Monday, November 16, 2009

Water Conservation Rally =)

Me :P Remya and Kartu:)

All of us ladies.. Remya and I holding upto the true spirits with the famous yelllow poster :P

Charu and vanya going crazy capturing pictures...

Hey you people, have put up the pictures of the "Save Water" Rally. : )
[You can stop reading each word intensly Rohaan].
Well, the experience was all together a memory I'd never forget. Really! Though we guys were pretty dissapointed at the kind of response our very preached and responsible political leader Sheela Dixit gave us.. With a population of 5000-6000 kids and teachers satnding since 8:30am just to honour the start of our rally by her presense. She was an hour and a half late. Yes, that's the example that was set up by our esteemed politicians. It's just plain sad.
Remya, was about to fizz out the lava from her head any moment on anybody who came remotely 5oo yards near her xD
But then, things got pretty okay, we guys were all together with a huge group.. We cheered and cheered! Also gave interviews at local News Channels. and once the rally started, there was no end to our vocal chords :D

^^^^ Our most famous slogans xD .. Yep. And our darling teachers were going crazy maniacaly trying to put forward our school into the limelight :P [Sangeeta Batra]
And, the our continous ranting, with Remya and I bullying kids to hold banners up and Charu trying to be calm and all our other girlfriends going all high on Women Spirit \m/

The rally ended at a really good note, a day I'd never forget. Now I'm not gonna write anything more about it, cause I need to fit in pictures :P
More pictures to come later.
Take care you guys!

Hope you fellows enjoyed the snaps :D
Nil. : )


  1. pictures edited by me :|
    No mention.Remya not happy.
    No hogging limelight.Remya not happy.
    Make her happy.mention her...(odr dan da dozen times u mentiond her in da post)
    make her happy.mention her genius.
    LUVD IT !!!!

    All the F's i needed are here.
    except da FUCK WORD ofcourse..;)
    Dat toh we can add in sum odr post no...:)
    Remya happy.Remya glad.
    P.S.: First one to comment...Remya verri verri happy...:)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    i officially.cannot.survive.amongst.narrow-minded over-concerned people who give me no space and piss me off to my toes.
    AND.theres something annoyingly wrong wid my phone. it cant be called, texted, cant call or text...stupid black jerk-pole.I'm gonna throw it somewhere.Preferably somewhere far-off.
    Facebook is annoying me coz its giving me stoopid nonsensical notifications like "SEND YOUR BUDDIES COW HUGS."
    I MEAN WTF?????????
    bright day.
    P.S.: I luv da post. :)

  4. Hey everyone !

    @Remya: Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya, Remya... X 20
    Remya happy now ? xD

    @Nil: Nice pics. Can't wait to see more !

  5. Cherry, Awesome post as usual! Though i was lost in the city lights due to certainords I didn't get.. But. : P
    I like the post anyway. And boy oh boy, real cool pictures yo! You look super nice and so do all your friends :) Lovely picture that one,with the banner [you and remya yo? right] and the one in which few more ladies are clickin pictures and yea the solo one .... Very high on spirit pictures yo :)
    I figured you and Remya would be the ranting ones, I mean I know you personwise, but Remya- Being on blogger I can fetch out how out spoken she is. [And thats a darn right compliment yo]
    Come online Bratt!

    @ Remya: Nice edititng yo : ) And quite a funny comment! But seriously "Send cow hugs" ? That's odd. Keep tellin y'all yo, these sites are weirrd.

    Take care you buncha ladies :)

  6. Oh and about the crappy politicians.. happens here too,yo. Lets just us get outta dorm yo, and we'd rule the streets like friggin Lion Kings \m/
    Just wait cherr.

