Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Friday's Lady.

The warm ambience greeted me as soon as I entered Geoffrey's. What greeted me warmer was that deep, seductive voice coming from that dynamic figure firing the stage with some real jazz.. almost as if she expected my entrance in the precise moment she looked towards me to wink with that smile that knew I'd come back. I hung my satin tie lower, and walked ahead, carrying an air of complete arrogance, which apparently had an appeal. Or so I'd been told.

I walked to my dear friend, the bar tender.
"Same old?" he asked with a friendly smile.
"Always the same."
"Isn't gin a little over rated in your cocktail vocab, my friend? My fair lady's a drink that's killed your taste buds, I'm afraid" he said, handing me my glass.
"Oh no no, not at all Peter. Both my Fair Ladies keep me just as fine,throbbin' and alive" I said, waving my toast to the lady on stage.


As she shifted the mood of the approaching night from Miles Davis to Malinda DeRouen.. I slow danced with my sixth peg to It might as well be spring .. Slowly as the familiar faces of the regulars at the bar became blurred stories in the background of the story of my life that danced to the fading evening, my eyes closed- only seeing her smile through the curtains of my eyes kissing my pupil blind, only hearing her smile from the deligate and careless progression in the intonation of her voice that fell like honey in its beautiful golden dress, melting to the distinguished taste of an admirer's.

.......And just as the piano played the last note to end the song that she sang, subtly writing me a message on the diary of my heart, there ended yet another love story that started every Friday evening and ended every Friday night when the lights of Geoffry's were turned off....


A short fiction that found its way... after a long time..
Awaiting all your feedbacks as usual :)



  1. Beautiful story, it was like, music just blended in with my senses, as he fell in love again, with his Fair Ladies...

    Very Nice read,

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  2. Awesome Awesome! Got completely mesmerised into it! Loved it!! Totally! :) :)

  3. Very nice.. loved it.. so elegant yet so ordinary :) And yeah.. lovely blog template.. vibrant just like u :D

  4. OMG woaaah i told u na ur a genius....i can never even have such strong imaginations ever....and u can jolt it with perfect english....ur amazing gal...Mwaaahz for this one :)

  5. @Blasphemous Aesthete: Hello there, thank you so much for your appreciation. Sure am glad the mood blended in :)
    cheers to you!

    @TBG: Eeeeeeep :)

  6. @Vanta: Vantaaaaaaaaaaaa. Thanks babes :)
    See you in school!

    @Debo da: Roggeeerrrrr.. Oh aren't you biased! hee hee thanks a lot! so glad you liked it :)

  7. TheeWestWind: Annyeshaaaaaaaa! Hi love! thanks so much..and haha yeah that was the idea..to make the blog look crazy (read vibrant in a diplomatic way) ;)
    hahah awww take care love <3

  8. @hAAthi: Yeah? Thank you! :-)

    @Scribbling Girl: Honey like I always say,you freakin' make my day with your super sweet comments. But you're just as good if not better! so I'm gonna take it as a huge compliment.
    Thanks darling, you're the best :)

  9. Dont know what to say ..
    will the word AWESOME do ..


  10. I like anything with bar and cocktails

  11. I loved the story. The idea, the concept, EVERYTHING. A beautiful choice of words. The phrases were excellently used. And that's exactly what made it so visually dynamic. I could picture the entire thing in my head, from the beginning to the end. And it's something that I'd like to see in a movie. You know what, that's the best part about your stories. You can turn them into movies because they're so great.

  12. Hmmmm...writer's block? I don't think so.

    In the meantime, beautiful piece dear. The writing and description were quite subtle and it's no wonder many readers could get lost in the words. Believable and made more so by the phrasing :)

    Cheers dear, you still got it ;)

  13. @Bikram: Why thank you so much sir, indeed very kind of you :-)

    @Pesto: HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAH sure you do mate!

  14. @Shiv: Sheesh woman, you're in love with me and are super dooooooper biased! :* haha I love you so much. Thanks, I'm so glad you liked this =)

    @Charu: Hahah TRUST ME it was a SICK writer's block!
    Yay I still go it? I'll take your word for that lady ;)
    and thanks darl :-)

  15. Little one, you just amaze me every time. This was a beautiful write up, but tell me, was there a route to this idea? I'm only curious :-)

  16. And the picture is so apt, where did you get it? It goes very well with your story!

  17. Maaasshhhiiiiiiii. Hulllo there! Haven't seen you around here in a looong time. Super happy to see you on my page! haha thank you so much! And about the route.....nothing specific, to be honest. It was something that was brewing inside for a very long time.. :)
    And yes, about the picture- it's from Google. Got really lucky with exactly what what I wanted :)

  18. this is so elegant, Nil

  19. I can see you have got flooded with feedback. All that I can say is I loved it! And I like the neo look of your blog site. :)

  20. @The feeling lioness: Thank you so much, lady :-)

    @Shaswati di: Haha thank you so much! Glad you liked both :-D

  21. Hi Nil,
    A mute love story...ain’t these the most crushing n most difficult to get by?
    A beautiful little story with such perfect stress on minute details to make it picturesque...
    You rock:-)

  22. Eeeep, thank you so much! :-) you rock harder! <3

  23. you write like a professional Nil. Ok that's become a big cliche now since you hear that a lot hehe

    but i do admire the way you write, being a teenager!

  24. Diiiiiiiiiiiiiip! No I don't hear that often but you're a sweetheart for being so kind! Thanks love : )

  25. totally enjoyed it... loved your choice of expressions :)

  26. thank you so much! do visit again :-)


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