Monday, July 12, 2010

And I'm 16.

My birthday started a few hours,no days,no months back before the actual date with people who make me feel the epitome of bliss right now.

My birthday started with me dreading it. With me being terrorised of being 16, laving behind 15 which was somehow apparently more.. kiddish to my own ears.

My birthday started with me hanging out with Rob in gk1 and pointing at every fancy thing and going "Robin. It's my birthday on the 12th" with a wide grin resulting to about a zillion eye rolls from him per hour.

My birthday started with me pissing my brother off with evil grins every time a new add of some cellphone came onto the TV cause he was going to buy me one with his first salary.  :)

My birthday started with my sister telling me what my grandmom told her to gift me for my 6th birthday before dying.

My birthday started with texts from people asking me what I'd like as a present, 15 days before the day :)

My birthday started with Niel remembering exactly what I wished for my present, and him getting me a coffee table book of The Beatles.

My birthday started with Robin remembering these random wishes of mine of stuff that I'd like to own- from silver jewellery to a Cafe Hard Rock Tee shirt, and getting me exactly those.

My birthday started with Neha and Shekhar taking me out to buy MY gift without me knowing :P  [yea man, you guys are SO smart] :P

My birthday started with Remya calling me up and going "Yaar dekh maine tere liye poem likha hai, ABHI sun warna....#$@$$$@#@$!!!" and her reciting the most beautiful poem one could ever imagine to be written on them.

My birthday started with Shivangi calling me up and going "dduuuuuuddeeee I'm sorry I COULD NOT wait any longer, you HAVE to listen to it!" and reciting me a little something she wrote from her heart that I wanted to bear hug her for.

My birthday started with Atreyi calling me up at 5:50am just to "chit chat" and then my dad walking me up and me walking sleepily like a zombie to the loo :P

My birthday started with me going to school, receiving a beautiful notebook from Remya and Oh so amazingly pretty cards from Saad and Manav :)

My birthday started with my friends randomly stopping in the school corridors, suddenly clapping and singing the Birthday song for me randomly,  making me go pink. :P  I love you guys!

My birthday started with me touching my parents and all the elder's feet.

 My birthday started with my family :)

My birthday started with me smiling so hard that me cheeks hurt! My birthday started with a lump in my throat when I realized that it doesn't matter how old or how new a friend is, 2 years and 3 months-- both are enough for someone to feel so strongly for you that you can hear the sincerity of love in their voices.
I realized that I might shout at Niel, Rob and Joy for not listening to me when I talk and being such boys  but actually I love being proven wrong by them when they end up checking the list of each and every word and wish of mine.
I saw the joy of my brother to have brought me a gift with his first salary and I felt my pride.
I realized how much of a kid I always will be, and that the age won't quite matter.
My birthday started with the 12th of July 1994, and won't end till these people and these feelings exist in me.

A happy birthday to myself :) 


  1. A happy birthday to yourself :P

    Sweet post on your bday and why not? You are sweet sixteen! :D

    Man, looks like ages ago to me! Believe me, you would love to remain 16 forever and never grow up. :)

    Hope you had a great day. God bless.

  2. Awwww what a birthday ...I miss such ones...Happpppppppy Birthdayyyyyy girl :D
    you made me remember my birthdays back in school...always so they r boring :P
    So enjoy till u can :D
    Have a great day and year ahead!
    God bless u !

  3. you are one lucky girl :)
    happy birthday. have the best day and an even better year ahead.. oh and many more to come too!

  4. Happy birthday!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :):) :) [P.s. you're not drunk, i actually have made about a dozen smileys! ;P ]

  5. Awwww, that was one of your best posts ever. Agreed with sooooo many points and really enjoyed it.

    Have all my wishes for today and the year ahead :) Oh and just to finish:

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Nilanjana
    Happy Birthday to you



  6. Hi Nil...
    Wish u a very happy birthday...
    And all the world’s joys...
    May 16 be a new start for great things ahead n brighter horizons to be reached out to!

    Also since this is getting serious...
    Wish u loads of masti, love, crushes and moments that u remember forever...
    It’s so much fun being 16!

    Also wonderful how all the people around you make it so special!
    Hugs n love!
    Stay smiling:-)

    My super hot girlfriend finally turns 16 =D
    Dude..........Happy Birthday :)))
    And I ain't gonna get sentimental on ur comment section.
    For that, you'll hafta jump to my blog :P
    Take care :)

  8. First off, Happy Birthday! :D
    God, I love wishing people 'Happy Birthday!'



    You're right, I couldn't wait. I tried switching my phone off and saving it for later, but I COULDN'T. JUST BLOODY COULDN'T.


