Thursday, June 10, 2010

Shillong :)

So after a whole year's planning and phone chats, and emailing, finally, my trip to Shillong happened.
It was supposed to be a runaway from the Delhi citylights ,the honking, the PHONE and people.. And it did, in it's true sense.
I still remember the first day, my sister and I met at the airport and i went ;
" phone, it isn't catching the signals here, sucky network in the airport'eh?"
"Err.. babe pre paid Vodafone doesn't work here in North East"

So after quite a drama queen like scene at the airport itself I settled back, sanely. [Liar,much!] We had a long trip from Guwahati to Shillong, nicely caught up on sleep, chatted, looked around Shillong..and then got home :)
The next day my sister and I were on for a movie marathon, so we pretty much were glued to the screen for about 14 hours, YES 14 FREAKING GALLOPING HOURS!
Everyday in the morning, the only thought that came to our head was "So how do we waste our time today?!" :D ... We were busy doing nothing at all, all we did was shop like crazy, movies, walking, smiling at the whole bunch of greenery around us and have fun.. :)

Shillong felt so much like home.. My sister, Raima and I spoke till late nights, we caught up on everything that had been up in our lives... it rained every two hours [!!!!] and well.. what can I say? ... It was bliss.

I visited family, and another sister of mine, Stuti.. We guys went for movies, shopped, and were busy being random about everything =D
Soon, that visit came to an end..

With not even a shout of drum rolls, 11 days flew by and then came the last day.
The day went by pretty normaly, but there was one thing that made me stop and think and look again.
It was 4am in the morning, and I was standing on the balcony and what I see is a range of black mountains running covered with the silvery of clouds in it's silhouettes. The wind blew ferociously, and I pretty much froze where I was and looked in awe.

It's true that Shillong changed me.
I realized, These 11 days weren't just about shopping and movies. These 11 days gave me a much awaited space, and a disconnection from people that I needed. I got time to sit idle. I got time to just think about a yellow ladybird I saw sitting on a wall. I got time to think about stuff I had left back in Delhi.
I got time to waste time.
I got time. A lot of it. 

Now I'm back, back in the heat. Back in the honks, the busy roads, and the star less sky at night.
But I still remember the little trivialities about life in a small town, and I can't help but smile, cause I got what I needed.
I got my break, and now I'm ready to kick some ass!! ;)

So you guys take care, and go get your break!;)

Some random pictures for you to have a look at- :)

Random Shillong.

Raima and Me :) 

Much love.


  1. Ahh Shillong!! Spent four years in that slice of heaven on earth. I lived in Nongrim Hills, went to school and spent my time eating wild berries and climbing nashpati trees. Made me nostalgic

  2. Seems you had loads of fun! Nice, Nice. The green foliage picture is awesome.

    How come the prepaid's don't work there? That's strange! Well, maybe it's for the security from the terror threats. I visited Shillong for a couple days in 04. Don't remember much. Heh. You know my memory though!

    Tell Raima she's gorgeous!

  3. th eonly close connection i have with Shillong and the north -east is that my dad is from there :) and i have never been there, got a gorgeous hunk of a nephew doing his engineering,strumming the guitar, speaking the funny,nearly bengali language and swearing on a place called Kurseong...

    beleive there is a part of me that wants to just be, just roll on the grass, sit with G and think of how we will cook when i am 65 and he cant eat food withour his dentures

    the post made me think all this, the green the pure air, the warm smiles and the frosty window glass :)

  4. WOw Nil .. You seemed to have a wonderful time of 11 days.. Yes a silence and a break like this is sought by almost everyone.... So happy for you and the pictures were cute :)

  5. "I got time to waste time." good sentence.

