Wednesday, October 7, 2009

It's all jammed right there, in the brain.

It's one of those nights when you are fidgety beyond human nature.. Because you want to do so much about so many things and people but all you can do is sit and think about it. You have ample of time to think about it, the innovations, the ideas, the opinions that scream in your mind, and that very ample amount of time makes you feel frustrated within each and every part,organ,tissue,vain of your body. It makes you want to scream and shout. Shout and let people know that the nature of things and people are not every time what the text books say. They're not what something that can only be defined by "intellectual brains of the highest capacity". And then Period. Nothing before it, nothing beyond it. Said, and has to be done.

Guys, there's an entourage of ideas and opinions inside my very brain right now. Things I want to make, create and voice. But you know what? I speak of them to 7 people, and 3 will ridicule them openly [which I'm fine with], 2 people will bitch about it behind my back [ which is just fucking annoying] and 2 last ones will appreciate it. I wish I'm wrong, I hope I am.

I have about 4 different things I want to do and work on this very moment, and heck trust me, if I'm allowed I christ WILL. But, I told you right? Everything is set already-- night is when people sleep, day is when people work. And what happens to people who want to work at time that pleases them? -- Oh they're just stupid.
Says the world.

Excuse me if I'm being too critical/synical. If you don't, I don't really care :) Your opinion will still be valued.
I agree there has to be an amount of discipline in a person's life. But what I don't understand is, WHY do people consider things to be right just because they're predefined? I mean, technology/youth/brains/chess games --- nothing is predefined! Then WHY do people get upset when things take a new way of execution? Why? Is it wrong to embrace change? Is it wrong to think different? Is it criminal to fucking shout on the road about how screwed up certain things are? Maybe to many it ain't [Thank you], and to many it is [Screw you].

Either the opinion-- critical/biased/tormented/rational/political/social --- Please voice it.
And. And. And.
Work at night and sleep at day if you want : ) And the middle finger can always help if people try to act impolite and disturb the "predefined code of conduct and language" which is mandatory to be followed.

^^ Laughing my ass off at that one.

Critical me,


  1. We don't actually talk, but I'd prolly be one of your supporters if I knew what you were talking about, right?

  2. Hey thanks man! Yeah, we should chat sometime : )
    I'm talking about alot of things here, but that'd take a lot of time to explain you see. But my argument mainly revolves around the fact that even in 2009, certain things are taken to be JUST the way they're supposed to be taken, it's almost like, in the earlier times-- the Chruch was never questioned. I dunno about the Church now, but heck yeah today too, people are So hesitative towards appreciating a new routine, something which is not considered "what has been happening since years". Know what I mean?
    I mean, WHO has the power of defining what is right, and what is wrong? I consider all these predefined notions of "right/wrong, normal/abnormal" totaly dungcrap, cause its totaly upto the justification of your mind when it comes down to deciding what is right and what's not.

    Thanks alot for your input :)

  3. " are wrong if you think that the joy of life comes principally from the joy of human relationships. God's place is all around us, it is in everything and in anything we can experience. People just need to change the way they look at things..." and I'm sure they never will!! But who cares. If its meant to be, its upto me!! :D

    I'm currently at a stage in life where I'll calmly say (oh yeah!! I'm not annoyed by the worldy beings... Supertramp... Supercool!! ;) Muhahaha!! :D)FUCK-the-ways-of-the-world and set out INTO THE WILD. Change... I WILL!! :D

    See you when I see you... :D

    P.S. Just do it!! :)

  4. btw, the quote's from Into The Wild... Christopher McCandless...

  5. Pranav!!! That was a hot one! :D
    Lol, I was frozen when i was reading that whole thing about "God is all around you...." etc. but when the part "But they never will! !Who cares!!" let me breathe a sigh of relief that you agreed with my opinion :D It would have still been much valued had it not, you know that-- but great minds think alike. I didn't want ti think of us as not great minds ;) Haahaa :D
    See you!

  6. Are you online Cherr?
    I'm not going to be after this quick comm. Phone net sucks, and the Geography teacher hates me.
    Anyway, ground breaking post! =)
    As always <3 . Really, at times, its so infuriating that the predefined notions of god knows how many zillion years back are still considered manditory and even crappier-- RATIONAL. I mean, HAH let me laugh all i want at that one alright mamma!
    Anyhow, i feel SO awesome that I have a rebel as a friend =D
    Oh so cool! Haha, you're needed right out there babe. With the pen in your hand, and the throbbing ideas.. You're unstopable.
    i love you.

