Wednesday, December 9, 2009

A very sad truth.

It's competence everywhere I look. Everything is being challenged and contradicted. The 21st Century's title as "The age of Technicolor" is being taunted on, and used as a defence,and reply-back to Ego.
Quite a few instances have provoked this post, one of them being Blogger itself. Another being School. The craziest one being home,and the saddest one- being a temple. Yes. Take it or not,yes.
I wouldn't name anyone, that would be very harsh of me. But even at the slightest of a statement, crude replies and ego wars are becoming eye candies to people watching. Anything contradicted,insulted upon gets a common synonym phrase "It's what 21st Century states" to the phrase "I am right. You're just a wannabe."

You know what's the saddest part of it all? I've ended up seeing bizarre faces of a lot of "I used to think" sensible people in this rat race. There aren't phrases like "I am sorry to disagree" or "But I would like to add" -- Na, none. All it contains of is "Shut up! I'm speaking."

I was checking out this blog.. Some American girl. It amazed me at how disparate are people to be heard and to contradict something perfectly correct and harmless just to paint a face of smartness on their canvas.

"Mayans are right"
"Global warming is a result of sun screen, I've researched!"
"Education is making teenagers watch Porn so they know what're physical aspects of a human life!"

-- To all these "Valued Comments" -- Any contradictions asked, the concluded answer is "The 21st century demands you to break stupid logics that are last season and use your smart mind to figure out the truth!.. So shut the fuck up dumb ass"

What these Dumb asses don't get is, 21st century is not all about being hip and make stupid logics just to boast your neurons to the world, it's about understanding History, respecting it with research and concluding it with better logics [if any] in the future.
I agree there are some crazy stuff that the History considers right, and speaking today, I would have rolled my eyes bad ar whoever said such disgraceful and dumbbb things which were actually considered Gnorms of the society at some point of past! But the whole point of this tech smart century is to prove it wrong OR give it the right amount of respect it deserves {if Any} in a lady-like and gentleman like way! There's no point screaming,shouting, writing stupid things with complex vocab Just to make it sound powerfull, you know.

If any of you disagree with me, with all due respect, I acknowledge and salute your opinion. But I would surely request you to think again, Isn't the 21st Century being used as a code word to boo people, lately?

I await your responses.

Cheers to all of you faithful readers! (:

~Democratic Screams~
Nil. (;


  1. @Nil:"Everything is being challenged and contradicted...There's no point screaming,shouting, writing stupid things with complex vocab Just to make it sound powerfull, you know."
    I think you've hit the nail on the head. It's so true that now many people challenge things just for the heck of challenging, without the due respect or awareness of what they're doing. I think people in general have become more impatient. The idea of being wrong is difficult to accept since in a democratic and very communicative world, all and any combination of views is possible, allowable and acceptable. This isn't wrong, as long as we are fully convinced of and accept the fact that alternative views are possible.
    Let me know what you think...

  2. Thanks for getting mad about this, Nil. I've been asking my friends to try patience, understanding, forgiveness and love for a while now and I've even begun to laugh a little at myself. It just sounds sappy, but it works for me. I'm really nothing if not a decent student. Unfortunately, all of the history books stop about the time we were born - and if we ever have the time to study that part -ugh, "objectively"- it's taught with such a harsh political slant to the point of being unusable.

    There's an absence of facts about why things happen in current times and almost everything we read is biased. We're left to try and understand ourselves from reading about current events and perhaps value the opinions of those we love and trust.

    Who then do we trust? It's usually our parents who come to mind first, actually. Then it's our friends with whom we share so many common bonds and experiences. I sure hope they study our relative place in history.

  3. @Nil: BTW, to add to my earlier comment, there is a lot of impulsiveness going around. Things like twitter let us publish even small thoughts and ideas, without thinking and whether we are serious about them or not. Exaggeration can also become popular in some places. And to top it off, there is that attitude of "sab chalta hai" or "sab kar rahein hain".

