Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After a wretched week.

  • After a really wretched week, I had a good day today (:

My week consisted of nothing but ;

  • Textbooks

  • Notebooks

  • Tension

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling of incompetence

  • And every other horrible feeling possible

Today,though, I had a pretty okayish -more to the better side- of a day. Didn't go to school,did my part of textbooks for a day,and spent time with people that made my day better. ((: I'm working on a project for now, with mum ranting on about my dinner lying cold on the table. Dad giving me looks that explain his sadness for the lack of response from kids today. Brother, out. Well,so pretty much a normal day,yea.

Had my moments too, have them everyday : Don't know how I manage them,but well, I do. about 100 days to Boards.


I'm laughing. I have no clue why. That's been happening lately, whenever I hear the B word. xD

Anyway, I have to go.

I have plans of texting Remya and terrorozing her to ditch school tomorrow :)

You guys,have fun. And yeah, never bother to be in a Board [LAUGHS] year. It's better you'd turn into a hippy and discover the world with flat sandals and spegatties *_*

Sigh. Fun


[P.S- a random picture.]

Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Conservation Rally =)

Me :P Remya and Kartu:)

All of us ladies.. Remya and I holding upto the true spirits with the famous yelllow poster :P

Charu and vanya going crazy capturing pictures...

Hey you people, have put up the pictures of the "Save Water" Rally. : )
[You can stop reading each word intensly Rohaan].
Well, the experience was all together a memory I'd never forget. Really! Though we guys were pretty dissapointed at the kind of response our very preached and responsible political leader Sheela Dixit gave us.. With a population of 5000-6000 kids and teachers satnding since 8:30am just to honour the start of our rally by her presense. She was an hour and a half late. Yes, that's the example that was set up by our esteemed politicians. It's just plain sad.
Remya, was about to fizz out the lava from her head any moment on anybody who came remotely 5oo yards near her xD
But then, things got pretty okay, we guys were all together with a huge group.. We cheered and cheered! Also gave interviews at local News Channels. and once the rally started, there was no end to our vocal chords :D

^^^^ Our most famous slogans xD .. Yep. And our darling teachers were going crazy maniacaly trying to put forward our school into the limelight :P [Sangeeta Batra]
And, the our continous ranting, with Remya and I bullying kids to hold banners up and Charu trying to be calm and all our other girlfriends going all high on Women Spirit \m/

The rally ended at a really good note, a day I'd never forget. Now I'm not gonna write anything more about it, cause I need to fit in pictures :P
More pictures to come later.
Take care you guys!

Hope you fellows enjoyed the snaps :D
Nil. : )

Thursday, November 12, 2009


Absolutely random & very short post-- On photographs.

I shut the laptop off, deciding it was time to sleep, but then I remembered this picture I edited today, which was clicked by my friend Remya. And then this whole thing of how important photographs are in few of our lives. Yes, I know, I am a hop thinker :P

But no, on a serious note.. Come to think of it, don't photographs hold really important places in our lives? Don't they act like memoirs which you want to hold on to? In my case, they surely do..

I mean, the amount of photographs I have of everybody important to me... And if they ever got lost.. I'd... live! .. But, nevertheless, I'd regret it like hell.

I might not click pictures alot, but they do have a significant amount of space in my room [ :P ], and my heart.

There are these photographs of my Mukhe Bhaat [It's this Bengali tradition where a baby is fed rice for the first time ever by her parents] and, my first birthday, my brothers in sarees :P, andd.. my 13Teenth birthday, random snaps from here and there.. Ccd,Parks,Jantar Mantar [!!] and vacation pictures.. No matter how silly they may be, but indeed, they're great memories that I'd never want to part with, which remind me of good times..

So, let me know what you guys feel about pictures: )

Spillll !

P.S-- The photograph that I've put up is random and pointless, for the fun of it ;) Remya clicked & edited.. I edited a lil further ;)

Friday, November 6, 2009

Back for a quick post!

Hello my faithful readers,
back on blog after quite a vacation of studies :/ You guys must be wondering whatever became of my last post, but I deleted them cause they where SO morbid : They just screamed sadness everytime I looked at them :P

So anyway, coming back to What's up? :D
Nothing. :
Quite a bit of textbooks and novels.. with the usual loafing around.. occasional mood swings.. and ofcourse! Brilliantly hilarious books like "2 States"! [<--- A must read. By Chetan Bhagat] Today was an abnormal day which made it normal. Ditched school, the best part. Annddd.. just usual wasting time. Disclaimer-- I'm sorry guys, it's a really pointless post today cause there isn't really anything up to be Omg about : So bear with me, or just go to Facebook and utilize your time xD So yeah, coming back to my day. Nothing very fruitfull. [hah! humor me :P ] Ditching school tomorrow,too. It's just my lucky week xP I've been doing alot of writing lately, came uo with 3 short stories. And this poem called "Avatar". I'll put it up,soon. Onto serious considerations of getting a book launched by Aamir Khan. [Joke intended to only a dear friend Milda :PP-- who is dilema struck cause of all the celeb best friends she has :P ] -- I love you, you can add me in your will if you get married to any of them =D ^^ You can add me other wise, too : P Heehee. AAAAAAAMMMIIRR KKHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN *_* Okay, sorry, going over-board and loud xD But... AAAAMMIIRRR KKHHAAAAAANNN!!!!! :))

Okay, okay.
Done. :P

Well, I should get back to the other un productive things I'm upto :D
Bye y'fellows!

Be back soon ;)

[P.S-- Aamir Khan :P ]