Thursday, November 12, 2009


Absolutely random & very short post-- On photographs.

I shut the laptop off, deciding it was time to sleep, but then I remembered this picture I edited today, which was clicked by my friend Remya. And then this whole thing of how important photographs are in few of our lives. Yes, I know, I am a hop thinker :P

But no, on a serious note.. Come to think of it, don't photographs hold really important places in our lives? Don't they act like memoirs which you want to hold on to? In my case, they surely do..

I mean, the amount of photographs I have of everybody important to me... And if they ever got lost.. I'd... live! .. But, nevertheless, I'd regret it like hell.

I might not click pictures alot, but they do have a significant amount of space in my room [ :P ], and my heart.

There are these photographs of my Mukhe Bhaat [It's this Bengali tradition where a baby is fed rice for the first time ever by her parents] and, my first birthday, my brothers in sarees :P, andd.. my 13Teenth birthday, random snaps from here and there.. Ccd,Parks,Jantar Mantar [!!] and vacation pictures.. No matter how silly they may be, but indeed, they're great memories that I'd never want to part with, which remind me of good times..

So, let me know what you guys feel about pictures: )

Spillll !

P.S-- The photograph that I've put up is random and pointless, for the fun of it ;) Remya clicked & edited.. I edited a lil further ;)


  1. Hey Cherr,
    finally decided to get a bit mre regular on your blog than your readers huh? :P Anyway,
    Liked your post : ) I wouldn't get all teary about it, cause I don't want you to get ideas I'm gay. Haha :P But I do agree with you that photographs do help us to hold on to memories which we'd never want to drift apart from.
    Wow, that sounded gay enough :|
    Laughs yo :D

    Very nice picture by the way. Kudos to Remya for clicking it, and you for your further edits - and how pretty you look.

  2. Hey bro,
    Haha, yeah, decided to be online, I was to be sleeping, but like I mentioned.. I just felt like writing something and adding the picture :P Lol, Naah, you don't sound gay! Ofcourse not!!

    You sound Super Gayy
    :D HahaHAHAHAHAH. Okaayyy. Sorry!
    Yepp, I wouldn't want to part with the photograohs I have..
    I just hate it that the world of cameras have become so digital now.. there's a different charm to hard copies.. Don't you think Ro?

    And Thanks :) From Remya and my side for the compliment.

  3. Yeah.. The Digital thing can be annoying. But then hay, look, just the way you put that picture on your blog, that's how it helps, right? But agree yo, that hard copies have a different rule to'em ;D
    Most welcome : )

    What time is it there?
    Why are you not asleep?

  4. nil-0-weirdo, i'm here...i'll thank him myself...:D...nice of u to go overboard with the constant mentioning that i clickd da pic..:D..*hi5!*..the ever egoistical personality in me gets a high :DD...

    @rohan: thanks wats wrong wid saying dat "photographs do help us to hold on to memories which we'd never want to drift apart from." gay dude..damn skippy i wud say...

    PS: chik...where d'ya get da entire black bakgrnd frm?...i tried doing it on result :|

  5. and yess...i've seen birds hopping btw...;P...i love ur new blog bgcolor...nice..

  6. @ Remya : Hayy there babe. Yeah, I like to go overboard at times : P
    You should be knowing that xD
    Aaaaaand, about the Blogger Template- Thanks : )
    You can click on this bar of "Pyzam" a website.. on top of the template..
    You'l get it there : )

    You online now ?

    @ Ro: hey, I'm SO sorry I didn;t reply yesterday.. I fell asleep :|
    It was pretty late then, maybe 1:30/2:00am. So yeaa. Sorryy bro..
    Hey, come online : )


  7. Hi baby, online?
    I agree with Rohaan, [xO] a very nice post :) and yeaaaa, like, I'd DIE without photographs! I mean, yeah kay I'm not really the photo-online kid, but omg, I HAVEE to show you this scrapdiary I have. It's something I'm SO proud of *_* Like, more proud than my Jimmy Choos. xP
    Huge, right?


    P.S-- I love you and Remya. God! You guys are like, The Ashley sisters! I lovvee the pictureeeeee!

  8. MRIIILLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! You're onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! HIIIIIIIIII!
    Awww. Thanks, OU agree with Ro? :O
    Omg. There, the heaven cries xP
    Yesss, I want to see your scrap diary : )
    So cute. Omg, moreee than your Jimmy Choos? :00
    I'm on my flight, already :P
    That's so huge!

