Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello everybody:)
I finally had the time to update my blog. (Stop clapping Mrill) :P Hahaa.
Well, err... the last month has veeb pretty much of a mix-and-match.

A lotttt of things happend.. I mean, yea well, I discovered people who "actually" were my friends- who stood there even when I was filthy busy with all the 24 hours, and identified the one's who are just fake and *pretend to be there and understand*-- where as they didn't understand shit and just pretended too,while being bitter in their hearts about me.
For those of you who understood my rough time - Thankyou:) And I love you.
For those who just turned out to be liars - Get lost and never find yourself again.

Now comes the good part,
I spoke to one of my best friends yesterday. For a Looo-oong time. After a Looo-oong time.
it was nice to finally see she's happy. And that she's not gonna pause his life yet, so as to not pause my blabbering :P

YES- You have weird ears!! Okay?!
Haha. But I'm just glad you're back, and i'm just glad my talkitiveness and CRAZY ideas don't bore you :) And even if they do, you don't say it ;)
You're pretty wise that ways :P
Everything's pretty great with everybody-- very abrupt; I know.

right now i'm just feeling bliss, of knowing and having people who have stood by me no matter what.

I love you all so much, it's not even funny! :P

Adios Amigos ;)


  1. Bitch.
    I better be one of those awesome friends who stood by you when you didn't even have the time to breathe.


  2. Wow man. I miss you annoying bratt.
    And India. Christ!
    Recess is just boring.

    Cherry, are you there?

  3. @ Disguise: x)

    I miss you too man. And what? Your in school? Recess? Sad :P

  4. OMGGG! you did not agree.
    fine fine fine.

  5. Stupid, ofcourse I agreed. what's the point of the naughty smile then?

  6. Hey nil, it's nice to see you've finally put up a new post; that old one was taking ages to load the comments page.

    Glad to see you identified your friends though, and...Dare I ask ? Which am I ? Still, no matter where you put me - and you can be truthful - I'll always try to be around when needed !

    BTW, who are Yawney and Dopey ?

    And something that's long overdue...A big hello to Rohan and Mrinalini ! You guys' conversations were terrific, and I can almost feel envious towards Nilanjana for knowing people like you !

    A Hello to Dishari as well ( Sorry it took so long )
    See you in school Nilanjana... :)
    ( I couldn't find that poem you mentioned, which post is it ? )

  7. Hey Charu! :)
    Haha, lol. Yes, finally a new post ;) Yawny and Dopey ... are well.. people :P
    And Yes duh you're in the good friends list:) Wonder why people who are obviously there ask me that :S

    Ro and Mrill are back in US darl, so that's why it gets difficult to catch them online!

    And Dishari, is here :)

  8. should i try understanding this 1?? :-)
    n yes yawny n dopey love u 2 <3
    <3 <3 <3
    ur pakka yawny n dopey's bridemaid wen the tym comes

  9. should i try understanding this 1?? :-)
    n yes yawny n dopey love u 2 <3
    <3 <3 <3
    ur pakka yawny n dopey's bridemaid wen the tym comes

    You're on my blog! After like SO long! Omg!YAY:)

    Well, you don't need to think, you KNOW too much already ;D

    I mean, I knew I was gonna be bridesmaid anyway :P And I might be knowin the best man too.. Tehehe.. , but saying that was sooo cute <3
    I love you: )

  11. I came. I saw. I left...

    See you when I see you... :D

  12. Yeaap. Yeeaap. I'm there:)

  13. @ Pranav: I came.. saw your comment... smiled at it.. and i am still online.. :P

    See u when u see me...

  14. Hey, nothing much really. came back from school after lunch, had PE wch is just stupid. I have matches in like a fortnight.. They should be fun, we'll kick some real ass's yo.
    This stupid Lamb something school's coming, they're just so pathetic, its funny! so our first match is with them. . Will email you the video. okay?

  15. haha, hey! PE aint that bad.. Not here anyway! Lol, I'm sure you guys are going to bingo-oo-boon them.
    AHAHAHAH!! Remember :P

    YESSS. Send me the video :)
    With maybe cute msgs by Mrill :P
    Awww. U can do that right?
    Where's Mrill? School? Or did she come back with you too?

  16. Jesus! "bingo-oo-boon"!!
    Dude, i haven't forgotten man. It was fun that day :)

    Lol, Okay okay, I'll put in some msgs and edit it and All that -- girls.

