Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It's Us.

Dear friend,
it's been a while we spoke. It's been a while we joked, we interacted.. It's been a while, we've been Us. Till a month back,things were good and kicking. We did our daily retarding around, we ranted on and out about of normal lunacy, we texted humorously mind threatning msgs, you gave me that freak eye roll of your's that pissed me off, and I distorting your ears with my utter rubbish of the world. It's been quite a while.

I was reading our old conversations,today. I laughed out loud at our ridiculous freakshow like bond. I laughed at how much I learnt to trust a person in a year, and respect that person enough to heed her comments and words at important milestones. I laugh gladly, with happiness.

I remember our initial months of 10th grade, when I got my story selected to get published in a book, and you got the Student Of The Year award By TOI. You called me to share the news, and holy shit I remember how much we were jumping with joy and screaming and kicked with enthu saying "Let's fucking top everything man!" . I remember my pride when I saw you rising to a level where teachers at school looked up at you and recognized you not as a student, but a future. I remember your joy and pride at the awkward hug you gave me in library the day Suman Anand ma'am told me about my standing a position in The Scholastic Writing Awards competition.
I remember sitting in an empty class after that, bunking some godknowswhat class, and chatting. Just talking.
I remember some trivial crap, cause man, trust me. They matter to me.

Things went so weird in the past month. And at none of our's faults.
Things are quiet between us now.
And the lull of the silence leads my eyes to a sadness, no matter how much of an amazing place I might be in.
I hope things get back to how they were..
cause losing out on each other will be a loss we might deal with for a while, but not forever.
I miss you,man.
And I hope things get back to being Us again.



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  3. ha ha ha Love the word 'Freakshow"


  4. Sigh........little girls and their cold wars with female counterparts.....it's so much easier with guys, fight, then share a beer together.

    You should try it sometime.


  5. I wish u going r back to being 'US' again.
    Love the write....so written from the heart...and u guys r adorable :) wishes for u always :)

  6. Go go clear it out talk it out, its jus the first step thats tough -- talk talk talk it out :)

  7. Am not sure what to comment, but either way nice to see something new on your blog :)

  8. Lovely writing as always. Whatever you write about, you just capture it... You are far more than just someone with a slick way with words or nice tidy writing style...you are WOW young lady! :)

  9. I know exactly what you mean. Sigh. The good times, no matter how far behind they are, always make you smile. It lightens you up, though momentarily, and for a second you're just happy at the thought of a time so imperfectly perfect.

  10. hey....
    seems like you are missing and old friend...try and talk how bad could it possibly be..

  11. Good luck for that!! :)
    Lets hope for the BEST!


  12. BigMammaCool B|
    I think i know who you're referring to...may things come back to normal and you guys become the same chuddie-buddies as before :).
    God Bless.
    BigDaddieKewl B|

  13. We're back right.XD
    *waggles her eyebrows*
    Now delete it, you sentimenmtal piece of shit!
    Lol man, We'll share a beer now. Peace XD


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