Friday, May 14, 2010

Time. And it's rendevous.

Now playing- Layla, Eric Clapton.

After listening to this song, again after about a year, I figured how much I missed it. And I found a completely different newfound energy rushing its way through me, that ditto feeling I had when I heard it a year back. Some things never change :)
It's almost like I can see the person I used to be a year back when I hear this song, I wasn't anything drastically different, but I can see there were things missing then, which are nicely and accurately placed into my canvas of life, today.

The song made me happy. It made me celebrate. It made me sing. It made me find a friend. What more can I say? :)

Time travels pretty much at the speed of light..We travel faster, hence we never quite realize its speed :) When I saw this old oldddd album in a friend's Facebook profile today, I almost laughed at those good times, they truly were good good times!  I was euphoric when I realized that over time, I met people, I changed, the world around me changed, and yet at those moments when fate twists it, we sit in a rendevouz with it, we can clearly see what we left behind, yet- they complete our existance,and were somehow never actually left behind.

So many people were strangers, two years back- Now, they're friends - maybe closer :)
So many were trusted friends, two years back- Now, they're strangers- maybe worse.
So many places were unknown and foreign, back then- Now, they're almost home :)
So many places were home back then- Now, they're foreign.

Today seems to be a rendevouz. And I'm having a good time remembering those times and moments, when life seemed oh so perfect -that make life truly imperfect,today- And I'm happy :)

For old time's sake,
a rememberence,a picture- of a time that still is one of the bests of my lfe ;)

- Much much love and memories,


  1. Liked it a lot. It's got a deep meaning.... about old friends, past experiences, and how these things influnced our lives and still continue to do so... and they hold a special place in our hearts.. :D

  2. Beautifully put! Made me smile :)
    And that picture, so freakin' pwetttyyy!

  3. You've haven't grown a bit sweetheart!

    And Eric Clapton, was, is, and will always be number 1.

    And so are you sweet sugar plum, number 1.

  4. So true.
    But thats the beauty of the journey of life :)

    Keep smiling my nightingale

  5. Beautifully written. You echoed all my thoughts wonderfully!

    And the picture was just gorgeous. You look stunning!

    Loved the whole thing :)

  6. layla is such a lovely song, i love it too.

    your hair .. mujeh de de thakur!!! *drools*

    and sweet post... happy you are happy and look back at the past with a big smile on your face. that's important!

  7. Pretty woman!!! This was very well true was every word I read. :)

  8. so true...

    gr8 song

    gr8est smile

  9. @Nandit: Thanks man! Yeah exactly my point!
    Eeee welcome to Blogger! You're family now

    @oRange*: Awww thanks babe! Shit I still miss you!!

  10. @Ramit: I'm glad I haven't grown up!
    *disco dance*
    YES! Clapton-- Hail O hail!
    Aw :)

  11. @Queen: It is, it truly is :)
    Aw thankyou! I always shall :)

    @Crazy Diamond: I knowww right! Layla <3
    And aw thankyou! Haha you look SO pretty, you don't need my hair! Trust me :P
    Yes,it is indeed vital :)

  12. @Nads: Thankyou super pretty woman!

    @Rishi: Haha! Thank tonnes man!

    Cheers to all of youuuu
    Much love,
    Nil. <3

  13. HEy a nice article , especially liekd the part
    "So many people were strangers, two years back- Now, they're friends - maybe closer :)
    So many were trusted friends, two years back- Now, they're strangers- maybe worse.
    So many places were unknown and foreign, back then- Now, they're almost home :)
    So many places were home back then- Now, they're foreign."

    Sums it all up... thats what life is .. made me think a lot of the era gone .. wish somehow can bring it back ... :)

  14. Hi! And welcome to my blog:) Thank you so much,I'm glad indeed that you liked what I wrote.

    I hope you keep visiting :)
    happy blogging!

    omg omg omggggg! finally!
    Yeah you can kill me now for not being around! =( I'm so sorry!
    I had gone to Chicago for a while =D
    I went BONKERS hey! Seq,Kyle, and these guys came along too! =)
    Jimmy didn't =(

    Omg I loved this post!
    I love you! Tell me you're ol!!


