Friday, June 25, 2010

A happy sight to see.

I'd gone and meet a close friend today, after my dance rehearsals. It was all very random, and we ended up chatting for three whole hours, when I was supposed to be there for hardly a half hour. But I guess that's how it is with  pals, it gets hard to figure how time flies away in the zillion things you need to talk about and catch up on.
So by the end of the third hour, I figured I had to rush home, so I hugged her bye, and promised to meet up soon. I left with a really happy mood, feeling good about something that was unknown to me,too. But somehow I knew I figured a way to make things fall back into place.
And I thank her for that..

So I was sitting in the auto, coming back home, when my ride happened to stop for half a minute in the traffic, and I saw two pairs of little converse worn feet in another side of a gate, sitting on something, swinging happily and dancing whenever the water sprinkler from the other side of the garden would wet them. I could tell the kids weren't older than 10... Weirdly enough,I didn't even see the faces or the upper body of those kids.. But it was something about how happily their wet legs swung together, reflecting smiles and excitement. I could hear the happy squeals, but before I peeped out of my auto to have a closer look, my auto whoomed away!
But through out the ride, and till now, it's just that one flash of an image that keeps making me smile.
I haven't seen a better picture of friendship before. I haven't :)
And I'm just so glad I did today, cause as random and trivial as this sounds, I know that, that image of those happy feet swinging together is something that I'd remember through out my life, and it'll keep reminding me of good and happy times I cherish today, and the one's I forever will :)

(I couldn't click a real picture, but this one from the internet is close enough! ;)

Keep good,you guys.
And stay happy :)

Much love,


  1. thats really touching :) :) awesome

  2. That was nice... simple but true and it seemed to be straight from the heart which makes it soo much cooler :)

  3. Thanks babe :)
    Yeah, it was pretty much straight from the heart.

  4. hey

    amazing na how simple things like seeing a stranger's happiness fills your heart with a warm feeling that you carry with yourself for a long long time..

    i find observing people and smiling to myself all the time..

    and yeah, its nice to have buddies you can talk-talk-talk with :)

  5. Thats a real sweet memory!!
    Lovely sight..:)



  6. Definitely the image of happy little children makes us feel so much happier inside :)

    Oh, and totally agree with the lose- track-of-time-while-chatting-with- friends-part ;)

    BTW, where have you vanished from my blog? Last 3 posts without your comments :(

  7. touching and sweet :D
    and you have captured it so nicely..

  8. @Dip: Yea, I know.. It was all so sudden, and random. And it's almost like that picture's engraved in my mind, now!

    Aww. I bet it's a good feeling. Yeah, randomness happens to me alot, too =P

    Yeah, it is. It is.. Speacially when you catch up after a long time :)

  9. @The (un)common girl: Thank you. Yeah it is, indeed! Hey, did I tell you I love your screen name? It's really really nice :)

  10. @Nipun: Yeah, it was. Thank you so much :)
    Cheers to you too!

    @Charu: Yeah I know right! haha :)
    And Whatttttt!? 3 posts? wait, how come it never came in my feed?! :/
    I'm on my way to your page, now! Don't you worry :)

  11. @hAAthi: You're too kind. Thank you so much :))

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  13. Niiiiiiiil!
    That picture=Awwww <3

    And this is really simple and nice. I like the way you've expressed how that image can make you smile. :)

  14. Aww thanks babe!
    yeaaah I know, the picture- first time I saw- I was all for it!


  15. it's a wonderful photo and the entire post is just beautiful. you really know how to write on many topics, and the topic of friendship is no different.

    lovin' it, as always!

  16. You didn't tell but now, thanks a lot. :D

  17. @Cheryl: awww hun, thanks! You're too kind. Yeah the picture completed my post and gave it full justice!


    @The (un)common woman: Haha, most welcome! :)

  18. a) your auto went 'whooom', really? :P

    b) certain things strike us out of the blue at times, and makes us wanna capture my case, makes me wanna write...good to see that you did :)

  19. hey hi..
    happy to c u on my blog..i was busy last days...went to waishno devi..jai mata di...thats y wast able to connect!!!

    any way nice post !!!

    cheers :)

  20. Sweet Memories.....
    Yadon ke jharonkhon se
    jab dekha samne....

  21. ohhh this was soo know the kind of stuff that comes right out of your heart :) which makes you pause, and smile to yourself and fell good about..

    the best memory i have of my best friend n me is having jam paratha which ma used to make for us,. in the evening when we would get tired of playing and come home cus i would be screaming "maa khide pechey "

  22. @Mohit: Yessss ,it "whoomed"! :P
    Haha. .yeah it's the same at my end too. I either dance it out, or write about it :)
    Aw thank you!

    @@Tripat Prerna: Hey, my pleasure :) I figured you were doing busy. That's okay!
    Hey thanks so so much :)


  23. @डा. हरदीप सँधू: Thank you so much :) I hope you keep visiting~!
    Take care and happy blogging!

  24. @Sulagana: I know exactly what you mean. I do that ALL the time! Maa always has to have someting or the other whenever I come back in the evening :P

    Glad to know you share such memories, they're very important. They make us what we are.

    Thanks! Iloveyou!


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