Thursday, January 6, 2011

Facebook bhi ek kala hai.

Morning there, winter-struck people,
How's January coming along? I have officially declared this world to not be alive anymore because when I step out on the road, the sight depresses me. Every body's gift wrapped in layers of morbid wool and the grumpy looks are only complimentary. The chilly wind (as people claim) makes you want to dig in deep to the core of the earth and burn in the heat if that were an option. Frankly, I don't get it. I don't tend to feel very cold usually, even in this month of Jan, a tee shirt and a thin cotton jacket keeps me good. You'd obviously think I'm a lunatic if I tell you that I'd rather roam around in a tee shirt sans the jacket, so I'm going to skip elaborating or justifying that.

I'm also officially sleep deprived. My cousin's come home, so we were up last night watching movies and FRIENDS bloopers on Youtube till early morn. And by the time I fell asleep, it was time for the normal world to start functioning. Which sucked. Anyhow, I also went to school today to work on this International Peace summit that I, Remya and a couple more of our friends are going to, this Jan. It's a pretty big scene with 65 country's round-square regional schools participating.. but I shall elaborate on that when I'm in a better mood. Not that I'm not in one or anything, just a little.. annoyed with the cold. And sleepy. And I have Math to do. So that's not really the prettiest combination, which you don't have to be Aryabhatta to figure out. Actually he's the wrong guy to be named.. that bugger would have probably been the kinds to scream "Eureka!" while shitting and figuring out complex math sums for which he receives very colorful vocabs by kids stuck with Math till date.

Anyhow, I'm in a mood for some nice Euro trance, hot chocolate .........and maybe, just MAYBE that might inspire me to bother with the 11th grade NCERT math book.

Abuses to winter,


  1. well i need all that u eat , cause i feel cold all the time ..

    all the best with the Summit.. and 11th grade tooo

    oh i remember my time in school ...


  2. I still love you! :P
    And I love winter even more. xD

  3. @PinkPatiyalaSis: Tell me about it!!! :-(
    So glad to see you here, I missed you on my page!

  4. @Bikram: hahahha naah, I don't eat anything like that :-P
    and thank you so much.. and i bet you must feel very nostalgic about your school days.. :)

    @My Girlphraaaaand: Sigh mallu gfs I tell you! Comparing winter to me? ME :O
    Lol babydawl :-*

  5. You little kiddo -- dont u feel cold... I was not even able to bear the Hyderabad's winter. What would I do if I am in delhi.. Anyways take care dear. I am not kind of interested in those summits. anyways all the best for it. !!

  6. Hahaha I see.. Delhi's winter is Crap. Major crap I tell you.. and thanks for the luck :-)

  7. I have a love-hate relationship with Maths. Its complicated :/

    But winters toh I PAKKA hate >:(

  8. Bleh. Lets sign a petition man, winters should be banned.

  9. I hate winters.. and officially like ur blog now! tee hee :)

  10. awh! And I officially like you,too! welcome to my blog :-)

  11. Such crappy winters I hate too....and i feel cold too :|
    But girl masti I love <3 now me missing my girlfriends :)

  12. that peace summit sounds like a promising venture. i know how much you hate the cold, but i'm sure it will be sunny again soon! :)

    i haven't been around the blog world because i was without internet as i moved to the other side of the country. but i am back now and will be updating my blog and commenting on others--like yours, of course!

  13. hi(: thank you for loving my blog! I like urs too(:

    u don't like winter! awww I love it!

    enjoy ur week

  14. @Cheryl: yeapp it sure is! oooh put up the trip pictures okay?
    and aww I'm glad you're back <3

    @Bree: heyy thanks for stoppin' by :) yeah, you too!

  15. NCERT grade XI maths book used to be a pretty passable, if not enjoyable prospect not so may years back... remember having spent many a sunny winter mornings with it for company... and beautiful company it was, if you get my limits...

    first visit to yer blog... looks nice..


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