Wednesday, December 16, 2009


This post is dedicated to all those posts of you all which have made me think and realize more and more with every day passing and every blog update that a feeling can be reborn by words and a feeling can be burnt by words.. I have always passioned writing. Today,when I look back in time,I don't think I would have ever had the confidence to pen down my thoughts and scribble them in untidy handwriting and still having the courage to show it to my freinds/teachers and feeling confident about my ideas and innovations.

Poetry was always a bigger corner of my heart.. However,with time,I realized that wiritng stories have their own charm.. To morph myself in the alphabets of those lines and verses is a satisfaction in disguise to somehow know,I'm writing reality.

I'm in an extremely emotional mood right now,and hence maybe I feel so strongly about a casual post my friend Remya wrote. I have always considered her feelings deep and respected her thoughts on paper, but that post- however so causual and honest-lift me off my feet. I couldn't believe how the words captured my mind,and how it took me back the time line and reminded me of every minute expression during that particular conversation. The humor,the sarcasm,the wittiness,the melancholy-everything.I was in awe. People say "awe" is used for beauty, but indeed the beautiful way how she captured that episode of history left me in awe.
Kudos to you,friend.I'm so proud of you. You make me procrastinate on topics which require justice and hours,just the right amount. As a retard friend- Haha, but indeed you make me proud.

I would also like to thank my English Teacher; Mrs.Suman Anand without who I would have never smiled at my horizon and realized the extent and flite of my capacity. I would have never realized the my thoughts could be a ship which could carry so many voices,which could comfort so many hearts,to let them know,they're not alone.

This post is to all your guys, You guys do a wonderfull job on Blogger. With every day passing and every blog update,our spectrum of perceptions and opinions bridens.. Here's to each one of you who've made the tiniest or the biggest of difference in my life by their words.

Today's evening is your's,
Cheers to you.

Take care,


    don't do stuff like that!...gets me so damn sentimental :) not planning to get off your back for a long time...thank me in another 10 years then...;P

    On a serious note, all I would say about the past will be that you had the capability, you had talent oozing out of you..and all you needed was to have confidence in your abilities and yourself. Today,yes,I would say your words are more expressive, more thoughtful, more deep, more mature than at the time when I'd met you, and that's what makes me proud of you...You know how to learn from the past, you know how to be better.

    I've hurt you lots of times with the truth, criticisms and the "words" which've made you think and get sentimental about. And there may be many more..but they're lesser than before..and I'm happier because I wouldn't have to say the same "Man, don't get pissed" with immense tension and guilt in my mind that I'm responsible for the crease on your forehead, after every hurtful truth.

    I am just the supporting actor in your life, you are the lead on girl..:)
    So, let it're gonna be a zillion times better and I know that more than anybody..and I'm addicted to you, my clumsy retarded friend. ;)
    To our friendship,

  2. Oh, and the template's good ;)

  3. @Nil: Wonderful post. Seriously, I agree with remya(again). You were always a wonderful writer, and I also want to thank everybody who made a contribution in your life. Now you are confident and mature and in the future, you will be evrything you want to be. I wish you the life and success YOU would like (conventional doesn't work for everybody)
    @Remya: You're one lucky girl, and I hope someday I'll be as lucky. You and Nilanjana have a wonderful bond and I hope-no, I know you will stay friends for a long time. A wonderful, honest friendship like that (and retarded if you want to add the word) is something everyone should look up to.
    Cheers! *sniff*

  4. @Nil: As a serious afterthought, don't ever doubt your writing Nil, especially when they can get someone to cry.

  5. Who cried on nilanjana's writing???????????
    I don't think she writers such sentimental stuff to cry that you Charu?

  6. @Remya: If you care to ask me next time we meet, I'll definitely tell you who it was and why as well.

  7. @Remya again: Aw, c'mon I'm talking to friends right? Yes, it was me. It wasn't the writing, but the thoughts that came in my mind because of the writing. I said it as a general fact because I believe that many people would be able to relate to it in some fashion. And that relation could also make them emotional. As for me, I'd be happy to tell you my reasons if you ask me in person.

  8. @Charu: hmm...conventional.Come to skul tom, We'll tok then..;)

  9. @Remya: I am so sorry. I saw your reply the next day. So I wasn't in school with you, my bad. By the way, how was it "conventional" ? I'm thinking on coming on 19th(tomorrow), will you be there ?

  10. nope..sorry man, I has some important work today there, so that's why showed up only for that..

    Anyways, no problem, c ya ;D

  11. @ Remya: Loved your comment babe,Naah, it wasn't to get you sentimental or anything. I was just way moved my the way you wrote the post :) But,Im glad you liked it.
    Yea,thanks for the compliment, there goes my head :)
    Haha, Lots of Love.

