Saturday, August 22, 2009

Screw you.

Why are we all so boneded and tied to this society around us?
every step we take is so measured, everywhere we look is so careful, every word that comes out has been filtered in the mind thrice...... I'm sorry guys, but I'm just really pissed off.
I don't get it anymore-- I tried my best. And I conclude that I can't get it.

Every one is so concerned about everything happening around them. Everybody is in a persuite to fit in. No matter how many times I tried to figure out why, I just got one answer -- Insecurity.

Why is everyone so insecure? Do they think they'll be 70yrs old and not have anyone to hold on too? Can't they get it that if we keep being so careful about each breath we let out, everything is just gonna look like a perfectly sewn life-- when it'll be horribly Not Perfect.

I'm in class 10th. I am an exteremly chilled out person, emotional- yes. But practical and rational. I hope.

I trust myself, I know I can do well.
But do any of those lines above help if every day I'm reminded of the competetion outside? does it not crample up my confidence? Does it help further to give me the look that says "You have to do better" when someone hears about one of my freak sisters getting a 93% in boards?

Maybe I'm just really frustrated right now, and hence I am writing such a post..... But it's not just about Boards, or education guys. Look around you.
Look at 3 people around you in a market. Do any of them have the gutts to open their t-shirts and dance around publicly? No. And I am not saying that just because people don't do that means they don't have gutss, Nu-uh.
What I mean to say is, ever thought about Why they wouldn't do something like that?
Is it because they don't feel like doing it?
Or is it because they're too scared about what the people around them would say?

The answer is Unmistakably the 2nd one. Sadly,too.

If you disagree with me, I'b be happiest. But that sad truth is, out of a population of say- 100,
99 want to to what the beaten track teaches them.
They're all scared cause in our "so-called-society" , people who choose to be/act different, are called "Mad Men".

Yes, that's the name our society has given to unique poeple.
I've been through it, and hell I can bet, each and every one of you-- if any day you guys did something different, even when you thought no one was looking, 5 people must have thought "what? is he mad?"

I'm sorry for such a deppressing post friends,
but it's just something that has been building in me since a long time.

Now, the only answer I see -- when the "society" says anything to me is

"Screw you."

Second me ?

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vande Mataram

"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." --Mark Twain

India, a very prolific country. I've been living here since 15 years. Pretty much through out my life till now. This country reminds me of a lot of things. One of the biggest being, Myself.
I would have never stood where I stand today, had I not been born on this country. I would never know colours, in their true sense, if not for india. I would have never known the cows-- The Gae Maata! In the literal way! I would have never felt the fun, of flying kites on 15th August. I would have never got goose bumbs while watching the Republic Day Parade.

I would have never learned that feeling of pride when I see our "Tiranga" flying high in the air..

I would have never known myself, if not for my country..

Please hold hands with me, friends. Let's make a difference. I think the time has come. Indeed. We need to start our movement.
And by "Our" movements, you'll know what I mean,once you read the peom below that i wrote..
Be my human chain guys..


My Human Chain With You.
I have roaring dreams,
dreams that make me twist and turn at night.
Dreams that make me restless,
dreams that make me think,
when the rest of the world sleeps.

But... That silent music of introvertism,
kept the roaring dreams,
tightly shut in a box.

You know why?
Because my dreams demanded change,
My dreams demanded me to rise,
My dreams kept pushing me towards extrovertism,
My dreams kept pleading,
Crying i'm the last hope..

But today,dawn has cracked,
Not on Earth . . . Yet,
But in my heart.

I've found the key,
to that little box,'
where my dreams and thoughts were captives . .

I scream out today,
and hear me well, friends!

A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to start dreaming.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to forget race,caste,and creed.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to work.
Work; towards a birghter India,
a brighter future.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to not join hands with "Brain Drain".
But my friends,
A change we need now,
This very second;
Is for you all to get a vision,
Not just sight.

A vision that enables you,
To be grateful to this land,
This land; of our father's sweat.

A vision that teaches,
You to propogate,
Not dominate.