    :P Okay man, don't get mad yo!

    Nope, Mrill is still in school.
    Oman, it was so funny the way she reacted when Jim came to meet her.

    "You bastard" And then a hug.
    why are you people so weird? I mean, you miss someone, and then you abuse that person when he comes to meet you, and er, well. I dont get this.

  17. Hahahah... Lol. That day WAS fun =]
    I can't WAIIIT for you guys to be back!! I mean, I really miss all of you..

    Screw you. Be nice and stop all the drama, send me the vid like a good lil boiii xD

    Awwwwwwwwwwww. Mrill did that!? :)
    That is SO cute!
    Ro, men just dont get all this. So I guess* you fall in that catagory too, right? So , dont even try.
    WHY weren't you there when Mrill had called? Stupid chap, playing bullshit outside,HMPH.


    Okay, listen its like 11:20 pM here, so i needa go for dinner.
    I'll try to be back soon.

    BYE :)
    Please be back soon! And ask Mrill to come too and give them all my love

    Gnite Ro.
    :) And take care.

  18. hahaahha...

    AND you dont need to guess, IM A MAN> :D

    Okay, I shall send you the Video. Like a good lil boii xD

    Bye, and take care too. :)

  19. :)
    Im back online. And am waiiiting for u and Mrill to be here!
    oMG! i miss mrill!

  20. I miss you too
    Speacialy, I'm not in the mpost cheerful mood for now..
    Shit man, I so want to just, Idk.. GO! And like, just FORGET about life here.

  21. Hello:)
    There Cherr? Whatsup? Your last comment to Mrill didn't sound okay?
    Dude, I met Tresha today, and then Jim,Mrill, Tresha and I went out to chill. We guys went to this near by Deli, and were just fooling wround, lol. Missed you. Tresha asked about you:) And we went onnnn about your book and then she was all "Omg, she's a WRITER?!!".
    Lol, she was pretty freaked.
    [in the good way haha]

    Haha, whatsup?

  22. Heyyy Ro:)
    Yea, last reply to Mrill was kinda not the best one. Lol, not the highest on spirits I was.
    I forgot it was Saturday, So I was like "Wtf? DONT these guys go to school!?" Haha. Lol.
    Oh really?! aww, fun man :D
    I miss you guys too. Like HELL!!
    TRESHAAA! Omg, I've forgotten that chick's face!! Did you guys take pictures? send them!
    Hahaha. Well, tell her "Hi" from my side, nd STOP making me blush with the whole "Book" thing, it's Weeirrddd. !

    Nothing much man. Just facebooking:) You temme?
    Where's Mrill?

  23. Haha, yeah, We DO go to school. Actually, I go to school :)

    Mrill. Let's not get into that. She just goes to, Err. Not Study :D
    Lol. Haha.
    Lol, yeah, I know. It's been quite sometime you've meet Tresha too :)
    Will say Hi to her. haha, What's there to feel awkward about?
    YOU HAVE your stuff PUBLISHED in A BOOK! You're a WRITER.

    Okay, don't kill me x)
    I get it, it gets annoying!

    Stop Facebooking. It's just something that'll increase and kiss you when your bill comes !
    Dirty tricks, these sites are!
    LOL. Okay. ima shut up.
    Mrill is god knows doing what. I think she's not at home.

  24. Wise of you to shut up :P Tell mrill i miss her.
    Ro, i'll be ditching you now man, I have some Physics to do. Okay?

    So I'll catch you online soon. Maybe tomorrow? Its sunday:)
    (now fix the 12hour gap)


    So, Shut up:)

    Nite! take care: )

  25. Ughh. Okay okay!! NERRRDD!! Lol, sorry!!
    Hahah. Gnite [acc to your indian hours] man its so funny :P

    Yeah, see you soon, :)
    take care.

  26. love,screw the bridemaid ka idea...
    lets jus get married :-D

    wat say?

  27. Heyy -- You're back my spousie :P
    Yeeah. Okay okay.

    As long as I get Hawaii :D

    [However we DO have bestmen for OUR wedding xD]

  28. That's cause you're in the next room from mine :l

    Why are you up already. by the way?

