Sunday, January 10, 2010

My faith on you.

I've realized my faith on you. I've realized my trust,my love and my hopes on you. I have surrendered my fears,I've embraced your promise,I've let out my heart and felt you soak in every thing,every word.
Yes,I've realized my faith on you.

I've never preached you,I have never been submissive,I have never let it be a single sided decision,I have never let the difference of our thoughts war.
I have always loved you,with the very intensity,with the very feelings,with the very sincerity and that shall remain till the day I surrender my heart beat to Heaven.

I can feel your pain even at the slightest wince,I have felt your pain in the brave smiles,I have felt your anguish when you've seen me stepping into something wrong,I have heard your tears when you tried to wipe mine.
I have kissed your love when you tried to hide it, I have seen your love when you shout at me,I have seen your care when you let me alone,I have felt your love shield me from every wrong,Yes,I have.

I'll not lie today,I'll accept the very to you-- My faith on you has never been more sure and ardent on you before,it has always been shy it has always been scared..But today,My Faith on you is the strongest,is the unbreakable,is the unthinkable,and is at it's epitome.
My faith on you.


A post to every person I love, but just a little more dedicated to someone today..

I love you all,Very much.


  1. So deep... and so beautiful..those thoughts are so intense.. :) i hope the special sumone reads between those words... he'l b totally bowled over by ur sincerity.

  2. Nicely written, but I'd love to know who was the one person it was written for, s/he's pretty lucky. 'Gratz, for having someone so special in your life.

  3. These thoughts are too deep for people like me to understand. :P

    But i guess that i know who that special person is ;-) Do I know?

    But if i don't know, then whoever it is, s/he is tooo lucky :D

  4. this was beautiful!
    are u sure u'r just 15?
    cmon, u sound much older than that!

    hope this message reaches whoever it was written for :)

  5. tithi
    u make me cry :-(
    will u marry me ?

  6. @Neha: womanizer :P

    @Nil: beautiful..such mystical and deep feelings attached to it :)
    Excellent job hotshot :)

    @Neha again: how can she marry you when she's already married to me :P

  7. @ Aditi: Hi,Welcome to my blog:)I'm just glad you liked what I wrote :)
    Thank you.
    Hope to see more of you on my page :)

    @Charu: Thanks dearie:) But,let's just leave it to how the post is
    ;) Take care.

  8. @ Rob: Oi chele! Arrey waah,looks like someone's being quite frequent on my blog! Nice! Phone kor,dobe'i bolbo :P

    @oRange*: Yes,I'm surely 15 ;) Thank you. I'm so happy you found it worth appreciating :)
    Lots of love!

  9. @ Neha: Mwahahah :* You have Shekhar babe :/ You ditched Me :PPP
    Lovee! And hugs! :)

    @Remya: what's up babe?! :P Hey,Glad that you liked it: ) Mystical..Tell me about it!! ;)
    Loved the comment!! ;)

  10. Cherr, lovely post =) Really,I agree with your friend above,You make me cry. Whoever this is dedicated to..Sigh,I'm sure he/she [Prolly he right?] is a beautiful person. I just wish someday someone writes something like this for me. Omg,I'd die. =)
    It's so awesome the way you write so simply and yet leave us glued to each and every line.. Love you Cherr,you just need to keep writing.
    And hay babe,thanks for the other day..I was spazing out. Ro's still zonked,but he'll be okay.
    You were a great pillar Cherr, hugs for you!! :*

    @Remya: Remyaa!!! I missed youu!

  11. Oh and said he'll try his best to you know.. figure stuff out.
    So I'm okay,I just..Oh you know how I look at the whole thing!!
    Anyway, love you!

  12. i can marry to peopel cant i? :-(

  13. oh n remya...didnt she tel u we never got a divorce :p

    shes apparently ful on double timing :p

  14.'s hard to believe these are the thoughts of a 15 year old...i am 20 and i dont think i am ready to express my feelings about someone in such a ddeep and profound manner....great work..

  15. Hi, Just got back. Logged on to say Good luck for Math. Will be back tomorrow to read it. :)

  16. Could not resist!

    Came back to read it now!

    I'm sort of hoping that this would be a wonderful present for your parents too! It's such a sweet text!

    Dead tired now, nighty night.

    Lemme know how the exam was... Bye!

