Monday, June 28, 2010

Yeah loser, it's your birthday!

Since two years, I've crossed all limits of being the epitome of crazy retardness with a partner in crime. She used to be The new girl  back in 9th grade, when she joined our section for the first time. Then we became seat partners [as kindergartenish as that sounds] then slowly aquaintances, friends, to closest of buddies.

I never thought we could belong to the same world. There was something in both of us, that was so different and poles apart. To gel those two different equations was to over rule one of them. Both of us were strongly opinionated, so there was no question of being submissive. Her take on things were quite different to what I might have done, my out-going, 24/7 laughing-self was something that was way different to her- sober in her own world.
But I guess that's where fate's mythical existence pokes its way in, and twists and turns everything you and I might have figured as a future. With time, we started bonding. With time, I started realizing that she's not even half the person I thought she was, and vice versa. With time, I realized that her friends weren't that different to what I relate to as "friends". And slowly, they were my pals,too.

Everything takes time. Our friendship did,too. I figured our tastes matched a lot, I realized that she can be crazier than me and even more wild! I experienced the fun of have THE MOST pointless and cracking up-ly funny conversations on the back of notebooks during History class. I cherished laughing out loud with her at the lamest of jokes some porn-addict in our class cracked. I felt the excitement of looking forward to school,to meet friends, and enjoy those 6 hours that were apparently called schooling hours. 
We figured, we were so similar   brain twins. 

And I must admit, as freaky as that can get, it can be good fun,too.  We've had our share of issues, and I'm hell sure they're tonnes more to come :P But hey, we stick our way through it, right? That's how it gets better and better with every fight ;)

So here's to you, Remya Raj. It's been a joy ride, these two years. You've helped me discover and over come a lot. You've helped me find a trust in people. You've helped me figure, that it's not always about how screwed up things are, but how we un-screw it.
I'm glad WE happened :)

Happy Birthday, babe. 
Here's a toast, for my closest pal.
God bless you.

-Much much love,
your only retarded friend,

28th June, 2010.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A happy sight to see.

I'd gone and meet a close friend today, after my dance rehearsals. It was all very random, and we ended up chatting for three whole hours, when I was supposed to be there for hardly a half hour. But I guess that's how it is with  pals, it gets hard to figure how time flies away in the zillion things you need to talk about and catch up on.
So by the end of the third hour, I figured I had to rush home, so I hugged her bye, and promised to meet up soon. I left with a really happy mood, feeling good about something that was unknown to me,too. But somehow I knew I figured a way to make things fall back into place.
And I thank her for that..

So I was sitting in the auto, coming back home, when my ride happened to stop for half a minute in the traffic, and I saw two pairs of little converse worn feet in another side of a gate, sitting on something, swinging happily and dancing whenever the water sprinkler from the other side of the garden would wet them. I could tell the kids weren't older than 10... Weirdly enough,I didn't even see the faces or the upper body of those kids.. But it was something about how happily their wet legs swung together, reflecting smiles and excitement. I could hear the happy squeals, but before I peeped out of my auto to have a closer look, my auto whoomed away!
But through out the ride, and till now, it's just that one flash of an image that keeps making me smile.
I haven't seen a better picture of friendship before. I haven't :)
And I'm just so glad I did today, cause as random and trivial as this sounds, I know that, that image of those happy feet swinging together is something that I'd remember through out my life, and it'll keep reminding me of good and happy times I cherish today, and the one's I forever will :)

(I couldn't click a real picture, but this one from the internet is close enough! ;)

Keep good,you guys.
And stay happy :)

Much love,

Sunday, June 20, 2010

The daughter's covenant.

I've been living in a joint family since 15 years. I've been taught everything- from taking a bath on my own, to cycling, to closing the gates when I leave to eating fish without swallowing the bones by the 14 other members of this family who've nurtured and held our bricked building of a home together since 1980. each and every member of this family has somewhere, somehow contributed to the cements and woods of this house and has made it a firm house of love.
But today, I'm going to speak of four particular people. Today I'm going to be a little bias and praise them a little more than the others cause it's Father's Day.
They're the four Bhattacharjee brothers. They're the four pillars and the four walls of a living soul- our home- which contains the history of 15 lives.