    ; )

    I tend to go over board when i like a post : P

  7. @ Remya: My good for nothing Sonofabitch Internet has finally decided to let me blog.Arse >:l
    Fuck man, never had a bigger blue.
    Anyway, Nice to know you liked my post :) Yeah,sorry I din't mention you,was way excited with the pictures. Haha, now Remya happy? :P
    LOL.See you at school tomorrow, and sorry for ditching today man, I couldn't have handled school, trust me. And yeah, got your mail, not in the best of my moods to edit it now, tomorrow,okay? Needa go for mum's birthday dinner :)

    @ Charu: Lol, :P Yeah, I'll soon put up the other pictures once I have'em :)

    @ Ro: Hahah.. yeah, more than anyone you were eager for the pictures:P so i figured you'd be very content :P So, im online now, and you are too, right?! :D
    Seriously, don't you brother and sister ever go to school? And if you do, how much is your cell bill with the amount of internet you do!? :P
    And about the politicians part... get to Dorm first moron.. :P
    Survive all the parties and girls and then we can talk about ruling the streets xD

  8. I do go to school, bet my jeans I do :P Naah, I'm in the lab, doing this presentation on China. So yeah -_-
    Anyway, I can't chat anymore yo :( I seriously needa kick some ass in this.. which will take me a while.
    Hey, your mum sounded kinda taken aback when we called yo :D
    Celebrate the dinner well, yea?
    We miss you all.
    Take care Cherr! :)

    Oh and dude, I friggin WILL survive dorm yo!

  9. I can bet you're being sugar boy with the Lab lady, otherwise who'd let you be online so often, like always!

    yeah,ma was taken aback, cause she had no idea you guys knew it was her birthday. So yeah :P

    Okay then, catch you later!
    We guys miss you all too!


  10. I don't do Sugar Boy with anyone :|

    I smell offense xP

    sure you don't do sugar boy with anyone
    you do sk8er boii.


  12. Goodbye.

    I hate Avril Lavigne, and I feel you're posessed by Mrill today.
    I'm creeped. Later, Posessed-friend-who-used-to-be-ole-bratt- Cherry


  14. laughs at all the retards presiding here...:D

    Remya content. Life is bright.

    @Rohan:i wud've gone "aww...shucks Rohan!...thats so sweet of u.." bt since i wont say dat,u'll hav to be content wid a simple "thank you". No complaints "yo"?
    Oh and Remya veyi veyi happy.Remya center of attention.Remya cheerful..
    i know da website is m hooked to it..and even weird notifications like that wont dampen its effect on dont wrry..No porn..;)
    er.politician lion-kings?.
    I dnt knoe exactly wat i wana be. BUT. AND A BIG BUT THERE. I DEFINITELY DONT WANA BE A "LION-KING POLITICO" m sure Nil'll be ecstatic abt da idea..;P..she has an attraction to weird things anyway...
    and i cn totally get wat ur saying...wen i calld aunty up...she sounded taken aback then too...askd me twice if i had calld to tok 2 her..and my repeated confirmations gave her a slight shock i think..;)..and the funniest part ws wen i askd her whether she'd any idea wat her "crazy" daughter ws upto..she laughd maniacally and stopped suddenly and said in a morbid voice.."shez studying"...that ws SO funny...;DDDD
    er.sugar-boy ?.
    life's good for you.

    @Nil: m ditching you tom.
    and NOOOOOOOOO...ur petty blackmails on my li'l blak jerkpole phone dont trouble me..NOT AT ALL..;P
    hav i said...u shud've thot before ditching me today...
    have fun dearest frnd :)))
    laughing wid "devilish anticipation"...:XX

  15. @Remya: Well, you can trust me on one thing that if you woulda been the kinds to reply with a gushy "awww omg thank you sweetheart" type belh, I wouldn't have really spoken Or interacted with you in the first place! ;D I hate that, it's just so plastic, get enough of it here yo :|
    Lol, yeah, "No Porn" -- nice to know that :P And heyy, i like the Lion Kinh Politician part,so yeah :P Cherr and I are in the same league \m/
    Unsure Proud Look
    Yeah.. Mithu anuty was pretty zonked yo, when we called. She confirmed only once,though :P
    Laughs. Anyway, I should be going now,I'm working on something.. Or rather, should be working on something .. just like you'ren hooked to Facebook,I'm darn hooked to Cherry's blog yo. That and Google are the only 2 things that's been kissin my ass for the internet bill. :|
    Oh and Mrill's having a series of pop quiz today.. don't expect her to bell ye back today ;)
    Catch you later then.

