Sunday, February 6, 2011

Bellbots and farewells.

Hello, Sunday people.
Since my creativity has gone to take a dump, I figured I'd update with a random post (again). I really want to go back to the 80s. With the super cool bellbots (no I'm not hungover), and the funny badminton playing, not to forget the classic Disco 82 type numbers that get your feet tapping even today. Vintage is so brilliant. Anything vintage, actually. Clothes, bikes, cars, etc. I find them bold, and that's what's so beautiful about them. I need a time machine.

Yesterday was the 12th grader's Farewell. Ignoring my tailor's super brilliant disaster of screwing my suit up, and the last minute change in plan, I'd say it was pretty okay. Okay-- because we hardly bonded with our seniors this year. So it was kinda bleh. But there was free food and music. So. We danced for three straight hours, and by the end of it, the indifference between the seniors and juniors seemed to have decreased. Which was good. Also, by the end of it, my feet were royally screwed and dead. They were as dead as a mosquito might be after squishing it for three hours. (ew). But anyhow, it wasn't as bad as I figured it would be. Though I also know that next year (our farewell) is going to be much better, cause our junies aren't uptight jerks and we seniors are pretty damn awesome.
Which reminds me for the 9834937384th time that it's us next year.
Which is scary, if you ask me. Sure, I'm on my toes to go to college, but leaving school just seems.....SHIT.
Anyhow. So if it's any consolation, I got back and had my feet dipped in warm water for a good hour. Irrelevant.

My finals are in 20 days lol. All it does is make me laugh. I wonder if they could have a subject on Facebook&Blogger. We'd all top. I know I would. k,irrelevant again.
God I'm sucha bored Sunday bug. It's one of those annoying Sundays. Where you're not happy even if you study well/ party hard/ sleep long/ do nothing. It's one of those Sundays that make you jittery and impatient.
We were so much better off in kindergarten, where all we had to worry about were crayons and our exams were nap times and A+s in sections like "Well behaved" , "Progress in Art", "Contribution to class", "Origami".

Anyhow. I should get back to my Eco paper. I have a viva due tomorrow, for the finals. Like I said, I need a time machine.

[Playing now: Drive my car, The Beatles]



  1. baby you can drive my car, yes im gonna be a star, baby you can drive my car, and maybe il love ya! tweet'tweet'tweet'tweet'yeahhhh!!

    its one of my bestestestest beatles songs ever!

  2. I am SO jealous of you. NOT. =P

    I'm sorry about the suit though. You must have really looked forward to wearing it. But these tailors! >:(

    Anyway, come see me na! |'m good at fixing bad moods! =P Special maggi does the trick! =D

  3. My finals start frm 28th onwds. If we could study some Satyajit Ray or Tagore instead of gay electrons and valencies I sure as hell wd top.


  4. we will have a kickass farewell next year :D
    p.s.the food was not free..we paid 300 & something bucks :l

  5. @hAAthi: I knoww rightttt? Tell me about it! That song ABSOLUTELY cheers me up.
    Actually... Beatles was just the most brilliant creation on the face of the eart :-)

    @Shiv: I know man. The tailor is soon going to see Death. Brutal, cold death.
    Yeah I know :( I need to see you sometime soon. THESE GOD DAMN EXAMS AROUND THE CORNER AND PARANOID PARENTS- ugh.

  6. @Eesha: Haha mutual sentiments hon.. ;D

    @Vanta: I hope so! and ohhh yeaah. Well, remembering that fact doesn't really make things any better :/

  7. errr

    did your seniors too share the same idea, of being awesome and thier juniors being jerks? :P

    Kidding :P

    All the best for exams.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. Haha I'm guessing they did, actually :-P

    Thanks a lot!

  9. Hmmmmm.. We would all like a time machine, wouldn't we? I know I would! The two monsters are driving me insane with their budding creativity!

  10. And also, All the best for your exams dearie, you'll make us proud, as always :-)

  11. hahahahahahaha! they're adorably cute mashi you know that! you of all people surely DONT need a time machine!

    And aw thank you :-) haha proud? well, sure shall try!

  12. Ah, farewell. Oh wait - our farewell.

    Lame, I guess?

    Yeah, life's just going. And a time machine's an intriguing idea.

    p.s. you still looked good on farewell.

  13. Yeah. Its us next year.
    Daaamn. Not ready! I know we have an entire year..but it seems so small and insignificant. Shit Im all senti now :P

  14. @Charu: Haha.. Time machine, siigh. Million dollars to own one, alright!
    And aw thanks darl :-)
    you looked stunning, yourself!

    @Priyanka: Banerjeeeeeee! You're back :D And heyy my exact sentiments, okay. A year seems to damn tiny :|
    It creeps me out, the fact that it's us next year man.
    I think I'm really obsessed with the whole 'Time machine' idea.

  15. I never knew you were in school, you write like a much grown up

  16. @Pesto: I'll take that as a compliment (?)

    @Gf: Random,much? But i laaaaaaav eeeuuu :*


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