Tuesday, November 24, 2009

After a wretched week.

  • After a really wretched week, I had a good day today (:

My week consisted of nothing but ;

  • Textbooks

  • Notebooks

  • Tension

  • Anxiety

  • Feeling of incompetence

  • And every other horrible feeling possible

Today,though, I had a pretty okayish -more to the better side- of a day. Didn't go to school,did my part of textbooks for a day,and spent time with people that made my day better. ((: I'm working on a project for now, with mum ranting on about my dinner lying cold on the table. Dad giving me looks that explain his sadness for the lack of response from kids today. Brother, out. Well,so pretty much a normal day,yea.

Had my moments too, have them everyday : Don't know how I manage them,but well, I do. about 100 days to Boards.


I'm laughing. I have no clue why. That's been happening lately, whenever I hear the B word. xD

Anyway, I have to go.

I have plans of texting Remya and terrorozing her to ditch school tomorrow :)

You guys,have fun. And yeah, never bother to be in a Board [LAUGHS] year. It's better you'd turn into a hippy and discover the world with flat sandals and spegatties *_*

Sigh. Fun


[P.S- a random picture.]


  1. Considering nobody bothered calling me while speaking to my witch sister on phone, I shouldn't even BE here on your blog.
    I am :| I don't know what is it with your Blogspot yo, but it's addictive.
    Anyway, cool yo, I had a friggin wretched of a ham week :/
    Having a crazy sister at home doesn't help.
    And hey,pretty picture yo. You're hell photogenic..who's the little kid? Sweet kid, yo.

    Anyway, come online.
    Run into you then, ;)

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  4. I decided to come anyway :|
    I'm sorry bout the sudden spill on phone the other day Cherr.. Come online. Btw,Jim and I're good now. So yeah.
    Need to cut things some slack.
    Miss you. Need to go now,
    Love you.

  5. Hey everyone !

    @Nil: Presuming that you'll check this blog when you have time, you can check out the website I mentioned :


    See you in school...

  6. can someone puh-sodding-lease explain to me why this comment section is so freaking morbid and empty these days??...
    conventional theories can be that the inhabitants are temporarily weary of the constant chattering of mine...or that they're extremely preoccupied in the deep pages of knowledge rendered in the form of carbohydrated fatty textbooks which have an old-time enemity with me...so i disapprove anybody who's committing such an irreversible crime...other plausible explanations include that ur constantly lingering around here but the freak that you are, you don't like to respond to people's comments (gives a knowing look at nil)...or another very interesting theory which can be the concensus here can be that you're just plain pissed and cannot put up wid da shit in life and choose meetnil as damn trivial. (gives a knowing look to everyone)
    come online..hav a good life..get my blessings...
    and i have noticed people here don't pay you mch attention unless you mention them specifically (attention seekers!) *fanning myself*
    the following people are requested to please come online ASAFP (AS SOON AS FRIGGING POSSIBLE)
    (dont worry sweety,ur already here;D)

    long live bananas..

  7. @ Everyone to read:

    yeah, well, I have been caught up and pissed to come to my own blog. Peculiar I know, but then it's my surname and I put together we're talkin about xD

    Rohaan, I'm sorrryy about not calling you the other day, but well, Im sure you didnt want to be freaked out by the convo Mrill and I shared xD

    MRILL! NO MORBID TRASH ANYMORE> come online. LET'S CHAT EVERYBODY! [Gives a dangerous crooked smile at the world]

    Charu, I will check out the website:) thank you!!

    5 Mins of silence

    [Gives a strange batting of eyelashes to the dumbstruck audience, applaud for myself, scream 'IM ALLIIVVEE' and exit the stage.]

    Nil comes back again
    [Gives a strange look at everybody with gleaming eyes and a crazy air of maddness.

    air kisses

    Screams : I love you all!! ^_^

    Get's hit by a shoe :|

    The end.

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  9. Remya claps gleefully...childish innocence alight, combined with devilish grin.
    @Nil: ur so drunk.
    but still ur my best chum.
    bt nah...on second thoughts.., i wudnt throw a shoe at you, i prefer rotten eggs..XD
    BWAHAHA!!! at the rest of ur comment!!
    see, as the saying goes, no one can resist my humor..;)

    @Everyone: one down.
    two more depressd souls to go...come online,
    Rohan,Mrinalini, I'm waih-ting...:D

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  11. @Remya: Got to hand it to you. No one can resist your humour. Please accept an imaginary prize, which is in fact non-existent, as a token of my appreciation :)

    @Nil: Wow, two days and only 9 comments? The blog has fallen on hard times...Or is it just us ? *gulp*
    Loved your reply. Particulary the getting hit by a shoe ROFL

  12. @Cherry: My ole friggin High tops! You're funny braattt! Dude,I'm so insulted, 11 comments?! That's friggin it yo? Where was I? =O
    Well, Mrill's ... Celebrating Post-Thanksgiving xD
    -- Sleeping in her room, mind you, it's a good 1pm on a Saturday morning, and she.. Is still dreaming of the Rooster,yo xP
    Cherr, you MISSED the party, like heck time yo! By the end of it,dad was so drunk, he spill Root sauce all over the couch top yo! It was fuckin awesome yo!
    Anyway, What's been up?
    And yea, stop ignoring my calls.

