Monday, June 28, 2010

Yeah loser, it's your birthday!

Since two years, I've crossed all limits of being the epitome of crazy retardness with a partner in crime. She used to be The new girl  back in 9th grade, when she joined our section for the first time. Then we became seat partners [as kindergartenish as that sounds] then slowly aquaintances, friends, to closest of buddies.

I never thought we could belong to the same world. There was something in both of us, that was so different and poles apart. To gel those two different equations was to over rule one of them. Both of us were strongly opinionated, so there was no question of being submissive. Her take on things were quite different to what I might have done, my out-going, 24/7 laughing-self was something that was way different to her- sober in her own world.
But I guess that's where fate's mythical existence pokes its way in, and twists and turns everything you and I might have figured as a future. With time, we started bonding. With time, I started realizing that she's not even half the person I thought she was, and vice versa. With time, I realized that her friends weren't that different to what I relate to as "friends". And slowly, they were my pals,too.

Everything takes time. Our friendship did,too. I figured our tastes matched a lot, I realized that she can be crazier than me and even more wild! I experienced the fun of have THE MOST pointless and cracking up-ly funny conversations on the back of notebooks during History class. I cherished laughing out loud with her at the lamest of jokes some porn-addict in our class cracked. I felt the excitement of looking forward to school,to meet friends, and enjoy those 6 hours that were apparently called schooling hours. 
We figured, we were so similar   brain twins. 

And I must admit, as freaky as that can get, it can be good fun,too.  We've had our share of issues, and I'm hell sure they're tonnes more to come :P But hey, we stick our way through it, right? That's how it gets better and better with every fight ;)

So here's to you, Remya Raj. It's been a joy ride, these two years. You've helped me discover and over come a lot. You've helped me find a trust in people. You've helped me figure, that it's not always about how screwed up things are, but how we un-screw it.
I'm glad WE happened :)

Happy Birthday, babe. 
Here's a toast, for my closest pal.
God bless you.

-Much much love,
your only retarded friend,

28th June, 2010.


  1. Happy Birthday to your brain twin!

  2. This has to be the sweetest and one of the most genuine birthday posts I've ever read being dedicated to a friend!

    God bless you both!

  3. Aww TBG! You always are biased towards 15 year olds, aren't you?
    Okay yeah one of them have turned 16 today. No big deal :P

    Haha, thank you so much :)

  4. They both would be 15 for me for a long long time!

  5. Suits me just fine! :D

    I'd rather be glad ;)

  6. Have already given my congratulations at Remya's blog, so all I can say for now is: best of luck to both of you!

  7. I saw :)

    thanks Charu. You're surely one of our prized buddies too! : )

  8. wtf!
    you really think that you are her ONLY retarded friend, eh? Well, think again ;)
    And for the post...
    this has got to be the best literary gift remya can get! :P

  9. shit,sorry! You're in the retarded league too! Yeaaaaa B-)

    haha really? dude thanks, that's crazy sweet of you :)
    I hope it is! : )

  10. oh so lovely! you're such a great friend nil! :)

  11. Happy Birthday Wishes to your friend!!!

  12. Appy birthday Nils best friend :) loads or retard fun and tonnes of memories for you two :)

  13. I'm a prized buddy? Hurray! :)

  14. wow.. Nil.!! such cute tribute to a friendship. I wish Remya a very happy birthday.
    Cheers to ur friendship Nil. :)

  15. @cheryl: Aww thanks! But hey this is no biggie, I'm sure you would have done the same for your chum :)

    And heyyy pretty picture!!!

  16. @Sulagana: :) <3

    @Charu: Hell yeah!
    Haha : )


  17. @Jarlin: Thanks, from her side :) And thank you for visiting and following my blog!
    Very kind of you :)

    Happy blogging!

  18. @Shantanu: Thanks so much man, I'm glad you guys enjoyed reading this.
    Haha we're a buncha crazy kids, it's much more fun when we get it out on all mediums, including blogger ;)

    Haha. Thanks again :)

  19. Belated wishes to her frm my side :)

  20. ^hahah I know right! birthdays are always fun! well, most of the times anyway :/

    Welcome to my blog, Iva :)

  21. wow... it nice to have a frnd like u...


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