Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A final me and you.

It was just one perfect day I'd asked for
too much for you to give I guess.
Just one perfect perfect twilight
too much for me to ask,
maybe something less.

Sorry, won't bother you again
won't repeat my mistake.
Will try my best not to dream of you again,
I won't sleep. I'll stay awake.

You can live all you want
I really won't interfare then.
You can forget I exist
like what they always do . .
The easier way out.

The easier way out,
the one you said you'll never choose
The easier way out,
where there was guilt, but no bruise.

I believed you when,
you said you weren't a coward .
I believed you then,
when you said "I love you".

It was obviouusly,
too good to be true.
I mean , look at it all today,
when we are all through . .

A final goodbye to you my dear
A final tear
A final kiss
A final me and you.


Something I wrote recently.
NOTHING to do with anything real. Just an imaginary poem.