Friday, February 11, 2011

Drunken memories.

Drunken Memories. 

And every page lies crumpled in my temple,
my temple where the bed lies untouched,
the study perturbed with scrolls and parchment,
the long dead battery of the clock,
that puts up a show of a Tik Tok,
that only my mind can imagine,
and my temple reflect.

Each of those pages,
proud with their forced wrinkles,
seem to stand bold for every scribble,
that my ink ruled out over and over again.

My words seem to rebel in ferocity,
to my feeble attempt to demolish a past,
a past that had every right of a memory.
A memory to be remembered,
a memory that claimed to deserve nostalgia.

The silent photographs,
of all those thoughts,
of all those moments,
of all those faces,
seemed to be intoxicated with the rum of time,
and the gin of  future.

And as they hiccup,
to the night's glory..
I hear all the laughter, the joy, the cries,
once again,
seeping out of the careful crevices of a woven dream,
 from a silent vibrant mind,
singing along to the toast's cheer.

And as I look around,
to all those honest memoirs of the mind,
I, for once, restrain to push away,
the past that dances along an attractive tale,
a tale I know too well,
a tale I know by heart..

I, for once, let them go on..
and see for real, what an imaginary truly is,
while I enjoy the drink of my paradox,
for drunken memories don't lie...

-Insomnia stricken,


  1. Well, Bikramjit took my words :P

    Don't push the temples too hard, it gives a head ache. Go sleep :)


  2. wow just so beautiful best poetess :)

    U have a magic with words and this was so blatantly true and beautiful...loved it :)

  3. @Bikram: Haha.. thanks.

    @Blasphemous: Sure did have a good nigh'ts sleep after I finally let out the writer's block.

  4. @Unruly: Thanks!

    @Scribbling Girl: Awww thanks my love! :*

  5. Nice. You seem to be overcoming your writers block, slow and steady.

    Cheers :)

  6. Yes... Indeed.
    Thanks Charu! :-)

  7. daarun kobita ar daarun choice of chobi..... Well done.

  8. Spellbound, as always darling :-)
    You just keep getting better and better with each poem!
    All this is such a stress buster :-)

  9. By the way, E-mail me jethu's ID some time okay? I hope all is fine at your end :-)

  10. Hullllllllooooooooooooooooo!
    Always a treat seeing you here! Thank you soooooo much, you're only too damn biased just cause I'm the 'kiddo' here.
    But anyhow thankyou so much :-)
    and yes I will mail you soon!

  11. BTW award waiting for u at my blog. Do visit :)

  12. Sure will darling, thank you! :-)

  13. Beautiful. You just hold me somehow at the throat or something with your words and art...and let goosebumps rise soft...and make me awe, speechless and stop. to think.

  14. ...and that, Roy, is one of the best compliments that'll be with me for the rest of my life.

    Thanks man, appreciate it a lot :)

  15. hehehehe i agree with blasphemous and bikramjit :)

    i am back i am back

  16. You're back you're back you're baaaaaaaaccccckkkkkkkkkk! :-D
    *drum rolls*

  17. Been kinda playin' around with hide n seel myself Cherr. With all your pissed-off peek-a-boo and no mails! Come ONNNNN yo!
    Anyway, brilliant stuff again yo. You still mess with my head hey!

    Now, please? if you're done with the annoyed face, shed me some mails yo? OR maybe answer calls?
    please? =[

  18. seek*

    ay come on now bratt! Enough of pissed off!

  19. Oh heyyyy Ro :-)
    yeah I still hate you, awesome right? :)
    About sheddingyou mails- sure man, keep dreaming.
    Ask Mrill to call me soon, cause hey everyone doesn't find humor in arrogance remember?

    Ok. That was harsh enough. Thank you :-)
    Call me sometime Sunday, I'll think about answering. Lol.
    Ya ok I will. I'm such a sucker at being rude man :|

    You still suck :) later.


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