Saturday, August 22, 2009

Screw you.

Why are we all so boneded and tied to this society around us?
every step we take is so measured, everywhere we look is so careful, every word that comes out has been filtered in the mind thrice...... I'm sorry guys, but I'm just really pissed off.
I don't get it anymore-- I tried my best. And I conclude that I can't get it.

Every one is so concerned about everything happening around them. Everybody is in a persuite to fit in. No matter how many times I tried to figure out why, I just got one answer -- Insecurity.

Why is everyone so insecure? Do they think they'll be 70yrs old and not have anyone to hold on too? Can't they get it that if we keep being so careful about each breath we let out, everything is just gonna look like a perfectly sewn life-- when it'll be horribly Not Perfect.

I'm in class 10th. I am an exteremly chilled out person, emotional- yes. But practical and rational. I hope.

I trust myself, I know I can do well.
But do any of those lines above help if every day I'm reminded of the competetion outside? does it not crample up my confidence? Does it help further to give me the look that says "You have to do better" when someone hears about one of my freak sisters getting a 93% in boards?

Maybe I'm just really frustrated right now, and hence I am writing such a post..... But it's not just about Boards, or education guys. Look around you.
Look at 3 people around you in a market. Do any of them have the gutts to open their t-shirts and dance around publicly? No. And I am not saying that just because people don't do that means they don't have gutss, Nu-uh.
What I mean to say is, ever thought about Why they wouldn't do something like that?
Is it because they don't feel like doing it?
Or is it because they're too scared about what the people around them would say?

The answer is Unmistakably the 2nd one. Sadly,too.

If you disagree with me, I'b be happiest. But that sad truth is, out of a population of say- 100,
99 want to to what the beaten track teaches them.
They're all scared cause in our "so-called-society" , people who choose to be/act different, are called "Mad Men".

Yes, that's the name our society has given to unique poeple.
I've been through it, and hell I can bet, each and every one of you-- if any day you guys did something different, even when you thought no one was looking, 5 people must have thought "what? is he mad?"

I'm sorry for such a deppressing post friends,
but it's just something that has been building in me since a long time.

Now, the only answer I see -- when the "society" says anything to me is

"Screw you."

Second me ?


  1. I totaly second you.
    It's sick how the society can get on to you in such a level, that you stop believing in it. I mean, most people think things in US are more liberal. Sure-- to an extent. But you know this whole culture is a problem not only in India, but jolly well in US and most of the places around the globe.
    And you've got the right answer - Screw you.
    You've just been a little sober, cause maybe, just maybe i would have used another, very useful 4 letter word instead of "Screw". Lol. Anyhow, I loved the line about how every word that comes out has been refined in our minds thrice.. Its so true, and brilliantly written in just a sentence.
    You're a born writer Cherry. The more i read our posts, the more I'm amazed at you. And your thought precess.
    Anyway, good job. Again!
    Mum wants to publish your stuff,btw.

    Cheers to your notebook and pen.
    And you!


  2. Hey Ro,
    I am just so glad that you get what I mean. And you've used the exact word, that my mind couldn't figure out-- "Sick".
    Yes, this whole culture is just sick.
    And I'm pretty sure that it's a problem in US too, no mattter how poeple think of it is a "Do whatever you want" place. But it's not.
    So yeah.

    Lol, no man. My writing is nothing great, it's just that our wavelengths match. Is all.
    Aww, tell aunty she's too cute and makes me feel nice about myself :)

    and tell your sister that i miss her.

    Cheers to our wavelenths! lol

  3. How about this-- your writing makes our wavelengths match! :PP
    Don't argue, I'll contradict! ;PP
    And heyy
    Cheerzzz! Stop being upset okay? It looks weird on you. You're the brat! you're to be annoyin people :) Okay, laughs! :P

    Mum says "tell that lil thing to come by soon!"

    and my sister yells from the shower "I love her".