    Awww. Man, why are your comments so nice, and the Feel Good Factor of your's works like magic : )
    Exactly! That whole point of considering those certain ideas Rational is just.... Wth? Whatvever, i LOVED that line of the "with the pen in your hand.." . Man, I feel great, thanks lobe : )
    Come back soon on my blog, with Ro. You guys need to take care of it while im gone: P

    I love you too : )
    all my love.

  8. haha...learning a lot from me hon...=D
    nice likeyed it....btw if any1 stop u frm doin anything call me....we'll screw him/her...:)
    {remembr dipankar...*winks*}

    all i cn say is...u hav words+, u hav ideas + u hav necesary guts=dynamite
    so deres absolutely no need to ruin ur day nd paint ur blog red by gettng angry over dese things..."TRI-VI=AHHL" is all i can say...
    chill, love one love all...if dey don't love you screw all..:D
    happy wednesday!!

    PS: SPELL CHECK: synical???????
    nd u wer commentng on fb on me writing coffee wrong...:P

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    JOHN STAMOS!!!!!!!!

  11. Hi nil !
    Just a thought on your post.

    I know it can seem frustrating when you're forced to work in a specific mould designed by god-knows-who, but I think the trouble is that not all humans are the same. The idea that we should define what is right and wrong for us is liable to abuse by humans - and you know they have a weak nature. Crimes -moral ones- could compound manifold if there is no society which a man fears/respects/knows about/is a part of.

    I think that while we should not blindly and fearfully follow whatever the society sets down, we should also not blindly disregard the ideas and moulds set in society. Follow your heart,by all means, but make sure you are fully aware of a good reason for disregarding what society expects you to do.

    Let me know what you think.

  12. @ Remya: Yo! :D
    Lol, haha, thanks a lot for your encouragement babe : ) Your comments sound more rebellious than my post ;) Yeaap, we both are always game to screw over smart people. *Dipankur..*--> Our top list buddy xD
    Haaahaa. And yeah, about the "Synical"-- Lol, i had my doubts about it too, but I read that spelling in a printed format somewhere, hence I wrote it. I think its got to do something with the British/American language difference. I don't know really, will look it up now : )
    And hey! What about John Stamos ?

  13. @Charu: Hey dear, i sure was missing your thoughts on this post! Glad to see you finally read it :D I absolutely agree with you on your point, read my post once again and you'll find this parrt that says that in earlier times, the Church was never qustioned, but now, instead of the Chruch, predefined notions are never questioned-- are never thought of rationaly. Absolutely right on about your point when you stated, that we sould not blindly follow what the society says but also not disregard it completely; we should be sure of what we follow and what we don't. Cause i feel that the Gen before us has a lot of experience by which they have tried to imbibe these routines -- but also that few of the elderly people have very primitive ideas [for which they cant be blamed]-- so those ideas need to be made rational and be questioned so that the barrier which is not needed for a certain thing is broken. I have an example in mind, but i'd rather not write it now, as I have no intentions of hurting anyone's sentiments. I'll talk to you about it in school yeah ? :)
    I hope you see my point?
    Waiting for your response : )
    Cheers to you!

  14. John Phillip Stamos is THEE cutest friggin ever teen idol! What can be ABOUT him Cherr? His looks is WHAT about him! nooo. I am not drooling.
    I'm gurggling =D
    Chelsea Noble's apparently his high school love-- Like, yeah right. She looks like his friggin great aunt from Misissipi >_<
    No man, I am Not J.

    He's hot.

  15. Yeah, I knew the teen idol part, hoever I didn't know the Hot part :| eer. Sorry. I just looked him up on Google imgaes, and fortunately/unfortunatly - the first picture itself was pretty sad . Heck yeah, you're *not* J.
    Mrill, I wasn't born last minute y'know <3. : P

    What the hell are you doing on my blog now? Shouldn't you be in School? what time is it?
    Where's Ro?

  16. GET yourself nice preety looking frames, maybe then you'll see how J.S really IS! Who are you trying to kidddd? He has a tan that looks like he was born to bathe in the beach! =D Okay, I'm just on your blog : ) I AM in school. But, it's PE- I'm just.. Giving myself some time alone XP
    Haahaa, it's about 10:30 AM.
    And Ro's busy Again. Dunno, some freak project. Again. I tried explaining to the child not to bother, but the child thinks I'm the child. =\ Don't comment anything on THAT.

