Sunday, June 20, 2010

The daughter's covenant.

I've been living in a joint family since 15 years. I've been taught everything- from taking a bath on my own, to cycling, to closing the gates when I leave to eating fish without swallowing the bones by the 14 other members of this family who've nurtured and held our bricked building of a home together since 1980. each and every member of this family has somewhere, somehow contributed to the cements and woods of this house and has made it a firm house of love.
But today, I'm going to speak of four particular people. Today I'm going to be a little bias and praise them a little more than the others cause it's Father's Day.
They're the four Bhattacharjee brothers. They're the four pillars and the four walls of a living soul- our home- which contains the history of 15 lives.

My father- my idol - who has brought me up and molded me into a firm young lady is my hero, and always will be, for the rest of my life. When I grow up, I hope to be, if not completely like him, but much like him. When I think of him, my heart and mind's eye sees nothing but love. Few days back, when he was practicing his passion- music, and I happened to be busy finding some textbook of mine, while he took the notes of his raga. I couldn't help but sit down for a while, and hear him till he finished that raga. It's funny how my eyes moistened at the beauty of his voice, the honesty in his closed eyes and the love with which he sang. He's always been like that. He's reached levels where people look upto him with unconditional respect, but he has always been oblivious to his greatness, and considered himself a fruit of his family's love. He's taught me to be a good human being so silently. And yet, today when I think of myself, I see myself as an empty canvas that he's put in so many colors with my mother.
You're my hero, baba. And I just hope I can make you as proud as you make me, someday.

Ranga Jethu- my coolest uncle EVER- who has always brought a smile on my face with the jolly heart of his pumping with energy and throbbing with life! Your Cadbury treats on Sundays are one of the most important rituals of our den!.. I wish and I hope to always hold that spirit of life as yours when I grow up. I pray I can be as open hearted and kind as you. And I sure do hope I can teach my kids the "Climate" chapter of geography as well as you did to me! ;)
Your aura of happiness keeps the ties of this family so strong...
You're an amazing person, jethu. And you make us better people for that :)

Mejo jethu- my listener and the best critic- who has listened to my writing without fail, whatsoever and has always given me the best advice to improve it.. Your enthusiasm about my writing has always kept me going to pour my heart out on paper. The countless number of diaries you've gifted me till date have never been wasted, they have always contained my thoughts and my mind, somewhere provoked and encouraged by you :) I know that you're one of the first people to listen to my mind and always will be.
And that truly makes me feel blessed. "A critic is a writers best friend" -- so true. I can rely on you blindly to be honest and blatant about my work. And that, means a lot to me.
Thank you for lending me you ear whenever I needed it.
You make me want to write. You make me want to write my heart out :)

Boro Jethu - my physics teacher!- who is the strongest link, thee strongest brick in the family. You're the eldest and the most looked upto member of this family, and we're all kids in your eyes. I've felt protected under your shadow, and confident to ace whenever you taught me Physics! :D
Your existence has been a persistent eye on all of us, to make sure we were on track at the right pace.
You've truly made us what we are today. And since you're the oldest in the family, and I'm the youngest- our bond will always be the best! ;)
We love you, the most :)

So today, to all for of you, I want to wish a very Happy Father's Day . You four have truly been my father, and have made me what I am today. All four of you have taught me the trivialest to the greatest of truths of life, you four have never measured your love or anger for me. You've always followed the heart, and have imbibed the seeds of love in me. 
I can't imagine my being as "Tithi" or "Nilanjana" without the shadows of you. I am forever grateful to your selfless and unconditional love. 
Thank you for bringing me up like a princess.
Thank you for everything.

A happy father's day to you all, and I love you. Always will. 

-Your's only,


  1. I bow down to the four brothers. They are, indeed the greatest.

    And you young lady, is simply th best.

    The best.

    Love you!

  2. You know there's nothing much I can say. But the smile on my face right now, appreciates the emotion behind this post and the way you've expressed it. :)

  3. @ramit: Well, indeed I bow down too, to those four brothers.
    I'm just so glad to have them as such a vital part of my life.

    Aww Ramit! Thanks :) You're the bestest! :D

    And and and, I read it out to them. They loved it :)
    I'm sooo happy! :D

  4. @Shiviii: Aww babe, your comment totally made ME smile soo hardd!
    I love you.
    Thank you

  5. Honey, I'm sure you'll make them proud one day! So sure!

    Loved the way you expressed your love for them through this post. Amazing :)

  6. oRange*, aww Iloveyou! Thanks. I sure do hope I do :)

    I'm glad you liked it babe.
    I am :)

  7. The four of these 'jethus' r rockstars.....n always have been :)

    Thanx fr writing a post abt them

  8. Loved this post. There's nothing like expressing our love and gratitude to the ones we care about :)
    Knowing such wonderful people certainly makes a difference to our life. You're so lucky!
    And I agree with oRange*

  9. Nice post !...

    Everyone above have said enough already.. I would just like to ad,it's time to repay the love, our dad gave us for sooo many years.. & lets not fall short in it. :)

  10. @ Eesha: True,that. Very very true. :)
    Haha most welcome, honey. I'm just glad this was a medium I could use so well

  11. @Charu: Thanks dear. Indeed, I'm lucky to have these people around me. I stand tall only cause of them.
    I'm really glad you liked it.
    And aww ,thanks! :D

  12. @pRasaad: Hi! Welcome to my blog.
    Thanks :) And indeed, we souldn't fall short on it!
    Do keep visiting.
    Happy blogging man :)

    Cheers to all! :)

  13. dude.. thats soo.. well written... n wrote the precise things i luv abt all d brothers.. (emphasis on d cadbury.. =P)

  14. Bowing down to everyone belonging to the Bhattacharjee bandwagon.

    Including you.