My father- my idol - who has brought me up and molded me into a firm young lady is my hero, and always will be, for the rest of my life. When I grow up, I hope to be, if not completely like him, but much like him. When I think of him, my heart and mind's eye sees nothing but love. Few days back, when he was practicing his passion- music, and I happened to be busy finding some textbook of mine, while he took the notes of his raga. I couldn't help but sit down for a while, and hear him till he finished that raga. It's funny how my eyes moistened at the beauty of his voice, the honesty in his closed eyes and the love with which he sang. He's always been like that. He's reached levels where people look upto him with unconditional respect, but he has always been oblivious to his greatness, and considered himself a fruit of his family's love. He's taught me to be a good human being so silently. And yet, today when I think of myself, I see myself as an empty canvas that he's put in so many colors with my mother.
You're my hero, baba. And I just hope I can make you as proud as you make me, someday.

Ranga Jethu- my coolest uncle EVER- who has always brought a smile on my face with the jolly heart of his pumping with energy and throbbing with life! Your Cadbury treats on Sundays are one of the most important rituals of our den!.. I wish and I hope to always hold that spirit of life as yours when I grow up. I pray I can be as open hearted and kind as you. And I sure do hope I can teach my kids the "Climate" chapter of geography as well as you did to me! ;)
Your aura of happiness keeps the ties of this family so strong...
You're an amazing person, jethu. And you make us better people for that :)

Mejo jethu- my listener and the best critic- who has listened to my writing without fail, whatsoever and has always given me the best advice to improve it.. Your enthusiasm about my writing has always kept me going to pour my heart out on paper. The countless number of diaries you've gifted me till date have never been wasted, they have always contained my thoughts and my mind, somewhere provoked and encouraged by you :) I know that you're one of the first people to listen to my mind and always will be.
And that truly makes me feel blessed. "A critic is a writers best friend" -- so true. I can rely on you blindly to be honest and blatant about my work. And that, means a lot to me.
Thank you for lending me you ear whenever I needed it.
You make me want to write. You make me want to write my heart out :)

Boro Jethu - my physics teacher!- who is the strongest link, thee strongest brick in the family. You're the eldest and the most looked upto member of this family, and we're all kids in your eyes. I've felt protected under your shadow, and confident to ace whenever you taught me Physics! :D
Your existence has been a persistent eye on all of us, to make sure we were on track at the right pace.
You've truly made us what we are today. And since you're the oldest in the family, and I'm the youngest- our bond will always be the best! ;)
We love you, the most :)

So today, to all for of you, I want to wish a very Happy Father's Day . You four have truly been my father, and have made me what I am today. All four of you have taught me the trivialest to the greatest of truths of life, you four have never measured your love or anger for me. You've always followed the heart, and have imbibed the seeds of love in me. 
I can't imagine my being as "Tithi" or "Nilanjana" without the shadows of you. I am forever grateful to your selfless and unconditional love. 
Thank you for bringing me up like a princess.
Thank you for everything.

A happy father's day to you all, and I love you. Always will. 

-Your's only,

Friday, June 18, 2010

Ramit and Remya's Tag.

Okay this tag, I was supposed to do wayyy back in March :P So.. err. yeah, okay okay, I'm lazy.
So here goes:

