Sunday, August 16, 2009

Vande Mataram

"So far as I am able to judge, nothing has been left undone, either by man or nature, to make India the most extraordinary country that the sun visits on his rounds. Nothing seems to have been forgotten, nothing overlooked." --Mark Twain

India, a very prolific country. I've been living here since 15 years. Pretty much through out my life till now. This country reminds me of a lot of things. One of the biggest being, Myself.
I would have never stood where I stand today, had I not been born on this country. I would never know colours, in their true sense, if not for india. I would have never known the cows-- The Gae Maata! In the literal way! I would have never felt the fun, of flying kites on 15th August. I would have never got goose bumbs while watching the Republic Day Parade.

I would have never learned that feeling of pride when I see our "Tiranga" flying high in the air..

I would have never known myself, if not for my country..

Please hold hands with me, friends. Let's make a difference. I think the time has come. Indeed. We need to start our movement.
And by "Our" movements, you'll know what I mean,once you read the peom below that i wrote..
Be my human chain guys..


My Human Chain With You.
I have roaring dreams,
dreams that make me twist and turn at night.
Dreams that make me restless,
dreams that make me think,
when the rest of the world sleeps.

But... That silent music of introvertism,
kept the roaring dreams,
tightly shut in a box.

You know why?
Because my dreams demanded change,
My dreams demanded me to rise,
My dreams kept pushing me towards extrovertism,
My dreams kept pleading,
Crying i'm the last hope..

But today,dawn has cracked,
Not on Earth . . . Yet,
But in my heart.

I've found the key,
to that little box,'
where my dreams and thoughts were captives . .

I scream out today,
and hear me well, friends!

A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to start dreaming.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to forget race,caste,and creed.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to work.
Work; towards a birghter India,
a brighter future.
A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to not join hands with "Brain Drain".
But my friends,
A change we need now,
This very second;
Is for you all to get a vision,
Not just sight.

A vision that enables you,
To be grateful to this land,
This land; of our father's sweat.

A vision that teaches,
You to propogate,
Not dominate.

A vision that makes you,
A born leader,
to lead India to change, to rise to the top.

A change I'd like to make,
is for you all to join hands with me,
And make the longest Human Chain.
A human chain that symbolizes,
to even the stars up above the zenith, the heaven,
The change that you're a part of,
The change you made,
The change for good,
A changed paradise called India. . .


Vande mataram!


  1. Vande Mataram! :D
    Your posts really make me high on spirits =)
    i love it.

    And the poem was gorgeous. Really, Rohaan and I were reading it together. He's gone with mum to god knows where. He said, you should wait for his comment.

    You're back.Finally.


  2. Hey:)
    Yes, I'm back:)
    Nice to know my posts make you happy. I haven't been so lately :l

    Thanks darl, glad you liked it.
    Yea, tell Ro I'm waiting for his *feedback*.



  3. Why havent you been well?
    Hey, i had to talk to u regarding "it".
    It's kinda serious.. He's. Umm. Not good :/


    i'll call you. Soon. Okay?

    Rohaan's back.
    He'll be online in a bit.
    he went to get vanilla ice cream for dinner with mum :l
    He's just Rohaan :P

  4. HOT!!!!!

    dis ones gotta g8 a prize man!!
    its hot!!
    wen i read it rt ws like...""wha?????
    ws dis da same poem u had recited to me???""



    U GO GURL!!!

  5. Heyy Rem!!
    Thanks SO much :)
    I hope it gets some recognition too!

    I had a diffrnt feelin of it too!
    dunno why :/


    Thanks :D
    You made my day! :DD

  6. Ladies? Missing me,are we?
    Haha, okay okay.

    alright, jokes apart. Cherry, beautiful poem. I agree with my sister {for once} and your friend that it's really well written and Heck I'm proud of you! No, really. You annoying brat! Send me more of your stuff. I just made Mum read it, she said you've immense talent and she read the Illitertate man and flipped yo!
    I really think you should take it up. You're good, okay. You're way bumper.
    i think you'll be really famous and shit if you take it up, and be all "Whats your name again?" when I say hi to you :P

    Haha. Jokes man..

    Well done!