    @Remya: I'm here yo, Back on stage xD Where are you?

  13. See,that's why I ask you to shut your big baby fat mouth up when you don't know boots. :)
    I've been up since 9,
    And,unlike you -- Party deprived mankind, I don't need to celebrate Post Thanksgiving , cause guess what? I have Mannyyyy more reasons to party for :) [Unlike, er.. Lets see.. YOU! ]
    Rachel's place at 8:30pm honey, hot men,stilettoes,and dancing :*
    Saturday night.

    Yes,googoo, you can ask mum to read you a bed time story at 8,and then maybe go to sleep sucking your thumb :*

    @ Cherry: BABYYYY! I'm on the race track. I'm on hon, come online! :D
    And oh my god, stop being so funny!! You friggin crack me uppp!!

  14. Aww,I sure woulda asked mum to read me Barney and Friends, but then you stole it from my bed last Wednesday! Rememberr? When you were too grouchy to sleep cause of the Lolly that the other kid at Kindergarten stole from you???!
    Yea, I was gonna ask you to give me the book back :)

    Saturday night baby, mwhahhaha.

  15. I so wish I could laugh at that feeble attempt of your self defence against Blogger Bullying xD
    Aw. Aw. Aw.

    I feel bad now!

    On second thoughts..... I don't!
    There :)

    So? Partying with your ant farm tonight baby brother?

  16. Ant farm?
    See, that shows your Neurons like transparent chow chows.
    It's not an ant farm,dim witt. It's called an 'ant pot'.
    Which is nothing like an ant Farm .

    But well, I should trade my applaud for you to have atleast realized that it's something related to ants.
    That's a step up, sister :)

  17. Rohaan,the sad part is, or wait, the best part is, i have my LIFE- which has very exciting things revolving around it to worry about, rather than an Ant farm or a friggin POT.
    So yea, Don't let your sentiments be hurt, I didn't mean to upset you party friends xD

    But hey,One short advice : Learn to make human friends : )
    They might just help you to adapt normalcy into your life :)

    -- Love,
    A concerned sister.

  18. Oh lets see.. Someone who throws up after watching a dead turtle on Halllloowweeenn is telline Me about Normalcy .
    Hah. Yeah, nice jog there,sister xP

    an I-don't-give-a-damn Brother.

  19. Yeaa. Well, a dead turtle usually grosses people out. Like,normal people out.
    Buttt. You.. And your wilderness.
    I keep forgetting.

    I forget in an attemp of pretending like I have a normal brother,like everybody else :'(


    Whatever. I'm off. Cya at ... Nowhere sweetie :)

    *Flying kisses*

  20. Oh and Cherry,
    Come online.
    Missed call me.
    I'll call back.

    GET in touch.
    I miss youuu! <3
    Hugss!! :*

  21. Pretence yo,
    that ailment. Always tried to get you over it.. Like,the time when you used to pretend Lee Ulman had a crush on you.

    He stopped talking to you. Or looking at you. OR accepting the fact that he knew you.
    Oh lord,
    I might just choke laughing!! =D

    Cya nowhere baby.

    I'm on my way to your room, to maybe throw a squid :*

    Miss me much?


  22. @ Cherry: Heyyy bratt! be online soon yo, miss your ranting.
    I'll go now,I guess. I should catch up on some sleep,actually :/
    Had a pretty wretched week myself yo.

    Come online. Yea?

    And take care yo.

  23. @Remya: Let's see who's not online... :P

    @Cherry again: Mrill uses Suntan at night xD

  24. BWAHAHAHA!!!
    i missed you guys :DDD
    that was sooo funny...

    y arent u here in india man!!!!!

    @Rohan: i AM online :|
    wts is an antpot anyways???

  25. WHAT ! I missed alllll that !
    Darn :(
    Anyway, it's great to have Rohan and Mrinalini back here. You guys are the life of the blog. You guys keep it running. Thanks for coming !

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  27. @ Remya: sorry yo,was buzzed with the project I'm on.
    -- Have been on a month
    see,there's a huge difference between an ant farm and pot. An ant farm is like a farmhouse, and a pot..is like, a fish bowl.
    Hardly anything more than 100ants. So yea.

