Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I like rain traffic :]

SO MUCH has been up, it's driving me crazy. In a good way. Okay, no, bad way,too.
So lately, all I've been doing is running around. Walking is no longer an activity that my body is acquaintances with, so all I do is run from one place to another, somehow managing to get everywhere on time. [or not :/]

School's like a Volkswagen running at nothing less than a speed of 120.
Home's been like a Machismo with double drum beaters running at 875437505.
My brain has been the Earth revolving and skipping light years ahead like peanut butter and jelly. 

Anyway. So today Remya and I went for a competition to Tagore Int. Quite cool of a concept.. She had to recite a poem by Rabindranath Tagore [bows] and I had to do contemporary ballet on it. We'd been practicing [yea sure, so much for wasting time with 10th graders jamming] and we did a bloody cool job of it today :D
We're damn happy and satisfied with our performance, the results- we'll figure out tomorrow.
But whatever it will be, it's been nice. And we know we performed.

Oh and  I like traffic due to rain :)  Not when I need to get somewhere real fast, but whatever,I like it anyway. Now slowly this post is getting random. :)
I've got quite a lot of my work to be published on blogger soon.. Coming up first will prolly be a poem or two, lets see. But I hope you guys like it.

God. I wish I had a camera right now. I'm in one of those clicking moods. :/
actually I wouldn't even mind going out for football. [i suck it it- fyi]
No,actually I'd rather click.

Okay now this is getting really random.

And whatever are YOU guys upto, lately?? Partying? Studying? Noth-ing? :D 

Update me! All of you! :) 

Yours random and grinning,
Nil :) 



    Tagged you on my blog, plz do the tag. Okay? :)

  2. Life goes on, random things happen, random posts come too. And they're all as special as you make them :)

    Will be waiting for your posts and very very happy to know you and Remya had a great time. Congrats for participating and best of luck for the results!

  3. Well Well Well that’s some serious multi tasking... :)

    Hey congrats for performing well. Result does not matter in such performances as long as you know you performed well and you were satisfied.

    BTW what spl things you noticed that you wanted to click? Do share with us...:)

    Me? Will be waiting for the poems. :P :)

  4. Good luck for the competition!

    So you want updates huh? Cool. I'm back from work, and tomorrow morning I'll again go to work.

    That's just about it.

    Oh and I might stop on the way back from work some random evening and buy a huge chocolate.



  5. congrats on the performance. i hope you two did well! i've been busy working and blogging--the usual. :)


  6. wow nice concept indeed.. hope you guys win

    loving the weather.. just reading a lot :)

  7. Talk about random! :P

    And to know whats up on our side, you need to visit lady! :P

  8. hey nil!

    yes i have been busy much :) though that doesnt mean i havent been here and reading your blog, i just havent had enough time to stay and leave a comment. iv been busy travelling a bit and working when home, and work+home is beginning to be a challenge i really need to get used to..im enjoying it thoroughly, though!

    its raining cats and dogs in goa and although iv loved the monsoons so far, and im DREADING the post-monsoon heat, i think iv officially had enough of the rains. i need to see the sun!

    take care and DONT be good :P

  9. @Eesha: Awww I missed you,too. Haha yeah I'm back. Cool post? hmm thanks ;)

    Sure! Running to your blog right away.

    @Charu: True true, very true :) Yeah I'll put up the post soon.. maybe a day or two..
    and thanks!! :)

  10. @Asif: yeah! quite some multi tasking :P
    Thank you so much. True,that. We were really happy about what we did. So I guess that's half the victory already :)
    I wanted to click random. That's the beauty of it!
    And awwww! I'll put them up soon. Thanks for the enthusiasm! :)

    @TBG: Work work work! God! You seriously need Goa :|
    And hahah yeah you bet! :P

  11. @Cheryl: Thanks hon :) aah yeah, the usual. Good thing you're frequent on blogger, your blog's always on my tabs :)

    @Dip: Thanks!
    Aaaah. Yes, the weather is just beautiful :)

  12. @Meera: yeah!
    ofcourse I visit! :O
    and if you're talking about in literal, like to get on to the next flight then........ gimme 2 years :P

    @hAAThi: Hello! Oh yeah I figured you were running busy hey?
    It's good to know that you're having fun working from home. [Omg so cool]. and siiiggghh. YOU LIVE IN GOA. WHAT ELSE DO YOU EVEN NEED IN LIFE!!!!! :D
    Aah,I know. It gets a lil monotonous.. don't worry, it'll be sunny side up soon enough ;)

    Much love to you guys!
    -Nil. <3

  13. ohh my life is moving like a Premier Padmini!!! touchwood let it be!!

    ohh ohh tagore recitation and ballet...best of luck

  14. wonderful expressions ...welcome back :)


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