    Hahaha.. Thanks : )
    Remya and i are just random freaks who do everything in school apart from studies :P And the crazyness is continued at our meetups outta school ;)

  9. Awww. Man, I'd love to have such a cool friend-turned awesome crazy partner type of a friend! :(
    I mean, yeee, My friend's can be waay dramatic, but we're all SO busy after school, with our after school stuff; we dont get the clock on our side except on Tuesdays,Wednesdays and Weekends:(

    I wanna come to India ! we three should totally meet up and have a girl's day/night out! =D

  10. We totaly should! =]
    It'll be awesome fun! Dude. Just get your dad to say Yes to India in december.. Rest, I'll handle :D

    Anyway babe, I need to run. You take care of your flu :(
    I miss you!

  11. Jimmy just texted :) He's coming over during his Lunch. I love that fucking bastard of mine :)
    You go, and be online soon : )
    Im signing out too, I want sleep--and then look all hot when he comes xP HAHA. Byee sugar,

    Oh and hey, I LOVE the new blog layout.

  12. @Mrilllllllll: thank ASHLEY SISTERS??? owie...anyways..i bettr nt be da eating disorder one...; lets hang out sometime..dats all Nil keeps on toking abt forver!!!..every type of possibility,likelihood and chance of keeping a get-togethr she has discussd wid me already...:|//umm okay i might be lying a tad bit now...maybe not dat much bt yea...she has discussd once i think *_*...
    @ Nil:...u bitch. i DO study.atleast TRY to amidst ur constant yawning, sudden burst of laughter, weird signs and signals and OUR random and unpredictable mood swings and random thots...SO YOU SHUT UP :P
    and by the way...bitch to you're ditching me tom na...no1z cuming so i've to sit thru all da classes of chem,bio,maths,frnch etc..etc..alone..bear wid librarian's gibberish..and the only highlight of the day is JULIUS CAESAR!!!
    m thinking of playing Antony as well as Brutus...she'll let me :D...i knoe it :DDD
    ur missing out ur speech gal (BOO!)..thats ur paybak 4 ditching me:<<<
    # laughing wid "devilish anticipation" #

    PS: gitasri nd sangeeta ma'am bitchd abt me to mom...crapped up ryt nw :((

  13. Heyy there sexy! Yeah, boy that was a little tad bit teeny weeeeny of an exageration.. But I guess we're both doing Post Grad on that, so Cheers! xD
    HAHA. Sorry man, dad was mega paranoid about the whole Delhi tension scene.. So he trapped himself into the bubble of how his daughter is so awesome, and shouldn't die. xD
    Btw, just to make you happy, I didn't play around in Disneyland all day today,you know. I studied from 9:30am to 3:00pm. Bang!
    school's better, we have RECESS and the occasional periods with the dumb teachers who buy it when we tell them we should read the newspaper for understanding advertisements.. [Freennnchh :* ]

    LOL. Aw, dude, Chem is still okayy. We love Anuradha babe \m/

    But Bio..And MATH.. I'm so sorry :'/ We'll have double the fun in the Rally on Sunday, yeah?!

  14. You have teachers who buy that ?
    Wow, Cherry. I suggest you come here and study. :|

    Heyy, what're all these shopping spree pink girly plans you guy are upto? I thought you were gonna show me around to sensible places? Yeah. I'm not admitting I feel ignored :|
    LOL. Kidding okay!
    Whatsup? I'm doin Lit. Got a quiz today.. Last day of the week, and that's how teachers kiss us Weekend :}

    @ Remya: Thanks, lol :P

  15. @Nil: shuddup...da anuradhaz not a babe k....she was a gdmn bitch today...she'd got a bad mood...nd i thot bunkng assembley ws a good idea...took refugee in da lib...turnd out she'd takn an extra class during assembly time...scolded me dead out..then tuk it all out in her period...and i swera dude..Atreyi has startd to disgust me...becuz of her i got scolded bad...she ws giggling away...nd u knoe basically most of it ws fault bt i didnt want to point dat out thinking dat atreyi had already got enuf dose...(bad decision...)..
    odrwise/./.SEXYYYY DAY!!!!!!
    loved the weather nice and cold!!!!!!!!!1

    @Rohan: yuck. did u just mention "pink", "shopping spree","girly" and "me" together,.....??????
    don't ever make that mistake man...N-uh...never..