  6. I was looking for a picture of the yellow ladybird....

    Nice pics tho ;)

  7. Wow...I'm so glad you had a nice trip. Nothing better than escaping the heat of Delhi for something so wonderful! And that too for 11 days! Definitely even wasting time there must be great :)

  8. Ahh Shillong... I am planning to go there in September... Hope it works out :D

    Post more pics :)

  9. @Phoenixritu: Yeah?! Oh wow I never knew that.. Indeed you can't help but feel nostalgic, after all it's an amazing place :)
    Glad to see you visited!
    Cheers :)

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. @Ramit: Yes,I did have tonnes of fun.. I did! Aw I know right. All the greenery truly stole my heart :")

    Yess prepaid roaming doesn't work there.. Which is a good thing, now that I think of it : )

    I shall tell her, for sure!

    @Sulagana: I'm glad the post made you think of such wonderful things.. But you have to go there babe! I'm not even kidding. You and G da will love love love it! You will :)
    I missed you!

  12. @Banu: awww thanks darling! yeah I had a splendid time! But I missed blogging! Glad to be back!

    @Shantanu: Thank you :)

  13. @Queen: Haha! Lol interesting! ;)
    Thanks :))

    @Charu: You got all that right! Totally loved the trip. However im pretty much hating delhi, now.

  14. @Sid: I sure do hope it works out for you! It's an enchanting place Sid.. really, it is!

  15. Cherrryyy =) Aw! the post! you've always been such an emotional wretch everytime you like something, even if it's a place =P ily!

    the pictures! =O
    hoodddyyyyy! you girls are smawwkin' hawwt =D

  16. ooh and i liked the first picture,too. the lady sort of looked like a jap! with the basket and everything!

  17. Mrill!
    HI, You're online! HI HI HI.
    Haha yeah it sucks to get all emo every time something pretty comes in stock :P hehaha! I'm a fool, face it.
    I hate delhi. I hate hate hate delhi!
    Shit. I hate it.
    Okay I figured I repeated that, already.
    haha thanks babe! :D lol what's "jap" ??

  18. Jap is Japanese! Awwww you're so cute Cherr! ^_^ teeha!
    Yikes! Delhi's being hard on you hey? aw I know you must totally hate it after this awesome place right!
    so im up doing a project on Latin culture. who's life sucks more now?

  19. Bleh I want to get all happy now! but listen I need to go :(
    so I'll be all kicking and jumping next time we talk, yeah? which reminds me, tell Ro to call me!
    I need to go now! I love you!

  20. Okay okayyyy bail on me when I miss you like crazy! =(
    lol it's okay doll, i'll catch up with you soon enough okay!
    I love you too, and yeah I'll do that :)
    Reply me, like on Gmail hey!

  21. Yeap, shall reply tonight okay!

  22. Shillong's an AWESOMEEEEE!!!! Place. Really wonderful you've described your stay there! But Delhi's not that bad yaar... :D

  23. Naanndddiiiiiit! =D Hi hi hi!
    Yeah Shillong is L.O.V.E.

    I know man! I used to love Delhi with ALL my heart! But I guess it's going to take me few days to get over Shillong.
    And then I'll be back to "Dilli meri jaan!"


  24. Dying to go back it big big time :)))

    Btw, how do u make ur pictures appear after your blog post??? Coz whenever I post them, they alwayz appear at the starting.

  25. love the new layout.

    and this is a great post. so happy that you were able to visit and enjoy your stay there. it's always great to get some time, simple time.

    that's what i did yesterday--nothing at all and it was fabulous!

    i've missed your blog as well hun!

  26. Cheryl! You're BACK! :D Aww thanks! I was kinda bleh about the black layout, you know? Wasn't right for the summers ;)

    Thanks babe! Aw its awesome that you did that too!


  27. Okay, sorry for reading this really late.

    But but BUT, looks like you had an amazing time hun. Sometimes you need to just get away and thats exactly what you did.. GET AWAY.

    And I'm sorry Delhi's being such a bitch. :|

  28. @Shivii: Heyy babe <3 Yeah man, I LOVED shillong! I miss it :(
    Yeah delhi is being a TOTAL bitch :|

    @Eesha: Went alone :)

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