Sunday, August 9, 2009


I had a nice day.
Well, yea, I did. It's one of those very normal days, but just certain comments make them the best:) So today, I really want to thank ALL those people who knit my life with me, and made it sooo freakin speacial! Even my blogger friends, cause they've been there too, cyberly hi sahi ;D

It's crazy how the past year just went by. I mean, look at it! Durga pooja's in a month!! And how slumped in anguish we were, last year thinking that we had a whole year to pass now..Ofcourse, in a year, too many things have changed. Friends, school,studies,family and I for one have really changed. And honestly, I have no regrets about it. True friends stuck around, fake one's left. Which suits me fine, actually.

Recalling the kind of tomboy I was a year back ( I still am! And proud of it) But some things had to change, and they did for the greater good.

It's August already. God. I was working my ahem off last year at this time for Zonals.. This year too, I will be playing. The only difference is that I'm not going for coaching, and rather will be given VIP treatment to just step into the court and play for 40mins ;)
I know the fact that I'm not prcaticing will effect my perfomance. ALOT> but that's the way it has to be this year, And i have to live with it.

I have moulded myself into a different person, and you guys have helped me. God! Just a year, and it feels like a decade! I've learnt so many things, and tried to make myself better . As a person and as a worker,too .
I've found new goals, and new sides of myself... Sides that were hidden are now out, and I think I'm amazed at how many sides came out.. Not in the bad way!

I've realized people's importance in my life, speacialy certain people who were there. No matter what. They acted like my stick through life, and I could never pay off what they did for me.

I'd like to thank Him-- up above, and Him-- down, here with me.
I love you. Always will.

I want to thank ALL my friends, you all are the best . Simply the best. And for those who lost contact, i hope the very best for you all. And for those who didn't want to keep in touch, well, I hope you guys get along life well.
No hard feelings... :P

I'm walkin with my old friends, picking up all my new friends.. and waiting for the ones to come :)

I'm walking with almost everything I had, maybe leaving bits for the best... and I have miles to go...

Take care every body, and don't regret life, no matter what.
When they say "Make the best out of now!" they say it right.
Some people learn it the hard way, and some people are just smart like me ! ;)

Be smart :D
Actually, hard way's also fine :P

I love you all :)

and you all Rock. Just keep smiling!


  1. Indeed a very emotional post, but it was very cute. Yeah, you have changed quite abit. Just that I dunno about a year, cause i spoke to you after Quite few years,now :P
    But well written, and if I'm in your thanking list too, then most welcome:) You're a nice girl, cherry. Just a little annoying at times, but that's what sisters are like, right? :)

  2. Cherrrryyyyy!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm back :DD
    I'm back :} *knees go weak with grins*
    Had gone down to Aaritri's place for slumber! Man, she played Bach for me again! :D Well a bit of it anyway!
    Heck, we missed you like fuck!

    Oh what the hell are you DOING at home man? We din't even play POTS cause we didn't feel "cool" w/o the 3rd one :(

    I LOVE your post.
    Am i in the thanking list,too?
    Okay, if Rohaan is, So am I :D
    Sooo. You're MOST welcome, and I love you too, Cherry :)


    Aww. My brother seems to be having very cute convos with yeh. He can't be that nice to me, Bustaaard !

    REPLY me N0w,


  3. There come's my sister.
    Few days of peace. Gone.

    Hello Sister.

  4. HELLO guys :D

    Yay! :)
    You guys are staying In my blog :)
    err.. More than me ... Haw..
    Wch kinda rocks :DD

    @Rohaan: Awwww!! That's SO cute! Yes, I know I can be very annoying. and the fact that you tolerate it makes me annoy you even more! Butt... yes, you're SURELY there in the thanking list.
    :D You're a nice guy,too. Rohaan.
    I want to see that annoyed face of your's now! <3

    @ Disguise : :D <3

  5. @ Mrill :
    Mriiilllllll :D!! You're back!
    Hawwww! No wayyy! You guys had a SLUMBER! W/o me?!
    Shucks! i miss you guys too, SO much! It aint funny!
    Aww. You guys should have played POTS! Whats the point of a slumber then!?

    You liked my post?
    Aw:) Yeap, you're one of the top listers in my Thank You list :D
    Even Rohaan and Dishari :)

    And stop picking on Rohaan!
    He's been nice to me ;)

    Lobee yeh.

