Thursday, July 1, 2010

Summer break gives over!

So finally, summer break's over. Hear me crying? no really, I am.
Well,I was anyway.
I'm not gonna say this summer has been the best. No, that has to be Summer 2008 :) But whatever it be, it's still been special. This summer I wasted time. I wasted time like C.R.A.Z.Y.
I took time off, went for 423587428965475 no. of vacations, clicked pictures, spent time with people I usually don't meet, and just hung out. I was hardly ever at home. I was either at a friend's or at the market.
This summer, I worked on my very first dance production show. We'd been rehearsing like crazy from the past few weeks.. Hours and hours of dance routines, loud music, the studio [ :D ], and yeah- meeting new people :)

Apart from that, I don't really remember anything else. I was too busy having fun, and wasting time :D but somehow, that felt good. That felt bloody damn good!
Shit happened, I dealt with it. Along with that came tonnes of happiness, I welcomed that :) But..  the one thing I'm most thankful about is that I could stop. Stop from the hectic schedules of school, and after-schools. I could just wake up in the morning and smile a wide grin and go ; "nanaanananaa! I have nooooo work!" with a sleepy head. I could do whatever the hell I wanted without anyone telling me or nagging me about anything.

After about 3 days of vacation, I was bored already. I had nothing to do. Like, zilch! No studies, no work, hardly any chores. So all I did was write, watch tonnes of movies, read novels, and walk around the house like a zombie =)
That feeling of complete and utter freedom mixed with boredom is priceless.

Nowww, school's on. Summer break's another year later, but hey, I'm not upset anymore. I missed school :) And I know vacations are going to be here in no time!
So :D
Work hard, you guys. Vacations shall be here soon, very very soon :D

Happy Summer!



  1. Favourite line : "That feeling of complete and utter freedom mixed with boredom is priceless."

    And that sums up my comment :)

  2. Nice! I think we all go through similar feelings during holidays- we're bored but very happy with the freedom! And judging by the collage, it seems you had a fun-filled vacation! when school starts, and we feel crummy about all the tests and hw, i think memories of the summer will keep us happy and help us survive till the next summer when a similar cycle will start! ^_^

  3. @Charu: Hehehehehe I know right! :P

    @Priyanka: Yeap yeap- very true. Yeah I had a day out with a bunch of friends on the last day, so I got the pictures from there. Though I did TONNES more. And yea these pictures aren't even a quarter :P

  4. Yaa.. I can well understand holiday fevers as me too at my home in dis summer after 8 long yrs.. I especially loved dat collage u put. Fabulous. Drama n rehearsals sounds awesome.

  5. Haha! Lucky you got so much good vacation!

    I think I'm going to keep this post safe with me somewhere and show it to you the first year you start to work!



  6. Oh finally you guys! Get working now :D

    Dooooode! Grade 11 has to be SUPERRR! It's like one beeeeg holiday anyway :)
    So you're not really done with vacations!

    Loved the collage btw!

  7. I totally understand the feeling..partly because ALL my school holidays were something of the sort..and also because this holiday, I have had to wake up early every single day :P ..glad you enjoyed so much..Like the comment above mine, I would really ask you to remember this when you start working :P

  8. That is totally great..

    Just love the way u have expressed each n every emotion..
    Holidays are d best part of our lives if our friends get in with us..

    Nice pic..
    Seems like u had lots of fun..



  9. hein !!! you did so much during the vacation. time kahan waste kiya! you had a lot of fun man. dance production n all..woohoo sounds very very good :)

  10. You are in school? Lovely. :) Have a great term. :)

    And yeah, awesome collage!

  11. I wish I was in school again...what with summer vacations! :[

    Scribblers Inc.

  12. at least you have the luxury of saying "school has started again"..some of us are so past that phase of life its depressing :S

  13. Ya School is also fun after a long vacation :) Happy schooling Nil... and that picture s really a good one..

  14. Best of luck for ur production show :) :)

    And yeah, happy school xD

  15. bas bas.... bohot masti ho gayi.... back to work !

  16. i'm enjoying my vacation...of almost a year! ha.

  17. aww summer breaks!! aww school days!!! bye bye...i m going into my nostalgia periods!!! :(

  18. @Shantanu: I know! And awww yeah? you liked it?
    thank you so much :)
    And hell yeah!
    dance rehearsals, btw. Amazing fun :)

    @TBG: Lol, yeah you should probably do that, cause knowing me, I'll be back to sulking in no long :P

  19. @oRange*: Yea man,finally done with :P Hahahah I know right! I love 11th grade, like crraazzyy. I'm finally doing what I wanted to! you know? and it feels like pure bliss :)
    and aww thanks!

  20. @TurbulentMind : Hi! Haha I know man. Its been a LOT of fun. Awww bummer! early rise-ups everyday?! Harsh :| But im sure it's worth it :)
    Lol, yeah I know! Same here, I pretty much agree with the idea ;)

    @Nipun: hello my faithful reader! :) haha aw thanks. I'm sure you would have done a better job than me!
    yes I did have tonnes of fun. I cherish them now, and can't wait for next year to come! ;D

  21. @Crazy diamond: Aaah,if you put it that way ;) Yeah, sounds fun and totally IS fun :D Been fruitful and totally awesome. I had a memorable time, I did :)

  22. @The (un)common woman: yeah, I am :) Yeapp, thank you! :D
    I will! :D

    @Scribblers Imc: Hi! Welcome to my blog :) Awww haha I bet you must have gone on a nostalgia ride! Heyy but I'm sure after school's awesome to huh? You can party all you want :)
    Keep visiting!

  23. @hAAthi:Awwwww. heyy c'mon! it isn't that bad! you guys can earn and party your way to make it worth right? While I still have curfews to meet at home ;P

  24. @Banu: Awww thanks dear :) I hope school does remain all that happy ;D

    @Eesha: Thansk honey :P

    @Mohit: Hahahahah! Aye aye sir!

  25. @Elle: Omg really! I'm so J!! ;)

    @buckingfastard: Lololol. Awww okay! off you come back to reality- which is twice as sweeter. I bet! ;D

    Cheers to all you guys!
    Thanks for the wonderful response!


  26. omg cherr! this was so awesome! omg the picture was worth like a million dollars! i loved it, it's so spunk hey!

    i miss you

  27. and you've gone prettier in the summer =)


    tell me you're ol?

  28. Yaooo
    I like this post :D
    And i love the collage dude!..its like totally hot!
    much love,
    your chuddie buddie
    BigDaddieKewl B|

  29. Damn I miss summerly summers... *envy*

    Cool collage.

  30. @Mrill: Dude,I am SO sorry. I wasn't online when you came :|
    hhahahah thanks babe! Glad you liked the post and everything :)
    Call me soon man, gotta catch up with TONNES !
    Love you too :)

  31. @Lalith: Yo yo yo! Yeah? Liked it'eh?! Sayi dude. Glad you did!
    Lol Chuddy Buddy.. hmm, isn't that a lil hard considering we didn't know each other when we were in our chuddies? :P
    Oh wtf! Hahaha buddies anyway!

    Yo yo yo!

  32. @Nes: aaah,dang it,I can figure!
    Haha thank you :)

  33. glad you had a good summer, even though it's already over for you. oh, and i love the new layout!


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