    Okay ? :DD

  4. Okay, okay. No argues anymore :P
    You win! Hahaha, your mom is just too cute :) And your MRILL! Just her :DD
    Tell her to be back on my blog soon, I miss herrrrrr.

    Hey Ro, I need to run now, okay?
    diner and shit.
    Then need to study.... Sorry!
    Catch you tomorrow!
    :) Take care!
    And thanks for making my mood better bro, you're the best <3

  5. good night :)
    My pleasure Cherr.

  6. Chheerrrryyyyyy!! You there ? now?
    I here :D
    Anyway, darling, nice post as usual. And well, My brother said everything I had to. And for once I agree with him when he said the word "Screw" Was sober :)
    Lol. Anyhow, i don't want u being upset, okay? It's just not you.
    :) I've been doing some reading lately. What have you been upto?
    Miss yuuuu. <3

  7. Hey there love:) Yeah, I'm there. finally! Lol. Nice to know u liked my post [yay] :) !
    Aand, naah, Im not upset anymore. Not that much anyway! I've just been a little too...err...upset! Actually due to useless procrastination. which I shouldn't have bothered myself with, cause people just aint worth it.
    anyhow, You've been doing some readying? yea? Good for you sweets. I've been trying to figure out a plot for the novel I'm doing :)

  8. Procrastination always sucks baby. Well, in my case-- I've learnt the hard way! OMG! 10 more days and I leave. WILL YOU VISIT ME OR NOT????!! WTF?!! Anyway, so
    Miss. Writer is thinking of her plot... Haa...I can now show off saying I have a writer friend who already has her stuff published!! Omg! SO COOL! :DDD

  9. @ Mrill : Hahahahahaha! what, OH WHAT would I do without your flattery that keeps me going? Mwahhh :-* You're love :) <3

    @Rohaan : Rooooooo!! :DD

  10. Hello baby brother :P

    @ Cherry: :DD I'm love? Aww. You're "Love-er"

  11. YOU GUYS have to stop talkin mush. Okay?

  12. hahahah.. Okay okay. fellows, I need to go. sorry! have some stuff to do.
    u take caree!

  13. Hey Nilanjana. Sorry you weren't feeling so good. I agree with you. Insecurity can stop a person from doing many things. BTW, you were quite right. Many of the world's greatest people ( who were obviously unique ) were called or are still called mad men, before being called geniuses ( Walt Disney comes to mind ). I think the thing is, if you're not special and recognized, you must be one with the crowd. Most people who criticise are either insecure about their defects, or don't know about them. In fact by now, its become a human tendency to both criticise and compare. I'm probably a living example when I tell you about my writing each day.

    Anyway, I hope you perk up soon , and hopefully will come up with some more "cherry" posts which will help helpless readers like me who look to your posts for inspiration, distraction and a way to avoid the problems and rigmaroles of everyday life. :)
    Best of luck !

  14. Hey Charu :)
    I totaly agree with you -- As usual! Indeed, insecurity can drive people to extents that they cannot even imagine off. It's sad, and I hope some day, some "mad men" come out with its medicine!
    Thank you so much for your enouragement! Means a lot to me!
    AND besides, i disagree a tiny winy bit.. Its not necesary that people who criticise are insecure/don't know of the cubject. They can really help you out to a greaattt deal! But thanks for your opinion dear :) thats what Im looking for!
    And you are a fantastic writer yourself!
    Oh and im sure my friends will make sure I get "cherry" posts!! hahahaha!! Be back soon :)

  15. Well well, look who's online..
    Hey cheerz, what's up?
    Looks like our petname for you ahs become pretty popular, lol.
    Good for you :PAnd us. We are the creative creators.. Laughs.

    how're you?

  16. Hey Ro,
    yes,my petname's got hell popular cause of you two dummies :P Creative creators ? :X Dude, are u doping? x)

    And not only my petname, the fact that YOU and MRILL are on my blog 24/7 freaks my friends out too! *not that im complainin you know!!* ;)
    Speaking of Mrill, where is she?

    Im okay. You ?