    @ Cherry: How was the Dinner yo?

    @ Mrill: Passing,sweetheart?

  16. still laughing as my mind tries to visulaise an "unsure proud look"..hafta come across it n real life man..!
    ur ryt abt da entire "aw" thing being fake and i dont think anyone else odr dan nil nd me cn be a solid witness for THAT...
    and "cherr and i are in the same league"..u get a kick outta insultng urself??..;P
    (she'l kill me for sayng dat;D)
    and yea..ryt abt fb bt m slowly gettng bord of it..same here..meetnil features top nowadays..still tryng to figure out y..probably coz it makes me laugh...well watever...
    GOOGLE?..nw i get y ur sistr has givn u a beautiful nickname like "nerd"
    kddng..its my only ally tho..that website..the sole reason y i get marks in my projects...

    oh and I'LL ANSWER for cherry dickhead...THAT CRAZY WOMAN, spent her entire dinner sending me blackmails so dat i cud get scared nd show up tomorow at skul..she calld, textd, abused, blackmailed and used every possible mode of manupulative strategies...poor gal..nvr realized m born exact 2 weeks before her..*looks saintly*
    okie..wont torture u..hav fun wid da "work"..m workng on a project u said..dese days, deres a new category of meetnil addicts..
    (can imagine bongz gettng an ego boost..)


  17. @ Remya: Not in a mood to laugh. So let's not get into snide comments. The fate at school was awesome, okayish food but pretty good games.. Won a keychain :|
    But I'm just in a shitty mood, whatsoever. So whatever.

    @ Ro: Remya's pretty righ bout the texts. But apart from that, It was awesome. Sorry, not in a very animated mood right now, so no exlaims or whatever.
    Catch you on later.
    Take care.

  18. @Remya: Missed you at the fete today. Whole thing seemed dull without you. Along with food, they added game stalls, and the band sung a couple of good songs. OK, but not great. Wish you were there.

    BTW, what are "cow hugs" and "LION-KING POLITICO" ?

    @Rohan: Wow. Wish I had as much to say to everyone as you have to Remya. :)

    @Nil: By the power vested in me by, well me, I hereby convict you of the heinous crime of vanishing from your own blog... :P

    @Mrinalini:You're the only one missing. Please try to come on soon !

  19. @Nil: please dont tell me your last year's blues are back..I AM THE ONE HERE who gets angry at're you bettr not claim my position ;P

    @Charu:'re sweet man...:DD unlike some people here who choose to be unresponsive to frnds on the phone wid regard to dere "bad mood"..(pokes Nilanjana Bhattacharjee angrily..)

  20. @ Cherr: Heyyy what happend yo? Man, you don't sound great, i haven't heard you without exclaims ever. ever. I'm in school now, but I have Lab now.. And I'm working on the China thing yo. I'll call you once I get home yo. Or I'll just have to call you tomorrow, actually, this friggin time zone yao :|
    Hey, listen to this, Mrill got a poster made that said "Paranoid Mother" cause she asked mum if she could open an account on Facebook, or Twitter and mum said Yes to only having YOU on her buddylist xP
    And then she was like "I can do that on Blogger anyway", and mum said "Good for you then honey!" and she was all pissed and made that poster, and mum MADE her turn it into a Welcome Poster for this dad's client whose going to stay with us xD
    Holy Marry, I laughed for 7 straight hours yo!
    Hey now, Cheer up yo.. C'mon Cherr, I don't like it this way sis. c'mon Bratt!

    @ Remya: That was one LONG reply lady! ;) Naice. :P

    @Charu: Laughs!

    I'm good now, absolutely over my blue. Vented it out totally =)
    YOU HAVE GOT to be kidding me with the whole poster thing!!!! No way! Mrill is still breating after that? And btw, where is she? She hasn't been online for quite a bit.. ?

