Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Durga Pooja

Shubho Bijoya to all of you :)
To people who don't get it, it's something we say in Bengali after the poojas are over. And then the kids touch the elders feet, and hug their friends/family [thrice in the men's case].
Anyway, so yea,
Pooja's over. Bhaashan done. And I still am in a trance. And by trance, i mean one.
I was waiting for these 4 days for a whole year, but well, this year things didn't really go as planned. Not as perfect as last year, and the year before last. Everything made me shrug and say "Oh whatever man, screw it" this year.. It wasn't the same.
Yes. Maybe the primary reason was that I had my terms starting from the 29th-- the next day the poojas got over.. But honestly, i don't think so.
Nothing was planned this year, y'know? I mean, nothing was, last year too! But, in a way, everything fell in place. But this year, everything was so screwed up! I couldn't meet half my friends cause my family time had increased from a 50% to a 75% . Not that I didn't have fun, course I did =]
But well, it was just different. The only thing that really kept me going was the kashmiri gate day :) I would have died had that not happened, really!

So anyway, B-Block pandal SUCKED. K-block was good.. just that a little bit of it resembled intestines of the stomach xP okay, it's just a matter of perspective! haha :P
Shiv Mandir's pandal was nice enough.. Charmwood sucked, and Matri mandir! Omg! THEEE BEST> !

I did the Dhunochi dance this year, again =)
I owe that one to*you.
Thank you!

The pictures, the one's i took with family, and few friends at different date have come out really well :) Put few of'em up soon :)

So anyway guys, I'm off now. It's okay that poojas weren't that great this year. Everything can't be a cake all the time na? So yeah, I'm going to be all the more optimistic about it, and make next year grand.
And I promise ALLLL of you to include y'all in it, cyberly if necessary ;)


[P.S-- the 1st picture above is the Dhunochi Dance by me, and the 2nd one is the idol of Kashmiri gate. Also, Rohaan, it's not "Doorga Poojow".] :P


  1. Hi Nil !
    Glad you were able to keep an optimistic attitude. Personally, I think when problems come, that's easier said than done, so cheers to you !

    BTW, nice pics. Nice to see you enjoying yourself, 'cos I always think that there are about 5 important things one can use to judge a person, and one of them is definitely to see them unplugged !

    Hope exams didn't ruin your fun too much, and best of luck for the rest of them !

  2. yaaaaaaaaoooooooo!!!
    chik...ditchd me nd watching potter na?
    fun yaar dese pix r nice as always!! oh nd u noticed da "doorga poojow" one na?...:P
    i was meaning to comment on dat..
    nd actually u knoe wat...i nvr got around to ask u hw da poojas went...shit man...m such a frigging loser...i'll cal ya tom...u r most likely to be busy today...
    nd screw exams man....its high time we realized dat we're too much of geniuses to answer such narrow-minded theoritical sheets of paper which r absolutely not applicabl in real-life situations...
    i finally got it all out!!
    arrey babes..i'll go on 4evah i think..oh nd post dese on fb too...

  3. To see the difference between Charumati Haran and Remya Raj, read the above posts... :)

  4. @ Charu: Hey! Lol, yes, Optimism is the best cure to it anyway :P
    Not that I have an option!! Haha.. Thanks, glad to know you liked the pictures =) Lol, I liked the "Unplugged" part :D
    Neaah, Exams din't ruin much of it! Just that the exam was ruined ;) HAahah.. Luck to you too!!

    @ Remya : Yaaaaoooooooo!!! :D
    Sorry, ditched you I know! But the movie sucked bad anyway. I did, Honest! LOL. I noticed the "Doorga Poojow" :P Ro's killing me for that one!
    Heh, thats okay, I know you've been caught up studying.
    Hell yeeeaa! We're born intelligent.. We shouldn't let education ruin us ;)
    And naah babe, won't put it up on Facebook. There are certain things that I don't want to involve everyone in... Being an open book aint the best every time.. : )
    And besides, I doubt it if people on Facebook will actually appreciate it. They need to get rid of the FB Apps for that! Haha.

    @Charu : LOL about ur last comment! :D

  5. I feel stupid.

    And nice Picture by the way.

    I'm not commenting anymore, I feel stupid.

  6. AHAHAHAHHAAAHAHAH.. Little tiny tot, you're sposed to feel stupid :=)
    It's a feeling that YOU out of all the people should NOT miss out on!

    I still love you :D

  7. Throwing your green pillows don't help XD

  8. Mrinalini Abot. Why are you so annoying again?

    And besides,
    I might feel stupid, But let's just all try to recall who spilled Sushi on a stranger at the corner Deli.. :)

    Oh and by the way, I still love you too :)

  9. Thanks!

    And throwing my green pillows back at me won't help x)

  10. Go on, go on.... I'm all ears sister dear xD


  12. Naah, I wanna live till a good 79 :D
    So I won't stop annoying you :)
    Thanks for the offer anyway!

  13. Screw you. Wait. Just friggin wait.


  14. I'm online :D
    You can talk to me if you want :)

  15. Go fishing with Jooney shitface.

  16. Naah, I'd rather with Jim xD
    He has this *thing* for fishes.
    *whistles casually and looks at Mrill*

  17. Oh you evil dog.
    you have No idea what you've got yourself into.

  18. Hey nil, looks like it's that time again, when Rohan and Mrinalini "live" on your blog...:D

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  21. @ Ro & Mrill: Will you people STOP being nasty to each other?!
    On second thoughts.... Don't! Its fuck too much of fun to read all that jazz , Omg, keeps me laughin! Not to mention my readers ;)

    @Charu: HAHAHAHAHAH>.. HEck yeah!!

    @Remya: Behe. LOL at the vocab joke :P And the owner of the blog is here :D *proud smile*.
    Yeah, babe, The DING DING part got to much, and sounded kinda pervy at the end xD BWahsaha.. Okay.
    Sorry :|

  22. oh...nd i've updated my blogs...chek impact one man...its luin pretty cool...nd da jokes one...ur always welcom...

  23. Why did you delete your comment?

  24. coz t'was dumb darlng...:)
    kst sumthing i wantd u 2 read...


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