  4. @ Charu: I think you're absolutely correct :) Your statement "The idea of being wrong is difficult to accept since in a democratic and very communicative world, all and any combination of views is possible, allowable and acceptable." has hit the bull's eye to one of my main points of argument!
    And about Twitter, My dear not only tha,I think commercial and social websites like facebook and blogger Itself has contributed to the impulsiveness! I have read some of my friend's comments on certain things,and I was disgusted at how poorly they handle being contradicted upon.
    So yea :(

    But I'm glad that you and I think similarly on this issue, makes me realize people still think :)

  5. @ Ric: Boy do i highfive you hard! You are so right when you say that if we ever have the time to study that part of History "objectively"- it's taught with such a harsh political slant to the point of being unusable.
    And yes, I agree with you that in the current times everything we read it biased.
    I'm glad about being mad at this,too ;)
    Well, frustration reaches a point when the best way out is to laugh, I've been there,done that-and go there evry once in a while!

  6. @Nil: Glad to see your reply, and even happier to see you agree :)
    As for twitter, it was just the first thing that came to my mind. Micro blogging seemed to me a very prominent example of impulsiveness. But yes, Facebook and Blogger have joined the bandwagon as "resources which have lost their potency and advantages due to being overly-convenient"(wow, that was deep and original for a change-hope that makes you laugh :)

    Am really missing you; hope I'll see you in school after the science exam *gulp*
    Hasta la vista...

  7. just stumbled here.
    Gr8 work..
    There is still some scope for broadening things..
    So just chill n hav fun..

  8. YOWIE!! What's with the darkness eh?? ;) Well, its a basic Human tendency that people try to contradict each other, mostly just for the heck of it. But the point is how far one needs to, and can, go with it. And reminds me of GOD-LINE I read and re-read from Atlas Shrugged...

    "...His means to establish the truth of his answers is logic, and logic rests on the axiom that existence exists. Logic is the art of non-contradictory identification.

    A contradiction cannot exist. An atom is itself, and so is the universe; neither can contradict its own identity; nor can a part contradict the whole. No concept man forms is valid unless he integrates it without contradiction into the total sum of his knowledge. To arrive at a contradiction is to confess an error in one's thinking; to maintain a contradiction is to abdicate one's mind and to evict oneself from the realm of reality.

    And my life was NEVER the same after I read these lines!! I actually wrote these lines somewhere in my answer script for a subject called LOGIC AND SWITCHING THEORY, when asked for a certain logic which I did not know of!! And guess what?? I scored pretty decent on that paper ;)
    haha. anyway, keep rolling them thoughts out of your mind-mill... :)

    Until later, see you when I see you... :D

  9. @Pranav Kumar V: Hello. I haven't talked to you before, but seriously, those lines you've quoted are so true! They're really deep, but practical. Thanks for putting them up.

  10. Adored your post yo. You seriously make me proud Cherr. And I couldn't agree more with your friend Charu. Right on yo! =D
    Mrill told me about you being out on a vacation?
    Nice yo! Finally you're on Chill :D
    You're learning Cherr.
    Hey. Let me know once you're back under roof,needa talk.
    Take care yo,
    and keep writing, I look forward to it everytime.

    Cheers yo.

  11. @ Remya: Get online yo. I'm friggin bored! Cyber world leads me here, and sceptic and interesting conversations with you & Cherry : )
    My sister has this thing of just coming un invited :)
    Poor poor girl.

  12. @ Disguise: Aw:)

    @ Nipun: Hi,Welcome :) Thanks for your feedback, I would be glad if you stumble on my blog more!

  13. @ Pranave: Wow. Those lines were something.. always wanted to read Atlas Shrugged, will do ASAP now! Glad to see you on Blogger after SO long! See you soon! :)
    And yes,I agree with your comment wit all my heart!

    @ Rohaan: Thankkkkksss for such a cute comment! : ) Yeah,I was out in Bangalore... Had a talk with Mrill. However SOMEONE was out for tennis :|
    So yeah :P
    Im glad you liked my post.. :)
    And about Remya... Umm,she'll take a while to come online! So I suggest you guys help me choose templates for that!!! :P
    Call me yo :D

  14. You're ONLINE!!!!!!! baby you're on friggin LINEEE!! =D
    How are you? How's everything? Did you miss me? How was your trip? Send me pictures okay?
    I'm STILL at Sequira's. Oh my god Cherr,we're like,having a BALL!! .
    Slumbers are so much funnn! I miss you :( I was making Seq read your post. She loves it, I LOVE IT TOOOOO! She says she's going to follow you! And now she wants a blog herself :P
    I feeel so effing OLDDD!
    anyway, Tell me you're still online????????


