Sunday, January 2, 2011

Passing thoughts and epiphanies.

Something I wrote on New year's night :

"As I see all those sky shooters shoot high up into what we liked to believe heaven was, the tiny motes of fire fly as high as their fate willed, burned with all its might and ferocity, tried to yell out to the world- stark naked of what lay dormant in them, and after the few seconds of lumiere, faded away and died prey to the domineering winds that blew its flame away into nothingness that once burned in the iris of a man standing arrogantly on the face of the earth, taking for granted that the fire will never die out to ashes and that time will always hang in the glamour of light.... on the surface"

Also, my blogger friend Fai has this thing on her blog called "Let it out Monday" where her readers can send her a letter on anything at all, and she'd publish it on a Monday. It can be named or anonymous. So I sent her a letter too, and I want you guys to read it and tell me what you think about it. Here goes! :-----

Dear Photograph,
you remind me of so much. So much that I might have forgotten coping with the cobwebs of city life, of other dreams that I'm chasing after, of broken chains that were meant to be only stronger with time, of myself. 
The delicate black and white of your skin holds my tiny finger like one of a baby's and leads me into a moment of my life that was frozen into mere parchement, that frozen moment was perhaps a mere second out of the scroll long years of my life, however that one frozen smile, tear, round eyes, freckle, frown tells and teaches me so much of who I am, what I might become or might have been.
When your skin smiled of warm colors- I could only feel the warmth of the sun again, the sounds of the honks nearby, the scream of the roadside wender, the bark of the angry dog, the whistle of the ticket collcetor... you take me back to yet another day of reality that makes me feel so alive and present again.
You have always had the strength to reduce me to my knees and pray again, pray for what only seemed like yesterday to come back. Pray for those people who've somehow let go or the ones who have held on so tight.. You have had the strength to show me the past as it was, without being biased or emotional.. as ironical as it sounds :)
May you capture me, many more of the sides that prevail and the ones that are hiding in somewhere, waiting for the time to step out.
For you let me make memories, and that is something that only completes the mosaic of my life with everything right, wrong, perfect and imperfect.
For you are a frozen me, that can never disappear and will live on forever, as simply as one can ever ask for.


Awaiting feedbacks!


  1. I've seen this one before. Don't know on who's blog though. :\

  2. I know, on Fai's blog...
    Saw your comment on that one, thanks.

  3. I'm kinda sick of tellin' you how good you are, cherr, so I think I'm gonna skip.
    I won't actually, that was beautiful yo. And now I shall stop. =P

    so two of our camp friends are crashing this weekend from Brooklyn and Elmhurst. All four of us are gonna hit this crazy place in Manhattan, Blue ribbon sushi. Haha last I went there, mom had sushi all friggin' over her yo, it was friggin' epic hey! >=D

    SEE cherr, I'm around on your blog! And I will be, get off the pissed face hey, come on!

  4. Mrill says Hi just btw, she says she'll haunt you once the folks agree to actually get her a system after what she did to her last x)

    Laughs, I hope the Abot family ain't that stupid =P

  5. Why hello hello Mr.Abot! How are we today?
    Well, when you were ranting on my page yesterday, I was in zz.z.z.z land, and I'm so pleased to see you hanging around my blog a little more often than once a century :-)
    I don't really like Sushi. fyi.
    I mean it's okayish. Anyhow, tell your sister to call me.
    ok bye.

  6. The letter is plain fucking good! :)

  7. hmmm yeah i would say dear photograph jsut make sure you make me look good when u click ...

    hope the photograph is listening ...


  8. @Arjit: Thank you :-)

    @Bikram: Haha.. I guess we all say the same, as a whisper! ;)


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