  7. Hey! My Bro's back! :D
    Yo Ro! -- rhymes :P

    Wow, jeez, thanks man. Really nice of you! You make me all "Im loved" :P
    Haha, I miss aunty! Tell her that.
    I don't know about takin it up Ro.. Cause here ur flattering me {:P}
    but I need to be really good to take it up as a bread earner. You know?

    But thanks Ro :)
    You brightened up my day a lil more ;D

  8. This moron becomes your brother , and forget me. Yes, okay.
    Fine. :(

    Lol, fine. enough with the Drama Queen! Whatsup? How's school ?

  9. Lol. :)
    Yeaaap, school's okay.

    Btw, How's Jimmy? Miss him?

  10. He's okay. I miss him. Like hell :(
    But, I'll be back in um...15 days? .. so yeah :)
    Keeps me gladiator!

  11. :( I figured u miss him.
    I have to go now. Sorry, I'll be back tmrw. Bye!

  12. Wait? I just got ignored, Bad!
    And Mrill,
    take a chill on jim :P
    AND gladiator :O

    Cherry, be back soon!

  13. Go die Rohaan :-*
    Kisses:)And funeral flowrs<3

  14. Nil, this poem is...I have NO words.Amazing,extraordinary,
    touching etc. are insufficient to describe what I think of it. Forgive me for sticking to the limited adjectives at my disposal...
    The poem is absolutely wonderful. I agree with Remya(again) that this deserves some recognition. I'm sure if you can write something like this, you can DEFINITELY throw up some best-sellers,oh what the heck, classics ! I love this poem and I think it is one of the best I've read so far. Congrats and thank you !

    p.s. I don't know who Rohan and Mrinalini are, but their conversations in the last couple of posts were extremely entertaining ! :D

  15. Dear Charu,
    Thank you so much for all your appreciation:) Wow, made me feel so nice, you have No idea!!
    I am thrilled you enjoyed it so much, I really am.
    Thanks for being one of my faithful readers :) Keeps me blogging!

    Cheers to you~!

    P.S-- Haha, yes, Mrinalini and Rohan are my childhood buddies. And well, they live on my blog! ;)They are the one's running it, by attracting readers with their hilarious conversations!! Lol. :P
    And I think I'm getting killed for this one :P

  16. Anybody on my blog?

    ANYBODY? Im bored :D

  17. Cherry. I am :D
    I'm so bored too! Ooh! Guess whaaaat? I finished 2 jumbo packs of M&M's!! :D
    Mum shouted . The usual pigpog.

    Whatever. What's up ?

  18. Oooh, interesting poem.
    I love it !
    And, I love you, and squabble also.
    But that's besides the point.


  19. @Mrill: HIIIIIII!! Yay:) You're on!
    Where's Ro?
    Tell him he sucks :D
    And that he's nice:)
    Heehee. OMG! Niccccee! M&M's eh? I dont like the chocolate one's.
    Pigpog? Haha, cute:)
    Nothing on at my end, really. Facebooking. Chatting. Waiting to study math. Yes, My life :D

    @Dish: Yaaayyaayaayayya!! :D You're back!! :DD
    Aww, thanks!! I love you toooooo. Hawt picture baby. Youre mine xD


    Oh, since you both saved me when I'm bored, I need to be nice:
    Mrill, this is Dishari- I love her.

    Dish- This is Mrill. I Love her too.


  20. Hey Mril?
    Nice to meet you?

    Sorry man, I suck at this.

  21. Hi Dishari :)
    Nice to meet you too. Laughs, we all are bad at it, It's okay!

    Cherry, facebook sucks.

  22. Mrill Prill! Just because you aren't in that godly site doesn't mean it sucks.
    Your stupid Twitter sucks more!
    And man,
    I want M&M's now. Damn you!

    So you met my friend. Yay:)

  23. What is it with people and their love for Twitter?
    Facebook is WAY better, imo!

    Where you from?

  24. I'm not on Twitter anymore-- both of you.
    Yes, Cherry you can clap now.
    Mum was paranoid about "Networking Websites" cause she thought they promoted nothing but porn.
    :/ Yea, Still don't know who she is lol. Rohaan is the ideal boy in this cse x) Frigin 24/7 on myspace.

    Oh and Ro is out with Amritya. Weird boys day out, whatever.

    And, dishari, I am from New York.

    People, I have to go :(
    Dinner time.
    I'll be back online maybe tomorrow, have plans for movies tonight :DDD Ro is getting some nice bwd one's. He still doesn't know how much my hindi sucks. Poor shit.

