Friday, June 18, 2010

Ramit and Remya's Tag.

Okay this tag, I was supposed to do wayyy back in March :P So.. err. yeah, okay okay, I'm lazy.
So here goes:

50 Random things about me :--

  1. I like colors. Colorul stuff, which look like a mosaic or a scribble or anything random at all. I just love exotic colors.
  2. I love my dog. Though I'm not quite fond of any other :|  {Yeah,okay. I'm scared. fiiine.}
  3. Family comes first. No effing matter what. I'm going to screw up the best opportunity and run to help if my family needs help. No questions asked.
  4. I love my phone. I'd die without it.
  5. There are two things in the world that I lose myself into- Writing and dancing.
  6. When I trust, I trust blindly with all my heart. When that trust is broken, I'll never take you back.
  7. I'm a feminist.
  8. I love social work. I want to make a difference when I grow up- No matter how cliched and 15 year old that might sound. I do.
  9. I love my friends unconditionally, I can deal with them insulting me on my face, but the moment you're sly and back bitch about me- you're outta my life.
  10. I give second chances to people. But no thirds.
  11. Blogging makes me happy. And I owe you guys for listening to me. :)
  12. My father is my idol. I want to be like him when I grow up.
  13. I LOVE being 15. [You can count on me for that one, no really! :D ]
  14. I have a weak spot for silver jewellery. So if you ever go shopping with me, keep me away from Silver shops. I'll lose all my money, standing right there. :P
  15. I love my specs. Though I don't wear them much :/
  16. Cadbury is one of the best creations on the face of the Earth. [Drools.]
  17. I like having pen friends :)
  18. 23rd May was, is and always will be a life-changing day for me, through out my life. No matter what.
  19. Facebook can live without me, I can't.
  20. If I have a million dollars, I'd give most of it to people who need it more than I do, and keep a quarter for myself to waste. :D [The latter part will make you figure I'm not Mother Teresa.]
  21. I love giving interviews. :D
  22. English is a language that stole my heart, since..idk..forever.
  23. I make friends like peanut butter and jelly. :)
  24. I like crazy people. I get along better with them.
  25. I'm not very fond of kids who want to grow up and do  everything berfore age. I feel sorry for them.
  26. My parents are my vision.
  27. I might call my brother an asshole, but I love him, and I'll break anyone's face who ever bothers him, although he's much older to me, and will never require me to break someone's face for his problems. He's good enough himself :P
  28. I want  a bike for myself when I'm 18. Not a car. 
  29. I hate it when people comment about stuff that they have no flying idea about. They just comment for the sake of proving they have an opinion too. Seriously, wtf?  
  30. This tag is getting hard and harder :P 
  31. I LOVE junk food. I will kill you if you ever call me over and feed me with broccoli. :)
  32. I think kurtas and patiyalas look amazing if you can carry them off well. 
  33. I love shopping. Specially from places like Janpath, CP, SN, Lajpath. [They're a girl's lifeline. Oh yes they are alright!]
  34. I don't know how to cook, and don't intend to learn. :)
  35. I'm not a foodie. At all. 
  36. I like pictures. 
  37. The best gift you can ever give me is a scrap book/ card/ poster of our memories together :) 
  38. I llooovveeee surprises! Seriously, I totally do.
  39. I respect and support Gay rights.
  40. I love long skirts from Turkey [ ;) ] 
  41. I love cold coffee. And choco-hola :D 
  42. I like going to school. Pol Science classes are the best part in 11th grade, what say guys? ;D [We don't study- in short]
  43. Okay... 7 more random facts to go... errr..ummm..... uhhhhhh... ??? .. :/
  44. I don't like people intruding in my personal life. Not unless I allow them. 
  45. I still haven't given my brother his graduation present, and I'm still saving up so that I can give him exactly what I really want to give him :)
  47. Country Roads is my favorite song, and always will be :) 
  48. I've lost a lot of people in life already, but somewhere I know it's for the best.
  49. I like waist long hair lenth :D Although I always end up getting a haircut done as soon as mine reach shoulder length.
  50. I just finished this tag! :D :O :D *Claps!*Hoots!*

Considering this tag is 4 months old, I figure everyone's done it already :P
But still, I'm going to tag few people, and incase you haven't done it already, Do it! It's fun :)


  • Charu
  • hAAthi
  • Sulagana
  • Thee west wind
  • Queen
  • oRange*
  • Crazy Diamond
  • Nandit
  • Nicole
  • Shivangi
  • Somak
  • Rishi

Happy blogging!



  1. Whoa! That was a long tag. Kind of hard to do eh?

    Confession, I still have to do mine. Sorry Remya. Can't come up with so much. But I am going to try now!

