Friday, November 6, 2009

Back for a quick post!

Hello my faithful readers,
back on blog after quite a vacation of studies :/ You guys must be wondering whatever became of my last post, but I deleted them cause they where SO morbid : They just screamed sadness everytime I looked at them :P

So anyway, coming back to What's up? :D
Nothing. :
Quite a bit of textbooks and novels.. with the usual loafing around.. occasional mood swings.. and ofcourse! Brilliantly hilarious books like "2 States"! [<--- A must read. By Chetan Bhagat] Today was an abnormal day which made it normal. Ditched school, the best part. Annddd.. just usual wasting time. Disclaimer-- I'm sorry guys, it's a really pointless post today cause there isn't really anything up to be Omg about : So bear with me, or just go to Facebook and utilize your time xD So yeah, coming back to my day. Nothing very fruitfull. [hah! humor me :P ] Ditching school tomorrow,too. It's just my lucky week xP I've been doing alot of writing lately, came uo with 3 short stories. And this poem called "Avatar". I'll put it up,soon. Onto serious considerations of getting a book launched by Aamir Khan. [Joke intended to only a dear friend Milda :PP-- who is dilema struck cause of all the celeb best friends she has :P ] -- I love you, you can add me in your will if you get married to any of them =D ^^ You can add me other wise, too : P Heehee. AAAAAAAMMMIIRR KKHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN *_* Okay, sorry, going over-board and loud xD But... AAAAMMIIRRR KKHHAAAAAANNN!!!!! :))

Okay, okay.
Done. :P

Well, I should get back to the other un productive things I'm upto :D
Bye y'fellows!

Be back soon ;)

[P.S-- Aamir Khan :P ]


  1. YOU'RE BACK!! =D I was so pissed, I wasn't going to comment till you updated =P What stories have you written Cherr? Send'em over! I'm sure mum would be zonked again! =P

    Gotta go now, be back ol once I'm home.

  2. Mrilll.HIIIII. How do you manage to be online ALL the time woman?! Anyway, yeah, I'll mail you the stuff I wrote :) Nothing great to zonk aunty out- you can bet on that!
    And yes, I'm Back! :D

    Okayy, say hi to everyone home :)

  3. AAMIR KHAN??...>>>
    Dude..he's old...oldr than my uncles...ew...
    and i'll sue u if u dnt get ur books launched by me...i'm bettr dan dat old fuckface anyday..;P
    good u anyways hez still got substance than most ov da oders..
    owie...gtg..bye :)

  4. Can you come online? I'm serious. ANNOYING SISTER OF MINE, sleepin too much yo? come online on blogger Cherr. O yeah, send your stuff over. Mum was asking bout it.. Come online.

  5. Well Well Well. Look who we've got here, jostling her way out of boredom by drugging to hypnotism to the blue glowing computer screen.

    Hello Sister. :)

  6. Not like you're doing something exotic different, are you alphabet head? :)
    Maybe, just maybe you might feel better by not snapping at me :*

  7. Booo. Who doesn't feel better by snapping at their bird brained sister?! :O
    And, thinking of 'SNAPPING' ; lets see who started with a "Hi Bitch =D"


  8. Awwwwww. Sorry baby brother, I forgot how your tear glands are connected to your eyes which are connected to your neurons which see what your elder sister writes, and makes you cryyyy :'(
    Aw Aw Awwwwww.

  9. Woaah! Never thought you'd know all THAT ^ ^^ Scinece! 8-0
    But hey there sis, don't use it all up,or else you'd be left with no more Geek words to use in front of Mr.Peet, and Jim won't think you intelligent anymore! :O


  10. Hah, look at you-- Muckin me on my Science. Assface, get your spelling of "SCIENCE" correct, then we'd talk of complex spellings like "INTELLIGENT".

    Go, time for your breakfast.. Dog food next to the counter... Quick boy!! shoooo!! :)

  11. Tried looking for the dog food, saw mum's note on the fridge that said "Teach Mui to eat her food properly. Dog food's expensive, ask her not to waste it"..

    Now, sis I think we should get your eating manners straught first :]
    What'll visitors think?
    CRAZY DOG ON LOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Why do you even try to be funny man? What're Cherry's readers gonna think reading such lame jokes by you?
    No no, no fair.
    This is the part where you start being sensible.
    Okay sweetie?!
    And.... ACTION!!

  13. Pack up.

    I'm outta here. You're so lame, it turns me off for the whole day. Stay put in your room of Physics, I'm out to the Deli with Cart:)

    @Cherr : COME ONLINE.

  14. Don't get fatter.
    You're already in efficiency of love.


  15. Oops. I meant "D efficiency".


  16. @ Remya: woah! dont be ugly about aamir khan dude, he's awesome.
    lol, yeah finally updated :)

    @ Ro and Mrill:
    GUYSSSSSSS!! Don't you get tired?! God! it takes energy to be SO nasty to each other!!!
    anyway, im online now ;]
    you guys come,too.

