Friday, May 7, 2010


After a long long time, I smiled the moment I stepped out of my place in the evening. The weather almost seemed to be laughing with nice cool winds blowing here and there. The sky seemed to be in a blanket of a silvery of clouds shading the earth beneath it. And making people realize that monsoons are on it's way.

Hi guys, I know I know it's been ages and centuries since I last updated.  But I haven't really had the time. School's a rush with competitions and friends. I like it tonnes! Like, it's almost like I'm finally doing what I wanted to. My teachers for his grade are pretty good.. And well, I like my class :)

So back to where I was, MONSOONS  are coming! If you don't know already, they're my favorite part of the year. As cliched as it sounds, I'm crazy about the rains! The downpour and the sounds of the pitter-patter on the window.. Everything gets lush green, and there's a different smell of freshness all over the city! And  I see kids wearing raincoats in the morning looking all excited, dirtying their newly polished shoes in the crack of the day. The wide smiles that those lil kindergarten kids give with their tiny selves all wet, their hair sitting flatly on their foreheads and their eyes expressing awe and wonder on an apparent phenomenon that "he up there" did. And that very faith makes them shut their eyes tightly at night with folded hands praying hard for all the oh so important things around them :
"Please keep mommy and daddy happy"
"Please please please make mommy buy me the red car that the thin boy in my class has"
"Please god, tell mommy not to make me eat broccoli in the morning :( " 
"God please keep everybody happy and oooh I want a pink barbie dress for Christmas! Tell Santa please okay god?! Good night God :) "

This faith ^ is monsoons.. The fact that after a dry, drab time of sweat, the sun, the heat, or the sheet of winters... The heaven right up above the zenith shall give us our little play time  in between the on going classes of Life. 

And during this play time, we forget our wrinkles, our medicines, our home work, our PPT  presentations....... And dance around in this game of faith, blessing each drop making it's way from the clouds and kissing us smiles and happiness.. 

Happy On-the-way-Monsoons, all of you guys!

- Much love,


  1. Its simple and beautifully written. <3

  2. Monsoon er mojai alada.

    amader ekhaneo aj kalboisakhi hoyeche. ajkal weather ta darun hoche majhe majhei.

  3. Uh I love the monsoons too! I wish it would really rain though!

  4. @Somak: Ekdom theek! Hae shunlaam all about Cal.. Sure do wish I was there too!
    But shotti, brishti'r moja taa ekdom onno :)

  5. @Ramit: Lol,yeah I know! But it will, very very soon. I'm sure : )

  6. suchhh a beautiful weather today :) im loving it

    rains put me in a very very romantic mood.. and i crave for just one thing. Lottttss of kisses! :)

    happy monsoons :)

  7. Diptiiiiiiii!

    heheheh! I totally agree!
    a weather like this........ :)

    Yeap! Thankyou! to you too : )

  8. It rained here in my city too!!

    So u studying PCM???

  9. @Manjari: Yay! Rain's awesome! No, not PCM.. I'm doing Humanities with Eco and Math :)

  10. @Charu: Thank you! :)
    See you in school.

  11. Awesome writing and CUTE PICS!!!!

  12. monsoon ko time hai.. 2-3 more week minimum... but the windy weather is a welcome break

    happy on the way monsoons

  13. @Rishi: yeap time hai..that's why I said "on-the-way-monsoons" ;)
    hehe thanks! : )

    Take care man,

    Cheers to all of you!

  14. No monsoons here but ur spirits in the write up brought the spirit..:)
    I am going for a bath..
    Scorching heat here..:(
    Lovely post..



  15. really gud.....the monsoon is always something that makes us smile!!!

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  17. u took me back to K.G' the way u put it through the innocence of the children...but we hear in MH will have to wait till june for rains...happy monsoons anyways..

  18. I am waiting for the rains to come wash my tears away...

  19. @Nipun: Thankyou! Awww nevermind! Yes a bath should be a good idea..l :P
    hehe cheers man!

  20. @Vivarjitha: I agree with you. :) Thanks for stopping by! Do visit sometime.
    Happy blogging there :)

  21. @Karan: I'm glad I did :) Yes,I guess it'll have to wait..But never mind really! It's coming right. So that's good enough.

  22. @Queen: Whattt? Whyy? Howww?? What's up lady?! Why such a sad thing to sayyy? :(

  23. I love the rains 2... its raining in Delhi??? Mumbai mein abhi tak Great Indian summer hi chalu hai :(

  24. Heyy sid.
    Nope,not raining full on yet. Just giving teaser showers :P Lol. So yeah! Waiting for 'em to blast out and cry hard! [as weird as that sounds] ;)

  25. Wow..nice yaa.. :)))
    Reminds me, I have to write something too.
    I'm parched, in the philosoophical sense. :/
    I pray in the monsoons too :D

  26. ^Yaaao there babe : )
    Oh cool,shall be waiting for the post!
    And about the prayers - :)

  27. this makes me want to dance in the rain without fearing that i'll get sick! :)

  28. Nice.. Simple, but captivating! :D


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