    @Nil agn:i hafta go to buy da shoes 4 da rally...vanya ws gushing dat Ranbir Kapoor nd Kat r cuming 4 it...yuck...dislike both of dem...

  16. @Nil: u do that in french?????????
    oh well..i cant...she seems to be in love wid me...calld me up nd made me speak on french culture in frnt of the ninth class...i braggd on from watever i had seen in TV5...sheer luck man...mixed a lot of French revolution shit (startd from there actually...god thank Gitasri for her ranting)...den went on to present economic situation,,and then ranted on abt places, food, perfume and Vanessa Paradis and Depp...impressd her like fuck...she startd saying wat a dedicated kid i ws....i jumpd arnd some more..tokng shit nd enmcouraging her "Remya being the next-female-french-einstein-cum-torch-bearer" theory.....finally excused myself...i think i've secured da top five position in french for the next term..;DDD

  17. Hey everyone !

    @Rohan: "I'm not admitting I feel ignored :|" Join the club.

    Yes, we DO have teachers who buy that.

    @Nil: Man, I admire your dedication. Studying from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.? I don't even do that in exam time !

    I definitely think photographs are very important, especially the "silly" ones. They kinda catch all the little things which one really wants ( or does not want! ) to remember. After all "Happiness comes from enjoying the small daily things of life". I love taking photos too! My favourites are trick photography, landscapes and weddings.

    @Remya: Glad that you're enjoying Julius Caesar ! At least you have a chance of playing Antony/Brutus. In our class, girls play girls, boys play boys; when will people accept that art is not biased by gender ?

  18. u have to assert da fact to get it my class nil nd i screamed ourselves hoarse dat girls shud also get 2 play male lead...dats wen she gave p da gender bias thingie...get ritu sharma to giv up too....i knoe there r so many uninspired girls in ur class nd most of them r my good yea...u shud make dem all speak for the class nd u'll get where we r...!:D

  19. @ Ro: Haha, LOL. Yeah, having dumb teachers if fun okay :P And what the fuck are you doing online at.. 5:30am or whatever??????
    Dude. GET some SLEEP. Oh and dont feel left out, I'll take you to AL the sensibke places yo [your style!].. I need to run for now.. Bye! hey and good luck for yoyr test.

    @ Remya: Heyy hey. Okay, never mind man.. shit happens! But i'm glad you had an awesome day. Get new shoes :D they make you wanna walk more =D Andd. Vanya, well. No comments xP
    I have to go now man. Catch you later. Bye! I'll call you.

  20. @ Cherr: Thanks for such a late reply, I'm pretty grogy already yo.
    Man, I haven't studied Shit for the quiz.. So I'm on it now. Loggin off then.. catch you l ater then. Thanks dor the luck yo.

    @ Remya: Er. Apologies :P

  21. @Rohan: Best of luck for the quiz man.

    @Remya: Well we can't use that now, we've already finished the play in school! But I'll definitely remember the advice for next time. Thanks ! (am going to practise commanding harder in NCC, so I'm ready when the time comes to shout :)

  22. @ Remya: Right on!!! I mean, Charu, look at the both of us, who'd say we're 15year old girls? Okay, correction-- everybody will :|
    But the point is, we've learnt to use ur vocal chords to our full potential! [Thanks to Virendra Paul] xD LMAO!!

    @Charu: HII HII HII! :D Good to see you on my blog today, sorry couldn't reply earlier. Didnt notice your comment, was busy entertaining Rohaan on phone :P
    HAHA. Yeeaa, I know you love photography too, well keep it up! And remember , SCREAM! =D

    @ Ro: Next time you call me asshole, I'll shower some French slangs on you too. xD You're still my bro yo :PP

    @Mirll: Come online.