    I'm onlineeeeeeee :D
    Wow, those were alot of questions!!
    okay, one by one:
    I'm good.
    Everything okay.
    I miss you like fuck.
    Yes,you'll get the pictures.
    Oh yay, even though I don't know your friend, say Thanks to her from my side,and tell her I look forward to chatting :)
    I lovveeddd it that you loovveeddd itt! :D
    You're not OLD!! wtf?! :O
    I'm online. So lets TALK! :D

    okay wait, what time is it there? don't you freaking have school?!

  17. I HAVE school okayy! Drop out rates ain't cause of me :P Well, Seq and I are just.. Doing educational research at home, like .. Reading your blog! =D
    Like,Ding friggin Dong! We're reading about the 21st Century..andd Umm.. STUFF!

    Uh,yeah :|

    We ditched :P We're hogging on carbs like fuck and getting fat =D
    I've been over Seq's for like, 5 DAYS!! We've gained 999999 pounds!
    I'll explode soon,and fly to India \m/

    I'm so awesome ^_^

    "Ding friggin Dong"--> I LOVE THAT! .
    Yeah,sure, explode,fly and land on my gate :D we'll finally have the girl's night out and kidnap Remya from her place :D
    We're so awesome

    YEaaah. So you ditched. Annndd.. your mum? She does realize you have changed the definiation of "Education" to my "Blog" .

  19. About my mum knowing.
    Let's tape our pretty teeth xD

    Hahhahaha, yeah Cherr, we'll kidnap Remya, and then we can go party like animals!!!
    I'm thinking of alot of other things,too x)

    Laughs. Anyway, how's India?
    Are your parents good?

  20. I like your thinking xD
    India's okay, mum and dad are good,too :)
    Way happy-- "Son's a graduate!"

    I feel so stupid :|

  21. What took you so long to friggn type Cherr?!
    anyway, don't feel stupid! You'll be a graduate soon enough <3

  22. Yeaa yeaa :|
    Hey hon,I need to go,okay? I'll speak to you soon! Yeah?

  23. :"(
    Everytime. Every freaking time you do this shit! :(
    Aw okay man, Bye! Take care, and so much <3

    Call you,soon! :D


  24. @Nil: I was struck by the first line..."Its competence everywhere I look"..the post coveys so much of things which we would like to express today, but few can. The growing comptetion and efficiency today makes people believe that they're the absolute power, they trivialise anything that stands in contrast to their view, they forget their roots, they forget respect.
    Contradictions are made with inconsideration towards others thoughts, believes. Instead of a respectful expression to state the fact that this is your view, opinion, we prefer to enforce the other person into agreeing to our ideas. True, a mere reason, 21 st century. Oh and i love how you personified today's world, it is a contemporary existence so that's justified.
    Crude replies, Ego wars...amazing've improvised so much on non-fiction...

    Oh and the American girl, make her smell your school socks, she'll understand what is the cause of air pollution and global warming...:P
    oh and the porn part...i think facebook nd social sites are responsible too( Looks at Mril nd Rohan pointedly :P)
    stupidity yaar...good thing you rendered "dumb" in bold...;)

    @Rohan: hi man...sup? Plan to emerge out of your books into the outer world for the New Year? :P


    Come online-yo, I'm frigging bored...look who's NOT online now..:P

    and sorry man, cudnt reply earlier, hated the blog's template and Bongz was being a pain in the ass as she said that she doesnt won't be changing the template anytime soon...:|
    as it turned out, she did :P

    @Mril: I heard.
    The Kidnap Plan.
    Not very nice.
    how u? Heard abt u going to sum friend's place for the week...lucky chik...:)

    @everyone: Oh look, I'm the last one to comment....:|

  25. @Remya: Love your views. You've expressed them so well. Nicely written. Glad to see all three of us agree.


    Haaiii :D

  27. There's this totally retarded ass on YouTube who probably has something against Bengali ppl and thus 'voices his opinion' by postin sick, racist comments on every other Bong vid.

    He even ranked Tagore songs among the 'crass Bollywood singing and dancing' and rudely slammed anyone who disagreed with him.

    What could possibly get more retarded??? Seriously???


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