  17. @Mrill: Aww.I'm oh sooo glad you liked my pist:) Means tons to me!
    It is,after all also form all the people I love so much : ) That surely includes you!
    Sweetheart,I'm glad I could be ther for you. And very proud of you that you figured to deal it well. And yeah man,just give Ro a while,okay? He'll be back soon,stalking my blog and being himself ;)
    You take care,call you soon!
    Love you too sweets!

    @Neha: Oh shut up! You very conveniently changed my name from "Married" in Facebook,and took in Shekhar,so that very well stands for a divorce :P
    We both have moved on,Neha,let's face it! :PP

  18. @ Oxymoron: Hi,again : ) Jeez,thank you : ) Your appreciation to my writing means a lot to me being a third party. Thank you very much for following my blog,as well :)

    @Ramit: Ramitttttttt! You're the cutest! Haha,so nice of you to read the post even after being so tired. Hugs!
    Yes,I figurreedddd you're having a wayayyyy tight schedule today :S
    So anyhow,get some good sleep! And will surely text you how my exam goes.. Thanks for the luck! Will be needing it! <3
    Nitey night! : )

  19. Roooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Omg! You're here! What's up bro!?

  20. Hey,thanks...
    Ro,is everything better? Err..I'm sorry I didn't call or anything,I just figured you'd need some time off?
    Listen,I'm just so sorry man,but I need to go now :S It's pretty late out here,and I have this big exam tomorrow. I'll catch you soon okay?
    I'm sorry!
    Good night:) and hey,take care man.

  21. That's cool Cherr. I just came Ol to tell you that it's a post that's really touched me,and I really adore you for feeling so strongly about people.
    I think you're a great lady Cherr.
    I'll call you tomorrow,need to catch up with you.
    Take care yo.
    Miss you guys lots. Nite.

  22. WOW, Nil - that was written so eloquently. Thank you for pouring it out on the page for us and the one...

  23. @ Ro: Man,thanks. I had a terrible day till now,but you made up for it by appreciating my work so much.
    Thank you.

    @Ric: Jeez Ric,Thank YOU :)

  24. So who's the special guy who you wrote this for? Apart from Rohaan. And me. :P

  25. Ahahahah. Let it be just the way I've written it,okay? ;)
    Orrrrrrrrr. I might just babble it out on phone to you sometime ;)
    But hey! This post is not just for a single person,yes surely the thought was provoked by the person,but it's for everybody I love.
    And yes,like you said,my parents,too :)

  26. i do not know this was even meant for me...

    i'm still flattered :)

  27. OMG!! OMG!! This is beautiful..its like something pouring out from my heart ..wish i could have written something as beautiful as this for Gopal :)

    absolute genius!! absolute!!

  28. Hey that's an amazing post.
    Touching.SO very well written that it reminds me of the few people I have my faith on.


  29. @ Rishi: Haha,Hi! Thanks for following my blog:) Very kind of you.

    @Sulagana: Awwwwww! Thanks! Thanks bunches : )

    @Yemiledu:Thank you ma'am. You're very kind :)
    Cheers to you too!!

  30. beauty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    damn i wish i could right something that sober yet sexxxxy :D

    i laaaaaaaav you'r name btw!!!!!!!

  31. Hi! Aww,thanks man (: That's so nice of you! Hugs!
    Welcome to my bloggg!

  32. Yo Cherr :)
    Still there? Tell me you are, I'm free and good for nothing for the next hour yo.. This Lab computer broke down,fixed it,I'm on it now.
    School's a bore this week yo.
    Rollin' at your end?

  33. Ro! Hey,Sorry,had logged outta Blogger, you're lucky I came back in to check :P
    What's up!? Waitt, you fixed a computer? How intelligent, sci-fi pro are you?

  34. After waiting for 45 minutes, you finally plan to grace your own blog with your presence. Chilly,yo =P
    And Wtf?! Nothing ain't sci-fi about fixing a friggin' computer yo.
    anyway,I' m left with hardly any time, whatcha upto Cherr?

  35. I was busy okayyy. Busy. Yes, I study at home. Unlike you.
    Yeah,okay,you study at home and school . But anyhow,no comparing here :P
    Nothing much,really. I plan to go offline soon enough,too. I'll do some reading.

