Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The rainbowed cacophony of voices.

Has it ever happened to you that you hear a million voices together irrespective, of silence or noise around you? Have they ever all found roots from your neurons mocking the various emotions, thoughts, and people playing a penny for a thought inside your mind? The trivial elements of a room seem to remind you of something absolutely vague, and out of the box. It might have been inspiration, had a dull mood not graced it with its mocking smile. Even the absence of people seem to be only an omnipresent reminder in the subconscious Galaxy of your mind. Owning a mind of your own seems catastrophic, and the happy mind of an infant only makes you envious. The roads you walk on seem to zero out the one way you're concentrating on, with the honks and people morphing into a parallel world that play games with your mind. You attempt to mind read, and you have five different stories about a single face- and then you fall into the trap of hours of deduction that runs in pace to reality.
The three different tabs of networking sites/social sites opened on your computer screen seem to be three sides of the same story- You. Each an every photograph you're frozen in captures a mood that'll cause deja-vu at some point without you realizing the cause or the origin of the moment.
The group of friends you met today make you think twice about your wavelength and question your choice of intellect and character. All this is happening while you're sharing a bottle of coke together,  laughing at the same time over the funny puns that you find almost too lame to exist when you think, later.
And every time you hold your pen and start with the first alphabet in the fanciest handwriting, you stop dead. For the mixed emotions and the rain bowed cacophony of voices inside you- each, has a story that's waiting and fighting to be told and pushing you over the edge to pick them. But your hands are left frozen and your mind paralyzed- trapped again in the ocean of opinions, with yours being only a drop in the whole sea.



  1. Ocean of opinions.
    NICE! :D
    You're cool, sis! :)

  2. @Freak Bro: Mantaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh I know I am ;P lol jk, thanks freakshow :) I hope the board preps are comin' along fine. L-O-L I know you hate me for thid xD
    I'm just concerned, as a sister. Hee hee.

    @Huda: Hi! Thanks a lot, I hope you stop by again :-)

  3. now I know why....

    r u sure it ws just coke then ? ;)

  4. Okay?
    I'm REALLY confused about this post.
    Where did this come from?

    Good choice of words, nevertheless. And the last para was the best written relatively.

  5. its happening, precisely in the same manner, but whats the solution?

    one part of the mind says - go into the absolutely don't care mode, the problem will end instantly.

    second part of the mind says - you can not let these details pass by, and then do not cry over any loss.

    what should be done, please let me know.

  6. let me tell you, what it says right now..

    it tells me that.. you wrote this blog from somewhere near the western part of the united states.

    "please help me"

  7. wow all these myriad of emotions I feel at times :)
    And i so love ur command over the language....wish I was as good as u :)

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  9. To every question is a big yes. I have it all, inside my head, and something that I could not have done so beautifully as you did it. You voiced it!

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  10. @Shiv: This came from....A LOT of places, trust me. It was bundled in, and bam! poured it all out. haha don't blame you for being confused, much expected :)

    @Abhishek: What should be done.....hmm that post shall come up soon if you insist :-) and no I'm not even close to the US.

  11. @Scribbling girl: Eeep thanks love! aw you have it better than me, trust me =)

    @Vanta: Vantaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! :*

  12. @Blasphemous Aesthete: Wow thanks man. Glad to see you on my page, sure do hope you stop by more often :-)

  13. I know I'm commenting rather late.

    But yes, the post is wonderful. For light, random reading, it cheered me up wonderfully :) Enjoyable and quite... emphatic?

    Oh and drop by my blog if you can. That's 4 posts needing your comments.

  14. Awww thanks darling:)
    and yesss sure will! I'm sorry I've been away from the commenting spree :|


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