump to be called babe now! :P

  49. And I've updated the latest post. Read it again!

  50. Omg,no! Sulagana literally looks my age! I was BEYOND omg when I read she was married! I was like WHAAAAAAATttttt! Haha :P
    I'm 15. SO I guess it's okay to be Omg at things :P I have the permission to be \m/

  51. And yesss. Your blog is always on my Tabs :P

  52. Don't you use the blogger dot com software? It's easier that way to stay updated.

    How sweet though. Thanks!

  53. Wth!? It's better than what you call yourselfffff!!!! :P naa?

  54. I suck at the comp-pro stuff. I have NO idea what Chinese you just spoke about Blogger dot com :P

  55. I'll tell you on the phone later! In short, you can add your fav blogs to blogger dot com and get updates! Simple!

  56. Ohhhhh. Yeah yeah,that toh i have :P
    Dashbord me hi to hota hai!

    *pretends to be all cool and intelligent*

  57. And the Bald Guy is better than Uncle jii anyday!

    But you're allowed to call me that... :P

  58. Haha,Merci!
    Okay,so I can call you both B-)
    I likiee.


  59. Don't pretend, you're cool and intelligent!

    What exam is tomorrow?

  60. Oh yeah you can call me anything. I'm a little hungry now! My stomach's rumbling...

  61. Aww:) Zank you sir.

    I have SST. Precisely why I shall be logging out in...10 mins :P
    I have some geography to finish.
    And map--UGH.

  62. Maps? As in Google maps? Can't you take your phone with you? Then you can access Google maps and solve your questions.

    Shouldn't keep you long.Go study now and ping me when you're back. Good luck!

  63. Ramit,are you just trying to run it in--the fact that this is CBSE we're talking about and something like taking our phones along for preboards and solving maps via them is not possible till the nezt 57483863648489484 years?!

    Lol,just kidding!
    Sure,I'll drop you a text when I'm back. Bye! :)

  64. Well in that case after all those years, take a laptop!

    See ya!

  65. Hahahahhahaha, you bet! :P

    Later :)

  66. Ah, yeah. Still working and reading your old blog posts...

  67. :) I hope you like them! the sad news is. I have to study. AGAIN. Now :/
    is it okay if i catch you texting in a bit?

  68. I'm sorry,I should reallyyyy go now!
    will text u sometime soon. Sorryyy!!!!!

    Take care :)

  69. wow! look, what we have here ..
    a chat room! nahaice! :P

  70. Ahaha..Missed you,so glad you're here too ;P

  71. Just got back home...Faadu exam is the word :D
    Thanks for your support!

  72. No idea if the word you used means good or bad, but I'm guessing the exam went well. When's the next one? Good luck!

  73. It meant "Awesome" in vella hindi :P
    Oh you american men :PPP
    Just kidding!

    Thankyou! <3

  74. Yes, Nil -

    I've read this and your other posts several times, apiece. I'm usually left without the ease of a ready comment because my mind tends to wander around in your writings. I like your style :-)

    PS - thanks for the tag!


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