  15. @Stutiiii: Heyy there babe! Seeing you here after a long time.
    Thanks! Yeaa I know! Cadbury part is THE best ;D
    Man, I miss Shillong :(

  16. @Eesha: Aw honey, you're SO cute!

    Bow to the rest hon, I'm in your league ;D

    Much love.

  17. ohh i asked u a question regarding 'nil' as in the 'color' or 'nothing'...well dont bother i think i got it!!!

    growing up in bangali joint family is sure something i can relate to!! and i sure did!! sweeet post that was!!

  18. amaar baba kaalke pune aasche!!!

    happy dance yeyiii happy dance!!!

  19. @buckingfastard: Hi! Lol, you did? Okay!

    So turns out you're a part of a joint family,too? Nice! :) Glad you could relate to me!

    Thanks for visiting.
    You're most welcome to do that more often ;)


  20. @Sulagana: Hae?! shotti?!?! Saaaaayiii! I can see you're excited!
    Nice! click some cute cosy pictures, we'll be waiting to have a look!


  21. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Cherry! Seriously. ILY! I mean hoe friggin' amazing are you there hey?
    I pretty much got a puppy face while reading this =')
    You make me all happy!

    I love you, and I miss you!
    Tell me you're ol?


  22. I meant *how.


    See? You make me fizzy in the head hey!
    Aw please get here! ='(

  23. ah such pampered child u wud have been...but a learned one too seein the kinda talent ur father(s) have

  24. @Mrill: Heyyyyy! Shit I'm SO sorry I wasn't here when you came :/
    I was sleeping. ugh,I've been really tired lately. Been running around quite a bit :/
    Shit, I love you too!
    Aww man you make my dayyy :)

    Call me soon okay?
    I miss you too :'(

  25. The brothers are awesome.
    What better way than this to express ur love.

    Lovely really!!



  26. yes the totally are awesome, trust me on that one! :D

    Aw thank you :)


  27. Yo well written as always, Cherr.
    The part about k.uncle was just amazing yo.. Seriously.

    I'm pretty damn proud of you,bratt!

  28. Gueeeesssssssssssssssss who's onlineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    ME ME ME!

    finally, you decide to grace me with your presence on my blog.
    Which btw missed you alot.
    A. LOT.

    Aww thanks Ro!

  29. woa woa there, keep your toes on your chair yo!
    I'm not going anywhere. Not now anyway, yo.

    yeah, been busy, real busy lately =/
    Sad stuff yo.
    so how are you Cherry!? I keep forgetting to call you =( I'm sorry yo. just that lots been up in my mind yo.

  30. how's remya yo? she doin' good?

  31. Haha,yeah I'm just all kicked to see you here, after so long :D
    I'm okay man. I've been damn busy too. running around with the rehearsals.. Hectic.

    Haha that's okay. Mrill called the other day.
    [yes,I'm trying to give you guilt trips so that you call me soon]

  32. And dude stop commenting so fast. I don't see what you write next cause they over lap mine.

    Remya is good. She's gone vacationing since a month. So haven't really spoken..

  33. Is it that fund raiser you mailed me about yo? The rehearsals?
    pretty awesome hey! sounds like fun.

    aw hey! no fair! i told you i'm sorry! i'll call you soon, Cherr.
    I promise yo =)

    And hey cool. So she's having quite a rock on her own hey!
    tell her I said hi =)

  34. Yeap.. It's that.
    Yeah it's quite a lot of fun! but damn tiring man. Damn damn tiring :/

    You better be calling soon! Dude, we need to catch up on like a month of whatever's been up! :O

    And yeah. I guess. She must be having a good time.

  35. yo I know that cherr. Yeah i'll call you this week hey? =)

    how're your mum and dad doing?

  36. Yeap. This week is fine :)

    Mom and dad are fine. They're doing well :)
    hey listen Ro, I need to sing out now. Sorryy man, upto something :/
    Need to figure out a choreography.

    catch you as soon as you call, yeah?

    take care man.
    I miss you guys!!!

  37. Check your mail,Cherr. I just sent you something. I have a bad feeling about something being up at your end, yo? And you're not telling me.
    Reply, soon yo.

    And sure okay. I'll call you soon. Don't worry about it,hey!

    We miss you too Bratt!
    We miss you crazy!

    take care yo =)

  38. Are you crazy? I'm perfectly okay! Everything is just fine, seriously :)

    Yeah,I'll reply you. Soon enough.

    Take care, talk to you soon!

  39. wow :) this is beautiful.. they must be so proud of you! you have a beautiful heart, a lovely family. God bless you

  40. Aw Dipti. Thank you :)
    Thanks a lot.

    Lovely picture!

  41. lovely one,'ve got such a gift! beautiful relationships, described even more beautifully! :)

  42. Thanks Tuli didi, thanks tonnes!
    meant a lot to me :)
    Much love!


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