50 Random things about me :--

  1. I like colors. Colorul stuff, which look like a mosaic or a scribble or anything random at all. I just love exotic colors.
  2. I love my dog. Though I'm not quite fond of any other :|  {Yeah,okay. I'm scared. fiiine.}
  3. Family comes first. No effing matter what. I'm going to screw up the best opportunity and run to help if my family needs help. No questions asked.
  4. I love my phone. I'd die without it.
  5. There are two things in the world that I lose myself into- Writing and dancing.
  6. When I trust, I trust blindly with all my heart. When that trust is broken, I'll never take you back.
  7. I'm a feminist.
  8. I love social work. I want to make a difference when I grow up- No matter how cliched and 15 year old that might sound. I do.
  9. I love my friends unconditionally, I can deal with them insulting me on my face, but the moment you're sly and back bitch about me- you're outta my life.
  10. I give second chances to people. But no thirds.
  11. Blogging makes me happy. And I owe you guys for listening to me. :)
  12. My father is my idol. I want to be like him when I grow up.
  13. I LOVE being 15. [You can count on me for that one, no really! :D ]
  14. I have a weak spot for silver jewellery. So if you ever go shopping with me, keep me away from Silver shops. I'll lose all my money, standing right there. :P
  15. I love my specs. Though I don't wear them much :/
  16. Cadbury is one of the best creations on the face of the Earth. [Drools.]
  17. I like having pen friends :)
  18. 23rd May was, is and always will be a life-changing day for me, through out my life. No matter what.
  19. Facebook can live without me, I can't.
  20. If I have a million dollars, I'd give most of it to people who need it more than I do, and keep a quarter for myself to waste. :D [The latter part will make you figure I'm not Mother Teresa.]
  21. I love giving interviews. :D
  22. English is a language that stole my heart, since..idk..forever.
  23. I make friends like peanut butter and jelly. :)
  24. I like crazy people. I get along better with them.
  25. I'm not very fond of kids who want to grow up and do  everything berfore age. I feel sorry for them.
  26. My parents are my vision.
  27. I might call my brother an asshole, but I love him, and I'll break anyone's face who ever bothers him, although he's much older to me, and will never require me to break someone's face for his problems. He's good enough himself :P
  28. I want  a bike for myself when I'm 18. Not a car. 
  29. I hate it when people comment about stuff that they have no flying idea about. They just comment for the sake of proving they have an opinion too. Seriously, wtf?  
  30. This tag is getting hard and harder :P 
  31. I LOVE junk food. I will kill you if you ever call me over and feed me with broccoli. :)
  32. I think kurtas and patiyalas look amazing if you can carry them off well. 
  33. I love shopping. Specially from places like Janpath, CP, SN, Lajpath. [They're a girl's lifeline. Oh yes they are alright!]
  34. I don't know how to cook, and don't intend to learn. :)
  35. I'm not a foodie. At all. 
  36. I like pictures. 
  37. The best gift you can ever give me is a scrap book/ card/ poster of our memories together :) 
  38. I llooovveeee surprises! Seriously, I totally do.
  39. I respect and support Gay rights.
  40. I love long skirts from Turkey [ ;) ] 
  41. I love cold coffee. And choco-hola :D 
  42. I like going to school. Pol Science classes are the best part in 11th grade, what say guys? ;D [We don't study- in short]
  43. Okay... 7 more random facts to go... errr..ummm..... uhhhhhh... ??? .. :/
  44. I don't like people intruding in my personal life. Not unless I allow them. 
  45. I still haven't given my brother his graduation present, and I'm still saving up so that I can give him exactly what I really want to give him :)
  47. Country Roads is my favorite song, and always will be :) 
  48. I've lost a lot of people in life already, but somewhere I know it's for the best.
  49. I like waist long hair lenth :D Although I always end up getting a haircut done as soon as mine reach shoulder length.
  50. I just finished this tag! :D :O :D *Claps!*Hoots!*

Considering this tag is 4 months old, I figure everyone's done it already :P
But still, I'm going to tag few people, and incase you haven't done it already, Do it! It's fun :)


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Happy blogging!


Friday, June 11, 2010

Bring in some food, some balloons and let in FIFFAAAHH!!!

Hello there, my gorgeous readers! Yes, I know I'm updating real fast, but hell I haven't been blogging like crazy for so long right?
So. I haven't really been in the best of my moods lately, first there was this whole issue around and then the fact that I got back to delhi leaving Shillong. [Still hurts. Bad.] But, something really amazing happened. And I figured that no matter what, those people who're meant to be, never change. I had an amazing celebration of that fact last night, and I can't help but feel blessed. 

"A toast to an amazing life, and after life. May we be blessed and graced with so much love that refuses to fade with the fiercest of weathers,
Cheers" :)

Andddd now for the best part!
 FIFAAAAHH!!! Yes, it's here. Finally. After all the waiting. And god knows how many times have I heard the song "Waving Flag" today, already. But that song.  Every damn time I hear it, it sends this new found energy of sorts into my body, and it just makes me feel euphoric and the song almost screams Unity. It screams for us to be stronger, to wave the flag, to smile out hard to the world.
The song gives me that feeling when you're cheering for something with all your heart, soul and mind. And screaming your lungs out for something that you support, and that euphoria brings out tears from the corners of your eyes, and keeps your lips smiling, singing along with the millions out there waving flags and banners, cheering not just for a game, but for a bond. 

