Thursday, December 24, 2009

A pathetically usual Christmas eve =)

Believe me,this is an absolutely good for nothing post. So here goes :) ---

So maybe after a good 4 months,I got a lonely evening to myself where I did nothing but nothing :D
Starting from a lazy, long lunch with dad...
and then Yes,I watched Juno, did an excellent job at becoming totally emo about teenagers and going preggers.
Then what? I was mourning mentally on the emotions of being a mother,due to which I actually put myself into some use in the house, trying to help my mother-- However resulting to be kicked out and sent to m room to go to hell.

"Who are you trying to kid?"

And then I threw the duster and went back to my ole buddy Laptop! xD
Then about an hour and a half on the internet, searching the most pathetic videos on Youtube [ Pigs Flying ] and annoying people on Facebook.
Then, Ms.Mrinalini Abot decides to call me and then accusing me of the bill she gets. I give her a whole lecture explaining what an ass of a retard she is calling me from her school practices and that staying over friend's for 14 whole days just proves the fact that she needs help.
I pity over her mother,and promise to send her sweets via international links someday when I'm rich. Mrill attacks me of being "A rotten cherry" - which thunders my laughter for bang 15 minutes.
Finally I say "Fuck off sweetness,go study some Geography" and hang up, and the woman calls back accusing me of the bad weather which apparently got her hair soggy. .

*Laughs to herself*
And then people call Me Random and stupid.

So,that conversation really lit up my day, and I'm glad she called.

I love you my hotstuff :P Mwahahah! I'm so proud that you can be weirder than me :D
However,don't think you're in the league just cause of a petty convo of weird and abstractness. I'm unbeatable,and you're filthy incompetent in the field of Weirdness =D

^Kidding love! .... Not. x)

After all these personified alarms of Mental Help, my parents decide to go for the Family Christmas Eve outing to CP. Which suited me just fine,untilll I stepped outside.
My eyebrows froze, and I remembered the fight I had with mum about a sweatshirt being pathetically insufficient for a day like today and that I was a Problem Child.


My thought process was interrupted by the irritating nudging of my good for nothing brother who handed me my sweater.[The Dorkiest one,but the Good-for-nothing statement above boo's at me now]--Not good >:

So anyway, we went to CP,did the usual rituals we do every year- Drove around the inner and outer circles,burgers at Mc.Donalds, my inevitable shopping and my parents natural nagging :)
So yeah,it was just like the other years.

So,all in all,i had a nice evening :) Although CP was not crowded this time,which sorta ruins the charm, but whatever,i had a nice time :)

What about you guys?
What didja lot do Christmad eve?

Clear skies and Santas to y'all! ;)

Jingle Bells,

[P.S-- Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of ye fellows out there!!]

Ho! Ho! Ho!
Santa laugh,however lame :|



  1. Merry Christmas!!

    Happened to visit your blog through Orang's blog!

    Nil, You have a cool blog layout too :~)
    I was watching Juno too today except that I had no feelings of a helping kid to a sweet

  2. Hmmmm... Call me boring, but I was working out a schedule for today (incorporating study, tution, TV, computer time, oh, and eating and breathing ;) Talk to you later. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas, which would at least be better than Christmas Eve.

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  4. haha, cute :)

    my xmas eve? omg, terrible terrible! i was pissed the whole day! it's just towards the end ..when i cooled down a bit :P
    today should be a good day!
    merry christmas btw!

    and i love your blog too :)
    u have 1 more follower!

  5. See if you wanted this post to be really lame, you could have just stopped with saying you watched 'Juno'

    And you can't call all people on FB lame coz am there too :D

  6. I enhanced the sales of Bacardi and spent the night reading a book, debated with my parents deciding where to go on 25th, went downstairs, decorated the colony christmas tree..sang, wrote a song, fought with my sister and exactly 5 minutes later....Went out with her to a bookstore and got 5 novels for myself :D
    Talk about happiness!!

    Merry Christmas y'all!

    P.S.:@Mril: You rock. ;)

  7. @ Yemiledu: Merry Christmas to you too!!

    Glad that you came across my page :) Thank you :)
    Haha,lol about that.

    Hope to see you here! Cheers.