    @Charu: Awwwwwwww! which of my stuff made you cry????! Why haven't we spoken about this before?! Meet me in school,SOON! Thank you for sooo much of your appreciation :) Means tons to me,you guys know that!

    @ Both of you: Hearts!

    @ Mrill and Ro: Come frikkin onlineeee! AND Mrill, get a home!! :P

    And Ro, dont make me spill on Blogger. :P

  12. I stayed at Sequira's for like,13 days. =) Ohmyfriggingod. We chilled. Like,in literal.
    I missseedd your blog like fuck! It was creepy! I think I'm addicted to it :P I got Seq to get addicted too!
    But we were just So busy butting around that I couldn't chat!

    Anyhow,coming to your post. What can I say?
    I can't say anything. Remya and Charu have done my part :)
    All I want to say is,I haven't read those set of powerfull words else where and I don't think I ever will. Cause that comes from a brain and a heart that can never be forged. Can't be. You make me proud. And if I've ever contributed to your life by my words even one bit in your life,I'm honored.

    I love you :)

  13. And ONE MORE THING, I'm not done yet womaaan. I missed call you. STILL am. But oh nooo, I'm the one who never lets people know while OL ^_^

    Muah babe.There,I missed called you. AND YOU are STILL not online!

    Oooooh,guesswhat?! I just got to know Rohaan's conversation with you. Can't freaking stop laughing my ass off the fuckin' floor Cherr! IS HE SERIOUS????!!!

    Anyway, speak to you about it through mail ;)
    Or even better, PHONE =D

    Mygooddd. This is going to be fuuuuuuunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn :$
    [I get cash to blackmail him,you do know that right?!]

    :* Lovvee.

  14. @Mril:
    HAAIIII :)

    Hey,,btw..tell ur friend i luv her name "Sequira"..damn pretty..
    hope u guys had fun :)

    P.S.: dont kill Rohan outta blackmailing..i need him for the sensible "yo" talks and ur hotshot fights ;)
    take care, bye :)

  15. @ Remya: Sup yo?
    Haha, MRILL ? Blackmailing me yo? Like to see that happenin.. x)
    She's on a sleep over spree.. She came back like,a day back,and she's back to Sequira's. Haha.. Lord save a brain like her's yo..
    Missed called Cherr now,she should be coming online... You still there?

    @ Cherr: Yo yo yo.

  16. @ Ro: Freakin YO!! You're back xD
    Thanks for Missed Calling me thrice ..And then twice again to annoy me.


  17. Laughs.. Yeah,figured you'd get pissed,yo =P
    Yes,I'm back :| Speak to you on phone,so zip up Bratt.

    Anyway,nothing. Eating breakfast and chatting random yo.. Sister's not home
    So I'm just pretending like I'm an only child :D


    You tell me? How've you been? And why didn't you answer last time yo?

  18. Stop being mean! I miss Mrill :(
    I ditched her when she was online :"(
    Anyhow,I'm upto nothing. Just came back from a birthday treat (:
    Fun man!

  19. Cherr,you're learning the right places to ditch yo \m/

    Hey,awesome. I'll be runnin in a bit too. Buncha friends. Needa buy tape,yo =/

  20. You'll be going out with friends on a Sunday to buy Tape?

    Wow. You're sad.

  21. Haha, pretty girls like you have tons of reasons to flaunt yo!
    I prefer to be the invisible Anti-party animanl ;)

    Ofcourse.. If you come here, OR we go there, men and woman will see a different chap altogether yo xD

    What Mrill did on Thanksgiving ain't impossible by me. I can manage northern better yo!

  22. Oh sh'up! Having a gorgeous sister like Mrill, you shouldn't call ME pretty :|
    anywayyy,I can't wait to see the party animal in Rohaan :P
    HAHA. Dont get pissed man.

    And why ofcourse,I'm sure you can outbeat Mrill at partying...


  23. I'm going to ignore everything about the last comment :)

  24. Hahahahahahahha. Aww. Ro Bro!

    Hey, why do you need Tape? :|

  25. Uh,cause there ain't any at home :|

    Oh wait, also cause I'd like to put it to some use with Mrill =D

    Yeah, the real snooker M.Plan yo xD

  26. Oh and now,to come to your post.Can't figure what to say yo. But yea, pretty much the same as everybody above. Only that for maybe agreeing with my sister the 4th time in my life that,If anyway I have let some smiles and ideas in your life,I'm honored yo. Really,Just read the complete post. As always,breathless. The amount of emotions seem to strangle my brains with thoughts of wonder-- in The good way!