    Cheers to you all!

    i, my friend, do NOT owe my vocal chords to my classic retarded case teacher Virendra Paul anything...they are solely inherited from my darling mother and are exercised on her too...
    da bastard Madhav jst wrote "short" for me on fb..hez so screwed..m giving him missd calls since da last 5 minutes..den da poor guy tries callng bak nd i cut it off...i think i'm successfully ruining his chances of having a "
    good night's" sleep...:$
    *evil smile*

    @Charu: cool..practice makes a "woman" perfect (long live feminist movements :DD)

    @Rohan: ur showing every sign of making a model Indian student by studying da morning before the quiz :D..u beat me here..i study the night before :|...way to go!
    :D..learn from the experience of shameless boneheads like bongs nd me :D
    hi5 to Jana Bhattachrya :P

  24. @ Cherry: Dude, What the hogan's point is it to friggin shower me with slangs that I don't even Get ? And hey, next time I call you is ONLY when my mom or Mrill are on the other line, I'm not doing that mistake again. :|
    You creep me woman.

    @ Remya: Long Trembling Laugh

    Long Tremling Laugh again

    I do anything BUT set up a model Indian student yo. The whole point of studying in the mornin was cause I hadn't read a friggin word the whole day before that yo.
    The quiz was ragshit. I'm moulding my agony a bit more by searching bullshit on Google at 2:30am on a Saturday morning. Drinking weed spray and dying would be better.

  25. You got it right in the "drinking Weed spray and dying would be better" part =D
    Sup biatch? :* No partying with your comp geek gay buddies?

  26. Why no, I'm not partying darling sis, I never do.
    But oh my poor god, how come You're not?
    Oh damn, Jim got to know you eat Spegatti and Macaroni with Mustard? :O Oops. Now you don't have any of your super dumb pink chicks to party with! :' (

  27. Ass, atleast I'm not the one who drools while watching Star Trel, now do I? OR go into a trance after watching the 'Lovestory' everytime as if Eric Segal had written it for you, ON you.

    whatever. I'm going to sleep, I don't want to flaunt my time on you. See you not in the morning for breakfast. Don't ruin my day so early baby brother.

    P.S- It's your turn to get the store supplies this weekend. Enjoy :*


    @ Cherrr: ONLLINNNEEEE.
    @ Remya: Hi :)

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. You've to have enough depth/ BRAINS in you to understand books or movies like that, So I'm not even going to bother arguing with oyu who's so stuck up with bullshit like Jenny Carrol.

    Goodnight bratt,and I'll make sure I kiss you Good morning tomorrow.

  30. @Nil: i missd u :P..please show ur happy pup face in da rally tomorow sweetheart or m screwing u bad...

    @Rohan and Mril: :DDD..u make me miss my sistr..:(..and lemme tell one cn ever make me miss MY sistr...

    @Rohan: dont worry, i love Erich Siegal's love story too...thnx to Bongo,,she convinced dat it wasnt one of those shitty "everything's happy nd gay" stories...
    bt..Star Trek? knowledge is negligible on sci-fi stuff...

    @Mril: hiiiii :))))

  31. @ Ro & Mrill: ONLLINNEEE :P
    Hey you guys need to friggin MISSED CALL ME when you guys're being nasty on blogger! I hate missing the fun :P
    Okay, I'm not that great of a friend, agreed xD
    I love you both, come onlinee.

    @ Remya: YO! The Rally was so aweesome man! Chick, upload the pictures on Facebook ASAP.. I have a post ready for the Rally =D
    And I have certain Awesome quotes to go with..Courtsey- Us xD

  32. Hey yo, Cherr. There?

    @Remya: Haha, I'd take that as a score then :P

  33. Ro! Yo! =P
    what's up man? What're you upto?

  34. Nothin yo. Just upto my laptop and misc music :|
    Not the most partying jobs anyway :||
    How was whatever Rally you guys were ranting yo? Sounds fun eh.. What was it on? You musta acted like Tha Woman all along yo xD

  35. Haha:P
    Yea the Rally was awesome fun. Like, 8000 schools all of Delhi! It's not even funny.
    Haha,my whole group of girlfriends were Tha Women! But the kind of gifted vocal chords Remya and I are blessed with... Even the marching birds 100kms away coulda heard us \m/.
    we're just awesome =P
    You must be knowing my blogger friend+School buddy Charu.. She was on with us on spirit too!

    Will put the pictures up on my blog soon..

  36. Sounds kicker yo, Cheers to you ladies! :) Can almost imagine you guys rockin your way down the roads with banners and frills yo- although I dunno how Charu looks, but guessing she's like you lot,too : )
    Awesome man.
    Waiting for the pictures. Put'em up now, why don't you man?