A vision that makes you,
A born leader,
to lead India to change, to rise to the top.

A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to join hands with me,
And make the longest Human Chain.
A human chain that symbolizes,
to even the stars up above the zenith, the heaven,
The change that you're a part of,
The change you made,
The change for good,
A changed paradise called India. . .


Vande mataram!

Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had a nice day.
Well, yea, I did. It's one of those very normal days, but just certain comments make them the best:) So today, I really want to thank ALL those people who knit my life with me, and made it sooo freakin speacial! Even my blogger friends, cause they've been there too, cyberly hi sahi ;D

It's crazy how the past year just went by. I mean, look at it! Durga pooja's in a month!! And how slumped in anguish we were, last year thinking that we had a whole year to pass now..Ofcourse, in a year, too many things have changed. Friends, school,studies,family and I for one have really changed. And honestly, I have no regrets about it. True friends stuck around, fake one's left. Which suits me fine, actually.

Recalling the kind of tomboy I was a year back ( I still am! And proud of it) But some things had to change, and they did for the greater good.

It's August already. God. I was working my ahem off last year at this time for Zonals.. This year too, I will be playing. The only difference is that I'm not going for coaching, and rather will be given VIP treatment to just step into the court and play for 40mins ;)
I know the fact that I'm not prcaticing will effect my perfomance. ALOT> but that's the way it has to be this year, And i have to live with it.

I have moulded myself into a different person, and you guys have helped me. God! Just a year, and it feels like a decade! I've learnt so many things, and tried to make myself better . As a person and as a worker,too .
I've found new goals, and new sides of myself... Sides that were hidden are now out, and I think I'm amazed at how many sides came out.. Not in the bad way!

I've realized people's importance in my life, speacialy certain people who were there. No matter what. They acted like my stick through life, and I could never pay off what they did for me.

I'd like to thank Him-- up above, and Him-- down, here with me.
I love you. Always will.

I want to thank ALL my friends, you all are the best . Simply the best. And for those who lost contact, i hope the very best for you all. And for those who didn't want to keep in touch, well, I hope you guys get along life well.
No hard feelings... :P

I'm walkin with my old friends, picking up all my new friends.. and waiting for the ones to come :)

I'm walking with almost everything I had, maybe leaving bits for the best... and I have miles to go...

Take care every body, and don't regret life, no matter what.
When they say "Make the best out of now!" they say it right.
Some people learn it the hard way, and some people are just smart like me ! ;)

Be smart :D
Actually, hard way's also fine :P

I love you all :)

and you all Rock. Just keep smiling!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ways to live life forever

I've been ill from the past few days. It's been very boring, and hardly anybody was home. Studying was not an option-- for the simple reason that I didn't want to, and going out wasen't one aswell-- cause my mum would have disowned me:)

so I've been doing alot of reading lately... Finished quite few books.. The last one was called "Ways to live forever" by Sally Nicholls.
It's about a book that a kid writes who has lukeamia.

I cried, I laughed, I frowned, I ridiculed, I scowled, I made every possible expression while reading that book. . Because the ridiculously beautiful way it has been written really shook me up.
I thought it was pretty kidish, at first. . but then the way the author has explained how the Kid {Sam} aquires and lives certain wishes that he only dreamt of doing, but never thought of it as "do-able" with the help of his friend {Felix} is amazing. . It's funny how visualy dynamic the book was, because I could see everything, right infront of my eyes.

I realized once again, that all these worries we take of not being able to study hard anough/ fidgiting over what to do over the next 90 minutes so it's *utilized* well/ how to act infront of the guests coming home/ how to get the XYZ scholarship are trivial issues at the end of the day if all you care about is being happy after all.
Even if you're dying.

Sure enough, all of that is very important, I couldn't agree more that a future/money/job/home/etc everything is important... But... what I think is... I think I'm an okay human being, i don't like being mean, and I don't like being a bitch to anyone .

I trust myself enough that w/o unfair ways, and with my hardwork, I'll reach the top...
But that'll never stop me, from sitting on an apple tree during a power cut, and feel like I'm in space.


Read the book guys :)