    You'd look cute riding an Enfield little apple. You even have the legs for it now! :P

    *runs away and hides*

  2. Heyy you've already done this tag!
    Yeah you have, go check!

    You can run, you can hide, but you can't escape 15 year olds :P

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  4. And I love doing 'Haa dude, toh whats the scene dude ...'
    Hahaha. I LOWE YOUUU :)

    #11. The pleasure is ours. Trust me.
    #14. Lol! I know! ;)

    And yaay, you finished the tag :O
    One longggg tag that was!

  5. Darn my memory then. Gah!

    P.S. Love the part where you say you're saving up for your brother's grad present. That's so thoughtful.

  6. wow ur so much like me!
    I was reading and was like this is me
    (including feminist streaks and social works :))
    only thing which is diverse is foodie stuff...because i m a foodie :P
    Nice tag

  7. Even I prefer bikes to cars.....yeah! :)

    Btw, it aint my place to say this but why FEMINIST??? Why not supporter of gender equality???? Like, seriously????

  8. @oRange*: Hahaha I know! "Scene" -- Totally love that :D
    I lowee you too = )

    Hahah! About the silver jewelery part! Haha NOBODY knows better than you and Raya! ;)
    I lived like an effing Beggar for the rest of the month! :P

    Lol, yess it was LONG alright! But fun, nonetheless :))

  9. @Ramit: Haha it's okayy.
    And aw thanks :)
    But I really do need to save up A LOT to get him what I want to give him

  10. @Scribbling Girl: Hi! Welcome to my blog. Wow really? Haha freaky how similar we are then! ;)
    Haha no man, food never quite attracted me :| Don't know why. I know I'm missing out on a lot cause of that ;(
    keep visiting! :D

  11. @Eesha: Aah, well the diplomatic side of me would take her words back. Buttttttttt. Shoot me for this- I'm a lil bias to towards girls. And I cant/ don't want to do anything about it.
    I think we guys can kick better butts!

  12. Hopefully this isn't some sort of betrayal, but I've already done this tag. You're totally right about it being hard.

    Really enjoyed reading it. I knew bits of it and totally agreed with many of your points (especially the Cadbury :P

    Your excitement's infectious. All your readers are very lucky :)

  13. Oops! sorry,I think I forgot that you did it too!

    Anyway, haha Im glad you liked reading it :D

    And aww charu! you're the sweetest :)

    much love!

  14. I have alteast 40 things in common with you from this post. Maybe 43.. Haven't really counted. BUT HOW CAN YOU NOT BE A FOODIE?! And leave cooking to me. I'm going to come and make us some of my special maggi. :)

    Ily <3

  15. Shiivvii, We're clones man, we're supposed to be similar ;)
    hahaha I knoww! I'm not a foodiee man. Butttt your maggiiii!! omg. I'd KILL for it =)

    I miss you man! get bakc, can't wait for the Maggi treat =D
    Shit get back!

  16. great tag. i've learned even more about you. i also think i only like my dog. and i LOVE silver jewelry too. that gets me every time.

    glad you finally did this tag. it was fun to read!

    oh, and i also don't plan to learn to really cook. :)

  17. Cheryl! Hey :)
    Haha I knoww right. My dog is my lowe :P But ugh other than that, I get sorta pale :P
    aahh silver <3

    Haha yayy so I'm not the only one who hates cooking here!
    Yay us babe!


  18. m so sorry bin out for long hey! ^_^
    was fun readin' this cherry! do more of 'em!

    about dogs!! wheeeppee! it's an expresso bet baby, i loath'em!

  19. and zomg i never knew mll was not dissing when she said you were a biker girl =))

  20. Seq! heyyy! Are you still there? Lol I know. Mrill gets all proud and peppy when I go on about not having a car and a bike instead :P

    Anddd I don't loathe dogs :| Just love the one I have.. Rest.. I'm sort of scared of :P

    And hey! This time I didn't get a reply from you :P

  21. i havent gotten around to doing this. but i will!

    50 things about me is going to be a long hard im going to take my time!

  22. Lol, take you time! ;) I know this is hard!!!

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  27. and, er, sorry about all the deleted comments. The same comment got posted like six times!

  28. @priyanka: Heyyyyyyyy! Omg you're on my blog! how!?!? lol anyway I'm glad you are! And well, I'm not a foodie, so whatever lil I eat is Junk :D Get the picture? ;D
    And Beatles <33333 Yes I remember!

    And Sure thing! omg if I knew ur on blogger I would have tagged you!
    Go ahead! Please, I'd love to read your take on this tag! :D

  29. Why is the Love Link so low down the list?
    Isn't love important?

  30. Hey, this is kinda random, but i wanted to ask, supposing someone comments on my blog and i write some reply on my blog itself, how will that person get to know that i have sent some reply? help? :)thanx!

  31. haha lol it's okay!
    See when you write on the comment box, you'll see this option below saying "Email follow-up comments to Whatever your ID is" .. Just click on that.
    And you'll be emailed whatever the person writes :)

  32. Thank U so much for the tag.. Its a fun one.. I will do it as soon as possible :) I hope u dont mind that I am like crazy late :P


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