  37. Hahahaha..Right on man. Right on. We were all hyped with all the energy and enthu you can borrow from Sumos! :P

    And about the pictures....Remya's got all of them,and she's sleeping. Plus, her internet aint working :/
    So yeaa. You'll have to wait : P

  38. Aw shucks. Why doncha crash into her's and pick'em up from her comp yo?

  39. Cause she doesn't live next door like Cart does to you yo

  40. Woah, Someone's getting nasty :P

  41. I'm just pissed . I want to put up the pictureeees! They were so awesome, and I'm so psyched by the whole experience Ro!

  42. Haha.. Cool yo. I get the whole psyched out zonked feeling you're getting. Happened to me too, after my first illegal Rally.
    And I'm not talking anymore anymore about it, No.

    Anyway, put up the pictures Asap!

  43. HIIIIIIIIIIIIII Mrill! whatsup?!

  44. Rise and shine Princess.. :|

    About time you got up.

  45. @ Cherry: Nothing man, just got up. Partied HARRDD last night! Awesome fuck man. Was out skating. Omg. Fun. Fun. Fun! I miss you! :(

    @ Rohan: I'd like some coffee and sliced apples for breakfast.

  46. I'd like you to get your butt up and fetch whatever you drool on from the Kitchen .

  47. @ Mrill: Skating? oh how coool! =)
    Man, I miss skating :(
    and yeah, I miss you too!

    @Rohaan: Haha, you guys... :P

  48. @ Cherr: aw:( Commee hereee. We'll skate our cheeks out! ~

    @ Annoying brother: I don't care what you'd like.

  49. And WHO gave you the idea that I care about what you'd like?Brad Pitt? He needs to soon realize you'd never make it to hollywood.
    But wait, on third thoughts, we Need Drama queens .. So, you might consider it actually. :)

  50. Aww. Dammnn, I forgot how sensetive and scratchy you get when you remember Brad.. It's so not easy being dumped.

    @ Cherry: THERE?! :((


    YEAH! I AM there!
    You darn bet I'm there! :P

    Sorry guys, i'm a little caught up with French for now, and I have to sign out :(
    I'd better catch you guys online soon, yeah? :)

    Miss you twoooo!

  52. @ Trying-hard-to-be-funny-sister : I'm so humoured, god I don't think I'll see day light again :|

    @ Cherry: You're going to be on the toppers of India this time yo, the way you're hugged with textbooks :P Okay then, yeah catch you soon. I'm here on your blog all the time anyway : P
    Bye! and you take care sis.

  53. Toppers? Nuh-uh. I don't tink so :S
    See ye around!

  54. UUUgggghh. Cheerrrr! :'(

    Okay, I'm calling you now. I need to talk to you about something.
    *secret look*
    : P

    Love you

    Miss you more!

  55. @Nil: m puttng it up stoopid..go take 'em 4m gimme sum time tho...i need to edit dem...

    @Mril : secret????

    @Rohan: Brad Pitt dumped you. wow. that's news.:P

    @Nil agn: sweetheart, stop sending me shitty msgs like "pattar, pattar, pattar.." m not at all humored. No.
    I just laughed manically.paused.looked cross. Mom observed. shook her head. muttered sumthing abt her can't believing i was her daughter..:|
    now, what can we do with oversmart mothers...;/

    okie...i gotta edit...ciao...

    @everyone: i missed out for a day and 56 comments already???
    nil'll be getting a kick out of all da attention....

  56. i put da pix up :)

  57. @Remya: pattar, pattar, pattar.." ?

    Okay, I'm done.
    On the plus side, no adults around me to stare :)

    Thanks for putting up the pics.

  58. bbbbbboooonnnnnggggggzzzz......m such a shithead!!!!!!!!!!
    i feel soooo fucking embatrrassd man!!!!!!!!!1
    get out of ur tutionzzzzzz pleasseeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  59. @ Remya: LOL! how do you manage these kind of retard attacks?! :P
    And GOOODDDDD!! Im so suure ur pink with embarssmnt.. :P
    Its okay man. Its okay. :/
    Err.. yeah I guess it is.. ?
    Thanks for the pictures. I m on my way for the next post :)

    @ Charu: LOL :P

  60. I think we owe bigtime to the person who invented Camera.. Seriously photographs make good memoirs..look at an old one and it just takes you back in time

    Work from home India


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