    Maybe one of the best posts Cherr :)
    Proud of you sis.

  27. AWH! Man, Ro, you're too awesome. You guys are like these awesome bunch of people who make me feel so cool. I love you guys! :) And bro, trust me,It's really cause of friends and family like you that these buried acknowledgments come into posts. Really.
    Thank you :)

  28. Oh and HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH on the earlier post :P

  29. Welcome Cherr.
    Its pretty cool knowing we make you feel awesome

    Yeah,it's in the genes yo.

    And yeah,Tell Remya I clap for her post,too :) I'm way sure it musta been way awesome to let out a breakout like this yo. :)

  30. Haha,stop copying my "Genes" line :X

    Yes,I'll convey your claps :)

    Mannnn. I miss Mrilllllll! When's she coming back?

  31. Laughs.. I figured you'd remember,yo =P

    Mrill,I don't know. And I'd like to keep it that way =D

  32. Dude! Stop itt! I miss herrr :"(

  33. Haha.. Laughs. Anyway,I need to run yo. Catch you online later :)
    Take care Cherr!
    Call you soon.

  34. Grrr. Okay >:

    Bye,you take care too.
    I'll make it a point to not answer next time you call (:

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  36. *whistles*..

    *looks around casually*

    @Nil: you're dumb. :P

    @Rohan: hi-yo!

    @Mril: I thot u came bak???

    *blink* *blink*
    Haiii :)
    *blink* *blink*

  37. Whatsssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap?!!

    Blink Blink


  38. Howdy thr!! Hi =] Ermm..Sequira this side! Mrillo's friend??.. Caught that??.. Jeez I <3 your blog,woman got me yanked to it! omhgddd Mll told me stuff about yer writin and junk,youre so awsome! i'll b watchng out 4 u haha!
    ol asap:^D

  39. @Remya: LOL for your last comment... *blinks and looks confused*

  40. @ Sequira: Hi :) Awesome to see you on my blog,like finally! Yeap,Mrill told me about you,and your Sleepover marathon. Haha :P Is she still over?
    Lol,no, I'm nothing awesome as you put it! I just like to write,is all :)
    I'm online now,are you?

  41. @ Charu: Hi :) Online?

    @ Everybody: Online?!

  42. :D
    yeah this side...*winks*
    But I'm sorry, I'm very busy doing I cannot chat :P

  43. Hahaha...Damn it,that's the DITTO story at my end! I'm just feeling SO weird doing nothing that..I just miss exam times! :O

    Yes,you can now disown me as your friend.

    but it IS so!

    Sigh. Anyway,i'm boring Rob on phone :D
    So come online whenever,and I'll catch you whenever :P

    ^ So random,sighs.

    Makes a dramatic exit and gets hit by a shoe.

  44. @Nil: Who ,may I ask, was the lucky person who threw that shoe?
    XD kidding
    New profile pic? I'm finding it a bit strange for now, but still you are soooooo photogenic...
    "I just miss exam times" lucky for you, they're coming again soon, in less than three weeks.
    Anyway, can't wait to meet you guys at the annual day. Bye!

  45. Charu! Haha,yes,the shoe...Lets NOT get into that :P
    Thanks for the compliment :) Andd YESS i miss exams,which is weird I know.

    Si,Si :P

    See you! :)

  46. wana get to school..m so frigging bored man.
    And then, I watchd 7 movies yesterday...
    was on a competition wid my sistr..she backed off during exorcist ;;DDD
    Exorcist was funny ;)

  47. 7 Movies? NOW we're talkin!! ;D
    Awesome shit!
    Man,are you coming tomorrow in the Annual Day?

  48. yo...!
    hafta go and collect my prizes...and i think they hav me in the school, yeah.
    I gotta go.Kaaju's bday we're also celebrating..u game?

  49. Ofcourse I'm coming!!! I think they have me in the presentation,too. Though Im not sure yet!! :/
    Yeaapp, catch you in the party ;)
    Carry your cell.... Will needa stalk you lot once i get to school.

  50. comment box transformed to chat room eh?

    nice :)

  51. Haha :P Funnily,yes :P God,I missed you here!
    Hope you're doing good.

    Nice picture! :)


  52. Eyy!kayyy im back,again. Eeya sorta late @ mine,but am so cramped wif everythin like u have Noooo idea!!
    so whats up at your site'eh? Rushin' t school,will say hi to Mll

    Catch u!

  53. Ah, the blue eyed girl. Nice name. Thanks.

  54. @ Sequia: Eeyy! whatsup hon?! Be online soon! <3 catch you!

    @Ramit: :)


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