  22. u've got a damn intelligent mom....any far off relation of mine..;)

  23. @Nil:Nilllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll
    I'm absolutely good NOW TOO.:|
    so y dnt we tok...;P

  24. @ Remya: *Hi5's her sheepishly. now we seem to be in the same league :P

    @Cherry: Now That's like our Bratt :D Take it All out yo. Hey anyway, just came online to check you were okay and you hadn't banged red alert in delhi yo.
    sorry man, I can't chat at all.
    I have Lab now.. Need to work on stuff, yo. I'll call you tomorrow:) I'll repeat the mistake of calling you when nobody's on the other line to save me xP
    Okay :P Darn yo, never mind!

    Okay ladies, I take your leave then?
    Take care you both,and Remya try to tackle this Bratt of mine will you? ;)
    And hey, catch you soon too,okay? we're all inhabitants of this blog anyway =D
    Cool look .


  25. @Rohan: I've been puttng up wid dis mentally challeged "BRATTT" of urs since da past 1 year...and da past 10 minutes(on the phone)..;)
    later then..;)

    @Nil: no point ignoring me.
    m ur best buddy....XP
    *devil look*

  26. @ Remya: We're too awesome. Let's face it,World :D

    @ Rohaan: Deeuuuddee. You come online, and then go in like 20mins :(
    Aw anyway, it was damn sweet of you to check on me.. Really appreciate it "yo". :P
    Bye,then. Talk and blabber to you tomorrow :D And HAH. Who knows? I might just bully you into telling me more stuff xD
    Okay, Okay. Bye! :)
    Take care!

    And you all are too cool.
    We have a home, Honour Blogger \m/

  27. @ Remya: who's ignoring you?
    *looks around*
    *looks at the mirror*


  28. @Nil:
    i dunno man..m sooo relieved aftr da whole damn episode darn relieved :))
    thnx chik..i owe you..a big one..
    cnt sleep, too excited..wana take a i think that i might freak ppl out by going 4 a walk at 1a.m. at night..;)
    cnt wait 4 skul...hope nuthin pisses me off dere..Kaaju sent me a registr..wantd to work on dat bt too restles...dese thots r a pest somethimes no..?

  29. @Retarded soul:
    laughs at the earlier comment

  30. cut out the fawning, it embaresses me xD You owe me to show me sums in Math class =D THAT I'm good with xD

    what register?? And yeah, im SO not sleepy :|
    Kal school ke liye pata nahi kaise uthungi.
    Hey, i'm thinking of escaping to the Medical room tomorrow :D
    what say?

  31. Okay, fuck, i need to go now. :|
    remya, my mom just said that she'll call you over tomorrow and make us go to sleep by her singing us a lullaby. You don't want that. :O
    I need to go :( Chat with you on phone,yeah? Sorry man, things have been rough with ma. So yeah :"|
    Bye then?
    :) Take carreee! Cya at school tomorrow.

  32. laughing at the thot of aunty singing me a lullaby to sleep..hey the way..i've written a nice lullaby song thing..if i remembr..i'll get it 4 u tom..:)

  33. well...i dnt wana go to da medical room..she gives me "loving looks"..yuck. went nd told her dat m her the "mallu" connect ws born..immediate bonding no..?
    nw she gives me da yucky creeps....drooling and stuff (long live regional bias in india:|)
    so no...cnt ditch any class.PLUSS..apparently five teachers went nd askd mom where i was today...JEEZ!!....cant evn gimme a break dey srsly think i'll ditch a class??...well...i might
    looking around
    bt dat can happn only when they stop sucking my blood...
    cant live wid dem...can definitely live widout them..
    night man..

  34. Hey everyone!
    @Remya: Wow, maybe you were right. You're DEFINITELY addicted to this blog. Better get to work on it, what with the exams coming up, and the rubbish date sheet.

    @Nl: Hi! started studying yet? I'd recommmend starting with science though....*knowing look* (only one holiday !!!!!)

    @Rohan: Best of luck with the China project. All we have is Global warming everywhere, and its all repetitive.

  35. @ Charu: Naah,I don't think she's addicted or anything ;) Think we all need some time off books! Lol, and Intrenet-O hail! So yeah:)
    Yeah,I've started studying :P Jokes apart, I have! Lol. what about you?

