Monday, February 28, 2011

Another night of High spirits.

They stumbled and walked and tripped and laughed along every time one of them fell. Their merriment crackled high up in the air with the echoes of their chuckles agitating the dormant couples in the neighbourhood, sleeping in their bed of comfort- or silence. Drunk laughter wasn't pleasing to them, they said aloud. But was it ever? They asked themselves,silently. And never answered back.

The bottles of whiskey rolled from one corner of the road to another as they kicked and rolled , the clinks of the glass and the pebbles beneath somehow sounded so sweet to their ear, it seemed like the immature cry of a celebration that was yet to be born as the night was still young, still young enough to indulge in some more amusement, in some more cheer, in some more life.. 

The street urchin twisted in sleep, in his comfortable bed with an open luxurious top- the sky. He twisted and smiled, deep in sleep dreaming away to the world where his bare feet experienced a flat base of rubber- a sandal, an obvious accessory for the many sleeping in the deluxe bedrooms of the fancy housing complex right next to the slum.

The dogs of the street hopped along with the four drunk friends, still tripping, still falling, still laughing.... to a humor that only alcohol taught them.

....and as they walked further ahead and reached the fork where they separated each night, they mumbled friendly abuses to each other as singing ode to the night which had only begun and would end with the street sweepers cleaning away the bottles of Indian Whiskey, that would cling and shatter away into thousand glass crystals as a beautiful something is destroyed... and morphed into something even more divine in the rawest form.

And so the night mused away to the moon about these four friends who celebrated every night to a dream that only they knew, to a dream they kept imagining, to a hope that never died in those young hearts.. 
...and the four of them fell asleep, in their respective cubicles of unconsciousness and ended another night of high spirits ....

Awaiting feed backs!

Friday, February 25, 2011


Greetings, Weekenders!
Whaddup? Sorry about the quick update, in case that was too much to handle with the last post or something. But I'm in a super random mood, bear with me?

I had my Geography final exam today. It was blehh. In my defense, Snooze buttons should be screwed. Brutally screwed. From the past two days  I've been meaning to get up at 7:30am to study, but the frikkin' alarm is just useless, and the snooze almost seems to poke me and say "Sleep dear child, ignore me. Even better, throw your phone away". And hence the scratches on my phone. Not to mention that I've been stuck at home with a bad cold and nothing to do except study. Study Geography, a subject that I'm not very fond of, all of a sudden.

Anyhow. Remya just left. She crashed at my place after school, and now she's on her way to some.. err.. business convention or something with her mother and three more teachers from school (harsh,much?)
....I. I should be studying Pol Science, cause I just have two days to finish TWO books. But, since I'm useless and a procrastinating idiot, I will sit on my chair and blog about the wonders of life and snooze buttons.

Speaking of which, I plan to go on a creative drive after exams. Yeah, that was abrupt. No, I mean I plan to indulge in art, photography and writing (duuuh) A LOT in my free time. When I'm alone/bored/no one around me type. I plan to travel around Delhi on my own a little more, and just be busy. I want to be really busy. Yes, that's what I want to be.

I deleted 17 people off my Facebook today. I'm on one of those rampages where I delete people I don't bother keeping in touch with even if I'm on their list and vice versa.
I had a super heavy lunch, and I don't think I can ever get up anymore. Which brings me to my next point- I feel like having mango ice cream. Or khasta kachori.
Vanta, Guina and I are having the randomest Facebook war.

Anyhow. I think I've been random enough to content myself and torture you :)
I shall be back soon (scary laugh)
Which also reminds me I haven't watched HIMYM bloopers since a loooong time. So Youtube opens on the other tab.
Did you know Sulcata Tortoises are the largest continental land tortoise and that they grow to over 2 feet in length and can weigh over 100 lbs? :O


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

That stranger we meet.

Some people call it dangerous, some call it a waste of time, some people call it fate, some people call it co-incidence. Haven't we all heard that about meeting strangers?
A child is taught among the first few rules of his life that just started, to never talk to a stranger, to never eat the candy he gives, to never give out your world to someone who seems strangely curious about your being.. Haven't we all been too cautious? Cause no matter how old we grow, that conscience of ours takes us back to being the same 10 year old who sees his mommy's face when a stranger smiles at him.

But perhaps after a couple of encounters, I've been intrigued to think that maybe we've been missing out on a tiny niche on a wall by closing in a nutshell every time an alien face meets ours.
All these encounters haven't been pleasant, no. But most have been.. I've somehow always been amused to deduce things. The mystery behind every character that passes by is something I like to reach the conclusion of. It's a silent hobby, and I like it that way.

