Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ways to live life forever

I've been ill from the past few days. It's been very boring, and hardly anybody was home. Studying was not an option-- for the simple reason that I didn't want to, and going out wasen't one aswell-- cause my mum would have disowned me:)

so I've been doing alot of reading lately... Finished quite few books.. The last one was called "Ways to live forever" by Sally Nicholls.
It's about a book that a kid writes who has lukeamia.

I cried, I laughed, I frowned, I ridiculed, I scowled, I made every possible expression while reading that book. . Because the ridiculously beautiful way it has been written really shook me up.
I thought it was pretty kidish, at first. . but then the way the author has explained how the Kid {Sam} aquires and lives certain wishes that he only dreamt of doing, but never thought of it as "do-able" with the help of his friend {Felix} is amazing. . It's funny how visualy dynamic the book was, because I could see everything, right infront of my eyes.

I realized once again, that all these worries we take of not being able to study hard anough/ fidgiting over what to do over the next 90 minutes so it's *utilized* well/ how to act infront of the guests coming home/ how to get the XYZ scholarship are trivial issues at the end of the day if all you care about is being happy after all.
Even if you're dying.

Sure enough, all of that is very important, I couldn't agree more that a future/money/job/home/etc everything is important... But... what I think is... I think I'm an okay human being, i don't like being mean, and I don't like being a bitch to anyone .

I trust myself enough that w/o unfair ways, and with my hardwork, I'll reach the top...
But that'll never stop me, from sitting on an apple tree during a power cut, and feel like I'm in space.


Read the book guys :)



  1. I want the book.
    Come over and give it to me. I'll give you sandwiches and tea! ;)

  2. Aww, I know that one.
    I loved it too. It made me cry. Jimmy gifted it to me:)

    I want to meet you.
    dad's being mean ://
    And I go back to U.S like, in a month :(
    Save meee.

  3. Oh, and I miss you!
    And I love you:)

    P.S--> Can you ask uncle to drop you at my place, sometime soon?
    because mum was saying we could have a slumber....
    aaanndd.. I'm pretty sure she doesn't know what we mean by Slumber :D

    Oh pleasssee.
    *puppy looks*



  4. @ Dishari: Yep, sure i will.
    Sandwiches? *Those* one's?
    Like, the one's that drag me to your place drooling?!!

  5. @ Mril: Mriilllllll!! ZOMG! You're in my blog. Omg. Omg. Omgggg.
    You remembered!
    I love youuuu!

    I know right?! The boook.. I loved it man.

    I want to meet you too!
    Dad's can be mean. But Purushottam uncle is the best! He can't be mean!
    I'll save you:)
    I'm not too well myself.
    So, as soon as I get okay, yea, I shall ask my dad to drop me at ur place. Yeah?
    OoooH. Slumber.
    *evil grin*

    I miss you tooo!!

    BE BACK ON MY BLIG SOOOOON! Like, really soon!

  6. Soon?
    Well, I'm back :D
    Haha, yes, I'm so bored. i have youtube opened,your blog,glogster-- all three opened in tabs. Yes.
    I'm THAT bored.

    I'm going out for dinner tonight.
    Ooh, Rohaan and I went bowling. So Blue-O.
    Okayish place-- But we had fun :)
    Rohaan SUCKS at bowling; take my word for it cherry.
    He does, he does.
    He'll just deny it anyway :P
    He's throwing stuff at me now.

    Cause I NEED to meet you!

    And yes, Your darling Purushottam uncle can be a devil, Ask me :(

    YOU come. Please.
    Slumber. Please :D


  7. What? Are you like, living IN my blog?! Haha, good for me :P

    We're ALL bored love. We all are.
    Oye! I habe Youtube,Facebook AND blogger opened in three tabs =)
    Yay, you're not alone!

    Dinner? Nice:)
    Eat you thin freak! Get over size 0 for christ sake!!

    OMG! You remember that "Rohaan" and "Cherry" joke!
    Even I forgot!