  16. Mrilllllllllllllll! HOLY SHIT HIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!! omg you're back. FINALLY. I missed you! You need to CALL me soon. Wtf! Chicago!?!? Hell so awesome! Why didn't Jim go? Where's Ro?!!??!?!

  17. Yes, I'm gonna call you like, tomorrow or day after yeah! I need mum to leave, so I can call you for hours =)
    Yes, Chicago. I'll tell you everything! Everything on phone. Omg it was awesome! Omg I shopped like crazy! ommggg I got the CUTEST shoes! ^_^

    Ro?! Oh he's trying to be cool somewhere! Now that I've gone out, "he" needs to get out too right!
    Friggin' chaser =P
    He's been up for some jack of a project on Israel or something. Whatever, so what's up! ? =D

  18. Like,reply hey! I'm waiting! I need to catch up!!! omg i missed youuuu! cherryyyy!

  19. dude. call me.
    SERIOUSLY! WHERE did Chicago come from!?
    Haha all you have to say to me is you bought cute shoes? :P
    Mrill, you'll never change! : P

    Hahahahahah! Ro! Tell him to get online soon okay! Please do!
    I haven't spoken to you guys in SO long! :O

  20. The shoes are SO cute okay! They're peach! =) They're Awwwwwww!
    they have these bow like tinkles in the end <3
    that's the crowner of all my shopping!
    I'll call you cherr, i will i promise! i have SO much to tell you!

    About Ro!
    Actually he isn't around now,I'll tell him later when i'm sad enough to see him =|
    he's turned gay-er btw.

  21. hehehehehehhehahaha..I'm sure your shoes are awesome :P
    I feel pity for your folks, you must have killed their pockets hard :P
    Not that I'm not proud of you about that :P

    hahah yeah please do tell Ro!

    hey how long will you be online? I need to be running now :/

  22. Heyy and reply me my mail, that I sent you a month back :P

  23. *pretty grins*
    Yeahh I did a fair justice to daddy's wallet hey! =D
    aw I'm proud of myself =P

    I'm online for another hour or whatever. But if you're off then maybe even I'll go offline. yeah I'll reply to that mail!
    I thought I did already =/
    no wonder you never mailed back hey!

  24. Nope, you never wrote back.
    I guess you got busy with your sems or something. Idk.
    Okay then gnite! CALL ME.

    hey be back online tomorrow okayyy?!
    I missed you like crazy!

  25. whoopsie, shall email you back today!
    okay cherr, i will be back tomorrow too!
    aw I missed you too!
    your blog feels like home sweet home hey! =P
    whaaaaat? I missed it okay! =P

    I love you Cherr!

  26. Hehehehehe. Once you guys are back, My blog feels home to me too ;)
    Bye babe,
    love you too!

  27. Oh and yeah cherr i'm gonna call you soon! <3

  28. you are one bright streak of sunshine, always were and will get brighter as days roll by.. explains why i cherish our relation so much..


  29. @{I V Y} : Thankyou! keep visiting :)

    @PinkPatiyalaSis: Awwwwwwww! I missed youuu babe! I love you :) I cherish you bug sister!

  30. Hello little one :-)
    A very very sweet post! And really liked the name :-)
    That paragraph about foreign and home-like places is very relavent. Keep writing like this, our little shining star. You will go ways that shine brighter with you on them :-)

  31. Hi maashi :)
    Thanks! I'm glad you liked the post..those were VERY sweet and kind words. Thankyou.

    give my love and hugs to the kiddos!
    Much love. :)

  32. very well written, some songs actually take you to the good old days... i have not heard this 1 though, will look it up on utube :)

  33. Omg you haven't heard Layla!? You totally should. It's amazing :)
    Thanks,btw : )

  34. Wow!! i loveeeedddd every line of it....deep meaning conveyed with such ease and wisdom....ur a wise lady :)
    Love the way u visit my blog too....tkcr :)


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