    Hey,I'm late for class, catch you soon yo.

    @Charu: :)

    @Cherr: Stop ignoring my calls.
    Call me back yo.

  28. @Ro: It's fun ignoring your calls :D
    Stop pissing me off on phone,and I'll start talking to you :D
    You still online?

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  30. @Rohan: hey dats so cool nd unique yaa..ant farm..*gleaming eyes*...Bongz...u got a fish bowl at home?..
    ur skul needs to take it easy man...since august u've already spoken abt 2 projcts on wich u work on for months..
    @Nil: go to sleep...nd turn ur phone on..i wana irritate someone...:|

  31. @Cherr: You answered =D Whatsup bratt? Come online yo, miss your madness. ;) Oh and hey, guess what?
    Mrill got into trouble. Again . She just has this fancy to deep shit. Which suits me just fine :D
    So whats up yo?

    @Remya: Yeah,My skull needs a break yo. Still on the project,though :"|
    Yeah, so anyway, whatsup with you?
    Hey... By the way, lovely picture.

  32. Roooooooooo! You there?
    What trouble did Mrill get into Now? Tell her to caalll meee.
    Nothing's up,really. Except that my 2nd Sem begins in less than a week.

    *Pretends to be all cool. Looks around.. Sings 'Stay n light. nu uh huh uh.. Stayinaa laaiiitteee'

    Figures its not working

    Grabs her Science book, and starts praying to it .

    Oh evil Satan...


  33. Been here, been there, but haven't really been much anywhere, except class and the library. Did I lose your email address, or was it that I never had it? Chat soon...

  34. Heyy Ric! Finally =)
    Umm, you should be having my mail ID, it's on blogger :/
    You seem sorta lost, been upto much lately? Or just the mood? ;)
    Cheers to you.
    Nice to see you back on my blog!

  35. @Nil: m such an owwl...i feel goddamn awake at midnight...so totally alive and consumed by adrenaline..startd going out..mom caught me..grabbd me by my ears and made me sit bak inside the house.....shez lockd the door...provided gave dad a thorough description on the phone :)
    seems like Mrinalini's not the only one gettng into deep shit dese days..;)

    @Rohan: than you ;)..u knoe at first i read ur comment as " my skull needs to break "...;)

    anyways..anyone online temme please..need a break from the six hour straight study session..
    @Nil: dont be a bitch..temme if ur online...:|

  36. @Remya: Six hour straight study session? You definitely need a break. How do you guys do this anyway ? Most I can do without a break is probably 3 hours. Cheers to you for your patience and determination.

  37. Okay, this is the third time I've come here this morning. Is no one online ???? Maybe I should have gone to school... :(

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  39. There's this huge conversation going on, that I do not want to interrupt.

  40. LOL, I agree with you, Disguise, hahahh!

    Nice blog(: Thanks for commenting on mine, hope to hear from yours too!

  41. @Nil and Remya: Was experimenting with my hair. What do you think of new profile pic ? (It'll be temporary)

    @Remya: Don't know about Kartavya, but I didn't go today. He said yesterday that he wasn't planning to go, so I'm not sure...

  42. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  43. @Remya: As for trying it in school, I've got this to say: I wore it when I went on pilgrimage today (wow, it rhymes!)
    Felt a bit lonely, but I got some study done. Before you ask, I'd actually gone to sort out some doubts with my Bio teacher. Read some books in the library. So,yeah, I'm glad I went.

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  45. @Remya: WOW, looks like we're online at the same time, on the same site.
    How much did you study today?

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  47. 5? Yow
    saintly work on facebook???

  48. yea...working on this groups on India that i created...its quite a hit..lets see if i reach a target of 100 fans within a week...it'll just help in creating more awareness amongst the Facebook Indians ..there'll be discussions on serious topics which are retarding India's process and how we can contribute towards eliminating such disturbing elements of the society..
    so..well...m done with it for now..and will be going..anyay...ciao..c ya tomorow :)

  49. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  50. Best of luck to you too. I'll try my best...

  51. BTW, before I forget, congrats for being the half-century commentor(?)

  52. @any freaking one: my mind feels bland...anyone online?

  53. Am feeling distracted lately. My mind just seems to go from one topic to another. Not like a butterfly, because I don't even gain any nectar when I move...

    And there is the minor fact that I waste time instead of gathering the resources of life (during exam time)...

  54. Hibernation,baby?
    Where are youu Cherr?! Anyway,the so calles "trouble" I got into was that my imaginary dawg ate my homework :)
    And My teacher got a little pissed.
    Is all : )

    Rohaan just has this thing of making himself look like a wannabe big fat mouth =)

    @Bigfatmouth: Hey there bitchy bitchy bitch :* There sweetbuns?

