Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A musical...

When she was young,
so was he,
they met as friends
and held each others hands
for the vast world to see . . .

When she was of age,
and so was he
It was time to get married,
and both families disagreed.

When she was ready,
so was he
They eloped together,
and set themselves free ..
For the beautiful sky to smile at them,
for them to be a part of each other's ecstacy . .

When she was a mother,
so was he.
For she was a mother to the child,
but he was a mother to both . .

When time passed,
and air rusted..
When she was ready to close her eyes,
so was he.
When she was peaceful to die,
so was he.

So was he
So was he

And his grave bore the words ;

"When she was mine,
I was her's.
Now she is god's
thereby, so am i lord,
So am I " .


Something that a sleepy mind of mine wrote , late after midnight.
How do you like it?