  17. Shitt...!!..i shud'av come onlne earlier.........SHITT..:DDDDDDDD...
    these guys hav inborn talent of putting each odr down yaaa....go figure~~~~~~~~~~....;P

  18. Remya, you do Not want to chat with the both of us while firing yo, trust me! Not with my sister anyway :|
    She gets ugly when she's being Boo'ed. Laughs. ;)

  19. trust me dude...i hav a sistr too...Mrinalini is still fine..mine is intolerably irritating..(weeps)...besides u guys hav a war of words..we hav a a classic war when we're in the mood...i picked up some tips anyway..;)..just for possible future wars...*evil laugh*

  20. Hahahahah.. DO NOT take advices and tips from our fights yo, you don't wanna do that! Thing'll get SO ugly, that you'd bicker at your sis even while eating Neutella on the friggin breakfast table.
    Mrill is okay?
    Now, I think someone's gonna throw a beach party after readin that....

  21. Oh, and that's a pretty cool picture you got out there of you and Cherr.

  22. :)...thnx...haha!!>..
    remembr bongz hw v had clickd pic aftr pic to get one dat ws perfect...!...nd aftr dis one, nil ws literally jumping high like a kangarooz descendant...she cudnt believe hw gud it came out...watever...shez weird anyways :||
    nd dont wrry abt me fighting while eating abilities to think r temporarily short-circuited when its anywhere near me...;)
    shit...nw u've got me hungry :@

  23. Whew, I finally came on, and not a moment too soon !

    @Nil : First of all, I'm EXTREMELY glad you updated again. Now,

    " @ Remya: woah! dont be ugly about aamir khan dude, he's awesome."

    Totally agree with you. Aamir khan has a lot more talent than many others in the industry and he's a good actor.

    @Remya : Am sorry you don't like him...
    "these guys hav inborn talent of putting each odr down yaaa....go figure~~~~~~~~~~....;P" - You are SOOOO right.

    @Mrinalini and Rohan: Man, you guys almost make me wish I had a sibling. Nilanjana thinks I have a good talent in sarcasm, and I can definitely develop it by watching your "war of words"! Thanks so much for the entertaining battle - I love you guys !

  24. Cheers, 'tis for an art project that consists creating different pictures to put on a t shirt or jumper. Not very easy in the end .. Thanks !

  25. @ Remya: Like YOU weren't happy after how hott the picture turned out to be? >:\
    anywayyy, come online :D

    @ Charu : Hiiiii! I'm glad I updated,too :P But i'm gladER that YOU'RE back on my blog =)
    Yay! Haha, I love the entertainment my fellow sis and bro aka Mrill and Ro provide, never thought they were in such high demands ;D
    Be back soon!!

    @Rawcogs : Ooh,I'm sure it aint easy.. Most welcome :)
    Hope to see you more often on Blogger! ;)

    @Mrill and Ro : You people, NEED to come online! And what's up with December? You guys coming?
    *cross fingers*

  26. @ Remya: Tips from our fights? Baby, I'm sure you want your family intact,don't you? ;)

    @Charu: Aww, man you're so cute! We love you too : )

    @ Cherry: I'M online baby!! Are you? Are you? ARE YOUUUU? Oh c'mon, say yes! I ditched school, horrible cold :'( No clue how I managed, and about December- don't know yet sweetlove, :( Trying my Best with dad, you know that!
    come onlineeeee.

    Yayyyyyy! omg, I caught you online after SO long! Hey,call me, we need gossip :P And wtf? How DID you manage a cold? Thought you were okay? I'm waiting for Arko to get ready, we're going for a movie :D Sexy right? No, not sexy :| i have to studyyyy. anyway, i have to go. I'm sorry! I'll catch you online soon, or even better-- I'll call you =]
    Take care hottness :) Miss you so much!! :')

  28. Oh Why do you have to leave???
    And duh, you'll do so well in your grades, blind me if you don't!
    Yea,okay call me soon please.
    Yayyie. =} I'm sitting home,so boredd. And that son ofa bitch Jimmy won't reply to my texts. Screwed lophead. I mean,HE is busy disecting god knows whatt in Biology! :#
    Anyway bye! Love you. And I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu!

  29. @nil: hw cn anyone be named hotness"??...nd why wud dey take care of themselves wid such a nickname??!@?????
    u need a break wid da expressions dude...:|
    nd i "ain't no kidding"..;P (remembr?)

    @Mril:yes..i very much want my family i'm pretty sure a slight twist in da surroundings won't do any harm^^...wotsay?...:P

    @Charu:Trust me..i'm one of those ppl who appreciate art..and i very much appreaciate Aamir Khan's i personally dnt think he's worth going "AAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMMMMIRRRRRRRRRR KHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAANNNNNNN!!!!!"
    over...u knoe...

    @ everyone: GET A FREAKING LIFE!!!!
    y da hell r u all hanging out on my dear retarded frnd's blog as if u've got nothing bettr to do in life?...she gets a high outta ol da attention ;P...GO EVERYONE WATCH A BIRD JUMPING IF U GUYS HAVE SO MUCH FREE TIME!!!!

    (PS: yes..yes...i knoe m here too!)

  30. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  31. @ Mril: u sure do seem to be in love wid ur "son-of-a-bitch, bastard, screwed lophead" boyfriend!!>..way to go gal!

    PS: srry ab da last comment...spelling mistake...

  32. What's wrong with calling people "Hottness" if they can call people "Sexy,cuteie,baby" etc.. ? :?
    Anyway, They love my blog :P
    It's waaay more interesting than a bird jumping, xD

    Hey, btw, have you seen that? ^

    @ Mrill: HAHAHAHAH.. GOD! Cut Him some slack will ye? Poor thing's tryna do well in school! Anyway, come online..



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