Sunday, January 30, 2011

Shiva on trance.150th.

Playing now: Electro sun.Pure blue.

Hello friends, foreigners, and countrymen. Lend me thy ear? So this happens to be my 150th post on blogger. And hence, I figured this should be a Catch Up post for my BlogAnniversary :)

Oh well, Jan's been a busy month. With the new year, getting used-to writing '2011', a new camera (Y), random shoots, British School's RSSRC Peace Summit,the final show and now coming up- Farewell. (Can't believe it's going to be us,next year :| ) ......and then finally the last set of finals for 11th grade. I'm still trying to figure out just how am I still alive with all the on-goings that haven't let me sit down and breathe, but I guess that's why I'm still sane? Something about being Jobless scares me.

Anyhow. So the track I'm listening to crazy. The beats are absol-uuu-tely sick. Please listen to it if you fancy trance.
Today....was a good day? I mean. It was okay?
Studied some. Got some nice shots of certain frames I had in mind. Managed to make it to the tailor's on time to plead them to get my suit ready by 5th. Had so much of Giani's Belgium Chocolate ice cream that the sight of anything sweet makes me sick. I could do anything to have a huge bowl of Maggi right now. Or hotdogs. Or whatever, just as long as it's not sweet.
Irrelevant, to you at least.

I'd been thinking of changing the look of the blog.. To turn it into something more original and to put up pictures I've clicked and to base the theme on my state of mind....but had also been victimized to procrastination at its best. So today I put my foot down and revamped the whole of it. Tell me how you guys like it? The two pictures as the header are two of my favorite clicks. I hope you like them :)
....and School tomorrow. Bleh. All I do is go and read a novel, thanks to farewell preps,sports day and another godzillion reasons, education in classrooms has lost its meaning. I've hit a BAD writer's block.Which isn't the best thing happening to me right now, cause with too many things going on, I tend to over think stuff and people. And when I can't write and blurt out....err, lets just say I'm not the sanest mind around. I go on a high of over-intellectual existence. Which is when it gets hard for people to relate to me, and worse off- I close in nutshell.

(Now playing: Sundance)

Anyway. So after finals, I hope to take a H-U-G-E getaway before 12th grade starts from Delhi. Hopefully to some place like Calcutta (NO, not cause all Bongs love the city) where I have the right people to catch up with, party, relax,write, photograph and basically just forget everything about Delhi. Not that I don't like this place.. I do. But I guess, after a point of time, you do need a runaway to some place else.

I need to watch Dhobi Ghat. I've heard the extremest of reviews. I'm not judging.. I'm gonna wait till I exit the theatre.
I also need to start studying like a nerd. Finals in less than a month :|

So anyhow. I guess that's all for my 150th post. Thanks you guys, for being thee best readers, so many more zillion posts to come ;)
Update me with how's the sky color at your end, yes?

While I dance a little faster with the city beats and just try a little harder to be graceful at the same time ha ;)
(now playing: lazarus, Porcupine Tree)

-Nil :)


  1. awesome pics in the header :) so happy ur photographing!

  2. Heyy thanks so much lady! glad ou liked it =)

  3. The header is terrific. Loved the colors :) Congratulations on your 150th post!

  4. LOVE the LOOK!
    Your blog is such a happy place to be! :)

  5. @S: Hey haha Yeah? you think so? Thanks! :)

    @Shiv: Eeeeep! Was hoping for that! thanks love :)

  6. Hope this ranks as a compliment, but if you want a break from the stresses of life, read Nil's blog ;)

    Yeah, 12th is scaring the heck out of me too. And our farewell :|

    And lots, lots, lots, lots x 10,000 congratulations for reaching your 150th post :D

    Oh, and the sky at my end is psychedelic :P

  7. Oh that sure was a compliment Charu :) haha aww that was do darn sweet!

    Sheesh, I know right. It's us next year :O
    And thanks again!

    Aaaaah. Psychedelic has always been my thing, too ;) I like!

  8. Happy 150th anniversary :P.................dude U bookmarked ur blog here :@ :p
    BTW nice new look

  9. Lol haha that sounds so OLD Rob :-P
    And oh shut up, your computer is weird, not my fault. :-P
    And thanks :D
    Oh you do realize you're following my blog from 2 IDs right. Haaaaa haa :-P

  10. Yeah? Glad you liked it!
    Thanks Pots! :)

  11. Psychedelic .. its like your blog is in a trance state.. loved it :)

  12. congrats on the 150th post..

    you are in 11th and then you got 12 th and then you have a few years to graduate so why worry about a JOB so soon.. long time to go for that.. concentrate on studies at the moment and have some fun :)

    all the best with the break you have planned and take care


  13. @Disgruntled G: Hey! Haha yeah? Thanks for the compliment :) Glad you liked it!

    @Bikram: Haha yes, I don't plan to worry about anything for now.
    Thanks :) you take care too.


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