  17. aww...charu ur too sweet yaar...and to mrinalini and rohan, i dont knoe u guyz bt owe u for making me smile everytime i cum to "cherry's" commnt section..:Dkeep it going..

    And to i cannot survive without contradicting a view would be that people should make themselves impervious to such trivial issues..i mean cum awn..if u knoe ur right and dat da people arnd you are supportng u in ur decision den wats da point in evn thikng abt it twice..
    Like you made me understand recently bongz...wen i toldya dat i wantd to take up humanities but practically da whole society except my parents want me to turn into a scientist jst coz i g8 a fuckn 90 in everything!!and u wer like"so??dese people are not gona be answerable to ur future.."
    i mean..yueah!!dats jst soo freakng right!
    what da hell hav dey gotta do wid it??
    just one expression for the society:
    or for the benefit of the most loyal followers of this blog who are constantly lingering here:
    society-FUCK YOU!

  18. She's gone with dad.. Somewhere.
    I chose to sit at home, and enjoy the serene, peaceful climate at home w/o her presence:)

    so as an answer to your question,I'm doing very good!

  19. @ Remya : Lol, Im still laughin at your comment. It's a nice one! Heck i agree, and thank you for enjoying our thoroghly stupid converstaion. lol.

    SEE cherry?
    "Screw" is SOBER!

  20. Dude, stop being so sarcastic about Mrill!! She's cuteness, and god knows WHY you guys keep fighting?! Lol. but it keeps my readers entertained, :D

    @ Remya: Yep, yep, I agree with u babes. But you see, that day I was SO pissed off, that everything poured out. Can't act intelligent all the time naa ;D

    See u at school ! :D

    And to Ro and Remya :
    Yes,Screw is sober.
    I just forgot i have violent readers like you .. :P

  21. excuse her dude...shez just too society-connsious to write a "fuck" on her OWN blog..
    ain't it "cherrY"??

    oh nd btw..ur "stupid" conversations is all dat was da topic of our discussion for 45 minutes..
    jst how much "sibling affection" dat is visible on da comments section dese days..:D

  22. oh yeah.dont you think da term "violent" is too much coming from a person who's put her status msg as "I WANT TO KILL."

  23. Hahahahah! Wow. That's some real progress on my humour there! 45 minutes? Alright yo! :D
    I know. Cherry is too nice to write language that upsets her readers :P
    Lol lol. Christ, she's going to stab me alive when we meet. Haha,

    Anyway, ladies, I need to take your off. MRILL is back :( {Cherrryyyyy}
    and, well. They have some movies. So gotta go..
    Nice chatting to you Remya, by the way.

    @ Cherry: Mrill has got movies.
    MRILL+MOVIES. Are you going to be nice to help ? :'(

  24. @Remya: I never said I wasn't Violent you know..... :P It's just that I thought my dear readers would be shocked to read such language.
    *raam raam*
    {Rohaan, it's oaky if u don;t get that one! Dont blame u :P }

    Aaanndd... ENJOOYYY Ro!! Im *so sure* the movies Mrill got will be great fun xD
    Please tell her to call me SOON and be back on my blog :) The convos are useless w/o her! :D


  25. nice to meet you too man :)
    bye rohan...bye bongz !

  26. Oh wait, I keep missing comments!
    BYE Remz :D
    See you at school tom! :)

  27. Hi again nil ! I thought about something to add to our discussion :
    When I talked about people who criticise,I now realise,I meant people who hurt others by their criticism or might stop a person from doing something because they wonder what the critics (society) will say. I did not mention the learned people who air their opinions freely when they dislike something. It's just that many of the people I've seen criticising A)don't know about it themselves B)Are criticising to be with the crowd C)Are criticising just for the heck of it. I'm sure even we do it sometimes, like when we see a movie we don't like. But there's a fine line between criticising because you dislike something and debasing someone else's efforts or life by comparing them with others or refusing to respect the difficulty of what they are doing.

    Hope you get the gist of what I've written. And feel free to disagree! Thanks for reminding me of the other critics with your reply.
    See you in school !