    @ Remya: LOL at the comments about the lullaby. And yeah, it was awesome. You knw that.and as far as teachers are concerned... Well..They'll all retire some day :D

  36. @Nil: You've started? Great!
    @Me: Get back to studying you time-waster! Seriously though, I haven't studied a thing yet :(

  37. Haha.. Na,I haven't started All THAT much, just a bit,you know :)
    Not much at all,Really :)

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. knock.knock.

  40. @ Remya: I'm there! =D
    OMG I'm here after SO long! 42 comments WITHOUT Me .
    I should cuddle up and die.

    @ Cherry: I was grounded all this while :| That Bitch has made sure everybody on Blogger knew the reason, so yea,won't repeat it for spice :| This was my First Saturday night party in 2 Weeks . Yeah baby,I'm serious alright. :(
    Anyway, LOVEEEDDD the pictures!! You preeeetty thinggg! and omg Remya,is so cute! =)
    Come online soon you guys. <3

  41. @Mrill:
    thank you!!
    heard the news...crap the quiz...ur too smart anyway.."PARANOID MOTHER"??
    wow've got real talent..;)
    dont remind me of parties..i ws jst watching this movie calld "She's too young"..depressd like mad....startd dislikng parties more...:|

  42. Mrinalini !!!!
    You're finally here! It was getting dull without you. I'm so glad you're here. Anyway, I got to go study, bye !

  43. @ Remya: Aw,haha :P Ro will be freaked after he ralizes people relate me and the word "Smart" together ;) And heeyy,Parties are good, you just need the right people to do it with! Oh you just wait! Let me set my foot on India again,we'll explore night life! ;)
    And hey,I called Cherr to tel her I'm coming online and she's not online yet. Wtf. And we spoke, hey are you okay? She said you ain't doing too awesome hey?

    @ Charu: Grins. Aw. Sweet of you:)



  45. Why, someone's feeling ditched!

  46. Aww, so now you've started talking in 3rd person with yourself?! Oh my poor poor brother :"(

  47. @Mrill:
    yup..well i've continuously been on bed since the past 26 ain't good..:|
    the paranoid mother of mine is freaked out by a 102 fever..soo iritating...she is NOT evn lettng me grab a paper and pencil..:((..god bless laptops
    @Nil: i dnt remembr u had once sed dat v cnt stay widout sum activity in our i realized u wer SO right about me..

    badly frustrated.
    she threatened to throw me out of the window if i dared to move a toe..
    been moving my toe since 4 hours(under the sheets) only revenge...:|
    gotta get bak to chiller..
    God bless guys :C

  48. Darn, I forgot you don't get complex sarcasm like talking thord person :( silly me.
    No baby sister,I meant You.
    Face it,Cherry has better things to do rather than talk about perumes and boyfriends.

    I just stung someone bad.

    Damn,Third person again. Sorry.
    I just stund YOU bad.

    I love you.

  49. @Rohan: dude, i dnt knoe who you're ur pissng me bad by overlapping my comments..:P
    and m a sick person..sick ppl shud be given preference and helped.

  50. @ Ro: Woah, I hear "complex sarcasm" from the boy who didn't know how to spell "SCIENCE" correct!
    Oops. I just stung someone.
    Oh wait, It's you baby!

    I love you too :)

    @ Remya: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How did you manage to fall all that ill girl? Like, wayy off my index! How? You seemed okay,like, 2 days back :|
    anyway, what's up? haha, laughing at the moving toes part :P
    Im leaving for my friend's in a bit, so telll me everything :P

  51. @ remya: You,woman,should be sleeping! get some rest yo.

    @ Mrill: hah, it's said that when someone has nothing to battle upon with on the field, they scream on dead people. That's what you're doing. You have nothing to say,so you're just ranting on with bullshit just so you have something to say.
    Go to Kyle's. Maybe she can give you nice come back lines :)

  52. The day I need to fetch come back-back lines for you , I'd kill myself :)

  53. hw i managed it?..i've got a real talent in that sense..XD
    nuthing's UP when ur in bed 4 more than 20 hours odr than da fact dat u hav da time to inspect ur bed so thoroughly that every pattern, scratch, texture of the mattress, da color of the sheets, and da position of the bed is memorized through and therough by ur grey cells....WOW...i cn literally do a PhD on it..laughing...
    oh nd i've heard "papparazzi" atleast 15 times by i gess dats news...oh nd i've got a project that i've gotta complete in a week...if i wanna pass, i need to complete it ..prodding Bongo (startd yet retard frnd?..
    wat ws ur quiz abt anyway dat we were deprived off ur funny nd holy presence till 42 comments???

