Friday, February 25, 2011


Greetings, Weekenders!
Whaddup? Sorry about the quick update, in case that was too much to handle with the last post or something. But I'm in a super random mood, bear with me?

I had my Geography final exam today. It was blehh. In my defense, Snooze buttons should be screwed. Brutally screwed. From the past two days  I've been meaning to get up at 7:30am to study, but the frikkin' alarm is just useless, and the snooze almost seems to poke me and say "Sleep dear child, ignore me. Even better, throw your phone away". And hence the scratches on my phone. Not to mention that I've been stuck at home with a bad cold and nothing to do except study. Study Geography, a subject that I'm not very fond of, all of a sudden.

Anyhow. Remya just left. She crashed at my place after school, and now she's on her way to some.. err.. business convention or something with her mother and three more teachers from school (harsh,much?)
....I. I should be studying Pol Science, cause I just have two days to finish TWO books. But, since I'm useless and a procrastinating idiot, I will sit on my chair and blog about the wonders of life and snooze buttons.

Speaking of which, I plan to go on a creative drive after exams. Yeah, that was abrupt. No, I mean I plan to indulge in art, photography and writing (duuuh) A LOT in my free time. When I'm alone/bored/no one around me type. I plan to travel around Delhi on my own a little more, and just be busy. I want to be really busy. Yes, that's what I want to be.

I deleted 17 people off my Facebook today. I'm on one of those rampages where I delete people I don't bother keeping in touch with even if I'm on their list and vice versa.
I had a super heavy lunch, and I don't think I can ever get up anymore. Which brings me to my next point- I feel like having mango ice cream. Or khasta kachori.
Vanta, Guina and I are having the randomest Facebook war.

Anyhow. I think I've been random enough to content myself and torture you :)
I shall be back soon (scary laugh)
Which also reminds me I haven't watched HIMYM bloopers since a loooong time. So Youtube opens on the other tab.
Did you know Sulcata Tortoises are the largest continental land tortoise and that they grow to over 2 feet in length and can weigh over 100 lbs? :O



  1. nilanjanaaaaa!

    it was a fun 'war' people should have this type of war's not the silly one's with guns,bombs,etc
    & snooze buttons FTW!! :D
    planning a trip around delhi? where to??

    the pol science books should be tortured,mutilated & thrown away :l


    cya :D

  2. Did you get the last fact from the back of a classmate register? =P

  3. @Vanta: Hahaha I know righttt. Wars with gunpowder seem so useless! Are useless, actually.
    Hahaha yeah, snooze buttons :P
    Delhi.. just about and along! Tag along? :-D
    And oh that book. THAT BOOK I TELL YOU. Rukh, exams khatam hone de, katal karenge milke B-]
    Later babe!

    @Shiv: hahaha no! I was just readin' stuff up on Wiki :)

  4. I liked geography, when I was small. After that, I did not read it (stream changed)
    2 books in a few days? These days at engineering, its one night and one book, the night before exam.

    Best of luck.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  5. yay!! maaza aayega!!where to in delhi anyway?

    & the pol sc books,well i've got the knives & stuff ready..MUAHAHA

  6. Nice random read - light and engrossing.
    Hey can I steal some of the "awards" that you have displayed after the post at the bottom of the page :)?

  7. die, man, die.
    You dont even pay attention to what I say.
    I said I'm going for "lunch" with 3 friends of mum after which, I have to attend a business convention.
    And what's with the war?
    I feel tech challenged after getting off facebook.

  8. Let me rephrase that- I feel socially challenged. Not tech.
    Because tech awesome's my gene. ^_-

  9. @Blasphemous: Haha it's always been like that in Engg. And that's the fun of it, I guess :)

    @Vanta: ...aaaaand it's overrrrrrrrr =)
    hahaha! and oh anywhere daarrrrrr-ling ;)

  10. @Trikoli: Thankyou! and haha I'll take that as a compliment :)

    @Rem: Hahahha I never listen to you darrling hot education hungry girlphraaaaaaaaand, I'm the guy, remember? :-PPPP
    and, duh. Get back on facebook loser!

  11. .. and I am still wondering why this post is titled Melon.

    I HATE GEOGRAPHY TOO. For that matter all subjects :P

  12. Don't bother the wonder, randomness has absolutely no reasons :-P

    haha same same same. ;)


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