    @Remya: Suuup ^_^

  55. Ignores his mentally challenged-sadly sister

    @Cherr: Seriously!! Where are you yo? Remya and Charu taking over your blog Bratt ;) Laughs.

  56. Not anymore,
    I realized you'd probably jump off our story when dawn cracks and you figure people ignore you,too.
    But then,
    I felt for mum,and the Hospital nurse.So yea.
    I'm jus being a responsible brother.

  57. So funny, Mary,I'm going to choke.
    Go take a nap with your Fishtank,Ro.

  58. You borrowed my fishies. And you fancy not giving things back,and eating them, instead. :)

    You might be a maneater/fisheater,Mum will stll love you. If not dad,and I.


  59. Awwwwwww. You don't need to worry about Me getting love sweeethearrtt. Fetch some for yourself,first :*

    I'm off to Litz.
    Cye baby.
    The hot baby sitter you wised for tonight ditched,hon :)
    She skipped from somewhere the House had PHYSICS PROMOTERS xD

  60. Naah,I think she skipped bout the House having "Beach Party with Shaved men" promoters :)


  61. @Cherry: I'm offf. Missed call at mine if you come Ol yo.


  62. @Mril:
    hi. :)
    life's bad.
    hope urs is better.

    @TheAnimalLover: nice to know u sleep wid ur fishtank...hope its not leaking.
    ciao u too.

    Your phone is fucking out of ' area'
    Call me. :)
    I have lots to tell youuu. L-O-T-S.
    And this was the best way to reach you, since Facebook is off limits now. :( Call mee! :D

    Ps- You know how my status on Fb was ' Grape'? So, then Grape replied saying ' You like grapes too? I love grapes!' LMAO. I couldn't stop laughing for 15 straight minutes.

  64. @Ro & Mrill: I MISSED YOU GUYS FIGHTING!!! You have NO friikking idea how AWESOME it is to be siting infront of a monitor =D
    Come onlineeeeeeee! <3

    @Remya: Eeyy sexy! (:

    @ QM : Hi Hi Hi :D Omg, so nice of you to come! :D Thanks for following my blog,I'm going to be stalking you now,too! ;)

    @Dishari: My phone? Out of 'area'? No way. I was texting last min :/

    @ Ro [again] : Sorry for ignoring your call, you must be so pissed :P

  65. M online...and m SO FAILING tomorow...;/

  66. nice layout..:)
    bt it hurts the eye...:|

  67. My brother's internet sucks,too :|
    The computer hung thrice, restarted it.. Blogger takes LONG to load.
    Hey, I'm failing tomorrow,too! =D

    Brain Twins

    Pretends to laugh like it's funny.. Figures it's not... Get's the creeps recalling incidents..

    Runs away.

    Oye,Im going watching a movie :D
    Later Gator!

  68. oh gawd!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1 hour to the exam!!!!!!!!!
    1 hour!!!!!
    and yea...please do me a favor and dont publicly display the "brain-twins" part...it gives me the creeps....we dont want to be thot as freaks...do we..?
    1 hour.

  69. @Remys: "we dont want to be thot as freaks" *sniff* That was priceless. :)
    Seriously though, guys like you make the world interesting and worth living in...

  70. BTW, am feeling pretty irritated at "society" at the moment. It's like, you can't even do something without worrying about what the society will say...:(

  71. @ Cherr: Read your poem over and over again. Mum & Mrill read it,Dad's in Japan,I mailed it to him. I made my Lit. Teacher read it,too.
    Man, where do you get all that inspiration from,yo? I mean, That line about the Mighty Science. That was like.. The bumper.
    Cherr,I'm taken aback, seriously yo. I am. You need to put it up on your blog, NOW. So people would see and read that page of art.
    You're awesome with the pen yo.
    Mum's going to call Kabul uncle maybe, don't get freaked, but she's pretty zonked yo.

    Cherr, PUT IT UP YO.


  72. Actually, Blogger is too small a medium yo. Your art deserves more recognition. Much more yo. Do something about it Cherr, you're a published author already, you Have the platform yo! Mum wanted to talk to K.Uncle for that. She thinks you should be on with Your own book.
    Man, take our word yo.
    Do something about it,Like, nectaaar man! Come friggin on already!

    I'm sorry If I sound gay :|
    I'm just so zonked at your poem.


  73. Ro! You there?
    Man, about the whole thing we spoke.. You agreed to not write these things on my blog, you know the reason man.
    So maybe, we could talk about cerain things on phone,yea?
    I'm sorry, but. :|

    Are you still online???
    I just finished writing a post.I hope you like it! :)


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