    Nice talkin to you Dishari!

  25. You're going?
    *trembling lips*
    Oh okayy. Okayy. Well, come back tomorrow. okayy? And tell Ro to be back too. Who's Amritya btw?
    say hi to aunty:)
    And tell purushottam uncle he is the best :)

    Hugs to u and Ro,

  26. I see Mrill has done the needful of letting you know how I had the audacity of NOT being on your blog for a WHOLE day. :P
    Lol. you remember Amritya, don't you? Okay, he's a friend of mine. Had to catch up with him. And WE need to catch up you little brat! Lol. since I have nothing called a cellular, call on my mom's yea. we need to plan something out, You,Mrill and I.

    And, I'm not the ideal son. Wtf?
    What's up?

    mrill,mom and everyone are watching a movie, I am s'posed to be too, but I got sick of it.

    How have you been?

  27. Heylo. Nope, you didn't miss much.
    anddd I forgive u for not being there a whollleee day :P

    Nothing much. I was sufing online.
    On one of the sites that *so-called-promotes-porn-said-by-your-mom*
    hahahahha.. FACEBOOK. Yes.

    The one you hate, remember? The one u think myspace is better than :P
    *get a reality check*

    Anyway, haha, Mrill said YOU are getting the movies. And YOU are the one ditching them?
    Bad Rohaaaan. :P

  28. Myspace is god. Okay,now zip.
    anyway. it's weird we're leaving soon, i'm kinda used to this place, lol. Anyway, Mrill is thrilled+sad that we're leaving soon.
    God she cries like a baby when she's annoyed and doesn't have Jim to nag to. Lol. And I piss her off further x)

    Man, look. I had NO idea the movies were such bad ideas. And mum wanted to watch "Laksha" like a little kid nagging for balloons! God.

    Why are you online so late?
    No sleep?
    Ouu, Dark circles -- says Future :P

  29. Aw, STOP being such a brother! Mrill misses him, okay?
    And, hey.. Er. How are things with Aaritri???????
    Okay. don't answer me of you like.

    And it's "Lakshya" you jackass!

    Why are YOU online so late?
    No sleep. Hm.
    I see dark circles in future.


  30. What will things be like?
    She's okay. I'm okay.
    That's it. And lets not talk about it anymore here Cherry.. Maybe when we meet,yea? But things are cool. Seriosuly.

    Yeah,whatever jack the film is, it's stupid, and I hardly GET any of it,cause they speak so fast. Anyway, STOP throwing my lines on me! Lol. How's your writing going? Anything new? Mum is dying to read some more of your stuff.
    Send some, okay?

  31. Umm. Okay. fine, nothing on Blogger now. Yes, okay. You tell me Everything when we meet.

    Lol. Well, you suck at hindi. So does your sister, for that matter :P
    My writing? Well, I'm working on a book. Stay tuned :P
    Aand, I wrote a short story recently, yes, will send it asap. Thinking of another one, playing in my mind for now. Hey, Ro, I have to go now :/
    I'm so sorry man, but mom's getting annoyed. Annd, well- I want to look pretty tomorrow, So no dark circles :PP
    Hahahaha, lOl.
    Gnite bro!

  32. Yeah, okay, deal.
    What? a BOOK? A freakin Book yo?!
    Holy Merry, Mom's gonna be psyched man. What short story? Yeah,send it over NOW. What is it that you're thinking of?

    yeah, okay. I figured you'd have to go now. Mum's so pissed I ditched them, lol. So I think ima go check on them. Wish me luck :"/
    Gnite Brat :P

  33. I AM BACK!

    I'm just really happy as of now.

  34. You're back!


  35. I am too:)
    Whatsup Cherzz? :*
    Miss you ! Please meet me soon :(

  36. Everybody is.
    Where is Cherry :|

    God, we should own her blog.

  37. They call you Cherry?
    I call Abhinandan Cherry :)

    Oh, and Hi Rohan!
    I'm Dishari :)

  38. Yes, We call her Cherry. Laughs*
    And Hi :) Nice to meet you.

  39. Wonderful poem! I am amazed yet again! Seems as if each post I read on your blog, it only makes me admire you more!

    Very sweet words! God bless you! You truly are, what India needs.


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