The Author's tale.

The unwritten inspires me, tales are what I live for. I live in a city where Clone-ism is an epidemic, however the sweet (shady) routes of escape, the busy nights and a new story from them ever so often make up for it.
The Road Is Life. A book is a soul sister, not a best friend. Loud thrills and quieter epiphanies make me.
I'll probably end up settling down in an island once I'm old and have seen all the light and heard all the music. But before that, I want to see everything there is to see, I want to see Busy at its best.

Apart from writing, dancing is the safe haven-next-door.
I'm a classical dancer if you consider the norms of training, but I indulge in other social dances just as well and I love them just as much. As long as you're on your demis, it can be ballet or Odissi, so really now! But yes, I'm a teeeenzy weee bit biased towards classical. Don't ask me why, I wouldn't know.
Either way, dancing- #IndulgingInHappiness.

I love travelling around the city and there are some perpetual cribs I find myself landing up at eventually, every time. I click photographs when I walk around on my own, however- I'm not a photographer, but I'm a photography enthusiast. (Yes, there's a huge difference. The title of a Photographer is holy and to be earned. Just owning a DLSR does not make you one, please realize this or the door is that way.)
So yes, I photograph things. The pictures you see below were lovely things I saw, things that must be remembered, that will inspire. I photograph people, because they're the origin of most of my tales and fiction labels that find their place in this little blog of mine.

And that's enough of my narcissistic pleasures. Now may I request you to go ahead and read my tales.. Some from my life and some from my mind.. And while you're at it, take them with a quick martini  ;)

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Much love and all that,