Friday, December 12, 2008

FASTforward mode : )

Everything is a blurr in school ! Just rejoined today after the Loong 8 day holiday : )
I thought it would be tough. You know, the whole "oh man, gotta catch up" thing.
But weirdly enough, Time literally flied!
I dint know when from the zero period came the last bell. o_O

Annual Day practices are on.
FULL on.

I'm in the dance :)
The Bhavani Dance <3.>{Its a classical dance form which includes differnt postures and mudras}
I personally dint wanna do it, cause there were some really pissing off elements present.
But yeah, I DID end up gettin a threat from the dance teacher :l
And I DID end up taking part :P
And now I get to dance with my new ghungroos from Orissa <3.
Eeee. I'm excited!

Stay back on Sunday : )
Fun. Fun ;-)

Most of the classes went off lazing around in the Dance Room.
Math practical was missed, thanks to my carelessness >:'l
Never mind.

The Bhavani Dance is really gracefull. And luckily enough all the dancers participating in this peice are good.
They know how to bring *the* grace, and the expressions.
Well... most of them anyway.
I just wish that they would stop mixing Kathak footwork with Odissi.
They're poles apart , and the mixture really pisses me off.
But again, maybe I'm being too critical.
I'm sure it'll end up being great :)

SAdly enough the Jazz peice [Or whatever it is!] sucks. Like, real bad.
It looks like 13 aunties doing Arobics while watching TV.
{Ugh. Chills}.
And Bharatnatyam is Good :)
A bit cliched choreography, but yeh, fine.

Wait. I think I should stop about the dances now. I get carried away. And when I see people disrespecting and MIXING 2 or 3 different dances in ONE, I become too critical.
So end of the Dance discussion.


Now, after I came back from school ... Rest of the day was again a blurr!
Math tution startd when, and ended when . . . NO idea.

Evening was good :)
wicked actually ;)

WeK <3. {neha, figure it out ;) }

Haha. Neha, If ur reading this ;-)

*Muahahahhahahahahas* to you :P

And? Been online for SO long. Dint even realize it.
Uff. I should go.
I'm hungry.
Actually starved!!


"The feeling of being secured in those strong hands, and the assurity that you're safe leaves nothing but a priceless moment to be remembered when you're 56 giving your grand children the 'one upon a time, there lived a prince' story"

;-) Haha. The famous quote ^^^ By the famous somebody ;)

Take care!


  1. awww

    the once upon a time...there lived a prince who turned me in2 a princess story??? :p

    luv uu


    n dnt wry those hands r strong enuf to hold ur universe..which in d end comes down to them itself..

    do u get wat i mean?? :-)

    u better...uv lived wid me long enuf..

  2. Ahahah. Yes I know what you mean :P

    I'll gag if i say something like "My prince charming is somewr out there... just waiting for me".


    But yeah, whatever.
    I just LOVE that quote.
    Lol. Specially the "when ur 56 yrs old* part !

    It just popped in when I was writing .. Thought to use it up ;)

    Love you too!

  3. congratz btw..we bothr officially married
    soo whrs our honeymoon biatch??

  4. Eeee. Hawaaaiiiiiiiiiiii <3333 .

  5. watever u say

    buttt..........lil low on budget..

    how bout goa?

  6. Like I said on Facebook.

    Just you and me..And me and you...


    Laughing off the frggin floor!

    Love you :P <3.

  7. The place doesn't matter babayy ....



  8. try listening to a third person for a change!! :P

    I always loved the post-November sessions of school and college. Days just fly by!! Cult. Fests, New Year preps, reunions, all of it. I used to bunk all classes, with permission(!!), in school to compose lines for my dramas/skits (always comedy!! :D). Dance was never my thing!! I can't dance!! :( Pappu!! All dance I did was clap, Kawali style!! But that's fine, I made up for the dance with my drama!! Hehe!!

    Have phun!! See you when I see you... :)

  9. Cool... goodluck with your dance :) I'm sure you'll have lots of fun practicing for it with your friends!!

  10. @ Pranav : Eee. I love theatre too!
    Though I'm not that active in Dramatics, but yeah, I do participate twice in a yr or whatever :)
    So ur a script writer also!? Naaiiccee :D And that too Comedy? Super naaiiccee :))

    @ Sydney : Thank you! :)

  11. Slow Down!! :D
    Call me an ignorant illiterate bastard if you may. But while reading this an incident popped into my head. Years ago, while we were doing a dance/drama thing, during the rehersals,i remember three of my female pals who used to learn Kathak. Each one of them was spinning around on one foot, while saying" this is the currect one" and trying to outdo the other.
    I still don't get the difference. Its one regret i'll carry into my grave i guess.

    Aaaand i'm sooooo jealous of Neha :D :D :D

  12. Why don't you try the Tamil Dapankuthu?? Its great dance you know. They say even the dead tap their foot to the dapankuthu music and dance :D

  13. @ Ujjwal : Hm. Dude, you know it's really fine. The way it was with you [Like how you were so clueless about the difference in the spins], it is with me STILL at times when i cant identify the Ragas of music. I'm really bad at it, I might enjoy every bit of it [i do], but I really suck when it comes down to identifying the ragas. And thats a regret that I WILL carry to my grave :'(
    So yeah. Atleast you dont disrespect it by mixing a dance pc with 3 TOTALY DIFFERENT FORMS!!
    That's a torture to anyone with a Classical base. Trust me.

    And haha. Jelous?!! Nehaaa, did u hear that?!..

  14. Twisted Elegance: Thanks!!!!!
    I'm googling it NOW!

    Bless you :'D

  15. I have put up a post on the dance....go take a look

  16. @ Twisted Elegance : Eeee!
    You rawk! I couldn google it then had to leave abruptly. :(
    But even now, there is this party on at my place. And I would prefer readin it in Peace :)

    So I guess I'll have to wait till tomorrow :(

  17. Hey, young blogger!

    First time up here and I'm already missing my school days so much.

    Annual day preparations were so much awaited and we tried to have max fun during our practices.....*sigh*.....Gone are those days...

    And oh, nice blog.
    Keep rocking,girl!

  18. @ Tanvi : Hi there! Well, since it was ur fisrt time in my blog, make it 2nd,3rd,4th.......and many more visits :D

    Yes, Annual Day pracs are seriously good good fun =]

    Do drop by again :))


  19. @ The Lady of Shallot: Yaaaaaayyyiiieeeeeeeee!!!! Welcome ze back <33.

    Finally i'll be able to trck ur blog *again*.

    Siigghhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... :)


  20. hehe...oki doki ur lady ;-)


  21. I love dance. :-)
    Nice blog btw. :-)

  22. @ Divine: Ahem ahem. :P

    @ The lady of shallot: ;-D

    @ Pari: Aww,thats nice :) Thank u!

    Take care:)

    P.S--> DIVINE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    EEeeeeeeeeeeee!!! <3

  23. Oh God.





  24. Nice thoughts, nicely designed blog... keep writing...

  25. @ Divine: Ahem. Ahem.

    Ohh what the hell!!
    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! =D

    I MISSED YOU WOMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    @ Srini: Thank you so much. :)
    Keep visiting.


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