When I think about it, a couple of strangers that I've met over the years are today, few of my closest friends. And some thing that I pride myself even more with, is that few strangers remain strangers even today, and yet changed my vision about a destiny I was so sure of.
They still remain anonymous, they still remain from a land I don't know of, and they still remain in my memories of strange but beautiful knowledge.
A knowledge that a printed book or Google can never impart :)

Cause somewhere, that stranger we meet moves us just enough to realize that every face on this Earth is a stranger in the beginning to the other, and that we are just another face among those billions, who've woven friendship, love, hate, and all other relations with people who were strangers on the first day, too.

I'm not saying every face in the crowd is going to be a part of our life's mosaic, I'm not saying it's going to make your life beautiful or ugly..
All I'm saying is, we all meet that one stranger and it's never too bad to hear them out and just maybe find another story that speaks along with yours, or a story that you'd like to echo somewhere in your atlas of experiences :)

And that's why I say;  "It never is a cake walk, Judie. You just gotta hope you hang in to the icing"


Saturday, February 19, 2011

I need a new watch.

Playing now: Madcon- Beggin you.

Bonjour, World!
Quite a shitty month'eh? Oh well so after two super heavy poem posts, I figured I'd spare you guys and drop in some light stuff and in short- catch up with the million FYIs and facts of the past few days.
I have decided I am going to go to Italy and Greece. FOR freaking SURE. Italy- because it's just so freaking gorgeous and with the food (Y) and woah just the place echoes nirvana.
Greece- because it would be such a waste to not photograph and write about perhaps one of the most beautiful places on Earth. All I needed was a couple of movies and google to figure what I've been missing.
So maybe I'll take a year off after college and fly off.
Or maybe I'll just wait till I have enough bucks to support that and not day dream.
Either ways, I'm going.

Today's been a bad day. Well, most of it anyway. Exams starting up from 25th. I just laugh at the thought of it, as I've already mentioned.. the thought somehow seems funny to me.

And now, for the Best news of the year, my sister had a beautiful baby girl! Yesssss. I'm a mashi now :"-)
They're coming back home tomorrow. So I've got balloons, banners, flowers, sweets yada yada to welcome my sweethearts. Heck I've been SO excited, it's not even funny!
And oh lord, she's so TINY! and so........umm...just so... TINY!!!
Anyhow, so tomorrow's the grand welcome of the cutie :)

Also, I saw this watch a few days back....and I'm in love with it. I need it. No seriously, I NEED that gorgeous machine. It's just that I can't afford it, err, not yet anyway. Hence, I'm saving up every penny that I own or find on the way and I hope to be wearing that watch on my wrist by the end of the month :)
Otherwise- you'll just have to deal with a pissed off post. So pray :)

ALSO. I officially loathe the organisers of the Bryan Adam concert. I studied so hard, behaved myself, bothered going to school even though there was nothing happening the whole effing day just so I wouldn't have to hear taunts at home when I go for the concert.
REALLY. Cancelled the gig for DOWNPOUR? yea sure, and whatever happened to the fact that those dimwits hired a place with the capacity of 6000 people and ended up selling 20,000 tickets?
AND then thinking they could pull it off? seriously, how retarded were they?
And now rumour has it that U2's going to come to India sometime soon for a gig,too. Lol. They seriously have cheeks to actually even expect international artists to bother coming here after how they screwed up so bad.

Anyhow. I should go now, stuff to do and help out with.
I shall catch you guys soon enough. Update me with how's the sun at your end, yes?
I was in a mood for a random picture, hence the photograph.

Playing now: Beggin you- for the fourth time.

Adios amigos,
some more rant to come later.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Their way back into Love.

Their way back into love.

Her shadow smiled an unknown dream,
the sweet wait of a rather teasing time hovered,
the tiny little forget-me-nots bloomed somewhere far away,
far away where the light wished her dawn.

As he tip-toed,
daring not to disturb the goddess of his heart,
he admired from far away,
where the robins laughed in merry.

She stood on her demies,
launched into a pirouette of euphoria,
the air sung his song,
the wonders around caressed the echo of his footsteps.

He played hide and seek,
almost floating along with her dance,
her dance to discover that one moon,
the moon she'd never considered with a spot.

And as she finally caught a glimpse,
he could hardly play along anymore,
for her face was so divine,
her smile- a silent ballet of love.....

And they both took quiet steps,
careful not to touch the elegance of time,
And they both took quiet steps to a unanimous horizon,
careful not to commove the phenomena,
the phenomena, the wonder..
the wonder that kept their wait alive,
for they both were finding their way back into love.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Drunken memories.

Drunken Memories. 

And every page lies crumpled in my temple,
my temple where the bed lies untouched,
the study perturbed with scrolls and parchment,
the long dead battery of the clock,
that puts up a show of a Tik Tok,
that only my mind can imagine,
and my temple reflect.