    @ Charu: Everybody works outta schedule at times ;) It's okayyy.
    Sure,catch up with you later. Hope you have an awesome Xmas too!

  8. @ oRange* : Hey hey hey! Welcome to my blog =) Wow,happens man,I was oh so pissed last Xmas eve,you have no idea :| I'm sure today was better'eh?
    Awww,that's so nice of you! I'm stalkin' you too,you wait :P
    Merry Xmas to you too!

    @ Twisted Elegance: Hahahahahahaha.Aw C'mon man,Juno's good!
    Anyway,I didn't mean "Annoying people on FB"--you caught that wrong. I meant I was annoying people on Fb :P
    Hahaa. Anyhow, ;)

    @ Remya: Babe,you sure had a ball xD
    Managed to call me and waste like 20mins on phone, provoking my sister to accuse me that I didn't have the manners of being around people :| Screwwww you :!
    Merry Xmas :)

  9. Hay there babe! Awwwww,I had a oh my gawd such a hot Christmas thing!
    Tell you the whole episode on phone,you should totally hear what Jim went through at my place =P
    Like,dad was in his Dorm Days mood,oh my god,it was WORTH like recording the conversation!!
    And the Ro & I baked a tart cake =D
    It was sooo awesome!!

    Anyway,It's not MY fault my hair was soggy okay!? I had to get it blow dried for Christmas Eve bash party at a friend's. :(

    I just came back from this friend's post Christmas thing, duuuuddeeeeeeeeeee I got these stalkings! They're so amazngggg =)

    so you had a usual eve :) Yay! I hope you're parents are doing okay?
    Miss youuuuu!


    P.S-- Seq is hooked to your blog,too! :P Haaahaa

  10. @ Remya: Like,you do tooo!
    Miss you! Come onlineeee!!

  11. Mriiilllllll!!! You're onlinnnneee! Whatsup!? Ohmygod,been ages on Blogger with you.
    Ahahahahah,can't wait to hear your "episode" :P I can't imagine Purushottam Uncle taking anyone's case,though :|
    Not Jimmy anyway. But...Wine does it :P I guess.

    Womaaaan! How much DO YOU party?! You've mentioned 3 till now already. :S You're one social butterfly :P

    Yeah,mum and dad are doing fine.
    I went for this picni yesterday with family. Tell you about it on phone.
    Gotta go, tuition going to start.

    Reply meeee! Omg! You're onlinee!
    Miss you too!

    Hugs <3

  12. Yeapp,I'm online!

    I don't party all that much,really. Its just...a discipline which one has to follow to become something in life :P
    Lame attempt,I know. Nvm.

    Okay,so i'll call you like,tomorrow or something, good ?
    I'm going to end up accusing you of my bill anyway :P It Is your fault,you know!!
    Okay,don't hit me.

    So yeah,my parents are ding okay too. They're not bothering me--ll that I care :P

    yeah,it's pretty late out here too,so i'm going to Zonk and sleep now:)

    Nitey nite!

  13. oh god,that sounded so gay :|


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  15. Your reason to partying is so lame Mrill,you have no idea :P
    but that's okay. I do that,too. maybe a little better of a reasoning power... x)

    Yeah,tomorrow is good (:
    Yeah,you can "Zonk and sleep"- whatever that means.

    Man,Get Ro online! That ass needs to catch up with me.

    Nite! :*

  16. Say Cherry,what's up yo? :) Belated Merry Christmas to you too. Funny post yo! Been caught up with a lot of things,so took me a year to read it :P
    So pretty good of an eve'eh? Awesome yo. I did,too. Nothing much actually,this friend of mine came down and then we went to Northwest Valley. There's this street there,91st Avenue [Union Hills]-heard bout? so they decorate these streets like waayyy off! It was awesome. So yeah,you've heard about how Christmas went,and the cake part [which was friggin awesome yeah!].. So pretty cool of a party yo.

    I rolled off the friggin chair reading Mrill and your convo!!!
    soggy hair? school practices?! Dude,is that freak going to pass High school yo?!

    Anyway, whatsup with you? Haven;t spoken much lately yo.

    do that soon!