  28. Society - Eddie Vedder

    ...society, you're a crazy breed
    I hope you're not lonely without me...

    Listen to the song...

    @Society - just F it!! My life has always been something that wasn't so obvious in this world for everyone around me. I'm 21 and I know for sure, its all worked out great for me!!

    I live by this...
    I swear by my life, and my love of it, that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine. - Ayn Rand from Atlas Shrugged

    Have fun... see you when I see you... :D

  29. @ Charu : Glad to see that you saw the whole situation in another light :) That was my whole point of contradiciting u! And yes madam, I totaly agree with you!!
    I got your gist very well, and agree well.
    Thanks for keeping such healthy discsns on my blog .I enjoy them!
    Take care, and see u in school!! :D

    @ Pranav: It's amazing to see you guys stand up togtehr and say "F you" to society. Its kinda rebelious! and i likie :D
    I loved the quote by Ayn Rand. Indeed very wise.

    Nice to see u on my blog after a long time.

    See you when I see u.. :D

  30. hey ws ur party at neha's..r u bak?

  31. @Nil : Glad you got the gist of what I'm saying. And you're welcome for the discussion. At least if I can't discuss this with you in school, I can do it here. I enjoy it too !

    @Remya : "aww...charu ur too sweet yaar " How ? and

    How did Nilanjana get the name 'bongo' ? :)

  32. @Remya: Yo..The party was So cool! Was good funn!

    @Charu: Well, since Im a bengoli, Remya calls me Bongo -- petname ;)

  33. Hello ^_^
    I'm online. Have been for quite few hours. and waiting for you to be there too. So,

  34. Hey Mrill : )
    What's up? I'm doing Bio. exam tomorrow. Ugh, having 2 every week! Too much of studies to finish, exams gonna start soon :(

  35. Aww:( I know. I know. Your stupid tests don't even let us speak on phone :'(
    But two exams a week is just too hectic and more of it-- Stupid!

  36. Stupid? HEh. Ask me honey.
    Ask me.
    I don't have a life anymore. I need to study like, I dunno. . ALOT!
    So yeah :(
    Anyway, I have to go now :(
    Bio exam tmoro. So will catch u later... Say Hi to Ro.. Bye :(

  37. Cheerrryyyy! don't study so much ! Dude, all u need to do is graduate! Christ, why so many textbooks yo?
    Anyway, yeah, Will do.
    See u tomorrow on Blogger then? :)
    Bye. Love you too!
    And good luck for your test:}

  38. Hey Cherr,
    what's on? Sorry haven't "showed up" since yesterday. been sorta busy . Anyhow, you been studying much lately? Writers don't need to study yo ;D
    I'm trying to cover up loads I missed in school yo. Busy. Mrill just keeps doing enlish lit. lol.
    She thinks it;s the end of the world x) haha.

    Anyway, update your blog, waiting.
    And come online, I doubt it you are now.. Lol..


  39. hey bongz..m publically issuing a thank you for the poem..:D
    THANK YOU...
    it did make me feel a lot bettah..
    ;ets get ready to flunk tom...:D

  40. @ Rohaan : Hello. I was ONLINE last night when you commented! Darn. I just thought nobody would be online on Blogger so late, so dint bother to check.
    Anyway, i forgot i know poeple like u :P I'm good, you?
    Yeaah man, I will update the blog soon. Im just so busy coping up with books, its not funny! hey, lets try meet this weekend, yeah ?
    I'll ask my dad.

    @ Remya: Heyy! aw, thats okay man!
    im glad it made u feel better :)
    we dint flunk!! yayyy! :)

  41. Nil man.
    Life sucks.
    Your facebook page isn't loading, so I can't message you, or write on your wall.
    So this is my last resort.

  42. @ Dishari : Hey man,
    I'm SO glad we met today. Heck, we NEEDED to catch up.. Yeah man, life sucks. and it's just being a bitch. Aaagh.