  54. @Mrill: that day would be today xD

    @Remya: Wow, you're funny yo! hey but seriously, take my tip..The laptop screen aint the best thing for you now. Sleep is. I'm pretty flipped too yo. I'm working on something now,I need to get over Cherry's blog..!
    when do you plan to sign out? I'd be gone in about 10.

  55. @Rohan: don't you "You,woman,should be sleeping! get some rest yo." me..i've already got a bad headrush...!

    @ both u crazy siblings: will u listen to an ill frail li'l girl and give it up 4 sumtym?..i'll owe you one den...:P

  56. i plan to stay till my mom cums, knocks my door, gets irritated at no response, threatens me wid lines dripping wid sarcasm..den gets highly infuriated at my maniacal laughs...forces the door open, gapes at the laptop in my hands..emotionally blackmails me...and then finally yanks it off my hands and makes me cry....long process..shudnt be taking more than 15 minutes..;)

  57. @ Ro: get a towel sweetheart,cause it aiont today-- not till I live anyway .
    Sigh. Have I told you not SO many times that you should get over your habit of presumptions... It'll lead you nowhere.. No career,no women,no home,nothing at all.


    @ Remya: dude your jokes crack me up!! Hey but i really hope you get okay, yeah? Like,my geek brother said; i agree that you need some blankets and dreams to get over the stupid fever you're on with,yeah? I'm running to my friend's now. I'll catch you soon.
    You better take care!
    -We rock-
    Mrill :)

    @ Cherry: I miss you,obviously you don't :( oh I'll plunch in ALL my agony tomorrow when I call >:(

  58. @Mril: bye chik, hav fun "yo"...(Rohan's havng an impact)

    dats reminds me...becuz of u.
    all becuz of u.
    me dear li'l frnd's msgs feature a "yo" in the end.*furious look*

  59. @ Renya: Umm, okay. :S whatever you wish yo. But you need sleep. Period.
    And hey,what time is it there anyway?

    @ Mrill: haha,the towels are all screwed cause of the facemask you wipe them on xD
    Green,Goo-yee,weird,sticky face masks xD
    sometimes it seems like it aint a mask at all, it's just your face melting. xP
    Hey wait... thinkin
    am i right?

  60. BWAHAHA at the last comment ;)..
    gimme some tips..i HAVE to hav some tips on reply-backs!!
    @Rohan: 12:55a.m sunday...hw cum ur nt in skul???

  61. And hey, seriously, it's like 1:00am there.
    You guys should be fast asleep yo ?!

  62. so??
    oh..crap..yea..jst remembrd..u guys dnt hav skul on saturdays..lucky bastards..:|
    m shifting to New York ;P

  63. wow man..u seem to be hell-bent on havng me outta here..:|
    m going..*gives a loong look*

  64. It's not like we never have schools on Saturdays. We do,at times. New York aint good, every outsider thinks so. It's not,trust me yo. But then again..If you do, do let us know! We'll be with in the Airport with Mrill's welcom banner xD

    Hey,i gotta go now, you're still gonna be online?

  65. Like, as in, how long are you going to be online?

  66. Hahahah.. wow, okay :P I didn't know it'd be so easy.. ;)
    Gnite Remya, I'll catch you soon.. That is, if you still want to talk to such a stubborn soul :P Haha
    Nite. And yeah,take care yo.

  67. laughing at the "welcome banner"...i'd love that!
    bye man..take care..

  68. We're on then.. ;P

    Peace ... [Sure,with Mrill at home. I can only dream of World Peace]

    Catch you yo..

  69. @no one in particular: mind entertaining me?

  70. Save water drive.. Thats a good one.. Nice pictures.

    Work from home India


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