    I Love You Babe! :D

  9. Awh! How sweet Nil!
    Don't you worry, so what if you're leaving 15 behind ..there are sexier years up ahead ;)

    Happy birthday once again, love!
    And just stay the way you are. You pretty lil' thing! :D

  10. That was cute.............and emotional :-)
    I loved reading it :D
    Thanks for making me so special :-P

  11. Darn you, you make an old bald guy cry.

    Happy Birthday sweetheart! You're the bestest!

    God bless you loads and loads.

  12. Such a cute post dear :) I just felt really nice after reading it. Happy Birthday once again Nil...

  13. i loved the last birthday began in 1994 on the 12th of lil sister :)

  14. gud one... out wid all ur heart n soul; variety of thoughts poured in it. gud luck all along till u live n blog :)

  15. Hey..I am late..But Happy 16th! are 16 only once ;)

  16. A very very happy birthday to you my dear dear friend. And I am so so sorry for not being able to wish you before. But lately I have been really caught up in work. I hope u had an awesome day and that u have even a better year ahead :)

    All my love and best wishes,

  17. HappY BirThDay :))

    Seems Your friends & family made it most memorable day..

    Enjoy 16th yr of your life with it's own flavour & joy ! :))

  18. @The (un)common woman: Thanks so much lady!
    Haha yeah I'm "sweet 16" the much awaited year, innit? ;)
    hehe thanks again! :)

    @Scribbling Girl: Aw thanks sooow much! :)
    Yeah birthdays in school year are pretty cool I guess. I can't party at a disco or do a night out yet, but that's okay. Cause it's a lot of funwith whatever I do now anyway :) So I'm okay with it, as long as I have fun:D
    Aw thanks! :) you have a nice year ahead too!

  19. @hAAthi: Yes, I am! thanks so much lady! Thanks bunches :)

    @Priyanka: Hahahahhahaha! I love your comments! Thanks babe! <3

  20. @Charu: Aww thanks sweetheart! I'm glad you liked it :)
    And awwww you cyber sang for me!! :P Hahhahaha! lol thanks! :)

    @Suruchi: I'm so glad I have you on my blog, cause your honest comments really do make me smile :)
    Thank you so much. Hahah! yeah I was kinda freaked about being 16, to be honest. But hey it's really not that bad, I figured :P

  21. @Remya: Thanks babe. For everything. Like Every-thing :)

    @Shivangi: Thanks hon! haha! I knoww! we're clones duh. Even I couldn;t have stopped myself. Like, AT all :P
    I love you too babe!

  22. @oRange*: Awwwwwwwee! Thanks babe! Yeah I know, sexier years ahead! ;D
    Thanks for the text, was ddaayyuumm cute!

    @Rob: Lol you throw such senties, man xD

  23. @tbg: Awwwwwwwwww. Thankyou! You really made my day,too. fyi :)
    Much love!

    @Shantanu: thanks man :)

  24. @dipti: somehow.. your comment won the award. thankyou.. love :)

    @Banu: Awh! you're the cutest! thanks banu :)
    so much love to you!

  25. @sulagana: you did?! I'm glad! aw yes! I'm the lil annoying sister :P

    @Obhi da: thankyou so much! glad to see you here :)

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  27. @TurbulentMind:Aww thats okay! Thanks milllionssss for the wishes!!
    cheers :)

    @TheeWestWind: And you're baaaaaaaack! :D GOD I missed you here okay! :O
    Aw that's okay. Thanks for wishing me!
    Take care and please keep blogging, I'd die without your blog :O
    Love and hugs :)

    @Prasad: Hi! Thanks for stopping by :)
    Aw thanks loads for your wishes! Hope you keep visiting :)
    Happy blogging!

    And a toast of cheers to all of you, who took out the time to wish me a gorgeous birthday...It means tonnes to me,and I need you guys to know that :)
    So much love :)

  28. hey..belated happy birthday! Have a rocking 16 ;)

  29. For a 16 year old, you're very docile.


  30. it seems to me like you had a wonderful birthday. what a nice post to read! you are now 16, do you like it? it's a great age to be nil!

  31. SIXTEEN?
    wow you write and talk like you are atleast out of your teens. impressive.

    and very belated budday 2 u :)


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