  29. Hey there, Nil -

    Interesting stuff. Glad that it's adding up to some friend discovery, and non-friend uncovering. I'm at a new school and going through it all over again...ugh...

    I'll be back visiting your blog and whenever you have a new post it'll show up on mine.

    Chat soon and have fun!

  30. @ Rohaan and Mrill: HIIII!
    Omg, you guys came, and I wasn't there :( Haww. Please gme missed calls whenever you guys are on :)
    Haha, what the hell were you guys doing up at 8am anyway?

    @ Rik : Hey Ric:) Thrilled to see you on my blog. Aah, new school eh? yeap, sure is a lil hard in the start. But i'm sure it'll be cool soon : ) Where are you from? Thanks for appreciating my blog! And becoming a follower :) Stay tuned for the next post.....


  31. Hey Cherr,
    listn, my phone internet sucks, so this is gonna be fast.
    Remember we 3 spoke about something when we met? [RLA]
    IT'S HAPPENING!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'm straight mouth serious! IT is!!
    I'm calling you soon.
    ROHAAN is all Trying to be cool about it. But TRUST me, he's SO hyper it's not funny.

    Call you soon!

  32. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?


    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shit I can't believe this!

    WHY aren't you calling! ?

    And tell Ro, he's been a bitch to not have told me!

  33. This comment has been removed by the author.

  34. Hi Nil ! I'm back in the comments section. You and I are having a school week that's WAAAAAYYYYY full. At least I can talk to you here.

    So, how's your study goin' ? I think I study for almost everything on the morning of the exam, but I still do OK ( and considering my definition of OK, that's saying something :) ). Better watch myself, 'cause that is NOT going to work for the terminals. Still, what with file-covering, doing homework, morning study and getting on everyone's nerves, life seems pretty static, right ? :P

    Not much more to report on my end. What about you ?

    @ Mrill & Rohan -
    Mrinalini-Anybody home? :P

    Rohan-I am :D

    Mrinalini-That's cause you're in the next room from mine
    Excellent work! Keep up the entertainment. I think it really helps Nil and me in times like exams...

  35. "times like exams..." can be translated to "bad times..."

  36. @Charu: hey.. yeah, the whole time has sure been busy in school, and hell yeah with all the tests and submissions and Mocks etc, life has been so dry and stagnent. It's pretty frustrating after a point of time, don't you think?
    As far as your terminals are concerned, I'm pretty sure you'll do fine, don't worry bout them :)
    See you soon on my blog.. Take care.
    [P.S-- I'm pretty sure Ro and Mrill will forever go on and on with their fables of true life! haha. Im waiting for them to come onlinme soon, i miss them]

    @Remya: Bingo......

  37. Rats...the week's over already.

    Don't get me wrong. I'm really happy that all the practicals/ mocks/internals are over. But the week being over just brings us closer to the terminals, and I haven't studied a thing for it !

    It's a good thing you and Remya wished me good luck today. if my luck had been bad, I can hardly imagine how much worse my practical would have gone: I messed up my Bio by answering my first VIVA question wrong, then getting confused while writing and cutting about half my paper. Chem was fine, but Physics was not so good. Had the Ohm's law Practical: Took me a while to connect the whole circuit, Physics sir was interrogating me about something completely pointless, had to make up a fake observation to keep resistance constant, and then I rounded this fiasco by forgetting to write the precautions ( and that after asking Sir how many precautions to write !!! ).

    Well still, I hope you and remya had excellent practicals, and that you both enjoy your weekends. Au revoir !

  38. It 6 am :D SATURDAY.

    Rohaan can't spoil it this time :D
    What's up baby?

  39. Hahahahahahahah :D
    HIII hottneess:D

    I'm good, what about u?
    and hell, i bet Ro's snoring ;D

  40. Haha, I'm dead sure he is :D
    I can't hear his laptop ranting off music,so yea, he's asleep :P

    Dude, I have HOT posters for the both of us! I'll send them.yeah?

    Nothing much really, I have assignments to be done, :|
    Trash of school.

  41. Hey I'm SOOO sorry I signed out the other day! I was dead busy man.
    Head to hurry out!

    Anyway, LOL about the Ro's laptop thing :P Hahaha.

    I like your thinking! SEND them!!!

    Haha, school trash eh? Lol, same at my end chick.
    Call me soon. Hope Ro's good?
    And everyone at home?

    Take care!


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