  6. She'll keep picking on me.

    She's so miserable without Jimmy x)
    She needs someone to help her *let it out*

    *Brotherly pat on Mrill's back*

  7. And Rohaan's so miserable without Kyle.

  8. Wait?
    Wasen't Kyle s'posed to be a guy?

  9. I'm straight!!
    Shut your stupid trap sis!

    I'm friggin straight!!!!!

    Kyle is my bro! He gives me Girl Advice! And he has a hot girfriend for god's sake!!!

  10. Okay, Tithi. I am straight. I like girls. Not guys. I like a girl. Who...well.. Okay, doesn't like me back, but you see my point? Girl. I LIKE A GIRL.

    Mrill just is pissed off without Jim. So, she's been pestering me.
    Hence, I need u to visit, so i get some peace.

  11. Oh we believe you baby brother :)
    We do...

    NOT ! :P
    HAHAHAHAHHAA!! Aww. I love annoying you! And throwing things @ me makes it better! :P

  12. Okay, screw Kyle!
    (He wasen't even cute when I met him) :P

    Did I hear Rohaan saying he likes a girl? .... Oooooh.
    Who is it ?

  13. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!!!!!!!!!!






  14. NO.
    The girl lies, Cherry.

    I don't like Aaritri! That's ridiculous. You know that.

    Really, I don't like her.
    She's just my annoying sister's friend.
    That's ALL.

    Mrill's saying bullshit.

  15. Oh really, now ?
    Bullshitting. Am I ?

    Oh well... Fine. I'm sure you stopped liking her a second ago.. x)

    Cause. . Till yesterday, you were pretty INTO her =)

    You spoke to her more than me on phone, when I WAS NOT at home. You know? And she said, you mailed her,and shit.
    And very *cute* mails.

    And well,
    Cherry and i need to have a talk, alone ;)

  16. Rohan, dude, seriously.
    What's up? DO YOU like her? You guy'll look nice you know! Aww!
    Oh c'mon Ro, tell me? Do you like her?

  17. Omg!
    That's a yes!

    That's a fucking YES!!
    Shit! You like her!
    Rohaan Likes Aaritri!! :D

  18. but there's a little twist to this movie story xP

    Aaritri doesn't like him back.
    I spoke to her. She said she's just cool as friends. She has a boyfriend.
    Bummer! :/

  19. No Bummer.
    I'm cool with it. I wasn't crushing hard on her anyway.

  20. Mrill, you and I need to have a talk with Aaritri.
    We do.

  21. You toddlers, don't Even TRY.
    Really. I'm serious. I don't want things awkward between us. I'm good with her just as a friend. Heck! I am. She's cool, I'm cool.
    I don't need you guys to do ANYTHING. And Mrill's dangerous when she misses Jim.

  22. Cherry, YOU tell me. Can't you almost HEAR he wants her by the way he speaks?
    I mean, really screw u Ro, We weren't born last Sunday like you.

  23. I know. I can,too.
    But I didn't know Aaritri had a boyfriend? Anyhow, I dunno man.
    They'd look so cute :(
    I mean Rohaan, and her.

  24. Okay, I'm getting annoyed. She has boyfriend. Okay? That's it . MAN! i'm NOT in love with her or anything. I just thought she was cute. That's all. No harm done,yea?
    Now, change the topic. I don't want further comments about this whole thing. Not on Blogger, okay?
    It's no biggie.

    What did you have for lunch ? :P

  25. Oh okay dummie.
    You two, i have to go. Unlike you two who run my blog xD
    I have work to do! :P

    Will catch u guys sometime here at night, yeah?

    Love :)

  26. Byeeeeeeeeeee:)

    Love yeeeee Cherryyyy! :P

  27. (ahem)(ahem)
    quite an interestng bit of conversation dere...tho i've no idea abt half da characters...:D

    oh nd Bongz..da post is good yaar..nt da usual emo b.s. dat u usually write or the "inferiority complx" giving creative stuff..dis was...well...u can say.almst...normal..

    i gess ur first step towards achieving normality..(ur parents will be proud!);P

    hey nd dat pic IS SO CUTE!!!
    i loovv it!!
    will u considr disclosing its secret whereabouts??

  28. Normalcy? Nuh-uh babe. That's not my cup of tea :P

    Haha, Thanks anyway.
    I know. LOOVVE the picture too! =D

    Its from google \m/
    I Love Google :)


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