Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Dear Anger,
I've been acquainted to you since a while.. however, tonight seems to be different. Tonight, you seem to be feasting. Feasting on a splinter that was much carefully preserved and tucked away into a deep corner of a silent soul that preferred not to step out of me. Tonight, I feel a screech morph into a loud wale. A wale of disgust, frustration and pure unadulterated anger.
You've never really challenged my temper as such, except once perhaps. Why are you so adamant to provoke me tonight? I've tied my tongue to chains just tonight.. so it doesn't cause irreparable damage. Damage that'll distort the vision of my blood shot eyes and I will no longer have control over my senses which'll be over powered by blood lust.
I'm taming my mind to behave and remember the pleasant, the happy, the beautiful. You- however, seem to be only pushing me,pushing me as hard as you can over the edge from which there isn't a climb back, once I fall.
Don't provoke me. This silent anger in me is dangerous. It's more dangerous for I don't need muscles to tear apart the world I've made around me, the people,the relationships. My silence will kill, don't provoke me, my dear Anger.
For you're wasting me, and you don't want me to retort with something that might destroy you brutally.

-Yours faithfully,
a broken smile.

(P.S- this was saved as a draft on my account for a looong time. I thought I'd publish it anyway. Feedbacks are welcome, as always)


  1. wow u truly have magic with words....u nailed it so magically even though it was supposed to be a angry post...only u can do my genius :)

    Silent anger is worse...hope u handled it well and ur smile returned...i hope ur not feeling these emotions now....keep smiling :)

  2. not sure..... i'll just smile


  3. Honest, intense and strong. Good piece overall.

    But as a minor point, it's "wail", not wale.

  4. u r giving the anger a tough time. Shaaaant lady bheeem shaaant !

  5. Good one! Watch out when the red anger turns white...

  6. Good one! Watch out when the red anger turns white...

  7. Thanks for the feedback, guys :)
    I'm sorry about not getting back to you guys individually, just a LOT has been up with school. I'll be done by all if it by tomorrow, and I shall bombard you all then ;)

  8. Anger is not good, any decion made in anger almsot always is wrong ..

    Smile is goood :) god bless and keep Smiling Always


  9. :-) a letter to anger...! interesting...
    but very well written...

    good blog...

  10. Simply awesome.. simple words elucidating such a complex emotion. Good work little one.. How have U been? Wish U a very happy and prosperous new year ahead :)

  11. @Bikram: I quite agree with you, there. True, smile's the best and the easiest alternative we all tend to ignore :-)

    @Matangi: Hi! Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you liked my work and my blog, sure do hope you stop by again!
    happy blogging :)
    cheers. .

  12. @Thee West wind: Annyesha! Hiii. Jeez it's so nice to see you on Bloggerville, finally! :D Thanks, I'm so glad you liked my post.. I've been just great, how have YOU been!? Mail me on Gmail!
    A very happy new year to you too, darling :-)

  13. anger! im so bad dealing with it... of my ow and otherpeople's.. when directed to me. pathetic but i resort to tears!

    the last time i was very angry, i treadmilled for one hour 15 minutes like a maniac~

    it's best to direct your anger towards something constructive asap!

    liked your piece, heartfelt!

  14. @Somak: Thanks! :)

    @Di: join the club babes! I echo your thoughts completely!
    aww its awesome to see you here after succhhaa long time <3
    thanks, glad you liked it.
    much love!


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