Friday, December 12, 2008

FASTforward mode : )

Everything is a blurr in school ! Just rejoined today after the Loong 8 day holiday : )
I thought it would be tough. You know, the whole "oh man, gotta catch up" thing.
But weirdly enough, Time literally flied!
I dint know when from the zero period came the last bell. o_O

Annual Day practices are on.
FULL on.

I'm in the dance :)
The Bhavani Dance <3.>{Its a classical dance form which includes differnt postures and mudras}
I personally dint wanna do it, cause there were some really pissing off elements present.
But yeah, I DID end up gettin a threat from the dance teacher :l
And I DID end up taking part :P
And now I get to dance with my new ghungroos from Orissa <3.
Eeee. I'm excited!

Stay back on Sunday : )
Fun. Fun ;-)

Most of the classes went off lazing around in the Dance Room.
Math practical was missed, thanks to my carelessness >:'l
Never mind.

The Bhavani Dance is really gracefull. And luckily enough all the dancers participating in this peice are good.
They know how to bring *the* grace, and the expressions.
Well... most of them anyway.
I just wish that they would stop mixing Kathak footwork with Odissi.
They're poles apart , and the mixture really pisses me off.
But again, maybe I'm being too critical.
I'm sure it'll end up being great :)

SAdly enough the Jazz peice [Or whatever it is!] sucks. Like, real bad.
It looks like 13 aunties doing Arobics while watching TV.
{Ugh. Chills}.
And Bharatnatyam is Good :)
A bit cliched choreography, but yeh, fine.

Wait. I think I should stop about the dances now. I get carried away. And when I see people disrespecting and MIXING 2 or 3 different dances in ONE, I become too critical.
So end of the Dance discussion.


Now, after I came back from school ... Rest of the day was again a blurr!
Math tution startd when, and ended when . . . NO idea.

Evening was good :)
wicked actually ;)

WeK <3. {neha, figure it out ;) }

Haha. Neha, If ur reading this ;-)

*Muahahahhahahahahas* to you :P

And? Been online for SO long. Dint even realize it.
Uff. I should go.
I'm hungry.
Actually starved!!


"The feeling of being secured in those strong hands, and the assurity that you're safe leaves nothing but a priceless moment to be remembered when you're 56 giving your grand children the 'one upon a time, there lived a prince' story"

;-) Haha. The famous quote ^^^ By the famous somebody ;)

Take care!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Jane Eyre

--- Charlotte Brontë
Today school was weird.

6th Period was Library. All I ever do in this period is go sit there on the table which is right next to the window, and just see the big field and kids playin there.

Or rather observe them.

Cause very honestly, the books in the SCHOOL lib don't really interest me much.

Cause either I usually am already reading another novel [Most of the times] / I don't have my issue card/ the Lib teacher gives me glares/ I don't like the books there cause most are so

DUH-type. {Yess! To the point}.

^^ So yeah. Basically, I hate the selections cause they have apparantly forgotten that it's the 21st century.

I personally really like old classics.. Not that I've read many classics frankly. But yeah, I love the language. The 'real' English.

But it's just that that... they also have to get in *the* books.

If you know what I mean. I'm sure Remya does. {if you're readin this}.


So, today all of a sudden, NO CLUE why, I just randomly was going through the same, old,dusty racks of books , when I bumped into the famous book ; Jane Eyre. It was a hefty book. Royal red in colour, and had "Jane Eyre" written on it with Gold.

It attracted me. Something about the oldness, long-forgottenness of that book attracted me.

Why? I dont know.

Again; NO CLUE why I picked it up and started reading, even though I already am reading another novel.

So yeah.

Jane Eyre -- Written by Charlotte Brontë.

The first few pages of introduction described how close were Charlotte and Emily.. Both having the intense passion for writing were together known as the Brontë sisters.

Since they both liked to write, they usualy stayed at home and worked on their own peices.

And towards the later end of the day, both the sisters went out for long walks.. where they spoke and admired the wild beauty that surrounded them..

And then, after reading that particular line, I just got this really weird urge of writing a poem for my sister.

Yes, I know, when we write poems, they usually come like an urge and intensity.

But it's just that.. I dint really expect this to happen, Not in the Lib Period. No.

But.. I'm glad it did. Actually.

I dint take my issue card to school as usual, but now I'll make it a point to finish my current novel ASAP and issue Jane Eyre.

Cause if only few pages could do this to me, In the LIBRARY period , I wonder what the whole book whould do... ;)

I'm excited :)

"...this girl, this child, the native of a Christian land, worse than many a little heathen who says its prayers to Brahma and kneels before Juggernaut—this girl is—a liar!"

--- Jane Eyre.