  36. Laughs at that thing about School and Home,Cherr that was funny yo =P
    Aah,god you love reading don't you!
    Hey, by the way,I'm waiting to read some more stuff by you yo.
    When're you mailing/blogging them?

  37. Soon enough. I had started writing this fiction on a Scandal and everything. Didn't get the time to finish it,yet : (
    I plan to,some time soon. I'll email it or blog it as soon as I'm done,yea?
    Hey,How's Mrill doing? Temper at control?

  38. Scandal? Wow,sounds interesting. Yeah,send it over,and soon yo. would like to go through some refreshing and new fictions.. Been too much into philosophy lately, kinda turns off your mind after a point =S
    And yeaa,Mrill is okay. You talking to her helped tons,thank god and You for that :)
    And hey,had a good time talking to you,too. Thanks for the call Cherr :)

  39. Yeah,I know,too much philosophy in one go might tire,at times bore the mind too. Happened with me after I read 'The Alchemist' by Paul Coehlo.
    Strangely,people are a HUGGEE fan of that book,however I didn't find it impressive. I'd rather choose his other books like 'Veronica decides to die' instead. Loved that book,read it sometime:)
    Yeah,i'll send you my stuff soon.
    And eeyyy! Don't be silly! You both are my Day Brighters :D
    Don't slump in formalities into all this yo :P

  40. Laughs! That was cute,Bratt :) I'll read that book, definitely.
    Laughs, about the Day Brighters yo!
    I'm glad,though :)
    Hey Cherr,sorry yo,I needa go now.
    I've seriously lounged in tons yo.
    On your blog sometime soon,okay?
    Take care Bratt :)

  41. Alrighty! Catch you soon! Ciao :)

  42. That someone is really very lucky. :)

    Wonderfully expressed.


    P.S. Trying to get over the fact that you are 15!

  43. ah..written well..first timer here..:)

  44. BTW nil, I thought I'd post this link. You probably already know about it, but still:

  45. aree how was the exam yesterday??kalke ekta paper chilo na???

  46. Good Morning!

    Nice new picture Sulagna!

  47. "I have heard your tears when you tried to wipe mine."

    That's the line that gave me goosebumps!

  48. @ Bondgal_Rulz: Hi:) Welcome on my page. HAhaha,Aww,thank you so much :)
    Very kind of you!

    @Madhu: Hey! Welcome! Gee,thanks :) First timer'eh? Oh you wait and watch,it'll turn into quite a vocation-Blogging ;)

  49. @Charu: Yeah,Thanks! :))

    @Sulagana: Khub baaje gaeche...Don't ask. Worst paper of the century :'(
    Oii,Lovely picture babe!

    @ Ramit: Hi!:D

    @Queen: Awwww. Thank you, O hail O hail! ;)

    Cheers to you all!

  50. very nice thoughts...straight from your heart..Thanks for dropping by my side :)

  51. Omg,Nil!! That was 1 Awwwww post!! m sowwiiee couldn't be on yr blog f a wile. Y see i was rantin on n awwnnn on Lit. lol!
    a beautiful post, as usual duhh
    and omgg your expressions are frkng crazy awesome!!
    you make me wanna write! omgg i wish i coulddd :^(

    anyway imaa be back like real soon, im done wit Lit.paper yayyayayyya =D


  52. @ An ordinary Gal: Thank you :)

    @Seq: Sequuuuiiiraaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!
    Zomg,been SO long you've been here! Yay, so you're here :D Jeez,I', glad you liked what I wrote. Awww I'm SO sure you can write better!
    Trust me,just explore hey! Yeah?
    Oh yeah,Mrill told me about the Lit. Paper and how creepy the course was :P
    Anyhow,you're back :DDD

  53. Hey this is very well written... as usual.I hope the special person appreciates ur love :)

    All the best for ur exams :)

  54. Just got in. Thought I'd say Good luck. Let me know.

    Take care! Missed you :)

  55. hey nil, sorry late comment, i'm sssslow

    lovely post.. came from the heart and touched the reader's heart :)

  56. @ Sid: Hey,thanks a ton pal :)

    @Ramit: Oii! Aweessoomme exam happened :P :DD
    Missed you too!

    @Dipti: Aww,that's okayy :) Im glad you liked it!

  57. So sweet, yet intense!! Naive, yet mature!! Lovely post.. I wish u good luck in all your endeavours :D

  58. Thank you darling :)
    Wish luck to you too!



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