    There. Thats a nice girl : )

  17. YUCK- to the bathing in the beach part. That was beyondd YUCK.
    And hey! You loved my frames, so don't talk! : P
    Haahaa, WHY do you always end up on my blog while P.E/Geography/Lit. ? Lol. Anyway, BWAHAHAHAHAHHAAHH about the Rohaan and you bickering : P
    And fuck, that comment about the "Child" thing... Yeah okay, i won't comment as I want you to call me soon :P I'll comment on it once we speak :P Haahaa.

  18. Haha.. Well, cause they're the classes I suck in. So I just end up scribbing/tearing paper/looking around/texting/surfing/spit balling :D So yea, it's just more productive on your blog ;) Laughs!

    Okay I'm gonna go now. I'll be online once school's over... Don't be sleeping then, please! :D
    Byee! Love you! <3

  19. YOU are one heck of a chick!
    Crazy!! Anyway, okay I'll try not sleeping : ) Missed call me from your mum's. If i dont missed call back, then I'm dreaming of ..... I dunno.. whatever.
    Bye! Love you too : )

  20. shit!!...u bitch..u DID NOT SAY THAT JOHN STAMOS IS SAD!...

    @Mril: the position is vacant.:P...i knoe he's so frigging hot..:))))...
    and plus hez dammn funny..go to his'll fall off ur seats laughing and i guarantee you dat..
    yea yea nil i knoe i nvr toldya dat hez my childhood fantasy (ha!)(courtesy Full House)...cum 2 think of it! the past 1 and half years..i nvr did...sorry mistake...


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  22. Hi again Nil !
    Yeah, I read your reply on the morning of the exam before coming to school. For one thing I wanted to hear the example. I tried finding you in school after we separated in the canteen, but I couldn't. Will talk to you later.

    As for the other, I was tying to clarify my thoughts so I could make a proper reply. I had actually read the post long ago, but only now I was able to reply.

    Now, onto your reply.

    Glad to see you agree with me. If you are able to think so rationally through the frustration, cheers to you !

    As for the Church example you gave, I would like to mention that there was a lot of fear at the time. The Church was rich, powerful and actually had a control through religion on many people. Many people may have followed the Church simply to preserve their life and honour, and passed these lessons on.
    Also, most humans are very pliable under authority...until now !

    Besides, all of humanity cannot change in a day. Agreed, lots of time has passed since those dark days, but people may still remember the old ideas and it will be hard to shake them off. Maybe, they will never be shaken off fully.

    Lastly, I love the fact that you give respect to the elders despite their ideas. True, when challenging such ideas, one should be cautious and respectful, while also being rational. One must also be sure of the ideas one is challenging, with all its pros and cons. With that thought in mind, here's to our progress!

    Hope I didn't bore you or all the blog members with that ridiculusly long reply-to-a-reply. ( And sorry if I did ! )

  23. @ Remya: REALLY?! Omg, im freaking out. i am running NOW. I have to get married to him! Laughs : )
    and may god sprinkle thousands of more J.Ss on you for that picture link. He looks better with longer hair though, don't you think so? He's beyond god. <3*10000000.

  24. @ Remya [again] : GO see this link:

    Somehow, I can't get over his 'rock and roll honey' ; Full House look. *_*

    There, I am gurggling again!

  25. @ rmil: WHOA!!>..THATS ONE HOT PIC MAN!!....
    m gonna send dis 2 him on twitter!!...
    to put it in his own words...
    "HAVE MERCY!!"

  26. and u bless people real well...:))
    btw...we myt run into each othr on our way to marry him...its a race yo!

  27. What's up hottness?! Both of you!

  28. u cum on twitter..u follow him..u'll realize wats hotness...:)

  29. @ Remya: Hahaha! Laughs! I hope we do end up running into each other. That'd be fun ;D I want to be on Twitter too :( But my parents are a little paranoid.

    @Cherry: HIIII you hottness! =D
    I ditched school today, finishing 6 essays together- don't ask :|

  30. @ Remya: Abhi time nahi hai, maybe i'll check it out tomorrow or somethin. Yeah?

    @Mrill: 6 essays?! WHY on earth?

  31. @ Mril: yeah er...has that paranoia got anything to do with the "porn-promotion" :D
    heyy to everyone here..u have to see this!!

  32. sorry m generally feeling a bit retarded and possessed and obessessed....
    i think i shud vanish...

