Saturday, February 19, 2011

I need a new watch.

Playing now: Madcon- Beggin you.

Bonjour, World!
Quite a shitty month'eh? Oh well so after two super heavy poem posts, I figured I'd spare you guys and drop in some light stuff and in short- catch up with the million FYIs and facts of the past few days.
I have decided I am going to go to Italy and Greece. FOR freaking SURE. Italy- because it's just so freaking gorgeous and with the food (Y) and woah just the place echoes nirvana.
Greece- because it would be such a waste to not photograph and write about perhaps one of the most beautiful places on Earth. All I needed was a couple of movies and google to figure what I've been missing.
So maybe I'll take a year off after college and fly off.
Or maybe I'll just wait till I have enough bucks to support that and not day dream.
Either ways, I'm going.

Today's been a bad day. Well, most of it anyway. Exams starting up from 25th. I just laugh at the thought of it, as I've already mentioned.. the thought somehow seems funny to me.

And now, for the Best news of the year, my sister had a beautiful baby girl! Yesssss. I'm a mashi now :"-)
They're coming back home tomorrow. So I've got balloons, banners, flowers, sweets yada yada to welcome my sweethearts. Heck I've been SO excited, it's not even funny!
And oh lord, she's so TINY! and so........umm...just so... TINY!!!
Anyhow, so tomorrow's the grand welcome of the cutie :)

Also, I saw this watch a few days back....and I'm in love with it. I need it. No seriously, I NEED that gorgeous machine. It's just that I can't afford it, err, not yet anyway. Hence, I'm saving up every penny that I own or find on the way and I hope to be wearing that watch on my wrist by the end of the month :)
Otherwise- you'll just have to deal with a pissed off post. So pray :)

ALSO. I officially loathe the organisers of the Bryan Adam concert. I studied so hard, behaved myself, bothered going to school even though there was nothing happening the whole effing day just so I wouldn't have to hear taunts at home when I go for the concert.
REALLY. Cancelled the gig for DOWNPOUR? yea sure, and whatever happened to the fact that those dimwits hired a place with the capacity of 6000 people and ended up selling 20,000 tickets?
AND then thinking they could pull it off? seriously, how retarded were they?
And now rumour has it that U2's going to come to India sometime soon for a gig,too. Lol. They seriously have cheeks to actually even expect international artists to bother coming here after how they screwed up so bad.

Anyhow. I should go now, stuff to do and help out with.
I shall catch you guys soon enough. Update me with how's the sun at your end, yes?
I was in a mood for a random picture, hence the photograph.

Playing now: Beggin you- for the fourth time.

Adios amigos,
some more rant to come later.



  1. Hey, thought of a good name for the little one??? What about 'Smriti'?

    Tc :)

  2. Pic is awesome. The little baby girl, well its funny, to give any name to her tiny figurine. She's tiny, I think you did not find the right word. :P
    And the tour de Italia and Greece, start saving, and pray the fare becomes local. :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  3. congrats on becoming a mashi!!!! :)

  4. congrats on becoming a mashi!!!! :)

  5. hey nil..stopped by to say hello


  6. I loveeeeeeee ur rants.....
    Even i want a new wants to gift a omega but i am still deciding too :P

    Baby girl wow :) bestie gave birth to a baby girl too :)Arent they too cute :)

  7. @Eesha: Hmm thanks for the suggestion, hon :) but I think didi and jeejz are pretty decided already!

    @Shiv: Me too :]

  8. @Blasphemous: Thanks! Hahah yeah she's too tiny, it's a lil difficult, hence :P Anddddd, yes. I'm saving. AND praying- that one for sure ;P
    haha cheers man!

    @Vanta: Thanks babeeeeeeeez :"D

  9. @Mohit: Heyyy there! seeing you after a long time man! good thing that you stopped by, hope all's good at your end :-)

    @Scrib Girl: haha hiiii love :) woah Omega! not bad! stop waiting and buy a super fab one ;)
    and yess, baby girls are just adorable =)

  10. hey congrats little mashi :) how did u take that cool snap?

    Italy and Greece in bucket list huh?? nice nice...

    What watch is that? I have been eyeing on a variety of watches which were displayed in papers on V-day? ALl the bst to grab it fast.

  11. Heyy banu! haha that picture.. well there was a mirror right above us.. so I just clicked :)

    It's a pretty simple watch with a big dial.. so yeah :)

    and haha the bucket list just keep increasing! ;)

  12. I just awarded you! :)
    Go collect at :

  13. Hey thanks! sure thing, on my way :)

  14. know i seriously think we are soul sisters..had i known of blogging and had i a laptop at 16 my page would look , sound and feel the ditto same.
    Italy and Greece and Ireland are my dream dream dream down in Koh Nanyuang !
    And lots of love to the chotto lokhi coming your way ..

    lobe you :)

  15. haaaaaaaallloo sistaaaaaaaar :)
    hehee i know! I sound like a mini You ;D
    Which is awesome.. and wooaahh when you start your bucket list, pack me along :D
    been looking at the puchki all day long! :)
    tomar shate koto din kotha hoye ni! will call soon :)

    lobe you tooooooo :]


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