Sunday, July 4, 2010

And the downpour begins................ :D

And finally,after a long summer, Delhi's roads didn't only have police guys, traffic, cars, cars, cars, bikes, people, cycles, trucks.. But it had rain :)
I had gone to watch some theater today evening, and suddenly the door opens and I see this wet guy coming in, and the loud music of rain :) Boy oh boy, was I bouncing already to get out!

After the play got over, I went out, and gladly walked away from my friend with the umbrella. After such a long time, it wasn't a shy downpour, it wasn't playing a teaser. It was raining, properly. If you know what I mean?
So then while on my way back in the car, I stuck my head out about a zillion time, and holy Christ, what a bliss it was. To actually have those cold drops fall on my face with the speed of the car making it hard to breathe on the almost empty road was an experience I was dying to experience again. Last monsoon left me standing on my toes for them to return, yes it was that great!

So you guys! Monsoon's set in, and it's going to set in better and better in the coming few days.
SO, do me a favor you guys, put on some shorts, some lose tee shirt, a pair of flip flops, and throw away all the umbrellas! It's time to go drench yourselves into some crazy childhood, to have mud filled clothes and slippers, to have wet hair dropping drops of water, and for you guys to smile wide looking that crazy :D

See you guys outside without the raincoats! ;)


  1. happy monsoon :)

  2. wow isn't it when the sky make u wet and chill... Enjoy the rain Nil...

    P.S: Your blog text is not visible unless it is highlighted. Is it intentional?

  3. Got nicely drenched yesterday wid my cousin :)

  4. In addition to shorts, a loose tee and flip flops ..I shall add a wig too!
    You know me ;)

    And yes, after getting completely roasted in summer, a very *happy* monsoon indeed :)

  5. you said it sister! ;) monsoon is THE best time of the year :)
    P.S. I like your new template! Very cool!!

  6. yes.. time to sing barsaat songs..!!

  7. the way you describe it makes it seem like so much fun. i'm always too concerned about getting sick. but it has been raining a lot lately, so maybe i'll try this out. :)

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  8. see you ! i'll be the one with the crazyhappy look on my'll recognize me!

    im loving the rains sooooo much this time!!

  9. yes i love monsoon too :)

  10. guys always luk at crazy wet girls in monsoon :)

  11. oye ...raining in delhi....baah

    I used to hate rain as a kid, i know..... now i'm just neutral to it...

    read this from last year, tho

  12. Hi Nil...
    Wow...u make me wanna go out n get drenched too...
    Never heard the craving n fulfilment of rain described with such honesty and beauty:-)

    Though being “kissed in the rain” is on the agenda this time!
    A current favourite of the season...
    Everyone seems to be kissed in the rain except hoo...
    Wish u all the fun n loads of getting wet!:-)

  13. @Rishi: Thankyou! The very same to you :-)

    @Banu: I know right! Yeap, you do too, :)
    and no no, you need to wait for the whole template to load :)

  14. @Eesha: That's what I'm taling about ;)

    @oRange*: Hehahahaha! Oh yes! I know you about that alright! :P
    Lol, I know! Summer was killer :/
    In the true sense.
    Monsoons are such a bliss to that no?

  15. @Priyanka: Glad you agree! ;)
    Aw really? Thanks babe! :D

    @TBG: Awww. Rain's never been mean to my health, really :)
    I won't! :)
    But yeah the stupid throat. HENCE I'm sitting at home ill :(
    But i'll be okay soon :)

  16. @Shantanu: Tell me about it :)

    @Cheryl:Aww thanks hun!
    Yeaaa getting sick- yeah alot of people are usually a lil unsure for it. Yes, you MUST try. You'll never feel better! :D
    And hey sure,I'll enter soon enough :)
    Much love!

  17. @Dipti: Owww yeaa sister! B-]
    We'll figure each other out by the crazyhappy look! :D
    Yeah me too!

    Delhi is FINALLY taling! ;)

    @Tripat Prerna: Glad to know that! :D

  18. @Mr.Happy: Which is very stupid and desperate :)

    @Mohit: Yo! Its raining out here!
    OMG HOW can you not like rain!? :O
    But I'm glad you're okay with it now :)
    Yeaap, will check your link out :)
    Cheers to you!

  19. @Suruchi: Hi! Aww thank you :) Rain is something that's always made me speak my heart out, and I'm glad you liked listening :)
    You should totally get drenched soon too okay! You're missing out on something!
    Happy monsoons, lady!
    Enjoy the rain, yeap it's the season's fav! ;)


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