Friday, June 11, 2010

Bring in some food, some balloons and let in FIFFAAAHH!!!

Hello there, my gorgeous readers! Yes, I know I'm updating real fast, but hell I haven't been blogging like crazy for so long right?
So. I haven't really been in the best of my moods lately, first there was this whole issue around and then the fact that I got back to delhi leaving Shillong. [Still hurts. Bad.] But, something really amazing happened. And I figured that no matter what, those people who're meant to be, never change. I had an amazing celebration of that fact last night, and I can't help but feel blessed. 

"A toast to an amazing life, and after life. May we be blessed and graced with so much love that refuses to fade with the fiercest of weathers,
Cheers" :)

Andddd now for the best part!
 FIFAAAAHH!!! Yes, it's here. Finally. After all the waiting. And god knows how many times have I heard the song "Waving Flag" today, already. But that song.  Every damn time I hear it, it sends this new found energy of sorts into my body, and it just makes me feel euphoric and the song almost screams Unity. It screams for us to be stronger, to wave the flag, to smile out hard to the world.
The song gives me that feeling when you're cheering for something with all your heart, soul and mind. And screaming your lungs out for something that you support, and that euphoria brings out tears from the corners of your eyes, and keeps your lips smiling, singing along with the millions out there waving flags and banners, cheering not just for a game, but for a bond. 

So you guys! Please do cheer, real real hard okay! It doesn't matter if you guys are watching it on the TV or Live, just feel the energy of the game- the power to make you happy- and cheer, cheer for the world :)

"When I get older, I will be stronger
They’ll call me freedom, just like a Waving Flag" - K'naan. Waving Flag. 

 Let's celebrate :)


  1. OH YEAH!!!! I"M CHEERING HAAAARD!!! so which team do you support?

  2. Yay you! I'm so glad you are back and bouncing all over like an excited five year old! Hugs!

    Yay FIFA too. Thanks for the link to the song. I was wondering which one it is after I saw you mention it on Facebook!

  3. Yeah!!
    Let it flow..
    This time for Africa.
    Go Messy go..



  4. This is the first time I'm watching the biggest sporting event on earth, I don't know shit abt football but nevertheless, BRAA-ZEEEL :)))

    Btw, why did u change blog ka layout?

  5. so cool that u said it..... amaazing time, this !!!

  6. @Nandit: Good for you! :D I ain't really a football fan, to be honest! But it's the FIFAs man!!!!!! who doesn't like it then!!! ;)
    I support Argentina :)

  7. @Ramiiiiiiiiiit: Hellooooo! Hiiii! yes,I'm back to bouncing and crazy self! :D :P
    You totally HAVE to hear the song! :D its WOW. And also "Waka waka" by shakira.
    They're HOT songs!
    I'm going addicted on youtube thanks to them! :P

  8. @Nipun: hahahaha I like your spirit! Yesss this time for Africa!! \m/
    Waka waka! :P

    Cheers dude : )

  9. @Eesha: Heyy honey :) Oh how cool is that, I bet you'll love it. You can come over sometime and we can watch it with buttery pop corn and balloons :D Yeah?!
    Aww yeah Braaazzzzeeeelllllll! Very close to the heart,too <3

    Ohh I changed it cause the black looked a bit morbid during summer :P Lol,I was bored!
    So yeah : )

  10. @Mohit: Hahaha dudeee totaalllaayy! This IS thee time!
    I was actually hoping to put up banners all over my place :P

  11. Cherry! I totally loved the title of the post! =) It made me smile, first thing =)
    Anddd eeeepp I support Brazil! They have like the hottest players ever, and they're good too =D
    [That's just an fyi just so I don't sound all blonde =P ]

    Teeha! I loved your posttt!
    How are youuuuu!? I miss you

  12. Hello there, sister blonde!

    @Cherry- This's gotta be one of my favorite posts yo! And yeah kill me later for bailing on your page for so long, I know =|
    How are you hey Bratt?! get on mail, soon.

  13. Whatever are you doing up? Didn't you have one of those meetings of "who's more dumber than a GUCCI bag" called parties, yo?
    Or did they figure you can't even compete there hey? =|

  14. Awww my baby brother's tryina be all cool here isn't he? Awwwwwww look at him drooooool ^_^

    No you dimwit, I didn't go anywhere. And besides ,I totally get your confusion about whatever a party means hey! I mean, aw you haven't really seen many in the day light have you? =( Only those nerds with taped specs and checkered shirts could invite you to their Science geek-a-do interventions, hey? Awww.
    I'm sho showwie ='(

  15. You needn't be "shoowwie" (Mary, that is SO gay!) for me, sugar. Those guys with taped specs and checkered shirts are the one's who give you jobs when you don't figure your SATs or whatever yo. You evidently won't get through collage, so I went and figured I'd get you to date one of my buddies yo, you won't be jobless at 36, that's for sure, yo :)

    Awwwww look at YOU drooling now! ^_^
    You don't need to thank me sis, I love you yo. : )

  16. Tehahahahhahahha! Hook up with your buddies? I'd rather marry the wending machine, and sell candies =)

  17. On second thoughts, that suits me just fine yo :)

  18. Are you usually that annoying? Oh wait, I've out up with your lunacy for 16 years =/

  19. Give me some credit for smiling at your blondeness for 15, hey! :)

  20. How about you leave?
    That'll be nice =)

  21. I'm not in a mood to be nice :)

  22. The 366th day of the year yo.

  23. There isn't a 366th day in a year, dipshit.

  24. Gosh, your annoying capacity seems to have quadrupled hey, get off my head will ye?
    I'm outta here.

  25. YOU GUYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    SCREW you guys! Why the HELL can't you give me a bloody missed call OR an email. I was bloody sitting on FACEBOOK while you guys had this nasty lovely conversation.


    And btw,


    at the conversation :P

    You guys still suck for not calling me ,though >:P

  27. I love the wavin flag song so so much. I havent yet decided on a team to cheer. Every match i m picking a random team and cheering for them :P.

  28. ^Ahaha! I love your spirit! That's the way it should be!

    *Waving Flag*
    Do keep visiting! : )

  29. oh geez, my husband is all over this right now. he's not even a true fan, but he's very into it for now at least!

  30. Give my highfives and cheers to him!! ;)
    We need the spirit. Go banners Cheryl! Show some art with your lovely mind!
    Much love <3

  31. Was supporting Argentina.. now I'm kinda confused :|

  32. This comment has been removed by the author.

  33. Okay. so I thought about it a little more.I'm still fixed on Argentina! :P

  34. Pls download the Love blog tag to your blog

  35. sure? Confident? Lock kiya jaaye

  36. hello nil,
    i have been a silent reader for a while, and now im officially "following" you.. rss feed et al :P

  37. @Queen: I tried it when I saw it on your blog! Something's wrong with it :/ I tried the HTML code,too.
    But idk, it's showing "Server not found" or something on the page when I save it. .

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

  39. @Rishi: Hanjiii :) Who do you support??

  40. @knk: Thank you, I hope you do too :) Welcome to my blog, and I sure do hope you keep visiting!
    Happy blogging there buddy!

  41. @hAAthi: Hi there! Oh really? ooh I like anonymous readers ;) haha thank you ma'am. An honor to have you on my page :)


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