  43. Hey baby.
    Aww:( I know. Just 4 more days. and I guess I'm meeting u this weekend!
    Now come on, cheer up!

    Where's Rohaan?

  44. HIIII!
    Yay:) We three are online together \m/

    Christ. You guys leave on 1st! Fuck! I NEED to meet u guys this weekend!

    Omg! THIS weekend! Yayyy:)

  45. Yeaap. This Weekend it is :)

    Oh, did I mention? Rohaan cried in MoZ.


  46. She bullshits Cherry.
    I didn't.

  47. Okay, I can hear Ro's serious tone.. Mrill? ^_-

  48. Okay Okay.
    I was just kiddin!

    Jeez, Both of you.
    Like, LAUGH.

  49. Ha ha

    That's the best I could manage.
    You suck at jokes, so i suggest stop trying.

  50. Oops. Someone's pissed. Hey Ro, c'mon!
    Mrill -- Sisters do that. So good !

    Okay fellow humans, I need to leave.
    Bye! See you guys on blogger soon :)

  51. Yeah, fine. Leave me alone :(
    Okay yo, see u tom... or whenever =]
    I'll be here ;D
    Running for dinner, bye.

  52. @ Chrry: Bye. See you whenever you're online xP

    @ Dishari: Hey :)

  53. Rohan~ :)

    Come visit my blog! This is not fair. :(

  54. Heylo.
    I'm online :) Whatsup Ro?

  55. Hey Ho Cherrryyyy! ! :)
    Seeing you soon :D
    I'm excited, okay. What's up with you? I'm upto nothing. On Youtube. Mrill is hogging on food. Mom is, well, just being a mom, and dad is out. As usual * yawns.

    Anyway, How are you? :)

  56. Yo!
    Yep seeing you soon! Omg =D
    Anyway, I've been good:) Had a rough week -- the last one.
    But now things are good:)

    I'm facebooking, working on my book, and well, Blogger \m/

    Ask Mrill to come online :)

  57. Dude, I'm too curious about your book. I keep thinking however will it turn out! I mean, i know it'll be a best seller, like your friend said.
    But, I WANT to read it yo!!

    Mrill says she'll come soon.
    She's trying to finish some weird looking food :/
    So yeah, whatever.

  58. BLUSH*
    Christ rohaaaaaaan. You make me blish like a friggin tomato! The book is nothing oMG, and surely not a bestseller! jeez!!

    Aw, Mrill is too cute! :)

  59. Mrill is cute?


    How are you my friend again?

  60. Because.

    I'm Cherry.

    And we've played together in dipers :D

  61. Wrong spelling :P
    I guess.

    And yeah, okay, good enough.
    Sheepy grin*


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  63. You can't win :D

    Lookout for any cute chick?

    Mr.No work at all,
    I need to go :P
    Bye. ! :) Talk to you soon.

  64. You..NIL.
    Better flood my blog with comments now.
    I'm getting seriously jealous.


    HOLY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  66. Haha, I know man. I'm super excited too! just been SO hectic! Saturday didn't Feel like Saturday :( Busy studyiiinnggg... Exam on Monday!

    OMG! MEeting u tomorrow or monday! WEeeeeeeee! :D

    But u leave on 1st :(

  67. I'll kidnap you Cherr:)
    don't worry.

    Hey we miss you okay.

  68. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    RO. You are the sweetest brother Ev-er. Like. The best. Okay.

    And Mrill.
    I LOVE YOU :)



    btw how are you online? Don't you have school? What time is it there ?

  70. Nope, no school. Ditched today. Had to catch up with ALOT i missed. Mum's kinda pissed, I ditced- again. :P

    It's 1:30pm here. So I'm just online "doing project".


    Cherry. I miss India. Like ANYTHING!

  71. Hahaha, lol.
    Good going honey:P do your "project".

    Awww. I miss YOU! And yea, im sure u got used-to India!
    MAn, I have to go, Im so sorry!
    Will come online ASAP

    Tell Ro to come online. And tell uncle and aunty I miss them!

    And I love you! :)


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