Each of those pages,
proud with their forced wrinkles,
seem to stand bold for every scribble,
that my ink ruled out over and over again.

My words seem to rebel in ferocity,
to my feeble attempt to demolish a past,
a past that had every right of a memory.
A memory to be remembered,
a memory that claimed to deserve nostalgia.

The silent photographs,
of all those thoughts,
of all those moments,
of all those faces,
seemed to be intoxicated with the rum of time,
and the gin of  future.

And as they hiccup,
to the night's glory..
I hear all the laughter, the joy, the cries,
once again,
seeping out of the careful crevices of a woven dream,
 from a silent vibrant mind,
singing along to the toast's cheer.

And as I look around,
to all those honest memoirs of the mind,
I, for once, restrain to push away,
the past that dances along an attractive tale,
a tale I know too well,
a tale I know by heart..

I, for once, let them go on..
and see for real, what an imaginary truly is,
while I enjoy the drink of my paradox,
for drunken memories don't lie...

-Insomnia stricken,

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bellbots and farewells.

Hello, Sunday people.
Since my creativity has gone to take a dump, I figured I'd update with a random post (again). I really want to go back to the 80s. With the super cool bellbots (no I'm not hungover), and the funny badminton playing, not to forget the classic Disco 82 type numbers that get your feet tapping even today. Vintage is so brilliant. Anything vintage, actually. Clothes, bikes, cars, etc. I find them bold, and that's what's so beautiful about them. I need a time machine.

Yesterday was the 12th grader's Farewell. Ignoring my tailor's super brilliant disaster of screwing my suit up, and the last minute change in plan, I'd say it was pretty okay. Okay-- because we hardly bonded with our seniors this year. So it was kinda bleh. But there was free food and music. So. We danced for three straight hours, and by the end of it, the indifference between the seniors and juniors seemed to have decreased. Which was good. Also, by the end of it, my feet were royally screwed and dead. They were as dead as a mosquito might be after squishing it for three hours. (ew). But anyhow, it wasn't as bad as I figured it would be. Though I also know that next year (our farewell) is going to be much better, cause our junies aren't uptight jerks and we seniors are pretty damn awesome.
Which reminds me for the 9834937384th time that it's us next year.
Which is scary, if you ask me. Sure, I'm on my toes to go to college, but leaving school just seems.....SHIT.
Anyhow. So if it's any consolation, I got back and had my feet dipped in warm water for a good hour. Irrelevant.

My finals are in 20 days lol. All it does is make me laugh. I wonder if they could have a subject on Facebook&Blogger. We'd all top. I know I would. k,irrelevant again.
God I'm sucha bored Sunday bug. It's one of those annoying Sundays. Where you're not happy even if you study well/ party hard/ sleep long/ do nothing. It's one of those Sundays that make you jittery and impatient.
We were so much better off in kindergarten, where all we had to worry about were crayons and our exams were nap times and A+s in sections like "Well behaved" , "Progress in Art", "Contribution to class", "Origami".

Anyhow. I should get back to my Eco paper. I have a viva due tomorrow, for the finals. Like I said, I need a time machine.

[Playing now: Drive my car, The Beatles]


Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friday's Lady.

The warm ambience greeted me as soon as I entered Geoffrey's. What greeted me warmer was that deep, seductive voice coming from that dynamic figure firing the stage with some real jazz.. almost as if she expected my entrance in the precise moment she looked towards me to wink with that smile that knew I'd come back. I hung my satin tie lower, and walked ahead, carrying an air of complete arrogance, which apparently had an appeal. Or so I'd been told.

I walked to my dear friend, the bar tender.
"Same old?" he asked with a friendly smile.
"Always the same."
"Isn't gin a little over rated in your cocktail vocab, my friend? My fair lady's a drink that's killed your taste buds, I'm afraid" he said, handing me my glass.
"Oh no no, not at all Peter. Both my Fair Ladies keep me just as fine,throbbin' and alive" I said, waving my toast to the lady on stage.


As she shifted the mood of the approaching night from Miles Davis to Malinda DeRouen.. I slow danced with my sixth peg to It might as well be spring .. Slowly as the familiar faces of the regulars at the bar became blurred stories in the background of the story of my life that danced to the fading evening, my eyes closed- only seeing her smile through the curtains of my eyes kissing my pupil blind, only hearing her smile from the deligate and careless progression in the intonation of her voice that fell like honey in its beautiful golden dress, melting to the distinguished taste of an admirer's.

.......And just as the piano played the last note to end the song that she sang, subtly writing me a message on the diary of my heart, there ended yet another love story that started every Friday evening and ended every Friday night when the lights of Geoffry's were turned off....


A short fiction that found its way... after a long time..
Awaiting all your feedbacks as usual :)