So you guys! Please do cheer, real real hard okay! It doesn't matter if you guys are watching it on the TV or Live, just feel the energy of the game- the power to make you happy- and cheer, cheer for the world :)

"When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag" - K'naan. Waving Flag. 

 Let's celebrate :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shillong :)

So after a whole year's planning and phone chats, and emailing, finally, my trip to Shillong happened.
It was supposed to be a runaway from the Delhi citylights ,the honking, the PHONE and people.. And it did, in it's true sense.
I still remember the first day, my sister and I met at the airport and i went ;
" phone, it isn't catching the signals here, sucky network in the airport'eh?"
"Err.. babe pre paid Vodafone doesn't work here in North East"

So after quite a drama queen like scene at the airport itself I settled back, sanely. [Liar,much!] We had a long trip from Guwahati to Shillong, nicely caught up on sleep, chatted, looked around Shillong..and then got home :)
The next day my sister and I were on for a movie marathon, so we pretty much were glued to the screen for about 14 hours, YES 14 FREAKING GALLOPING HOURS!
Everyday in the morning, the only thought that came to our head was "So how do we waste our time today?!" :D ... We were busy doing nothing at all, all we did was shop like crazy, movies, walking, smiling at the whole bunch of greenery around us and have fun.. :)

Shillong felt so much like home.. My sister, Raima and I spoke till late nights, we caught up on everything that had been up in our lives... it rained every two hours [!!!!] and well.. what can I say? ... It was bliss.

I visited family, and another sister of mine, Stuti.. We guys went for movies, shopped, and were busy being random about everything =D
Soon, that visit came to an end..

With not even a shout of drum rolls, 11 days flew by and then came the last day.
The day went by pretty normaly, but there was one thing that made me stop and think and look again.
It was 4am in the morning, and I was standing on the balcony and what I see is a range of black mountains running covered with the silvery of clouds in it's silhouettes. The wind blew ferociously, and I pretty much froze where I was and looked in awe.

It's true that Shillong changed me.
I realized, These 11 days weren't just about shopping and movies. These 11 days gave me a much awaited space, and a disconnection from people that I needed. I got time to sit idle. I got time to just think about a yellow ladybird I saw sitting on a wall. I got time to think about stuff I had left back in Delhi.
I got time to waste time.
I got time. A lot of it. 

Now I'm back, back in the heat. Back in the honks, the busy roads, and the star less sky at night.
But I still remember the little trivialities about life in a small town, and I can't help but smile, cause I got what I needed.
I got my break, and now I'm ready to kick some ass!! ;)

So you guys take care, and go get your break!;)

Some random pictures for you to have a look at- :)

Random Shillong.

Raima and Me :) 

Much love.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Us.

Dear friend,
it's been a while we spoke. It's been a while we joked, we interacted.. It's been a while, we've been Us. Till a month back,things were good and kicking. We did our daily retarding around, we ranted on and out about of normal lunacy, we texted humorously mind threatning msgs, you gave me that freak eye roll of your's that pissed me off, and I distorting your ears with my utter rubbish of the world. It's been quite a while.

I was reading our old conversations,today. I laughed out loud at our ridiculous freakshow like bond. I laughed at how much I learnt to trust a person in a year, and respect that person enough to heed her comments and words at important milestones. I laugh gladly, with happiness.

I remember our initial months of 10th grade, when I got my story selected to get published in a book, and you got the Student Of The Year award By TOI. You called me to share the news, and holy shit I remember how much we were jumping with joy and screaming and kicked with enthu saying "Let's fucking top everything man!" . I remember my pride when I saw you rising to a level where teachers at school looked up at you and recognized you not as a student, but a future. I remember your joy and pride at the awkward hug you gave me in library the day Suman Anand ma'am told me about my standing a position in The Scholastic Writing Awards competition.
I remember sitting in an empty class after that, bunking some godknowswhat class, and chatting. Just talking.
I remember some trivial crap, cause man, trust me. They matter to me.

Things went so weird in the past month. And at none of our's faults.
Things are quiet between us now.
And the lull of the silence leads my eyes to a sadness, no matter how much of an amazing place I might be in.
I hope things get back to how they were..
cause losing out on each other will be a loss we might deal with for a while, but not forever.
I miss you,man.
And I hope things get back to being Us again.