  17. You were searching on You Tube for pigs flying?

    Man you got a better life than me!

    Merry Christmas to you too :)

  18. @ Ro- Ho Ho Ho! Online,there? :P I'm to be working on this project-failing miserably,and doing absolutely nothing about it =D
    Hahaaha,Yessss,I knowww. I heard everything about the Christmas party from Mrill,she called yesterday (:
    Ofcourse, YOU were busy. Like,maybe figuring out how many lightyears nebula XYZ is from us :|
    I'm annoyed at you!
    Are you onlineee?

    @Desigheeandcoffee: I wouldn't know about a better life,but surely a vella-er life! ;)
    Thank you.

  19. Cherry ; Finally thought of gracing me with a chat? =P
    Yeah,I'm online...Working on a project,too. Failing cause of your blog and you . Don't mind it,though =P
    Eerr,How do you do? YOU guys never called me when you lot were on phone,okay? You're the one who's into figuring out planets, nebulae,and light years =P Don't you sack me into a vocation belonging to you. :|

    what's up?

  20. Oh shut uppppppp.
    Whatever,I'm just upto alot of things at the same time.
    I need coffee. And a vacation.

    No wait, I just need to study :|

  21. Study? You're gonna flip yo! Why do Indian schools make people study so much? It's like, everybody's gotta be a Manmohaan Sing. Maybe you should just stick to a coffee and a vacation yo...


  22. It's "Manmohan Singh" you retard! XP

    I would love to stick to coffee and the vacation part,however my parents won't you know :)

    And screw you,American schools make kids study,too! Just stop being biased. =P

    Considering you're the one who's always upto some project or the otherr......

    If I were you,I would shut up about schools right this instant :)

  23. Jeez woman,stop getting zonked about everything,you know :S

    Anyway,I'm figuring out ways to get Mrill grounded, Suggestions?

  24. Wtf? Why?!
    I thought you guys had a nice,peaceful christmas for once? :S

  25. Oh yeaah? She went and told mum I was dating some Tania from school and wanted to get her home for the Family dinner.

    speak much,Cherr?



    Fuck,no wayyyy!!!!!! *_* I'm DYING here of laughter!!



    How come Mrill didn't tell me about that!?!

    And can you stop replying to fast? I'm refreshing the page every 30 seconds :|


  27. Very funny,I'm going to die laughing,I think -_-

    No really,she did that! And mum? She was all teary about "My son has his first girlfriend! Sweetheart,have you kissed her? Maybe we should talk this over dinner ."

    And that rotten female specie called my SISTER was laughing near the corner spilling everything to that ass Jim.

    I think I'll fly to India once I'm done with school. I need inner peace.

  28. There's no point typing "HAHAHAHAHAH" cause I think you can hear my laughter even at your end xD

    But I swear,Mrill and I are like, SOUL SISTERS! I'd love to do that to my brother!!! >:D

    Jim was there,too!?!
    Wow. Thats embarrassing. :P

    BWAHAHAHAHah. Yes,child. Come to India. For inner peace.

  29. No,that dipshit Jim was on phone with her :|

    And no,I can't hear you laughing,cause it's friggin NO funny. >:L

    Hey,anyway Cherr,it's really late out here, so I should get back to my stuff yea? maybe I'll call you sometime :)

    Gotta go! see you :)

  30. God,you type fast :S

    Lol,Otayy :P Call me soon,I totally need to muck you on this xD

    Bye! Good luck :)

    And tell mrill to come ol.


  31. Wow,you are fast :S

    Haha, yes,
    We Women :D

  32. ohhkk..mrill had a bad hair day and you told her to study geography??poor thing :(

    any search resullts for pigs flying ??

    loved your blog babe..should be here often now

  33. @ Sulagana : Hey there! Lol,yea,I can be cheeky at times ;) And bout the pigs flyin...wouldn't comment further cause I don't want to potray myself as a freak,further now do i? :P

    Aw,glad you liked my blog. Yesss! Be here more often to read my lunatic life in bits ;) and i'll be stalkin your's ;)

  34. and yes,i love your per your profile which reads "rain-walker"

  35. Aww,thank you :) That was random,besides the fact that I LOVE rain!



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