Thursday, July 15, 2010

My eyes speak.

My eyes have always spoken for you,haven't they? You've always known me, my soul with through my eyes which don't shield the silent whispers of life from you.
You have always known my sadness and felt my happiness from my eyes, you have always tried to live my existence through my eyes. Haven't you?  Haven't you?
Then why,today did you not see what  my eyes held? Has my heart shriveled into a nutshell? Or has time tired our strings of attachment? Rusted that string of a silent language? Why today, even our silences are nothing but an abominable lull between two hearts? Why has silence,too, lost its voice?
Have my eyes deceived you? Can they ever? They're screaming into my soul that they never can, and they beg me to ask you- have you forgotten how to read them?
My eyes try to look around,frantically-- trying to find just a simple comforting answer, yet-- isn't it strange for you, to not have seen such an evident pain?
Have you become too used-to those eyes that you take them lightly now? Are you oblivious to them,now?
Have you forgotten how you felt ecstasy through my eyes? Then how-today-did you fail to see those painful scratches- that were so new of bruises-that didn't need an expert's iris to see?
Have you forgotten my eyes?

DISCLAIMER- Pure fiction. 


  1. Pure Fiction? Okayy :|

    Nevertheless, I love it.:)

  2. Sigh...i hope it is fiction because i have lived that reality once and i pray noone does !
    And if its fiction, brilliant write and if not take care girl ..we love u :)

  3. w-o-w..loved it..and felt it..fiction? hmmm..


  4. maybe the person needs an eye-test

    hehe, ok was sad...yeah i hope it's fiction too like everyone else does.

    a hurting heart sometimes fail to identify and heal another hurting heart. even if they are very close.

  5. @Shiv: Let's just call it that,for now..
    Thanks hun. :)

    @Scribbling Girl: Thank you so much, dear. I'm glad you liked it. It's a wonderful feeling to have strangers turn into caring people like you :)

  6. @Purple Pirate: Yes.. So so much to say...
    Thank you :)

    @TBG: You've always been biased to me,haven't you? :)

  7. @TurbulentMind: Really happy that you liked it :) Thanks bunches for the feedback..
    Much love!

    @Dipti: I agree so much with your last line. You put everything in just a few words. Really well said, lady.
    Hugs :)

  8. love your blog..! frst tym here...! keep that..!

  9. @Duchess: Aww thanks so much! keep visiting :)

    @Dip: :)

  10. Hey! I just did a lovely tag and would like to pass it on to you. :)


  11. Pure fiction???



  12. @Rishi: Thank you so so much :) Glad you did!

    @Meera: Shall do! :)

  13. @Ujjwal: Keep your trap shut :P

    @AA: Thankyou! Do visit again! :)

  14. ***Can it be Fiction?(scratching my head)
    How can she pen down such deep heart felt emotions and feelings just imagining them? (Still scratching my head hard)...Oh really nil can make it possible (with red scratch marks on my head) *** ;) :D

    Hey as ever this post left me speechless.
    A great job indeed. Keep it up :)

  15. Asifffff! you're back!!! Dude where had you been? Missed you on my blog!

    AND your amazing comments which totally make my day. Thank you so so much. I am SO glad you liked this!

    Cheers to you! :)

  16. beautiful dear!

  17. @Pesto: Couldn't agree more.

    @cheryl: Thanks hon :) <3

  18. do you have any ideas how good that is?


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