    Well, Rohaan sucks at everything! :P
    Give him a hi from my side, and tell him he Can't throw stuff at me xD

    I love your dad,
    now shut up.

    I will be okay soon.
    hopefuly :ll
    Like shit!

    I WANT the slumber more than you! I wanna play *pots* again. HahahaHAHAHAHAh!! Lol. LMAO!

  8. Whyyy does it take yeh hourz to reply me? Specially when i'm SO bored, and running around the place looking for food =)

    I'm NOT a zize 0.
    you make me blush,baby.

    Okay okay. Slumber will happen :)
    I called mum up just now.
    She's all "Get Tithi over todayy!" and I'm like "it's Cherry mom!!!" and she's lie "Oh your girls, grow up!".


    I miss those days! so we need to get'em back!

    Waiitttiiinngg for your call!
    Love you Cherry <3

  9. Okay.. So I replied after few hours again.. :P
    WELL I'm NOT allowed net 24/7 unlike *certain people*.

    Mrill.. That's called
    "BEING A MOM" :P

    Yep, I shall call:)
    I have good news,too :DD
    Ly2 :)

  10. Since when did kids like you start blogging ? :O

    Haha, nyways. Mrill told me about yr blog.. Not bad lil cherry :)

    Okay, and cud yu both CUT callin me "Rohaan". It sounds gay.

  11. It sounds gay cause you ARE gay, baby brother!!!!
    cooocchhiieee cooooo!! <3

    don't stick out a pinky at me there :P

  12. Okay, so it's confirmed. Mrill, you sit on my blog 24/7.

    You. Here. In my blog.
    Kids like me started blogging when fartfaces like you started farting-- WHICH is like, since forever :)
    I don't care if you call me Cherry >:P I like the name. Hah!

    @ Mrill : *Hi5* ! :D

  13. You guys,what is it with girls? They just team up against poor innocent men, is it ? Evil spirited women. >:k Anyhow, Mrill is Not on your blog, for once. She hates the connection of the place, cause it doesn't catch on dad's laptop. Hence, I GET to sit and catch up with you, WHILE SHE nags- as usual :D Anyway, it seems like you guys think I suck at bowling? WELL , I don't. And I can throw that on you whn you come meet us. I shall show you what bowling is.
    And, what? I hear something about *evil* slumbers? And I don't like the sound of that. But then again, if i'm team too, then I don't mind :D I havent spoken with you for god knows how many light years? No, really! How tall are you now? Miny? :P
    Anyway, I liked some of your poems.. I hadn't had a clue you write all that heavyness! Good for you! Seriosuly, we three should catch up. Come down, and I'll speak to dad anyway.
    Bye, and STOP bitching about me with my evil sister. I'm being nice to you :)

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Rohaan :D Haww! Tell Mrill she has ALL my sympathies, and that i love her :) WHYY can't u join Facebpok? I mean, WHO DOESN'T do Facebook today?
    Anyway, you're always nice to me, wcj provokes me to tease you even more! So.. :P
    YOU will show ME what is Bowling? Oye angrez, jaa jaa, apne US mein drame kar :P Bwhahahaha...

    And YOU can't be team
    with us in OUR slumber!
    But. Well, on 2nd thoughts,
    You can!!!
    If you promise not to be a spoil sport....

    Yeah, I do write. Quite alot now, actually.
    Hoping to take it up... Let's see.
    Yea man, we NEED to catch up! Its been sooo long.

    Yeah, okay please talk to ur father. It'll be nice if we can figure something out.


    And ask your sister to be back on my blog again.

    You too!!

    Let's have comment wars :P

  16. you mean leukemia right?? :P

    If the book made someone cry... I'd surely want to read every word of it and smile from cover-to-cover!! :P

    Later gater... see you when I see you... :D

  17. Oops. Sorry :P Thanks . I'm too lazy to rectify that spelling for now, maybe later :P
    But I will :)

    Haha., please do read it.
    The simplicity will surprise you.
    See you :)


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