    @nil:started sst yet?
    @charu: chill
    @mril: all the best
    @myself: get lost.

  33. Don't ask. My English II- teacher is a lunatic. She needs a husband, and some romance in life. That should fix her up. But alas! We still don't have men who are willing to marry women with pimples sproting on the EARS.

  34. @ Remya: On my way to the link.... And hell about the Porn promotion- Bull's eye!

  35. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!! MILL! god, you funny thing!! Husband and Romance?! Now THAT was hot funny!

    Hey ladies, i need to go now.
    oh and remya, i havent started SST yet and I'll hate you for the rest of your life if you have!

    Mrill, see u online soon okay?
    you and Remya have a nice time chattin here, while i go eat ;)
    cya guys! <3

    @ CHARU : Hi! Well, your comment was not boring at all! I agreed with every letter:)

  36. @ Remya : I just saw the link. OH I'LL SHOW HIM HOW TO KISS ALRIGHT!!! Im SO J. This is not fair!! :((( Hey, maybe we should go on rampage huh?
    Man. Why is he so hot ? And he's NICE-- like, as a person! I read this thing on Teen Vogue about it. If i come to India anytime soon, I'll meet you with Cherr :) I'll show you the article!

    @Cherry: DONT Goooooooo!!
    Oh well, okay. Actually, i gotta buzz too. I should work on my essay now! I'm through with only two :(

    Catch you girls soon!!

  37. Hey my last comment rhymed! =D

    Lol, okay, bye =P

  38. @nil: dude..i don't think i descended on the earth today..i am clean, normal and absolutely too stressed presently to sit infront of any type of book, story or sst...nd yeah...dont f'get u gotta get dat "A walk To Remember" for me...
    @mril: liked it?

  39. @mril: haha!!...baii...*hi5*!
    gnite everyone!

  40. hey, I heard of that book too :) Though I don't remember the Author. :?
    See? THIS is my problem. I'm addicted to this blog and keep checking it every 60 seconds! And trust me there, I'm going to be in deep sea for it! I have like, 4 more essays to rant on about, out of which one includes trash about the Roman empire-- I HATE that topic with ALL my heart and gut.

    Ugh, I'm going to switch off my laptp NOW. But I might just switch it back on again, in 10 seconds and be back x)

    Lol, okay gnite you all!
    Hi5 Remya! =D

  41. anyone alive???
    come online please!!>>>...i need sympathies

    Im there hun, with all the sympathies you need :) I need some too ://

  43. Okay, I know- I should die. I have been busy. Yeah quite busy, and I KNOW my comment was to be one of the firsts, but I was really caught up with this project of mine-- main grades for it in school yo.
    So yeah. Awesome post, as always. Made me think and helped me conclude alot of things. Thanks alot fot this post, I had never really thought of certain things seriously before, but now I have. Owe that to you yo Cherr : )

    Haah, I see My darling sister has started boring you friends too?! My sincere apologies for that.
    Hahaha ;) John Stamos is a good fellow, decent actor too. That's about it. I wouldn't comment on my sister's beach fantasies with him-- instead I'll just make Jim read it x) Haha. Mrill's in school, and I'm not ; For a change!

    I had too many hectic days. I didn't get good sleep for about 2 weeks cause of this project. So I ditched today, and I was sleeping till about 15 mins back :D
    All I plan to do now, is maybe get some Ntl and watch some random shit on TV :D I missed doing that yo.

    COME online :D
    ----- Me.

  44. Oh and hey, we're trying to convince dad for India during Christmas.

    Contain yourself. Stop jumping like a friggin mowhaaaaawwk xD

  45. This comment has been removed by the author.

  46. Rohaan! Brother
    YOU HAVE FUCKIN GOTTA BE KIDDIN MEEEE!!!! Reallyyy?!!! you guys planning to drop here during Xmas?! That's too awesome man. Cant wait to tell baba and ma! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHATTT did Purushottam uncle say?

    P.S-- This friend of mine [remya] asked me what a "mowhaaaaawwk" was. It took quite a bit to explain to her, it was funny how are little chat seemed so ridiculous to my own ears! :P

    Please ask Mrill to come online soon :) Let me know how are things working out at your end.

    Your bratty sister :D

  47. where's ur previous post??..i mean da late october waaala???,,,,delete kyun kar diya u jerk??!!!

  48. Sorry, they gave me unpleasant vibes :/
    Anyway, Im back after a looong vacation of not blogging ;)

    Wait for a post coming up... :)


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