Tuesday, May 25, 2010

To my darling Queen.

My darling Queen, before anything- A very very Happy Birthday to you.
It's been quite a while, I've seen your world through Queendom. And frankly, you amaze me by your immense talent of disguising real life into a topsy turvy tale of fantasy. It amazes me at how easy it is, to relate real life to that of a story book when I read your blog.
It's been a joy ride knowing you. And indeed you're one of those women who will never surrender to fate and hold the chains of life tightly in your diamond adorned hands and keep your crown in place ;)

To your Birthday challenge, this is not only an entry, but an honest thought that touched my heart everytime I think about your personality.
You truly are a Queen, Anuja.
And you always will be :)

-Yours' and only yours,


  1. You're most welcome, Queen.

  2. Pretty Pretty! I like it very much!

    Good luck! :-)

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  5. Damn it all women go ga-ga over this Queen... wat abt the kings and princes arnd :(

  6. ohh i think this one is an absolute winner...absolute one!!! good one Nil..brilliant..the picture reminds me of my fave lady , Audrey Hepburn...

  7. Nicely made, Nil :)

    Happy Birthday Queen!

  8. @Crazy Diamond: Eee! Thanks! <3

    @Ramit: aww Ramiitttt thanks! <3

  9. @Sid: HAhahhahaha aww the kings are very very imp too! don't you worry! we'll figure something for you too ;)

    @Pinkpatiyalasis: I love you. Need I say more?

  10. Charu: Thanks darling! :)
    Hope vacations are going fine?

  11. Omfg! That is sooowww cool Cherr! did you do the whole of that yourself ? =O
    omg listen up hey I want that for my birthday cake hey?!
    Are you Ol?! Ily! Get here!

  12. Oh and is the first picture photoshopped? =)
    It is Soooooww friggin' awesomely done!

  13. Mrill! Hi hi hi hi! You're online! :D
    Yes,so am I :D So I'm sitting in a hillstation, right now :D Oh oh and I go to this other place on he 29th! But then I won't be going with my folks, I shall be flying awayyyy alone to see my sister and party my bloody rear off! :D

    Eee lol thanks! I'm glad you liked it :)
    Haha sure babe, you're on the list! You're surely getting one for your birthday bash ;)

    And they're pictures I got from the internet, but yeah the editing is me ;) And no I edited online :)

    But listeeeeeeeeeen I'm sorry I can't be on for long!
    We're going to visit this church here! So I need to put on a pretty black dress ;)
    haha lol I need to get going in 5.. You?

  14. Omg that sounds so much fun! omg wow! So you're going to be all psyched with your girlfriends hey! =)
    Omg bliss when you're on! hahaha!

    edited it online? max stuff cherr!

    omgg eeee pretty black dress!
    you're such a shimmer anyway! Don't let those droolers get you lookin' ^_^

    Aw that's okayyy cherry!
    Ima catch you later then?

  15. Yes,I plan to have a ball! :D
    You get here!!!!!!!!

    Hahahahahhaa! yeah right! If i'm a shimmer, you're the sun,hottness! ;D

    Yeah,I guess I'll have to catch you later :(

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  17. You friggin' make my day all the time Cherr =)

    Aw don't get those pretty eyes go grayyyy! Ima call you,soon okay!
    And listen The bitch asked me to tell you he misses you and that he'll call soon. Oh and that you need to reply to his email.

    Now I wouldn't have told you all that had he not beed friggin' standing with his greezy hair in my pretty room =|

    Get online soon okay!

  18. Oh and the Bitch says he sent you some weird video to check out which you will apparently fall in love with.

    [Tell him to get a friggin' reality check hey! He sending you cool videos ]
    Teeha! You're being a sugar by actually opening them =P

  19. Okay, first of all, STOP commenting SO fast. It spins me up! :P

    Awww tell Ro it's okay and that I shall get back to him very very soon!
    Why is he haunting your room, btw?

  20. Cause his screen's trashed =D

  21. Oh and he called me Blonde =P
    Atleast I didn't go around downloading bullcrap that'd smooch pretty green little viruses on my laptop, hey!

  22. Okay,I'm trying to keep my face straight :|

    And I fail!


    Lol okay THAT was funny :P
    Okay listen! Shoot me, I need to go now!
    but I prommiissee to write bck to you both soon. VERY soon okay!
    I love you!
    Bye! and taka care

  23. I love you too!
    Bye! I'll call soon! =D


  24. Bye :) yes you do that!
    Miss you too!

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  26. Lovely dedication to a friend.:)
    Happy bday the Queen..



  27. Gosh nil... I saw this today after so long and it brought tears to my eyes...


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